Victorian Vanities With Royal Style

A vanity can be used for a variety of different functions. In the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the home office, craft room or even in the little corner under the stairs, a great piece can be used for so many different themes, styles and uses. We especially love vintage-flavored, Victorian vanities with beautiful tones and grandiose accents. So, let’s get inspired and check out some of our favorites!

1. Traditional Subtly.

Smaller in size and daintier in style, this vanity has a top-notch appeal with a subtle charm. Get ready every morning at this space without the mess or hustle and bustle of the bathroom.

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Cool Ways To Hang A Hammock For A Lazy Summer Nap

If you had a hammock, where would you hang it? The garden and the porch are classical choices but what about other options? How about having a hammock inside the house, on the balcony or above the pool? These are just a few ideas. We have numerous others to share with you.

A beach house near the water offers you the perfect opportunity to take your hammock outside and enjoy the weather, listen to the waves and simply relax.

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DIY Gilded Square Nail Key Rack

Looking for a stylish place to hang your keys? Tired of boring store bought key racks? Create this easy rack for your keys in just a few minutes and just a few dollars with a few materials you may have already laying around the house! The gold nails give this key rack a fun feminine feel while balanced out by the rustic and masculine piece of wood. Customize the size simply by using a smaller or larger piece of wood based on what you need for your space. This project is so simple you will be done before you know it!

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Exquisite Hollywood Mansion Captures The Picturesque Views Of The City

Located in Hollywood, California,  and designed by McClean Design, this modern mansion takes full advantage of the views and captures them in a unique and luxurious design. It’s a one-of-a-kind home with lots of interesting features.

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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Poolside Area This Summer

Does your house have a swimming pool? Then you’re one of the lucky ones this summer. Having a pool is like having your own little oasis, your own slice of paradise. But simply having it there is not enough. You have to know how to take advantage of this marvelous feature. Next, we’ll show you 10 upgrades you might enjoy getting this summer, 10 things that will make your poolside areas even more enjoyable.

A waterfall.

Why limit yourself to one waterfall when you can have two or three?

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Kitchen Makeover – 28 Kitchen Amenities You’ll Wish You Already Had

Speaking as someone who is just starting to design and plan the kitchen, I know there are lots of great ideas out there and, although I’m trying to come up with the perfect combination, I know that when I’m all done I’ll find some more great features I wish I thought of before. But it’s never too late to improve your design so take a look at these great kitchen amenities and make a list of your favorites cause that’s exactly what I plan to do.


If you want to keep things like olive oil, vinegar, etc. nice and organized, a simple basket tray like this one should do the job. It’s big enough to keep all the items you’d otherwise spread on the counter and easy to move elsewhere if you need the counter space.

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DIY Typographic Frosted Glass Jars

Keeping a home organized can be tough. Finding containers and labels for everything doesn’t always lend itself to the most attractive home decor. But there are ways to stylize your organization. Here’s a simple tutorial for labeling glass jars or containers that you can use to store a variety of different items.

art jar

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