A Mix Of Scandinavian And Modern Elements In A 75 Square Meter Apartment In Valencia

A style is not restricted to a particular area of the globe, as this apartment in Valencia beautifully shows us. The apartment has lots of elements inspired from the Scandinavian culture and, if we didn’t know its location, we would have though it’s a Nordic home for sure. The Scandinavian features are nicely mixed with modern elements, a perfect combination.

Featuring simple lines and a color palette based on light and neutral shades such as white, gray, black and natural wood, the apartment offers elegant contrasts as well as a balanced décor.

The whole space feels very open and airy. That’s partly due to the layout. The living and dining areas share the same space. They are, however, nicely delimited. The bedroom is a separate room, although visually it becomes part of this vast open floor plan because of the glass wall.

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20 Chic Uses of Marble in Home Décor

Marble is one of those classic materials that has been around – tastefully – for centuries. This stone is formed of recrystallized carbonite minerals, with the end result showing various degrees of unique striations (“veins”) in a variety of colors. It’s no wonder that the term derives from Greek words that meant “crystalline rock,” “shining stone,” or even “the verb “to flash, sparkle, gleam” – marble is known for lending its beautiful sparkle to whatever object it’s incorporated into.

Marble isn’t exactly a low-cost material, but a little bit can go a long way in adding to the chic factor of your home. Check out these ways that you could incorporate this beautiful resource into your home, and then decide for yourself if it’s worth it for your home.

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Modern And Traditional Work Together In A Flawless 38 Sqm Studio Design

You rarely see a balance of styles, textures, materials and colors as beautiful as in this apartment. Located in Trastevere, in Rome, Italy, this studio apartment is very intriguing and very stylish. It was a project by Archifacturing, completed in 2011.

The architects chose to use a combination of modern and traditional elements in order to achieve a soothing but also visually interesting design and décor for the apartment.

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Portable Kitchen Islands – They Make Reconfiguration Easy And Fun

Furniture on wheels introduces a very practical characteristic on elements such as the kitchen island which becomes portable and much easier to relocate according to the user’s immediate needs. This freedom and versatility is very important in the kitchen. Such designs allow you to simply move the island wherever you need it. Of course, you can also find a permanent spot for it the rest of the time.

Portable kitchen islands are very practical when you have an open plan design. This way you can use them for a variety of purposes.

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Dipped in Midnight: Monochromatic Rooms

Dark and dramatic, rich and striking, midnight black works in every room and in every way. Everyone knows that you simply cannot go wrong when you use black, whether in fashion or interior design. But did you know that you can also dip an entire room in midnight and still get something slick and stylish out of it? Let’s take a peek!

1. Eclectic, Unique.

Even if you have a small space, you can take the room to a new level with a bout of black. Use eclectic pieces and great furniture pieces to liven up the texture and keep a dramatic delight mixed inside.

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How to Decorate Slanted Ceilings

Slanted ceilings, like those in an attic or bungalow, can be tricky to decorate. You can’t really treat them like walls because hanging artwork and other decorations isn’t as simple. But you don’t necessarily just want to treat them like normal ceilings because they take up more visual space and can be interesting if done correctly. So here are a few ways you can make your slanted ceilings stand out and work for your home.


Fabric Canopies.


Fabric is a great material for slanted ceilings because it creates a cozy canopy effect when draped from the top of the ceiling to the wall. Since slanted ceilings are most often found in top floor bedrooms, this method is perfect for the space right over a bed, but it can also work for a cozy sitting area as well.

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Mirrored House Facades Reflect The Beautiful Worlds Around Them

We often use mirrors in interior décor in order to make a room seem more open, more bright and more spacious. They allow us to do that by reflecting the décor around them. It’s this characteristic that has inspired some architects and designers to create houses with mirrored facades. It’s definitely a very interesting concept and no better way to make a house blend into the landscape.

House in Denmark.

The Mirror House was designed by MLRP architects and it’s located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The house has mirrors mounted on the gabled ends and behind the doors.

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