Painting Tips: Fun Painting Patterns for the Home

When it comes to an interior paint job, you can stick to boring and bland, or you can try out a fun painting pattern for your home. If you want a more unusual, unexpected look, there are a few designs in particular which are worth considering.


Plaid is a more unexpected pattern, and it may look complicated but is actually quite easy to do. Keep in mind that the exact technique you need to use depends on what you want the finished look to be. You may want more or less space in between the lines, choose colors that are similar or contrasting for a more dramatic look.

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To create the plaid effect, start by painting the walls in one solid color. This will be the base color of the plaid design. Lightly trace the lines of the plaid pattern onto the wall with a pencil, using a ruler as your guide. Planning is crucial for a plaid design, to ensure you get the straight lines you want and save yourself from making mistakes when you start painting.

Using two separate paint colors, paint the plaid design, keeping the vertical and horizontal lines as straight as possible. This gives you the most crisp, clean finished look.{found on nesting}.


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For a more romantic look, try a floral design on for size. With a floral pattern, you can pretty much freehand it and do it by eye. Or use a pencil to lightly trace the design on the wall before starting. Floral patterns are pretty and interesting, whether added onto the walls in a little girl’s room or on the ceiling as a focal point in the dining room. Be sure to use lots of bright, lush colors to bring the flower design to life.{picture found here}.


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The Damask design creates an elegant, luxurious feel to any room. Damask is often seen in wallpaper designs, but you can paint it on walls as well. Choose high quality paint with a glossy finish, to create the most luxurious look. Using stencils can be really helpful to recreate the Damask design, and you can find these stencils at most hardware and home décor stores.

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It can be a daunting task even just to get started painting in your home, but there’s no reason you can’t stand up to the challenge. You don’t have to call in the pros and empty your pocketbook just to get a professional looking paint job, even when you’re trying for a more unique look.

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