The Cipria Sofa from Edra Furniture

The modern sofa has two things in mind: to be the ultimate in style, and the ultimate in comfort. Today, modern sofa trends present a new and evolved sofa. A sofa design that seeks the best in terms of upholstery material, color, and design, but is also so comfortable to sit on, it doubles as a bed!

The Cipria Sofa from Edra Furniture is more than a sofa where you can sit down after a busy day and relax for a while, it’s a sofa that can decorate your extravagant house or night club. It has a very playful and yet stylish design that would definitely become the central point of attention in your home. It could make a great addition to a sophisticated night club, but it has that characteristic, the fact that it can be transformed into a bed that makes it a little more appropriate for simple homes.

Your living room will instantly become the most extravagant room of the house. The sofa comes in many different color combinations that contribute to the playful and fun design. It’s a large sofa, with many smaller cushions that when put together for this lovely and cozy look. As you can imagine, the sofa is very comfortable and extremely soft and cozy. It’s the perfect sofa for cold winter days and a very beautiful piece, perfect for relaxation and comfort.

Modern update for a 1980’s house with gorgeous views of a tropical garden

Located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, this house was built back in the 1980’s and has undergone two other renovation aside from the latest one. Surrounded by flourishing tropical gardens, the house needed to open up to the views and to embrace them. Max Strang Architects are responsible for the renovation that made that happen.

The new design of the house allows it to take full advantage of the views and of its location. The exterior has a chic contemporary look and the interior was designed to match that. The house is quite big. It has a spacious living area with an airy and bright décor and double height ceiling. The color palette is mainly based on white and gray tones with a few contrasting touches in the form of accent furniture or artwork.

The walls and the furniture are white throughout the residence, with very few exceptions. The kitchen is a separate area, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, gorgeous and peaceful views and a minimalistic design. The large island doubles as a bar and is complemented by chic red bar stools and by that lovely little corner chair beautifully placed there so one can admire the views and drift away is dream land.

Mary Lou Retton’s luxury Houston home

Every once in a while we enjoy taking a look at celebrity homes. It gives us a nice perspective and it lets us understand that every home is unique and that a luxury home can also be simple, depending on personal preferences. Today we’re going to look inside the residence of Mary Lou Retton. She is an American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist, the first female gymnast from outside Eastern Europe to win the Olympic gold medal in the Gymnastic Individual All-around competition.

Located in South Texas, this residence impresses on many levels. The owner decided to return in West Virginia to be close to her family so the house was listed on the market. The mansion measures a total of 9,000 square feet. It’s a custom-built residence that features a total of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The style chosen for the project was rustic with modern influences. The rooms are all spacious and they all share a very warm and inviting atmosphere. In the case of this stunning residence, the large dimensions don’t affect the coziness of the interior décor.

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Embryocare clinic, Athènes

Fully furnished and decorated by the architecture studio Athenian MABarchitects. The gynecological clinic Embryocare Clinic has been designed with the idea to bring calm and serenity to expectant mothers. Between transparent surfaces that facilitate the passage of light natural tones of blue and white colors bright and minimalist decor, finding the bubble of calm in the sequel!


It’s important to feel relaxed and calm in this type of clinics. So the design has to be as simple as possible and in quite and soft color tones. This is exactly how this clinic looks like. It has very simple furniture elements, modern and beautiful. It’s a very bright place, with soft light and very beautiful colors. The light blue is very calming, along with the white.

It’s such a calm place. Even by looking at the pictures, you can feel your body relax. It’s like a meditation room. The clinic has a very nice atmosphere that has as a main purpose to transfer this calm energy to the persons inside. If I would be in the position where I would have to visit such a clinic for medical purposes, I would like it to look like this. The designers really took into the consideration the beneficiaries of this place, which are the future mothers to be. The simplicity of the design really stands out in a good way.

Bedroom Kato from prikazka

Bova American company selects the best creations of a number of leading design studios around the world to offer their customers unique and exclusive solutions for home furnishing.Whether you want a living room, furnished with leather furniture with a posh Italian modern kitchen design with minimalist Scandinavian flavor, Bova will succeed your expectations.

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Again faucet range by ABM

The market today is teeming with various kinds of shower faucets, from brass, antiques, stained nickel, polished chrome and gold to copper, steel and other combinations. Although individual preference is a factor in choosing a shower faucet, the price and the quality are the most important considerations among others. The Again faucet range presents a simple, sustainable design inspired by water, this sleek chrome faucet features a seamless design with an ergonomic curve that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the touch.


It’s a very simple design, with beautiful curved lines. It’s the ideal choice when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Sophisticated and decorative details should not be a part of these pieces’ designs. You don’t need useless additions in the bathroom. It’s a room that needs to be practical and functional, so it’s better to make it as simple as it can be. But it’s not like the faucet can have a lot of details and decorations. Anyway, this one is particularly appropriate for any bathroom because of the shape.

Furthermore, it looks very solid and durable. It has a beautiful design, relatively modern, but it would make a great addition to any type of bathroom, regardless of the style and décor. So if you’re currently redecorating your home or just the bathroom, remember not to rush when choosing a faucet because this is also an important part of the overall design.

Printed Glass Tiles and Printed Shower Doors by

You want to change something on your house, why you don’t start with some Printed Glass Tiles and Printed Shower Doors. With the new creation of Sprinz , you can transform a traditional tile into a modern work of art. Featuring high-quality, photo-realistic image printing, these glass tiles and glass doors boast all the beauty of your favorite image, but without the unsightly interruptions caused by gaps between tiles or joints on doors.


It’s a very simple and very effective way of decorating your bathroom with style. Printed tiles are a great way of changing the appearance of the bathroom or kitchen and turning it into a whole different place. These glass tiles allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create a very original and unique design. And if you really want to create something interesting, than you’ll also choose the printed glass shower doors.


You can incorporate your favorite images or pictures into the design and create a personalized and unique space. The bathroom is the most intimate and personal space from the house, so you can use this opportunity to create a very pleasant space. The results are impressive. You can have a modern and beautiful bathroom in no time by choosing these colorful and beautiful glass tiles or the printed shower doors, or maybe even both.

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