Space-Savvy Seating Ideas To Reinvent Small Spaces With

Small spaces raise a lot of problems and one of the biggest challenges is finding the right type of seating for these rooms. But any problem has a solution, in this case actually more than one. These cleverly-designed chairs are the perfect answer in this particular case.

Hanger Chair.

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Festive, July 4th DIY Wreaths: Easy, Simple & Inspired!

Once July 4th hits, you’ll want your house dipped in a bit of the festive pride. And what better way to start adorning your house with nods to our Independence than with a welcoming wreath to all of your guests. Cover the front door, dress the back door and maybe even sprinkle some around the inside of your house too. Check out these easy, simple and inspired July 4th DIY wreaths and start creating!

1. Burlap.

Everyone loves burlap. Just make sure to stamp on some stars and dye pieces the right shade of red and blue!{found on amomstake}.

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Hotel La Semilla – Enjoy A Splendid Summer Holiday In Mexico

When we plan our holiday, we carefully choose our destination, not to mention the hotel or the guest house. It is important to spend your summer vacation in a place that will provide all the comfort you need and, in the same time, one that will make you feel like home. If you intend to go to Mexico and enjoy the unobstructed ocean view around Playa del Carmen, Hotel La Semilla would be the best choice for you. Trust us and you won’t be disappointed!

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Dipped in Colors: A Guide to Monochromatic Styling

Are you thinking about transforming your bedroom, kitchen, home office or even your entire home into a clean and chic, monochromatic scheme? We’ve got a guide that will not only inspire but help you choose which color to run with and how to decorate around that theme. Scroll through, sit back and relax as we help to give you the tools and ideas you need for your own monochromatic styling. Dip your rooms, nooks and crannies into your favorite color and create something unique, fresh and incredibly versatile.

Dipped in Chocolate.

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DIY Metallic Handled Garden Tools

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for many people to spend their weekends outside tending to their gardens. If you love gardening or just have to pull weeds every now and then, there’s no point in using boring garden tools. Here’s a really easy way to transform them into really fancy looking tools that will make yard work 100 times more exciting (well, maybe not, but it will definitely make it at least a little more exciting).

silver and gold garden tools

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Casa Kopche Residence Features The Perfect Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Casa Kopche is a private family residence with a contemporary design and relaxing surrounding views.The residence is situated in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Responsible for the gorgeous design of the house is Grupo Arquitecture.

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Get Creative – Fun And Unusual Design Ideas For Fences

Anything can be reinvented and reinterpreted if you put your mind to it. It’s all about making changes. Let’s say you have to build a fence but you want it to be unique unlike the usual ones. You could try using an unconventional material or perhaps some unusual shapes or colors. You can get some inspiration from objects around you and use your imagination to merge the two concepts. Just be creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Mirrored fence.

A mirrored fence will reflect the landscape

Don’t want the fence to stand out? Then let it blend with the surroundings. A mirrored fence will reflect the landscape and will basically disappear into the background. Of course, it will remain very real so its basic characteristics will remain the same.

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