Top Uses For Mosaic Tiles Around The House

Mosaic is an art which dates back to the Greek and Roman times when it was used to decorate temples and palaces. Nowadays we use this technique to decorate our homes, to make them more beautiful and more original. There are lots of different uses for mosaic tiles. They can be used indoors but also outdoors and in basically any room of the house.


In the bathroom, for example, mosaic tiles can be used to create eye-catching wall décor like in this case. The mosaic seems to envelop the oval mirror.

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The Best Lighting Sources For Your Dreamy Bedroom

Lighting is crucial in defining and completing a room’s décor. Each room needs a different type of lighting. In the case of the bedroom, it’s best to opt for subtle lighting. The décor and atmosphere need to be relaxing. Let’s see what are the options.

Bedside lamps.

Bedside lamps provide you with the opportunity to create a symmetrical décor

Lamps are great because they sit on the nightstand where you can easily reach them and they provide you with subtle light . They’re very useful especially if you’re the type that likes to read before falling asleep but also as task lighting.

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Dipped in Bubblegum: Monochromatic Rooms

Pink, pink and more pink! This shade is youthful, fun and super feminine. It comes in a variety of shades and styles, and it’s also much more versatile than what first meets the eye. From modern edges to shabby chic nooks, let’s take a look at some rooms dipped in this bubblegum flavor. Let us inspire you with these monochromatic rooms!

1. Modern, Eclectic.

Even pink can be funky and trendy. Lots of modern touches and eclectic finishes make up this interesting, stylish bedroom. We love warm pink that’s made to be the foundation.

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How To Repurpose Concrete Blocks – Awesome DIY Projects To Try

In case you’ve decided to build your own house, then once you’re finished you’re bound to have some leftover concrete blocks. If this is not the case, then you can still find concrete blocks in your local stores. You’re probably wondering why the interest for these items. Well, we found a few very interesting ideas for ways in which you can repurpose these concrete blocks and build furniture or decorative pieces.


For example, you can make a bench for the deck or garden using concrete blocks. You need 12 blocks and 4 pieces of lumber to slip in the openings. You should also use adhesive. Put a mattress on the bench to make it comfortable. A lovely thing about the bench is that the concrete blocks also serve as a side tables.{found on kaylasbasement}.

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Coffee Shops Around The World And Their Eye-Catching Interior Design Details

There’s something very special about a good cup of coffee, especially when you enjoy it in a public space and not at home. Coffee shops feature all sorts of interesting interior designs, often meant to make your experience special and unique. Some feature coffee-related accent details, other focus on architectural details. There’s no rule to follow here so let’s see what makes each of these places special.

Don Café House – Curbed Wood Walls.

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Don’t Be Afraid Incorporating Dark Walls Into Your Home Décor – Tips And Ideas

Dark walls can be very beautiful and elegant but people are often afraid to include such elements in their décor. Don’t be intimated by black. Dark walls can make wonders and they’re a wonderful choice even in the case of a small room where white is usually the main shade. There are lots of ways in which you can include dark walls in your home’s décor.

Black with pops of color.

Create strong contrasts by choosing the right accent colors

Black is an excellent background color. A dark wall makes artwork pop and stand out so break the monotony of the décor with some colorful accent details such as a colorful painting or colored furniture which you place against a black wall.

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Using Sequins Around the House: Ideas & Inspiration

A bit of glitter, a bit of sparkle and a bit of drama is needed in at least one tiny spot of every home. A simple, female touch makes for a much interested and stylish space. So, today, we decided to gather up a host of inspirations involving sequins. Although outside-the-box when it comes to interior decorating, we love the ideas that come from just a glance at these rooms!

1. On the Throws.

A throw pillow on the bed or formal sofa could easily be dressed to the nines in sequins. Jazz up any space in a second by using some of these sassy accents.

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