A Guide to Identifying Your Home Décor Style

Many of us peruse home décor books, magazines, websites, and blogs and like much of what we see there…but when it comes to decorating our own homes, we aren’t sure which way to turn.

What did we like about that one photo? How much stuff was on the walls that one time? We were inspired by so-and-so’s living room layout, but how could we possibly recreate that vibe in our own space? Décor is so individual and unique, but it’s made much easier when we learn the basics.

It can certainly be overwhelming, figuring out what you like and what works in home décor. Which is why we’ve created this guide to helping you identify your own home décor style (or the mix of styles that resonates most with you). Once you identify your décor style, it’s much easier to go about studying what makes that style click in certain spaces. And, as an added bonus, each style below includes a link to an in-depth Homedit article about how to create that specific style in your space. You’re already on your way!

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Easy Ways To Make Your Hallways Look Bigger & Brighter

Our hallways are one of the number one spots in our house that we tend to overlook. But, in fact, they’d also the number one spot that can absolutely transform the foundation and atmosphere of our home. Bigger, brighter and better designs can help create the solid bones for the entire space. But when you’ll working with small, dull or dark areas, it can get frustrating. Let’s take at look at 10 easy ways to make your hallways look bigger and brighter.

Paint it light.

Choose your colors wisely. Go for a lighter color that will open up the space, whites, creams and extremely light pastels will help to create a bigger illusion. Stay away from warm tones and darker shades because it will only the make the hallway look smaller.

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10 A-frame House Designs – For A Simple Yet Unforgettable Look

Building an inviting and impressive house is a complex project and one of the first steps is choosing the shape and the exterior look. An A-frame house is simple, someqhat conservatory actually yet it’s also intriguing and unforgettable. Also, you can customize it and come up with your own version for your dream house.

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Spacious Apartment Gets A Sustainable And Luxurious Update

An apartment like this one, with a total surface of 114 square meters, offers lots of possibilities in terms of interior décor and layout. It’s definitely an incredible property and it has undergone a major renovation. The whole space was refurbished and reorganized and it now includes numerous unique features such as that cool motorbike in the living room for example.

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10 Ways In Which To Use 1 Simple Item: Ikea Knuff Hacks

An ingenious mind can find new uses for everyday items and sometimes a simple item such as a magazine file can turn out to be extremely inspiring. In fact, we can show you 10 different ways in which you can use and repurpose the Knuff magazine file from Ikea. These hacks are meant to make your life easier and they all feature the same product. The Knuff magazine files come in sets of two. They’re made of plywood and can be treated with oil or paint if you wish to personalize them or make them more durable.. Enjoy!

Mail station.

With three magazine holders, a shelf and some screws and brackets you can make a practical mail station to place at the entrance or in your home office. First install the shelf and the brackets. Then mark the wall where each magazine holder will be placed. Screw them in place.{found on ninemsn}.

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What’s Inside the China Cabinet: Organized & Styled

Whether it’s called a China cabinet or a hutch in your neck of the woods, the goal is the same; style and organize your dining room or kitchen area.With a large, yet beautiful, piece of furniture you’ve got a place to entertain from, store your most beautiful pieces and organize too.

Maybe you like something a little more modern or edgy, or maybe you like a bit of vintage flavor; whatever the case, it’s important that you know how to pack, style and tidy up everything that goes inside your cabinets. So, let’s get inspired and see how others are doing it, shall we? Let’s take a peek inside the China cabinet and figure out how to make ours work for our own homes.

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21 Ingenious Ways to Hide The Mess And The Eyesores In Your Home

Don’t want to display your cords, switches or your pet’s bowls where everyone can see them? Then hide then away. Traditional storage spaces usually mean that you’ll have a rather unpractical décor so we propose a few different ideas you might like. Be creative and hide all these things and more in plain sight.

Hide and organize the cords and cables.

Why hide your cables and cords when you can turn them into wall art? Instead of trying to make them disappear, display them on your walls. Be creative and you’ll find a way to perfectly integrate them in the décor.

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