Fill In The Lacking Beauty In Your Garden With A Bridge

Gardens are always charming and beautiful and they’re one of the great advantages of living in a house as opposed to an apartment. A garden brings you closer to nature and also gives you something to do. You can create your own little oasis no matter where you are. But having only plants and trees in the garden is not always enough. Sometimes something else is needed. A pergola or a gazebo may be answer or you could build a garden bridge.

Wood garden bridges.

The bridge is this Japanese garden is mostly decorative

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Flower Power: Bold, Graphic Florals in Home Décor

With their clean, crisp shapes and bright, vibrant colors, graphic florals are an integral part of many home spaces today. Flowers by their very nature tend to brighten the view of anyone within eyeshot; bringing them indoors in creatively graphic ways has the same effect on interiors.

So even if you tend to associate floral sofas with your grandmother’s house, you might want to sneak a peek at some of these florals in modern home décor. And then go give your stylish grandmother a hug.

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Sunny Tiny Ground Floor Apartment With Complementary Outdoor Living Space

It’s a little unusual to see an apartment that has a patio. It’s like seeing a house without a yard. What’s also unusual and interesting about this place is that it’s so little. The apartment measures only 31 square meters. It has an open floor plan and a very inviting interior.

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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: DIY Ready!

Father’s Day is nearing and it’s definitely harder to buy for dad than it is for mom. We surely can’t buy BBQ equipment every year, especially if dad can barely use the grill! Instead, why not create something that’s just for him? Even if you’re a novice DIY-er, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands a bit dirty. Let’s take a look at some DIY Father’s Day gift ideas and allow them to inspire.

1.Wine Tumblers.

Grab some old wine bottles and turn them into tumblers for your vino-loving dad! They’re funky, they’re trendy and they’re also a bit masculine .. perfect for the man of the house!{found on brit}.

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Meticulously Renovated Apartment Takes Advantage Of Color And Chic Accent Features

Once a family home, this apartment from São Paulo, Brazil was just converted into a beautiful single-person space. At the same time, the place was renovated. Architect Flavio Castro was in charge of the transformation.

The apartment has an open floor plan and the kitchen, the dining room and the living space form one large area. Each section is beautifully customized and, although there are no physical barriers between the functions, each has its own personality.

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Make The Most Of Your Workspace With A Multifunctional Desk – 20 Space Saving And Creative Ideas

You can’t afford to waste space when there’s the option of using it productively. Why have two or three separate pieces of furniture when you can only have one that fulfills all the functions you need? We’re talking about multifunctional furniture.It’s about including as many functions and elements in a simple design as possible.


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Creating Zen Nooks & Crannies for Your Home

Relaxing and restful, refreshing and revived, sometimes you need a space in your house that does all of those things for you. Your home is your personal oasis, a place to rejuvenate, so, it’s only natural that at least one tiny nook is dedicated to just that. Creating a place of zen inside the house(Asian inspired decor) is easier than you may think. With the right colors and accents, a tranquil space will be calling your name in no time. Let’s get inspired and take a look at some real-life examples of zen nooks inside a house, apartment or even a dorm room!

1. Right under the stairs.

Create a small zen garden right under your stairs. Grab the rake and go through the sand to rest your mind after a long day at work. Instant relaxation and a beautiful place to welcome guests into.

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