Expanding Bookcase by Reinier de Jong

From Reinier de Jong of Rotterdam the “REK” uniquely modern book shelf can enlarge with time and reading materials thanks to its interlocking zig zag structure. The REK has the right sized space for all sizes of books and will always appear full.

“REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The more books, the bigger the bookcase,” explains de Jong. “The zigzag shaped parts slide in and out of each other, providing as much space as needed. With REK there will be no silly sights of half an empty bookcase anymore because REK will always be full. Also with the different spaces that appear you can arrange your books according to their size.”

Expanding Bookcase by Reinier de Jong

This modern bookcase help you to store your collection of books and why not other accessories.This bookcase design is one complexe with many shleves for storage giving the impression that they are not equal.

Dang Residency in Seattle – shining in natural light

There are people who are interested in the classic model houses, while others are interested in the modern designs. The Dang Residency in Seattle, is a wooden house, two-storey building which is beautifully covered in natural cedar. This is designed by the Pb Elemental architecture. The house is around 3600 Sq.ft in surface.

The house is well designed with three bedrooms and a media room. The study room and the living room with enough open space add to the comfort of the house. The interesting part of the house is the way they have made use of skylight and the windows to bring light into the house, including each and every corner.

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New York Residence by Iosa Ghini Associati

Milan-based architects Iosa Ghini Associati have designed an extension to a hotel in Budapest, Hungary, called New York Residence.The extension comprises of 60 new rooms and a whole floor full of offices. The structure will also include a conference center that boasts of an auditorium that can seat 500 guests. About 140 families will call this block their home, as the apartments will be situated from floors first to seventh.

New York Residence by Iosa Ghini Associati

Along with this a new commercial gallery and business center on the ground floor has also been penciled into the plans. New York Residence will be ready by June 2009, so expect to Hungarians to hang out in NY, plum in the midst of Budapest.

New York Residence by Iosa Ghini Associati

Is a daring project with many comercial gallery with five entrances that will connect the hotel to the boulevard Erzsébet korut to Rackozi Ut.I wondering how much will cost an apartment in a place like this one.

KAWA – Cool Bathroom Items by Karim Rashid

If you are looking for a new bathroom design, sexy and elegant try the work of  designer Karim Rashid, with a futuristic shape and color combination that will create a different atmosphere in your bathroom. He has a different approach on bathroom design and creates modern items like the bathtubs and sinks that you can see in these pictures. These matching sinks and bath in black are very elegant and are perfect for a modern bathroom, especially for a masculine one. But how about the feminine version of a bathroom in his vision?

KAWA - Sexy Bathroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

KAWA - Sexy Bathroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

The combination of electric pink and white tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom is absolutely amazing. If you add a carpet in the same colour (pink) you have the perfect girl’s bedroom. Not to mention the fact that the bathtub and sink have rounded edges that are also suggesting the feminine touch. Complete the whole picture with a round mirror and the result will be great. As you can see, both bathroom designs are very simple, yet very young and lively, suggesting energy and features that are specific for each sex. Follow my link for more of Karim Rashid’s works.

Vivarini animal print lamp from Formia

A lamp is one of the most versatile accessories you can include in your home’s décor. Not so long ago, a lamp was something purely functional, a piece you would use for the extra light it would provide you. With time, the functional of the lamp changed and it became an accessory mostly used for its design. Most often, designers try to combine function with aesthetics and the results are very interesting. For example, take a look at this chic Murano lamp.

Modern Murano Glass Lamp from Formia - Vivarini animal look lamps Giraffe and Zebra

The lamp is part of a larger collection created for Murano. They are inspired by nature. In this case, the inspiration came from the zebra and itshypnotizing pattern. The zebra print was used for the bases of the lamps. They are the detail that makes these otherwise very simple accessories stand out from the rest. The lamps may feature different bases. They differ in terms of shape and size but they all share in common the print and color.

The collection includes table lamps, floor lamps and lamps that can be mounted on the wall. Gives the pattern, you could combine them with a sofa, a chair or a rug that features the same print. The zebra print would look beautiful is a simple décor, preferably darker. It’s an accessory you could include in most modern or contemporary homes, in spaces such as the living room, home office, etc. Add a chic touch to the room with the help of this accessory.

A shelf in the form of a labyrinth

You might be fed up with the usual shelf forms and styles. If you are trying for something new, there is nothing better than a transformer shelf for a unique shelf. The shelf is never different in the color or the size, but it is easily transformable into a puzzle like form. This has the appearance of a labyrinth.The most important feature of the shelf is the customizable form. Martin Sammer designed this product in the most unique way, with secret pockets and drawers. The whole thing is made in a special way. The time consuming task of converting this product is of course interesting.

A shelf in the form of a labyrinth

This project done by Martin born in Munich, Germany and graduated from the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe was created special for those who don’t have enough space in their homes.With many storage shelves and hiden pokets this shelf in the form of a labyrinth.

F978 Lounge chair by Geoffrey Harcourt for $2722

Inspired by the past, but has not forced a cut-back. Here’s the secret of the F978 Lounge Chair by Geoffrey Harcourt, which favorably impresses the eye.A lounge chair like this I saw on a print magazine few years ago, but in other colors.

F978 Lounge chair by Geoffrey Harcourt for $2722

This amazing reinterpretation of a chair in 1960 earned a footprint contemporary ideal for the modern look for the flavor of historical roots.The combination between the bright red seat and white shell in poliuterano create a conemporary style.The F978 Lounge chair can be used indoor and outdoor also.Providing the best option for relaxing during the hot summer days with air conditioning switched on.Chairs like these are common in pubs and coffe shops because are very trendy and comfortable.The red leather used is one of the highest quality fixed to the hard polyurethane shell.The latest price for these chairs is 3.026$ at unicahome, a little expenive for a simple piece of furniture.What do you think, worth money?

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