Pink Living Rooms Ideas That Are Not Overbearing

Shocking is the word most commonly associated with the color pink. However, pink need not be an overly vibrant hue that becomes overbearing in home décor and tiring on the eye. If you reckon that pink is just for young girls’ rooms and lacks sophistication, then think again. From delicate roses to light salmon, pink need not be reserved for the shock factor of, for instance, a vivid fuchsia.

Pinks, in a variety of tones, will make an excellent addition to a living space and they don’t necessarily need to be used in a way that makes the room feel overtly feminine. With a delicate designer’s touch you can bring a little pink to your sitting room and enjoy it without an overbearing effect that comes with too much vibrancy.

Cerise Walls.

If you have decided to go for a pink décor in your living room, proceed with a modicum of caution as it can be so easy to overdo the look. With living room walls, resist the temptation to go for too deep a color or to use it over too large an area. Select a nearly neutral pink if you are going to paint your walls all in the same tone. If you opt for wallpaper, go for something that has pink on white to bring down the intensity a level or two. Another good idea is to paint over a textured wall paper as this allows for a more varied effect than a single blast of uniformly applied hot pink. Stick to one or two walls of pink for the most subtle results.

How To Use A Hot Pink.

If you insist that your living room needs an element of fuchsia here or there, then there is no reason not to use it. However, go too far and the room will appear immature or even a little camp. If you have used a vibrant pink on your walls, make sure the space is significantly broken up by other elements, such as windows, fireplace or artwork. Use hot pinks sparingly. If you have upholstery in a vibrant cerise, don’t use it for every bit of furniture in the room Stick to one or two pieces only.

Pink Cushions.

Rather than pink upholstery for your furniture, a more subtle approach is to use blush colored cushions to get the pink look. There are plenty of cushion covers available, but check out ones that have more than one tone to them, so that you can you can mix and match the pinks with grays, silvers and plumbs. All of these colors look great with pink. Set off the look created by just a few new cushion covers with a fun accessory, like a coordinating light fitting, or a lamp shade.

Floral Pinks.

Floral pink evokes spring time and blossom, so using it in your home is a good idea, if you want to create a new look after the drab winter months. Match some pink flowers or blossom to a couple of cerise accessories in your living room. Floral pinks look great if they are echoed sparingly in other design choices, like cushion covers and rugs. Cut roses offer a delicate fragrance that improves the ambiance of any home’s living room space.

Simply Salmon.

Salmon pinks work well when coordinated against slate gray and off whites. If you have an occasional chair that could do with an updated look, why not paint it salmon pink and set it off with some gray and white upholstery. Salmon pink is a good choice for painted walls. Salmon allows you to go a tone or two deeper with your choice of drapes or upholstered items, without creating an overbearing level of pinkiness.

Pink Touches.

If you just want to have a pink touch or two in your living room, rather than giving the entire décor aesthetic over to the color, there is plenty of choice. A bright pink rug in an otherwise white and gray room will always look as if it is at home. Equally, some cerise picture frames can bring a certain amount of femininity to a living space, without making the décor appear too girly.

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Published by in Interiors, on January 12th, 2013


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