Again faucet range by ABM

The market today is teeming with various kinds of shower faucets, from brass, antiques, stained nickel, polished chrome and gold to copper, steel and other combinations. Although individual preference is a factor in choosing a shower faucet, the price and the quality are the most important considerations among others. The Again faucet range presents a simple, sustainable design inspired by water, this sleek chrome faucet features a seamless design with an ergonomic curve that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the touch.


It’s a very simple design, with beautiful curved lines. It’s the ideal choice when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Sophisticated and decorative details should not be a part of these pieces’ designs. You don’t need useless additions in the bathroom. It’s a room that needs to be practical and functional, so it’s better to make it as simple as it can be. But it’s not like the faucet can have a lot of details and decorations. Anyway, this one is particularly appropriate for any bathroom because of the shape.

Furthermore, it looks very solid and durable. It has a beautiful design, relatively modern, but it would make a great addition to any type of bathroom, regardless of the style and décor. So if you’re currently redecorating your home or just the bathroom, remember not to rush when choosing a faucet because this is also an important part of the overall design.

Printed Glass Tiles and Printed Shower Doors by

You want to change something on your house, why you don’t start with some Printed Glass Tiles and Printed Shower Doors. With the new creation of Sprinz , you can transform a traditional tile into a modern work of art. Featuring high-quality, photo-realistic image printing, these glass tiles and glass doors boast all the beauty of your favorite image, but without the unsightly interruptions caused by gaps between tiles or joints on doors.


It’s a very simple and very effective way of decorating your bathroom with style. Printed tiles are a great way of changing the appearance of the bathroom or kitchen and turning it into a whole different place. These glass tiles allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create a very original and unique design. And if you really want to create something interesting, than you’ll also choose the printed glass shower doors.


You can incorporate your favorite images or pictures into the design and create a personalized and unique space. The bathroom is the most intimate and personal space from the house, so you can use this opportunity to create a very pleasant space. The results are impressive. You can have a modern and beautiful bathroom in no time by choosing these colorful and beautiful glass tiles or the printed shower doors, or maybe even both.

Wooden Hook

Looking for a nice idea that is also green, these hooks from Live Wire Farm are awesome. From the beginnings of branches of different trees are beaten hooks for various purposes, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or garden. Each hook is unique and you will not find 2 hooks with the same look.

Wooden Hook

It’s such a simple item. It has that natural and untouched look that makes it unique. And it’s a very useful item. You can use it anywhere: on the hallway as a place to hang your coat, in the kitchen, as a useful item for towels or all types of utensils used in there, even as a place where you can hang your keys so you don’t forget where they are. You can use multiple hooks like this one to form a hanger.

It’s such a rudimentary-looking piece. There’s not a lot to say about it, except that it’s very simple and since it’s naturally-shaped like this by nature, this means that each one of them is unique. So if you want something different and simple for your home, maybe this hook is the one for your. I’m not even sure if it has a style. I guess it could look good anywhere, as long as you like it. It’s not a piece that is looking to be beautiful or stylish. It’s just a useful item.

Deep Soaking Tubs by Vaselli

The latest tub design comes from Vaselli. The Deep Soaking Tubs by Vaselli which  is made of Carrera marble and showcases its naturally beautiful veins and colors with flair. The depth of the design envelops you in water’s warm embrace, while a built-in seat offers comfort to this contemporary bathroom essential.


It was about time someone would think to design a tub like this. It’s so annoying when you realize that your bathtub has a low design and you find yourself only half covered with water. The best tubs are the ones that allow you to feel the waters covering all your body. This is exactly what this tub was designed to do. It’s a deep tub with a very simple design. It has a rough look because of the materials used to craft it. But this is exactly the type of look that is perfect for contemporary homes.


So if you’re currently designing your own house or if you’re just redecorating, take your time before choosing the pieces for the bathroom. /it’s a room that has to make you feel comfortable all the time. And the bathtub is a very important element in this process. This deep tub will definitely satisfy your needs. It’s such a nice feeling to take a relaxing bath and to feel the water embracing your body.

The innovative Xelo TV stand brings together style and functionality

The placement of the TV is one of the most important details you have to think about before choosing the design and layout of a space. Usually the TV is incorporated into the wall unit’s design so you have to carefully choose the dimensions and shape for the furniture. However, with a freestanding TV stand like this one, all those problems are easily solved.

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39 Iris street paddington house

Located in Paddington, Sydney the house have a impressive list of features: high ceilings, polished concrete/limewashed timber floors, sunny balcony, flexible laundry/bar/storage and wiring for B&O sound, this pristine home is a must see for young professionals and empty nesters seeking a quiet village location near trendy shopping, dining and entertainment options.

It’s a really convenient location and the house is very beautiful. It has a nice modern look, with those glass walls that people seem to like more and more. It has an interesting structure and it’s a good-looking house when seen from outside. But the inside in not less beautiful either. The interior décor is also very modern and very colorful as well. There are a lot of colorful and fun pieces in there, like the furniture from the living room. Also, there are a lot of details and decoration in there and it seems a little busier and more crowded than some people might have expected.

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Perfect Corner bathtub for your style

Finding the perfect bathtub to compliment your bathroom design often leads to choosing a corner bathtub. You can buy a corner bathtub in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to compliment your bathroom’s dimensions and décor. A corner bathtub can help you design a bathroom floor plan that makes the most of your bathroom’s space whether it is big or small.

Corner Jacuzzi whirlpool

There are a variety of online stores that you check out in order to look at all the various styles, sizes and colors available in order to help you choose the tub that will look best in your home.Designed specially to take up minimal space, the bathtubs though small are deep enough for comfortable bathing. Whirlpool bath from Jacuzzi with its sleek and stylish design gives your bath a spa like space. The oval shaped design gives your bath a new experience.

Nova whirlpool2

Nova whirlpool

Hydrotherapy & Hydro massage does help in many ways to improve ones health. Not only do the warm, bubbling waters help melt away tension and strain, but they also provide a gentle and effective massage – targeting your joints and muscles, promoting a better night’s sleep and combating the pain of arthritis and other muscle-related injuries.


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