Paneled walls, a chic alternative in any room

Sometimes you get the feeling that a certain room just doesn’t look right or complete. In the case of the living room, the problem might be that it’s not cozy or inviting enough. To solve that problem, you can find lots of solutions. Paneled walls, for example, are a wonderful alternative for simple walls as they add texture as well as warmth to the room.

You might think that your living room won’t look modern enough if you use wood panels. The fact is wood is a very adaptable material and, on the contrary, it will make your living room feel both modern and inviting. Use square panels or other simple shapes in order to maintain a minimalist look. No carvings or detailing are necessary as they would only get you further away from your goal having a modern living room décor.

If you have the space necessary, you could create a cozy breakfast nook in your kitchen. To make it feel extra warm and cozy you can use wood panels on one of the walls. Opt for long vertical panels if you want to create the subtle impression of a higher ceiling. If you prefer a crisp and simple décor, paint the panels white or in the color of the walls.

The bedroom is probably the best room to use wood panels in. It’s a space that needs to feel warm and cozy and that could definitely benefit from the advantages of having wooden walls. Use floor-to-ceiling panels to avoid the room feel smaller. To take the concept even further, you can add rustic or vintage furniture.

Horizontal panels could also be an interesting choice. They will give your bedroom a unique and very charming rustic appeal. It’s an option that is reminiscent of the traditional cottage interiors. This type of paneling is also suitable for other spaces, although the bedroom seems to benefit the most from what it has to offer.

It’s not necessary to cover all the walls of a room with wood panels. It’s enough to have one accent wall in order to transform the décor and to give the room the warmth and texture it needs in order to feel extra inviting. The dimensions of the boards are very important. For example, these thin horizontal boards are perfect for an accent wall.

Large paneling can also be an option, especially in the case of spacious rooms. This living room, for example, features a massive accent wall that includes the fireplace and the TV. The high ceiling provides the perfect conditions for such a wall, especially considering the contrasting color.

A quite similar idea was used for this bedroom. However, in this case the color chosen for the accent wall was white. It’s a way of maintaining a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom while also giving it the accent detail it needs in order to feel charming, inviting and stylish.

Attic rooms are cozy and inviting by nature, mostly because of the pitched roof. But if you want to add even more warmth and texture to the space you can opt for wood paneling for the walls. This doesn’t have to be an element that makes the room feel smaller as you can paint the panels white and use the same color for the ceiling and the rest of the walls and this way you’ll have an airy and chic décor.

Sometimes the effect a certain concept produces is more important than the actual means used to create it. For example, this stylish contemporary bedroom has a very interesting accent wall. The wall trim and what seems to be a series of moldings basically create an atmosphere very similar to the one wood panels create.

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Published by in Interiors, on December 14th, 2012


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