Lilac Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

The new Lilac Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus are romantic and luxurious. These feminine suites include a pink collection of “girly” bathroom fixtures. Clean, contemporary lines complement any modern bathroom, as a set or on their own. This pink collection includes a freestanding bathtub, and also pictures a ceramic Fly washbasin (from £397), the Lilac toilet and bidet (from £305), and the Ecoscape shower tray (available in 1200mm-by-80mm and 1400-by-80mm for £585).

The delicate colour of all the items in this set make you think it is perfect for a woman’s bathroom only. These sets , if placed and used in a totally white bathroom can make quite a visual impression on whoever watches them and I must confess I like them, too.

Every item is bringing some new features to the whole and make the bathroom a nice place to go to and even a beautiful one. So why don’t you make your bathroom a comfy and pleasant room since you already use it?

Cool Kitchen Decoration Idea with Mibo Tile Tattoos

Sometimes you design your house or only a room in a certain way, depending on the mood you have then or maybe the trend at that moment. So let’s imagine you choose plain tiles for your kitchen wall and after some time you get totally bored of the same colour and want to make your kitchen look livelier. But you do not want to change the tiles or have too much trouble. So what to do? Well, it’s not as hard as you may think – you can choose to purchase and apply the very cool tile tattoos that get on your tiles and stay there, offering a brand new look with very little effort.

Flower tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and are ideal for those who are looking for a new kitchen skin.These tattoo designs can be combined with additional images for a special, one of a kind, tattoo. Designs of real flowers which contain intricate details and colors are also very unique and beautiful. Wall tattoos by Mibo is a great stuff to create a trendy kitchen decoration, it’s available in various floral shapes. You can make your old kitchen look new by placing these stickers, no glue required for application and it’s easy to remove no sticky residue left.

R540 Rocking Bench by Fetiche Design

Designed by Brazilian designers Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi, the R540 Rocking Bench is available in many colors. A design like this that uses cords under tension always has a great strength to weight ratio. It’s actually the whole basis of the design, it’s very light and simple, yet amazingly strong and durable. It i obviously a piece of furniture that matches a modern home better than a classic one. However, this rocking bench has its origins or better said inspiration in the benches and chairs people used to weave from natural fibers in Brazil.

Even the designers admit that they find themselves nostalgic about their childhood, about the time when they used to weave and handcraft similar furniture together with their parents. But they evolved and they took this concept to a whole new level, succeeding to obtain a very beautiful and nicely designed rocking bench. It is woven of different resistant threads that are interconnected and offer a beautiful view and a comfortable seating .

Ilium Chair by Damaris&Marc Design Studio

Ilium Chair is the new concept design of Damaris&Marc Design Studio from Barcelona.The Ilium Chair combines plastic and wood to create a piece inspired in a female human pelvis bone.The pelvis bone is surrounded by muscles and skin giving structure to the human body as well as holding organs and the container where the magic process of creating life takes place. It is a very interesting metaphor that is expressed in wood and it is supposed to offer the person seating there the most comfortable chair ever because what could be better than a chair that reminds you of your first “nest” that kept you safe and prepared you for the entrance in this world?

The seating has two butterfly wings-like parts that come on the sides and are connected by a structure of little pieces of wood that look very similar to the spine bones that make the link between the two pelvic bones. The seating and the weight of the person sitting in this chair is supported by four different chair legs. The front legs are different than the back ones because they look very much like the bones attached to the pelvis, whereas the back ones are made of wood and only have a functional purpose.

100% wood and stone house

Litmus completely renovated this former home of an esteemed horticulturalist, preserving its original landscaping and relocating its main entrance. A farmhouse kitchen, dining room and living room are one communal space with an outdoor living room. The home is grounded by quartzite from the owner’s Montana property.

The house looks very traditional for a mountain cottage or even bigger house, but after it has been restored it is now equipped with many technological appliances and you have all the comfort that you need there. The solid foundation made of mountain rocks is perfect for holding a heavy building without any problem and without the fear you can’t add any more storeys to it.

It has a beautiful location and you can admire the scenery around it from the front porch. This one and also a big part of the interior and exterior design of the house is made of wood, the material of choice for this area. {found on limus}.

Laetitia Henry apartment design

Graduate from a school of applied arts, Laetitia Henry has worked for more than six years in office interior design on many projects for the rehabilitation, renovation, restructuring and yards.  After an internship offered by the Dragon Félicie, she felt the need to combine its expertise in decorating, staging, the taste for detail and the revelation of the soul of a place and create emotion and well-being. In an apartment of 75m ², she created a spacious universe by subtle decoration and design.

The whole apartment is decorated with style and you can see the trace of a feminine touch everywhere. The interior of the apartment is colourful, each room having one warm predominant colour and also a lot of decorative objects that are carefully chosen and perfectly matching the general style of the room. All the furniture is simple and comfortable and the combination of colours, materials and decorations makes a great overall visual effect. Great job!


Ribbon Staircase by HSH architects

Ribbon Staircase is a beautiful staircase created by the studio of Czech architecture HSH architects. It is fully designed from a 10mm sheet of steel folded and lacquered. Simple and minimalist, it will undoubtedly agree with your house.

As all of us have figured it out by now, the name of the design project comes from its resemblance with a ribbon we use for our clothes more often than for interior design. But in this case we are not talking about a fabric ribbon, but about a ribbon made of stainless steel that has been cut and then shaped so as to look like a giant ribbon that can also be used as a very special staircase. It is thick enough to support the body weight of whoever dares to step on it and climb upstairs and also offers a pretty unusual, but nice design.But somehow, I don’t know why, I would use it more like a decorative object than a functional staircase.

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