Paint dipped ceramic pots

The ceramic pots are perfect for your first painting and designing job. You can get the ceramic pots from IKEA. They are not expensive at all, in fact they are very cheap 2$ or 3$ per pot.The ceramic pots can be, like in this case, painted. One way to do that turning over the pots and just fill in the back of the pots with paint until it will glide over the board. You should not use paper to dry the paint because it will stick to the ceramic pot. Instead use wood or just a piece of tile.

You can now make your own garden, with beautiful colored flowers and, of course, beautiful colored pots. You can use the pots for other things, like holding your pencils. The pots are perfect made for flowers, and the designed pots could fit everywhere you want. It could fit perfect in your bedroom, living room, and I think the perfect position is in the balcony.

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View in gallery

The final result is very beautiful, combined with the sweetness of the flowers, the paint on the ceramic pots looks like the plants are growing in real grass. You can try this for many other objects. I assure you that it will give a splash of color and joy to your home. Playing like that with colors, could become a beautiful lifetime hobby. It is so beautiful to see something so simple, transformed into something so colored, painted only by your hand.{found on thelovelycupboard}.