Pale blue interior design ideas

Among all colors, blue is the most immaterial one, making you think about the sky or the sea. Although it is a cool color, it doesn’t give you the chills. You will feel very welcomed and peaceful in a pale blue room. A blue environment calms you in the stressful days. Sitting in a blue room is like forgetting all about the reality, entering an unreal territory.  In Tibetan Buddhism, blue is the color o wisdom, creating a copy for the sky’s infinity.

If you want to create a calm, almost unreal feeling for your house, you should think about painting your walls in pale blue with all its hues. We have already seen the meaning of blue. When you choose a pale blue, a new sense is given. The pale hue is very discrete and fine giving the impression of a very delicate space.

This is why people often paint in pale blue their child’s room. Near pale blue we can’t put just any color. The main colors that fit it are different hues of green and brown, but also in pale variants. Due to its calming effect, try not to break the harmony by random throwing contrasting or intense colors! White and pastels are always some other colors which will always bound with pale blue walls. In a nursery room try to install white or pastel furniture.

The nursery room isn’t the only space we can paint in blue. A pale blue living room is also a good idea for your house. For this room you’ll probably opt for brown furniture. This is the place where you can add some contrasting colors without fearing you’ll break the equilibrium. But try to add the contrasting fort colors on details and on small surfaces.  Whether you room is small or large, pale blue walls will make it bright and will give the illusion of space.{found on decorati}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on March 21st, 2012


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