10 Tips For Choosing Colors To Set The Right Mood

Having trouble deciding what colors to choose for your home’s interior décor? Simply thinking of the colors you love is not always enough. Those colors might not even work in that particular environment. Try instead to think of the mood you’re trying to create and then choose the right color.


Black is a powerful color but it’s also elegant and simple. It may be too dark for rooms like the bedroom or the living area but it would be a very good choice for the home office. Still, make sure there’s plenty of light in there.

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Tel Aviv Apartment Customized Into A Studio Workspace

An apartment is not just a potentially nice family home but it can also be used for other purposes. For example, this apartment in Tel Aviv is currently a studio workspace and it was custom-designed for the artist. Although it measures only 20 square meters, it’s spacious enough.The apartment was redesigned by Israeli architects Ramaan Stern and Shany.

The studio features a very large storage unit. It has multiple drawers and storage compartments and it was custom-made. In it the artists will store a large collection of 2D pieces dating from the 40′s to today.

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10 Alternatives to the Plain White Ceiling

Plain white ceilings are a staple in most rooms. But it isn’t the only option. If you like to inject color, pattern, or interest into your home design in unconventional ways, the ceiling is a great way to do so. Here are a few ceiling alternatives to consider.

Bright Paint.


If you don’t want your walls completely bright, but would still like to include an unexpected pop of color, the ceiling is a perfect spot. Keep the rest of the walls a pretty neutral shade, and pick a color that complements them while brightening up the space.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Love Signs

Even though we don’t need a special holiday to tell us to be romantic and to show our love, it’s nice to have such a thing. It gives us a reason to plan something special for the loved one. So let’s get in a festive mood and make something special. How about a love sign?

Let’s start with some string wall art. You can basically design anything using this technique so making a love sign should be fairly easy.{found on site}.

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Use Rocks In Your Garden To Create A Natural And Organic Landscape Design

A beautiful garden can be the detail that puts your house over the top. But planting a few colorful flowers and having green grass on the lawn is not enough. You have to be more creative than that. Perhaps some rocks would look great in your garden. You can use them to create beautiful landscaping.

River rocks.

Very simple garden with bamboo lining the fences and synthetic grass

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20 Spa-Like Bathrooms To Clean Your Mind, Body And Spirit

What if we told you that you can have your own private spa…in your bathroom? We all know that we cannot go to a spa every day for various reasons: lack of time, lack of money, and so on. Make your life easier, save some time and money by creating your own relaxing resort. You can have all the comfort you need with just a little inspiration. We give you 20 reasons to think about this.

This master bath was designed by Brigitte Fabi, Drury Design, and is one of the two winning entries at the 2013 NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) Annual Design Competition, 2013. The icing on the cake is the open shelves, placed on both sides of the window. Recessed lighting creates a welcoming feeling.

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Fantastic Holiday Home In Norway Splits Into Two Branches With Stunning Views

When you’re designing or building a holiday home, the location is extremely important. It usually tells you exactly how to structure and orient the house. To show you exactly how important the surroundings are, let’s take a look at this unique holiday home. Located in Havsdalen, Norway, the Split View Mountain Lodge was designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.

Situated in an area populated with ski resorts, this holiday home offers the most excitement during the winter season. It has a straight-forward, interesting design.

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