In Bloom: Spring Floral Accent Inspiration

Spring is here and one of the best accessories for your home, during this sunny season, are fresh flowers! Tulips and pansies, yellow roses and daisies, they look great displayed absolutely every and any corner of the house. We’ve gathered some “blooming” inspiration for your to feast your eyes on. It’s time for some spring sprucing with some spring floral accents!

1. Pink Tulips.

A favorite of mine, tulips come in a wide range of colors. Meaning “perfect love” and/or “perfect happiness,” they’ll certainly bring a bout of smiles into your house for not only your guests but everyday for your family too.{found on photobucket}.

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Abandoned Regency Hotel Transformed Into Elegant Seafront Apartments

The Regency era saw the creation of elegant Regency Terraces throughout the UK.  Their commanding presence reinforced their status as homes for the upper classes.  Sadly many of these architectural gems are today in an ill state of repair.


One such building, a popular roaring 1920s seafront hotel in the coastal town of Worthing, had been left abandoned and unused for almost a decade. A two-year restoration of the Regency-era Mayfield House into 11 luxury apartments has been completed by building and renovation company The Pure Group.Mayfield House opened it’s show house at the weekend and now you too can open the door to reveal the treasures within.

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Serene And Relaxing Residence in Vietnam Is Like An Oasis In A Busy City

It’s not easy to leave all the stress behind when you enter your home, especially if you live in a busy city with lots of noise and crazyness everywhere you look. But there are ways to turn your home into a relaxing oasis. We found a beautiful example in this sense. This is the M11 House and it’s located in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam.

The facade of the residence is eye-catching featuring a modern look

The house was completed in 2009 by a21 studio. It’s a three-story structure with a modern design and an intriguing facade. The architects used a selection of natural materials for the project such as wood and stone in order to give it that peaceful and serene look which makes it feel so welcoming. The materials used also give the house an elegant allure.

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The Ultimate Guide For Organizing Your Home Room By Room – 90 Revolutionary Tips and Tricks

Being organized is crucial if you want your home to look clean and beautiful and not like what’s left over after a tornado. It’s important to maintain an organized look but, in order to do that, you have to come up with a system in the first place. We’re going to analyze each of the rooms and give you tips and advice on how to organize that space.

Entryway Organization Tips

We’re going to start with this area as it’s the first space you see when you enter the house. The entry needs lots of storage for things like jackets, shoes and accessories so one way to take care of that problem is by installing storage cubbies like these ones. You can use wooden boxes and give them a makeover.{found on theverden}.

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14 Inspiring DIY Bar Cart Designs And Makeovers

I’m a big fan of DIY furniture, the main reason being that I can’t find anything I like in stores. One of the great advantages of building your own furniture is that you get to decide the exact dimensions, the design and the materials. But before you start dreaming about complicated things, let’s start with something simple like a DIY bar cart.


Take a look at this cart. It has a design simple enough to be easy to build and, at the same time, it looks intriguing. That’s because it was made of pipes so if you want to make something similar, first go buy all the pieces you’ll need and then combine them and come up with a look you like. The shelves are made of wood and, to match the design, reclaimed wood would be a nice choice.{found on alifedesigned}.

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The Story Of How A Bank Became An Apartment In Helsinki, Finland

We’ve told lots of stories where things like water towers, barns or factories became apartments or residence but we never came across an apartment which was once a bank. Today that changes. We found this great place in Helsinki, Finland. The building used to be a bank. It then became an insurance company and later it was transformed into Apartment Bulevardi 1. The project was developed by Saukkonen+Partners.

There are still elements that link the apartments to its history

There are many challenges during the project. The biggest of them all was removing the think steel door to the bank vault. It had to be cut into small pieces. The former vault is now a library.

The library was once the bank’s vault and it has solid steel doors

The apartment measures a total of 2,368 square feet (220 square meters). It only has one bedroom and one bathroom. Following Scandinavian tradition, the architects designed the bathroom with a sauna. In addition to the area already described, the apartment also has a functional kitchen, a large living room also a smoking room with strong ventilation.

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Low-Cost Changes You Can Make To Help Your Property Sell

When selling a property we all want to reap maximum value from the sale. This post takes a look at ten low-cost changes you can make to your property to help it sell. So, let’s take a look…

1. Clean up the exterior of your property.

The exterior of your house is obviously the first thing potential buyers are going to notice when they approach your property. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to wow them from the minute they lay eyes on your home. Begin by trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn, and wiping down your garden furniture.

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