Split Level Home Designs – For A Clear Distinction Between Functions

A split-level home is a very distinct style of house. It has multiple floor levels which are staggered. Typically, the main level contains the living areas: the kitchen, the dining room and family room and usually has two short sets of stairs. In total, there are usually three or four levels.

By separating these two spaces, the overall layout becomes more balanced

The entry is on the middle floor and the front door opens directly into the living area. There are also numerous other styles of split level homes, depending on the number of levels, their distribution and the overall layout and design of the house.

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DIY Recycled Custom Photo Planter

It’s that time of year when many people are looking to add more flowers and plants into their home decor. Luckily, there are so many different ways to make your own vases and containers to hold all of these plants. Here’s an idea that allows you to house your favorite plants but also gives you an opportunity to show off some of your favorite photos.

diy custom photo planter

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Bring The Virtual World Closer To Your Home With Pixelated Furniture And Accessories

No matter what field you work in, you have to keep up with the times and changes. Designers always manage to impress us with the way they reinvent things. New trends appear every day. For example, pixelated furniture and accessories seem to be quite popular these days. It’s easy to see why once you take a look at these products.

This is a collection of hand-made rugs designed by a graphic artist. He based this project on the decomposition of color through pixels. The two rugs we’re talking about were made of hand-knotted wool. One features a combination of vibrant colors and the other one is based on more subtle tones.

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DIY Mosaic Projects With Which You Can Change Your Home’s Décor

Creating custom features for your home is what makes interior decorating so fun and interesting. You get to choose the tiles for the bathroom, the backsplash for the kitchen and all the little things like the decorations for the walls. One way in which you can make all of these things special is with a mosaic DIY projects. Not sure what we mean by that? Take a look at these projects.

Mosaic Bathtub.

Give your clawfoot bathtub a makeover and use mosaic tiles. First choose a mosaic glass tile you like, then sand down the glaze from the original tub and start gluing the tiles to the tub’s surface. Ground the tiles and you’re done. It’s not that difficult and the result is remarkable.{found on casasugar}.

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Add Rustic Charm To Your Home With Rope-Hanging Accent Features

The texture and rusticity that rope brings to an interior décor are so simple and yet with such a bold impact on the overall design. What’s also great about rope is that it’s so versatile you can use it for all sorts of great projects. With rope you can hang almost anything, from lighting fixtures to artwork and furniture.

by Jeltje Janmaat

Get rid of the legs on your table and get more leg room underneath by hanging the table with rope from the ceiling beams. It’s definitely unusual but it has both a practical and an aesthetical side.

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Enjoy The World Upside Down – Fun Decorating Ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to break the unwritten rules and to do the exact opposite. In interior décor, this can result in some pretty great ideas. Let’s see how people used this concept when decorating their homes and how displaying items upside down can change the look of your own home.

In a small home office, a great idea can be to have a pull-out table or desk. This one looks like an inverted drawer. Pull it out whenever needed and hide it afterwords. It lets you save a lot of space.

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10 Ingenious Staircase Railing Ideas To Spruce Up Your House Design

A beautiful staircase can be the star of any home. But it would help to think outside the box and to come up with an ingenious idea for its design. For example, focus on the staircase railing, try using an unusual material or replacing the typical design with something different, maybe re purpose some things. Here are a few ideas you might enjoy.

A paddle can make a great staircase railing. It already has the shape and size most staircases need so you can easily repurpose it. It would be a great idea, especially for a beach house or a lake retreat.

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