20 Unique Countertops Guaranteed To Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

In the case of a thing like the kitchen countertop, you only realize how many options you have when you need to choose one. It’s not just a choice based on color or material. There are many other features to take into consideration. This selection of unique countertops will reveal a wonderful new world full of new designs to choose from.

by Carl Mayfield Photography

If you prefer to keep the décor conventional and have a wooden countertop, at least try something less generic. For example, this reclaimed wood island top looks very charming.

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Obsessed With Turquoise – Exotic And Refreshing Yet Soothing And Serene

Of all the colors our eyes can perceive, turquoise is one of the most interesting and mysterious, one of the most alluring and captivating. It’s a cold color, just like blue and green, its parents. It borrows their attributes, depending on the shade and intensity.

The best shade of turquoise is the one you find in nature, in the mesmerizing waves

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DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art

Flowers are a popular staple in many homes, particularly during the spring months. But one of the drawbacks to flowers is that they don’t always last very long. There are ways, however, to keep you flowers around for longer than a week or two. Pressing is one very popular method. And the tutorial below shows you just one way to show off pressed flowers in your home.

DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art

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Modern, Rustic and Industrial Meet In A Chic Moscow Studio

There’s no unique way of making a space feel warm and cozy, especially with so many styles and materials to choose from. Each choice you make changes the final look a little bit so you gradually shape the interior design until you’re happy with the result. In the case of this particular apartment, a very simple décor was chosen so the choices were very straight-forward.

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Easy, Recycled Bottle DIYs

Whether it’s an empty, half-gallon milk jug or a coca-cola glass bottle, these easily recycled pieces can also become an amazing foundation to lots and lots of fun DIYs. Literally, any room of the house can use  a sprucing of recycled bottles, just scroll through the list to see how! Easy, recycled bottle DIYs are here, soak up every idea!

1. Sharpie Magic.

Dipped your old bottles in white paint. And then take your black Sharpies and get to work making some modern, contemporary new home accessories.

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Painting Brick Walls White – An Increasingly Popular Trend

Brick walls, in their natural state, are very charming and lots of people choose to take advantage of their presence which gives a room a warm and inviting look. But you can still get that look even if you paint the brick walls. The result can be very stylish. Brick walls look very nice painted gray or black but they look especially interesting when painted white.

Brick walls in the bedroom.

Brick walls are especially charming in the bedroom as they make the room feel cozy

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Bringing Architecture To The Next Level: 18.36.54 House By Daniel Libeskind

The world of architecture and design is constantly changing, from year to year.  It’s not easy to come with something new in these fields. People tend to be reluctant if they are not used with a certain shape or structure.  This is the kind of house that makes you wonder how far architecture can get.

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