17 Sauna And Steam Shower Designs To Improve Your Home And Health

Enhancing our well-being should become one of our major concerns. Luxury and comfort are not enough to escape everyday stress and routine. Find a way to balance your private life and work pressures! A sauna seems to be a great idea, don’t you think? You can think about this as an opportunity to improve your home and health in the same time.

Indoor Saunas.

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Abandoned Pencil Factory Converted Into A Lovely Family Home

The current owners of this luminous and beautiful house used to live in an apartment which actually looked great but had become too small for their recently enlarged family. They had to find a new place to live, somewhere with more air, more light and more space. They found this abandoned pencil factory and had the wonderful idea of transforming it into their dream home.

The factory is located in central Copenhagen, Denmark and it’s now very different from its original state. Not only that it has been renovated but it was also completely redesigned.

As you enter, you see a beautiful and spacious kitchen with an adjacent dining area and a living room. The kitchen is placed in a niche so it’s part of the apartment’s common area but also a separate space.

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Express Yourself: Unique & Edgy Fireplace Decor

Coming into the homestretch of winter, if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, I hope you’re enjoying it. Fireplaces are a major benefit to any home, both functionally (particularly in the cold weather) and aesthetically. They provide a prominent visual feature, balance, and symmetry to a space. But if you’re struggling with knowing what to do with your fireplace décor to make it unique and non-bland, you’re not alone!

Check out some of these inspiring ways to make your fireplace stand out and send the visual message that you want to send.

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Powder Blue and Poppy Red Rooms: Ideas and Inspiration

A soft, delicate and powdery blue can accent almost any space while bringing a calm and cool amount of peace and serenity. A bright and vivacious poppy red can act as the driving force for style and design. Pair the two together and you’ve got an ultra-fashionable and showstopping combination, fit for those with lots of eclecticism in their bones. let’s take a look at some idea and inspiration, shall we?

1. Soft, Traditional.

We love how this decor kept the poppy red to a minimum. The blue provides a soft, easy foundation while the floral reds create a traditional, yet contemporary style.

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San Francisco Bachelor Pad Breaks The Stereotype With A Beautifully Balanced Design

Stereotypes are made to be broken and this is something that’s happening every day and in every domain. Today we found a perfect example to illustrate this concept. This bachelor pad belongs to photographer Jesse Leake and it’s not even close to the design you probably have in mind.

The apartment has a total surface of 1,000 square feet and it’s located in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California.

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New York’s 10 Greatest Hotels Featuring Opulent Designs And Sleek Sanctuaries

New York City, aside from being the most popular city in the United States, is also known as a center for finance and culture and it attracts more foreign visitors than any other US city. Naturally, it must also have tons of hotels. The list is long and it’s rather difficult to make a top. However, some names are known worldwide and for good reason.

The St. Regis New York.

St Regis New York is situated in the center of Manhattan and it’s basically the hotel to set the standard for luxury accommodation. It’s a very distinguished hotel with unique antique furniture and sophisticated decors in all the rooms and suites.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Have A Beautiful Day, Full Of Love And Joy

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that goes hand in hand with flowers and chocolate. But, even though this is such a common idea, maybe you can find a way to make it special. For example, here are a few interesting floral arrangements made with simple flowers and with rather unusual plants. Take a look and find some inspiration.

This cheerful arrangement is made with pink daisies, more exactly Bellis perennis. It has a heart shape arranged on top, specially for this occasion.

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