50 Square Meter Apartment With An Unconventional Interior Design

When a designer and an architect decide to buy an apartment together and to make it their home, you never know what’s going to happen there. For example, take a look at this space. It’s a 50 square meter apartment so it’s rather small but it’s definitely interesting and unusual. It belongs to designer Jaroslav Kaspar and architect Lucie Faturikova. Together they transformed the space and made it unrecognizable.

Wall were demolished and the whole interior changed. When they discovered the old wooden floor and the brick walls, the two decided to keep them as such. They came up with all sorts of crazy and ingenious ideas for the décor. For example, the desk sits in planters and there’s a bed inside a cabinet.

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Sleep And Play – 25 Amazing Loft Design Ideas For Kids

The term loft can have several different meanings but right now we’re interested in the one that describes it as a large adaptable open space. There are many ingenious and creative ways in which you can organize and decorate a loft. Today we’re going to discuss how you can design such a space so that the kids can use it and enjoy it.

A great use of an attic as a teenage room

Let’s say you live in a house or in an apartment with high ceilings. This gives you a great opportunity to come up with numerous great design ideas for the kids’ room. You can use bunk beds if it’s a shared room so you save some floor space which can be used as a play area or, if it’s not a shared space, you can still opt for a suspended bed for the same reason.

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Room 11 – An Office Building Made Of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become very popular now that architects have found new and innovative ways in which to use them. We have seen many houses made of containers and even some commercial spaces. Today we’re going to take a look at an office building which shares a similar story. This is Room 11, a company office in Sunshine, Victoria.

The design is complex and very interesting. The offices and the reception area are organized around a courtyard. The meeting room, the kitchen and the managers’ offices also have access to other courtyards.

There’s a total of 4 courtyards. The whole project was completed using 20ft and 40ft containers. The containers have been positioned in such a way that they form a complete rectangle with 4 courtyards on the inside. The ends of the containers have been replaced with full height glazing.

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Manly Man Corners: From the Garage to the Movie Room

Every man dreams of his very own “man cave,” whether he deems that the garage or movie room is his own prerogative but that fact is, they need some type of masculine space, even if it’s just a small corner. And that’s where today’s inspiration comes into play. From the garage to the movie room, we’ve found some manly decor that will help your brainstorming and creative process as you decide on how to adorn certain “man” spaces throughout the house. Take a look!

1. For the Musician.

Check out this stylish, hipster space. For the musician of the family, this space taken out from the home office or study was made just for him to practice and lounge with his guitars.

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10 Stylishly Functional Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are, by nature, fantastically functional specimens. They store stuff, they provide additional countertop workspace, they hold baskets and the inherent oddly shaped items necessitated by cooking. They are powerful workhorses of a kitchen, often making the “actual” kitchen (meaning the cupboards and drawers and appliances around the perimeter of the space) fade into the background.

It’s no secret that kitchen islands work hard. But they can work hard and look stylishly at home while doing it. Here are ten fantastic islands, enormous to postage-stamp-small, rustic to contemporary, that prove the beauty of a well-designed functional piece.

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Chalet Grand Roche – A Jewel In The French Alps Complete With Luxury Features

As soon as winter comes along we all keep our fingers crossed for snow to fall so we can enjoy a few relaxing days, maybe even visit a chalet. Maybe there’s no snow where you are now but we know where to go to find some. How about a vacation at the Grande Roche Chalet? It’s located in Courchevel in the French Alps and it’s splendid.

This luxury ski chalet can accommodate up to 15 people. It has 7 spacious bedroom and staff members ready to attend to your every need. The guests can enjoy a sumptuous experience. The chalet is surrounded by fir trees which offer privacy and create a very intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Further more, its design is meant to make anyone feel great.

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Modern, Sleek, Space-Saving Spiral Staircases – A Graceful Option

When space is limited yet a staircase needs to be included in the design, one of the best choices is to have a spiral staircase. It’s a great space-saving alternative and, in addition, spiral staircases are also very elegant and sleek-looking.

Spiral staircases have graceful designs so they fit in any kind of décor

There is more than a single type of spiral staircases. The thing they all have in common is, well, the spiraling shape. But this shape can be customized to fit a variety of designs and types of spaces. One way of making a spiral staircase look less robust is to have floating stairs and sleek safeguards instead of visually-intrusive designs.

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