Dramatic Light Effect Bookcase Design

Forget the old bookcase structure, now is time for something more specially for your office.Graffititek bookshelf is a new design by French designer Charles Kalpakian.There aren’t standard straight lines of traditional bookshelves and all book titles will be in distort order if you put them there. It also come with mounted light lamps which have the books looks.The light help you to chose a book in the dark and also create a nice look .

Dramatic Light Effect Bookcase Design

Creating a lighting system for a bookcase it’s a good idea because help you to find what you need late in night without having to turn on the light in the room.The lighting lamps are added on the bookcase so as to produce dramatic shadows.The shelves created by Charles Kalpakian are unique not found in many bookcases.You can hang on the wall or you can leave alone on the floor closer to a wall.

Boomerang shaped fireplace from EcoSmart

The EcoSmart Fire is an Australian innovation – an environmentally friendly open fireplace.The designer of the fireplace, John Dimopoulos, takes a cue from boomerang.This fireplce options can really help in increasing the appeal of your property and why not to increase the value.I know many people who invest a lot of money in accessories liek these and then sell them with the huse for a lot of money.

Boomerang shaped fireplace from EcoSmart

The Zeta indoor fireplace would also serve as a centerpiece around which friend can celebrate and enjoy during the chilly winter nights. Furthremore the Zeta fireplace features glass fins on either sides to enclose the flame and separate the leather from the stainless steel.Available in many different styles to fit your room design like shades of Ciocolatta, Nero, Ranch Hide and Latte.The entire fireplace system is available for 12.880$,just a bit too much heating system.With this money you can buy a more complex heating system for an apartment.

DC Bed – a complete relaxation

Sometimes when I’m looking around me I see a lot of awesome things that I need and I can’t leave them. I like my bed, but this bed could be better for me.The design is simple upholstered headboard and base, covered in leather, metal parts in burnished brass or nickeled iron. I guess this is the best comfortable and unique bed for a total relaxation watching funny things on TV.

I personally prefer sleeping on higher beds – you know the ones with legs. But there are enough people who like sleeping directly on the floor, as most Japanese people still do. They will definitely like this bed from Ceccotti collezzioni that is large and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep after a long day.

DC Bed a complete relaxation

It is covered in leather and when you are not sleeping in it, this makes it the central piece of the room, the one piece of furniture that immediately draws attention and keeps all eyes on it. Pretty masculine as its main feature, this bed is perfect for a bachelor’s bedroom, even if it is king size, so made for two. Or should I say that’s the reason why it is perfect for a bachelor?

Duplex Apartment Interior by Slade Architecture

This Duplex Apartment Interior design was done by Slade Architecture.The guys from company work with the owner of the property to decorate a friendly environment.The entire project was started from the idea that is important for every one of us to be as eco friendly as we can.On last instance the architects choose to combine two existing one bedroom duplex units into one two bedroom duplex.To know that the client( owner of apartment) is a single mother with a young child.

The master bedroom is conceived as a single space containing bathroom and sleeping functions. The vanity floats in the middle of the space and doubles as the headboard and side tables for the bed. The toilet and bath/shower are built into the back wall of the space.The kitchen is designed to be part of the living space with walnut base cabinetry.

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Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary Of Beauty With The Furniture From Hülsta

There’s no doubt that each room of the house has different requirements when it comes to furniture, accessories, color and everything else. It’s why it’s best to work in steps when decorating. First choose a style. Contemporary interiors are very fashionable and, if this is your choice, we have some wonderful ideas for you.

German furniture makes Hülsta unveiled some really stunning furniture designs and ideas. Their collection includes beautiful creations for the living room, office and bedroom and they’re all beautiful.

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Aigua Marine, home with fabulous views on the Antilles

Sometimes a house is not solely defined as a solid structure and nothing more. Usually the surrounds and the landscape are very important. The views are crucial, especially in the case of beach houses and villas. So a residence that’s located in a beautiful are but has no views to be admired is not exactly something to be proud of. It’s not what we can say about Aigua Marine.

Located in Saint Barthélemy, this villa has more than just a beautiful design. It offers splendid views are this is a detail that also increases the beauty of the residence itself. But let’s forget about the surrounding for a moment and focus on the actual villa. The building itself features a modern architecture with simple lines and elegant details. The rooms are open and spacious and the property also extends outside. Sold for 16.62 million dollars, the property is luxurious and sophisticated in a simple but obvious way.

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Luxurious Residence by Zoltan E. Pali from 1654 Blue Jay Way

If you want a house with amazing views to float over the lights of LA, with spaceship views from downtown to the Pacific, check the Zoltan E. Pali design in a residence on the most famous bird street, 1654 Blue Jay Way.This luxury house was sold for 9.600.000$. Because the house is located on a hill in the vicinity of Los Angeles, California, actually on a pretty steep angle (about 45degrees), its architecture needs to compensate for the inclination and adjusts the house design so as to look straight and also have a great view.

Luxurious Residence by Zoltan E. Pali from 1654 Blue Jay Way

The house ranges on four levels, which offers a fantastic scenery over the surrounding area. The building is a concrete structure that covers two levels and includes a fully equipped suit that means living areas, a garage, a room or better said hall where you can view your favourite movies, a gym for your muscles and physical tone and even a disco lounge and a wine cellar.

The outdoor pool is the perfect mirror for the upper part of the house that covers the master bedroom, with a comfortable sitting room and a terrace with a great view over down town Los Angeles.

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