Modern Furniture That Gives You A Sense Of Privacy

As much as one can enjoy the company of others, sometimes we all need our privacy, whether it’s in the office or at home. It’s not always easy getting that but furniture and accessories like these ones it all comes natural. They were all designed with the privacy issue in mind and they’re something you should consider adding to your own collection.


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Color Psychology For Nursery Rooms. Learn How Color Affects Your Baby’s Behavior

When decorating a room, we base our color choices on our preferences and, while that’s ok most of the times, color selection is not exactly a simple process. Each color has different effects on the human body and mind and it’s important to take these into consideration, especially when decorating the nursery room. After all, you want what’s best for your baby. Learn how color influences the development and behavior of your child and find the best color for his or her room.

Warm Colors.

Modern color scheme

image by Chad Jackson 

Warm colors usually stimulate the mind and energize the body. They make large spaces feel cozy and welcoming. However, they are not particularly relaxing so they’re not that great during the bedtime, especially for very energetic kids.

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Inspirational Summer Spaces: Ideas For The Home

It may not be officially summer until the end of June, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling the heat! From fresh flowers to sunny, bright colors, we’re making way for lots of vivacious and simmering summer styles for the home. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite and most inspiration summer spaces to feature. Take a scroll through and grab some ideas for your own home!

1. Cozy Hangouts.

This bright and colorful spot is the perfect place to rest your tired legs and gab with your friends. The white foundation, great natural lighting and color patterns certainly make a call to summertime.

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Vine-Covered Walls Let You Enjoy The Outdoors For The Best Part Of The Year

People have been using plants to boost the beauty of their home for a long time. Climbers are particularly appreciated. Their ability to grow quickly allows us to create a plant display in very little time. Climbing plants can be trained over walls, pergolas or fences and become an attraction for the garden or yard. In addition. They also provide extra privacy and they give the outdoor spaces a fresh vibe.

Backyard garden shed covered.Love the contrast of green and steel

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Modern Concrete House Built On A Budget And Featuring An Irregular Shape

As a young couple you often dream of having your own house but getting to actually design and build it the way you want is even more wonderful. Of course, there’s the financial issue. But, as the owners of this beautiful new house proved, you can build yourself a wonderful house on a budget.

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How To Style Coffee Table Trays: Ideas & Inspiration

Dressing up the largest focal point of any living space, the sofa, the coffee table should be used for more than just a table for Friday night pizza or a place to store all the remotes. Instead, it should have as much style and presence as any of your home’s decor. And then, when you add a tray to keep the chaos at bay, you’ve got the perfect bit of foundation for styling and organizing. Let’s take a look at a list of great ideas and inspiration on how to style coffee table trays.

1. Simple & Clean.

Use this simple and clean idea for your bigger coffee table. The tray becomes a box with more texture and height interest, some votives and fresh flowers, it’s such a quaint and lightly stylish way to decorate.

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How to Reupholster a Chair: Beginner/Intermediate DIY

It’s the time-old conundrum, when you spy an old chair that you love but that needs some TLC: Do you pass it up because it needs some work, or do you buy it and learn how to reupholster it? Let me help make the answer to that question a little easier: You reupholster it yourself.

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