Strobl Winery: A Converted Austrian Wine Cellar

Triangular angles and flat, glossy surfaces are part of what constitute the delightfully modern architecture of the newly converted Strobl Winery, in Austria. What used to be a wine cellar is now, after a year of planning, designing, and reconstructing, an impressive contemporary four-story building that accommodates wine storage, wine tasting events, fine food and terraces, and even a temporary bedroom.

From the outside, the structure maximizes its presence via interesting architecture. The home face toward street-front appears in keeping with the adjacent building, with some of the old building parts exposed and/or replicated. The back of the structure is more modern, with unexpected angles, retractable sky windows, and plenty of glass for walls. Exterior surfaces are of traditional make but contemporary design.

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10 Easy DIY Photo Frame Designs

Can’t really think of any particular gift for a loved one? How about making something yourself? That’s always a good idea. You could make a photo frame. It’s not difficult and it’s also a great gift. What could be more beautiful than a photo of your loved ones in a beautiful frame? And in case you can’t figure out a design, here are a few ideas:

You could make a rustic frame. You’ll need twigs, glue and a wooden frame. This is more like a photo frame makeover. You basically glue small twigs to the frame until it’s all covered up.{found on hgtv}.

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Renovated 1894 Apartment With Spacious Living Area In Stockholm

Living in an apartment building that dates back to the 19th century has both advantages and disadvantages. Because the building is so old, some people find it risky to live in it, although renovations and structural improvements are being made constantly.

Also, just because the building is old doesn’t mean that the apartments in it are like that too. We have the perfect example. This is an apartment situated in a building from 1894 in Stockholm and it has a modern and very tasteful interior.

The apartment has many beautiful features, some of which have been preserved during the renovations as a mark of the history. It has a total living space of 58 square meters and two rooms. As you enter, there’s a welcoming hallway with plenty of storage space. It leads to the living area and to the bedroom.

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Ali Cayne’s West Village Townhouse Features An Eclectic Style

This is the West Village townhouse of Ali Cayne, the founder of New York’s Haven’s Kitchen. It’s a large space with elegant rooms and a variety of styles and influences. That’s because she decided to design the interior herself and she doesn’t have a background in design. However, she knows what she likes and this made everything very easy.

The townhouse has high ceilings and herringbone wood floors and it’s decorated with taste and style. The lighting fixtures are particularly interesting because they feature different styles in each room.

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The cozy La Luge cabin – a contemporary holiday attraction in Quebec

Located in Quebec, Canada, La Luge is a charming holiday cabin designed by YH2 Architects. It’s situated in the middle of the forest so it’s surrounded by nature and fresh air. Here you can relax and admire the snowy landscape. The cabin is surrounded by dense vegetation which ensures privacy and it’s equipped with everything the guests may need in order to feel comfortable and at home.

The cabin has a private spa which occupies almost a third of the space. In total, La Luge measures 1,300 square feet and it was designed to accommodate a large number of guests.

The overall design is compact and the cabin has a contemporary look, although the surrounding dictate a more traditional approach.

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22 Square Meter Apartment With Ingenious Storage Solutions And A Fun Layout

A 22 square meter apartment is tiny and, theoretically, not nearly enough space for a family. However, with a creative mind you can make it work. This apartment has an interesting layout and, although tiny, it’s functional and actually quite cozy. Despite the lack of space and the fact that different functions are part of the same volume, this place doesn’t feel cramped.

Let’s see how the space problem was solved in this case. The sleeping area and the storage space were both combined to form a box-like structure. On top there’s a bed and underneath there’s plenty of room for storage. And this is not the only ingenious idea used here. The staircase which provides access to the suspended bed and is more than it lets you see. Each step is a pull-out drawer where all sorts of things can be stored.

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Chic White Kitchens For 2014

White kitchens are trendy right now, but the great thing is: white kitchens are also classic. The idea (and reality) of a white kitchen for 2014 fits easily into every household and nearly every design style, be it contemporary, cottage, Scandinavian, rustic, eclectic, you name it.

There’s something unapologetically appealing about a white kitchen – it feels clean and current and is an excellent foundation for showcasing your own aesthetic personality. And, even more importantly, white provides complete functionality for this space that is the heart of the home.

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