Pebble Dish

When you walk on the beach or maybe on the river banks you certainly notice it’s very hard to walk because of the pebbles spread all over the place. Pebbles are round and in big numbers and most of them look like they are the same size and round, being rolled over by the water. Pebbles are beautiful because I see them as if they are my mother’s beads spread on the floor by mistake. The Pebble Dish illustrates my imagination perfectly. It is a dish, actually a decorative dish that seems to be made of pebbles. It is made of small round pieces of steel with a shallow volume.

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The dish is hand made and it comes with the uniqueness and style that are specific to hand made items. It brings a modern and even futuristic touch to any room and can be the centerpiece of any living room. I would not use it for serving dinner, but it’s a great decor. It is available for $175 in a nice greyish colour from Etsy.