Trend Spotting: Matte in Modern Home Décor

There’s something dazzling about shiny objects, that’s true. But how do you feel about matte finishes? They are becoming more and more incorporated into modern décor, from small-scale accessories to whole-room finishes. While at first the choice of non-glossiness might seem boring, in truth, a matte finish serves to emphasize the quality of the form of the object itself. Because there’s nothing else there to distract from the actual object.

The end result of a matte finish? A well-chosen piece that is forced to speak for itself…and that does so with a humble, minimalistic grace that is so critical to modern design. Read on to see if the modern matte trend resonates with you.

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Dipped in Chocolate: Monochromatic Rooms

Smooth and dreamy, chocolate brown works just like a stark black in the world of interior design, but it’s much softer and more versatile in the realm of style genres. From the bedroom to the living room, you can use a creamy, chocolatey shade to create a dark and dramatic look that still has a touchable essence. Take a look at some of the stylish, monochromatic rooms we found dipped in chocolate!

1. Conservative, Subtle.

We love this slick and dreamy master bedroom. It’s conservative enough for those that don’t love a lot of fuss and mess. It’s subtle enough to have a relaxing, feminine touch. But it’s also stylish enough to create a splash.

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The Noa Cabin Is Made Of Wood And Has Six Zig-Zaging Sides

We’ve seen lots of house featuring unusual shapes and designs but this would have to be the first one that has six sides and an irregular form. Called Noa, this wooden cabin was designed by James Orgusaar and was built on a rhombic dodecahedron. From inside, it feels like a round space.

The six-sided cabin has a modular structure which allows it to be easily extended if needed. The floor plan is a hexagon and the walls and the roof are shaped like identical rhombuses.

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Deep-Soaking Japanese Bathtubs Turn The Bathroom Into A Spa

Japanese bathtubs are quite different from Western-style tubs. One of their most important characteristics is the fact that they have a deeper construction. Also, the sides are usually square instead of being sloped like the tubs we use today.

Create a relaxing atmosphere, with subtle light and pleasant textures

Originally, the tubs were made of wood but now they’re often made of plastic of stainless steel. Modern models can also be made of acrylic.However, wooden tubs can still be found and they have a more relaxing effect.

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Deconstructed Lighting Fixtures for an Edgy Industrial Vibe

Industrial style can take many different forms, but I think it’s literally the bare bones that reveals true industrial style. Exposed brick walls, ductwork, and concrete, for example, are tell-tale components of an industrial space. Similarly, lighting fixtures play a huge role in carrying the style through a space.

Deconstructed lighting – basically, any light that has been taken apart or reconfigured to become something new – has come front-and-center in the industrial décor scene. Here are some creative examples of this type of lighting, from pendants to lamps to bare bulbs. Check them out to see if your next lighting purchase or project might be using less to create more!

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10 Practical And Interesting-Looking Wall Mounted Wine Racks

The wine rack is mostly seen as an accessory for the house but it’s in fact a very practical and functional thing to have. Wine rack designs vary very much and they come in all sorts of forms and sizes. The most appreciated ones and those that don’t take up a lot of space and the wall-mounted ones. Let’s take at these 10 designs and see what they have to offer.

by John Welsh.

As mentioned, wall-mounted wine racks are very appreciated and that’s because they’re space-saving and also very practical. They take no floor space and they can be installed just about anywhere. Preferably, choose a wall that would normally remain empty.

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5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal in Time for Spring

Even though many places are still covered in snow and battling low temperatures, spring is on its way. When spring is here, you’ll likely want to make sure the outside of your home showcases some curb appeal. While you can’t do too much with a snow covered front yard, there are a few simple ways to get your home ready for warmer weather before spring even begins.

Assess Your Needs.

curb appeal

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