Make The Most Of Your Small Balcony – Top 15 Accessories

Balconies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are custom made, in which case in means that the client already has a clear idea of how that space is going to be used and organized. But regardless the size or location, you have to be able to make the most of your balcony. I bet some of the ideas we’re about to show you never even crossed your mind.

Railing planter.

And speaking of railings, here’s another accessory which takes advantage of this feature found in most balconies. This is a lovely little planter which you can easily install by simply slotting it onto the rail. There’s no need for nail or for tools.

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Mini Prefab Accommodations For A New Sort Of Vacation Experience

When you’re trying to get away from everything and everyone and just relax for a few days and enjoy your vacation, staying in a crowded hotel full of people is not exactly an ideal choice. It would be much more charming to find something a little more private and secluded.Carre d’Etoiles offers such an option.

This is one of their mini prefab accommodations. It’s a cube-shaped structure big enough for four persons. It was designed for those who really wish to get away from it all. The compact structure is luxurious yet rustic.

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35 Budget DIY Party Decorations You’ll Love This Summer

What better way to enjoy the summer and the sun than with a party? So get ready. Start working on the decorations and make sure everything is just perfect. And if you really want the party to be special then you’ll have to pun in a little more effort. We have some DIY party decoration ideas you might want to try.

DIY Signs.

Make a party sign to let everyone know what it’s all about. You could get some of those vintage letters that light up and display them. You could, of course, make the letters yourself but it’s more complicated and takes some time.{found on ohhappyday}.

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Luxury Apartment Designed With Timeless Elegance

It’s rare to find an apartment with an interior design that looked great 10 years ago and will still look beautiful 10 years from now. Usually trends come and go so if you want something to last then you have to go back to the classics. The key to a timeless and elegant interior design is simplicity and just the right amount the sparkle.

This apartment in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Hola Design features a perfect balance between style and comfort. It has a visibly elegant feel but it also feels inviting.

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Keeping the Cozy in a Contemporary Kitchen

Minimalist, modern kitchens are sleek and sophisticated, but they might also be a little too sterile and intimidating if not warmed up somehow. Lots of straight lines and smooth surfaces in the typical contemporary style are not always conducive to relaxing food prep or congenial family gatherings.

Here are some tips on how to add a bit of coziness to a contemporary kitchen – and, subsequently, create a place that people will truly want to linger.

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Modern Metallic Coffee Tables

The coffee table has an innate ability to solidify or completely dissolve the style of an entire living room with a single punch. Choosing the right coffee table is essential to achieving the overall vibe you desire. For those who lean toward the contemporary, metal coffee tables are an excellent way to achieve a great modern look.

But even if you’re not into whole-scale modern design, a coffee table that incorporates even a bit of metal can add a fantastic contemporary feel to your space. Here are some examples:

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15 Rattan Accessories – Rich In Natural Charm And Always Versatile

Rattan is the term we use when referring to some species of palms and the word usually has us thinking to furniture. Rattans are extensively used for making baskets but not only. Other accessories can also be made using this material. Rattan furniture is something everyone is familiar with. Today we’re going to focus on smaller items such as baskets, containers and display pieces.


Rattan is usually used for making furniture and accessories for the outdoors. Among these, planters are quite common. The two look great here, displayed on front of the entrance. They don’t necessarily match the style used on the facade but the fusion of styles is very nice.

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