15th Century Barn Transformed Into A Modern Home

Old and musty are definitely not the words that come to mind when you look at this beautiful home. You’d be surprised to find out that, at the heart of this project stands a 15th century barn. There’s definitely not a lot to tie the new house to its past. This is now known as the La Concha house and it’s located on the Island of Guernsey.

The house was remodeled from an old barn by MOOARC architects. It has a cohesive and fluid design and layout and the structure which used to be the barn is now at the heart of the house. The structure has two levels.

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Printed, Personality-Filled Chairs: Ideas and Inspiration

Accent chairs can be your absolute best friend. They can fill the foyer, they can dress up a bland room and they’re incredibly versatile. But, what’s even better when it comes to accent chairs is their personality. Modern edges, funky textures and of course, prints and patterns! We love a great chair with a great pattern and today we’re giving you 10 inspirational ideas for when you find the most perfect, printed and personality-filled chair.

1. Chevron Slipper Chair.

In your home office or in your bedroom, this youthful chair will fit right in. The aqua colors are soft enough not to override the room, but the pattern pops enough to create interest and artistic value.

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Old Victorian School Converted Into Modern Loft In Southwest London

Dubbed the “London Loft project”, this apartment was designed by London-based practice JC Decor. It can be found in what used to be an old Victorian School. The entire place was refurbished and the transformation took 8 months. Completed in 2013, the loft now features an interesting mix of modern and classical elements. It has a beautiful architecture, featuring a variety of preserved details which give it character and personality.

The apartment spreads over three floors and the overall distribution of the spaces is quite nice. The main living space has 200 ft high ceilings and floor made partially of glass.

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Trend Spotting: Rocks for the Home’s Interior

We all know that rocks are unique and interesting bits of nature that have resided, quite successfully and happily, outside for millions of years. But there has been a recent trend spotted that puts these same rocks inside homes. Not log cabins or rustic lodges, where one expects to find the unexpected natural pieces, but in contemporary spaces, where slick surfaces and clean edges abound.

Check out the rest of these unique and inspiring spaces. Do you think the rocks-inside-design is a trend you could get on board with?

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No Skirts Allowed When You Have A Transparent Glass Floor In Your House

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to flooring. You could have wood floors in which case you’ll also have to decide on the type of wood, the finish and the color, you could have concrete floors which give the place an industrial feel and you could also have tiled floors which can be very fun to work with as you can combine colors and create patterns.

The glass floor visually connects the floors and the huge glass wall emphasized the transparency

But there’s also another option, less popular but very interesting: glass floors. Despite it looking fragile, glass is actually very strong and there are many different types to choose from. It’s why you have the possibility of installing glass floors in your home. It’s a very interesting idea. If you decide to use transparent glass for the floor on the upper level for example, then your house will look very open and spacious.

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Transparent Lucite Furniture And Interior Design Elements For A Seamless Touch Of Modern

Lucite, also known as plexiglas, is a synthetic organic compound and a material with high stability and good resistance to shock. It’s colorless and transparent and largely used in aircraft canopies and windows, boat windshields, car taillights, camera lenses but also ornaments and furniture. Because lucite is very resistant and also transparent, it’s widely used in modern interior design to add depth to a space and to make it seem more airy.

This modern nursery has a plexiglas crib which looks particularly interesting. It’s safe and secure but it’s also transparent and this means that you can easily take a peak at your baby without disturbing him/her and the baby can look around without an obstructed view.

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Top 14 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts To Try This Year

We’re all excited about Valentine’s Day and I’m sure you have something special planned for this year. But what about the little things? Valentine’s Day is more special if you make some of the things yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything very elaborate. It’s the little things that matter.

Let’s start with something simple. Take a candle and carve your initials in it. Use a linoleum cutter. Then trace the design with a golf leaf pen.{found on henryhappened}.

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