Jade Colors Sprinkled Around the House: Ideas & Inspiration

A rich shade of green, jade has a certain unexpected, bold style. It can blend well within a variety of themes and styles, but it has an eclecticism about it that can never be washed away. We love how easy it is to highlight a room’s shape by using jade colors and today we’ve showing off some of our favorite ideas and inspiration involving this beautiful tone. Let’s take a look at jade colors sprinkled around the house and hopefully, you’ll be enlightened enough to do some of your own!

1. Rustic Kitchens.

This darker, cozy kitchen is perfectly highlighted by lighter and brighter jade-colored cabinets. Just like the stone, jade comes in a variety of beautiful tones and we love how these wood cabinets give the shade the texture it needs to be interesting.

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DIY: How to Build an Industrial Hanging Shelf

If you like the look of clean lines and contemporary shelving but have an oddly sized space, you can use this tutorial to create your own custom shelf with a modern-industrial aesthetic. This particular example was used for an electronics shelf hung above the television; however, you could use this tutorial for anywhere in your home.

DIY Level: Beginner-Intermediate (The hardest part is not actually building the shelf but installing it.)

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How To Make Your Workspace More Comfortable – Tips And Facts

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it’s important to feel comfortable at your workspace. A comfortable and inviting office increases productivity and efficiency in addition to boosting your moral. Before we get into details, let’s review a few of the things which can improve your work environment.

The lighting.

Ideally, a workspace should have lots of windows and natural light. However, since that’s not always possible, you should try to maximize whatever lighting you have and also to add task lighting.

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Unique Dining Room Layouts: Ideas & Inspiration

Are you thinking of sprucing up your place of entertaining and jazzing up the dining room a bit? Change out the furniture, move things around and create an entirely new layout! Today, we decided to inspire you with some unique ways of rearranging and changing your space. Let’s take a peek at some dining room layouts with a whole lot of personality infused.

1. Bay.

Lay our your dining room by creating a new space in the front or back areas of the house. It’ll become an outside-the-box way of entertaining the guests with your bay window sitting right inside acting as the perfect focal point.

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Incorporating Asian-Inspired Style Into Modern Décor

Asian-inspired décor is seeping into contemporary spaces everywhere. There’s something about its serenity, its soothing forms, and its balance that resonates beautifully with the streamlined feel of a modern home.

Here are 16 decorating tips on infusing your modern space with a bit of Asian décor, finding that balance between simple yet sophisticated, minimal yet warm, and peaceful yet energetic.

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Cozy Studio Apartment Seamlessly Mixes Old And New

Marrying two very different styles, elements of old and new is not uncommon but not easy either. So every time we find such a space we love to just analyze it in detail. Let’s now take a look at this apartment. It’s a studio and it measures only 35 square meters. Nevertheless, there are plenty of interesting things to see here.

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The Partywall Lets You Shift From Quiet Dinners To Fun Parties In Minutes

Perfect for tiny spaces, this cleverly designed unit lets you save space and have fun at the same time. Designed by Michael Chen Architecture, this piece combines two very different functions in one simple structure.

Depending on the time of day or on the user’s needs, you can either use it as a bar or as a dining system. Lots of different compartments and surfaces are hidden in this compact structure.

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