Oviedo Chaise

Locking for a little more relaxation,and for a elegant chair ? The Oviedo Chaise is what you need.Available for 1653$ this elegant centerpiece chaise features a vintage cigar-style leather seat with channel stitching and a woven leather suspension system, supported by a sleek, minimalist chrome base. With subtle curves to support the body at every turn, it’s guaranteed to be the most popular seat in the house.


The frame of this lounge chair is the best of all because it is lightweight, aesthetically gather many positive points, is comfortable, but they require care.I really like the shape of the seat it curves back after you and offers a very comfortable and healthy position.It’s very important to buy new chairs that offer a healthy position.

The Oviedo Chaise can be used when you watch a serial movie or when you surf on the internet.Allowing you to sit comfortable and concentrete more on the work.

A dream home to enjoy on vacations

A vacation should be all about having fun and relaxing, letting your mind forget about all the problems and all the things you left home. So in order to have a perfect experience, you much choose the accommodation carefully. A hotel is the easy choice but if you really want a wonderful vacation you can also choose to rent a private residence. It’s an opportunity to live in the house of your dreams, even if only for a little while.

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Modular Kitchen Designs from Comprex

The kitchen is probably the most functional room of the house. It’s the space that needs to be designed while taking into consideration a series of specific factors. First of all, you need to be efficient when decorating this space and to try to create a design as compact as possible. It’s when kitchen designs such as the ones from Comprex are extremely helpful.

The Italian kitchen manufacturer offers a collection of kitchen furniture and designs that manage to combine several important aspects. In terms of style, the collection is very trendy and chic, following the modern lines of contemporary creations. Also, the designs are simple and this makes them versatile as you can include them in a variety of decors and spaces. There’s also the fact that their designs are compact which makes them perfect for smaller kitchens where space is always a problem.

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Contemporary Leather Round Beds by Prealpi

Locking for fashionable furniture for your house or for something to feel better, well the Contemporary Leather Round Beds by Prealpi are perfectly for any bedroom. Todays tehre are many designs wich can attracts an attention and make such beds perfect and very original element of any bedroom.Contemporary Leather Round Beds by Prealpi are available in different finishes from wenge or white oak to leather.

The rectangular beds are the most popular nowadays there are very comfortable and easy to find them on the internet and also on stores.This collection of round beds change a little bit the history.Now you can look for a unique bed and forgett the rectangular one.Change it with one from Prealpi covered with leather and other fine textures.The leather beds add elegance and style to any bedroom.What do you think about this round beds?

Lapsi Children’s Chair

A play room can be the funiest room to be decorated.This room can be the adults’s favorite room as well as the favorite room of their kids.A play room isn’t a play room without something to play with.May you can consider the Lapsi Children’s Chair.The room should be big enugh for many soft furniture , comfortable and storage spaces.


If you are going to support your child reading, and if you are looking for a comfortable reading area you should look at the Lapsi Children’s Chair by Catie Becker.With a chair and a stand finished with birch, the furniture unit seems to follow the principles of play and study.The best part of this project is that can be used as a book storarge. The top of the chair creates a shelving space for books and the bottom a fun area for a child to crawl through or curl up into, if not used for storage.

Do you like a chair designed by Catie Becker for your playroom ?

Modular Sofa by Bonacina Pierantonio

There are many reasons to go shopping for outdoor furniture especially if you enjoy entertaining guests or to simply relaxing on the deck during sunny afternoons. When it comes to taste, everyone is different but teak deep seating furniture can be a great investment for outdoor furniture shoppers because of three factors everyone can appreciate including comfort, durability, and money saving qualities.


The Ellipses Seating line by Giuseppe Vigano is distinguished for its repeating elliptical motif with a lacquered metal frame. The Tambo Sofa designed by Fabiano Trabucchi features a tubular profile in stainless steel with a contemporary brushed finish. These outdoor modular seating collections are available in white, black or honey finish and come with removable polyethylene foam seat cushions. The outdoor modular sofas allow for a totally customized seating arrangement, whether your outdoors are imposing or intimate in nature.

The 2010 Collection from BoConcept

The 2010 collection from Danish furniture manufacturer BoConcept has made officially. The furniture pieces are full of modern aesthetics that are prominent when placed in the right home. Some of the modern homes you see on Gradient would be a great fit for these beds, lounge chairs, lighting fixtures and tables. Read the rest of the post for a further look into this collection.

We know that interior design involves many interests, including painting, wallpaper, tiling, lighting fixtures and furniture.There are many design ideas coming every day.The modern and contempoary touches are the most common and most accepted by critics and users.If you like the old touches it’s nothing wrong with that.There are many people who combine modern furniture with other old accessories creating a comfortable interior.

From bedrooms to office and corner decoration, the BoConcept collection take care of all.There are interior design ideas for all tastes.

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