New Zeeland retreat with gorgeous views of the bay

The Okitu House was designed by Pete Bossley and can be found on the each coast near Tatapouri Point in New Zeeleand. It has views over Poverty Bay and, as you sit on the porch and admire the landscape, the sea and the sky seem to become one and the same. It’s definitely a marvelous location, one many would want for their dream home.

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Printed tile collections transform a common feature into a focal point for luxury spaces

Tiles, commonly used in kitchen for back splashes or flooring as well as in bathrooms have not been the center of attention for quite some time. They’re considered a very common feature and, although there are ways to make them stand out, most tile collections are plain and forgettable. Levitiles released three new collections meant to change that.

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Customizable lamp shade by Park Woo Sung

When searching for a certain object we often find a design that we like but that doesn’t really feature the colors or pattern we want. It’s when we wish we could customize these designs and choose the elements we want. Certain interior design features allow us to do exactly that. One example would be this modern lamp.

Designed by Park Woo Sung, the lamp features a simple and modern look. Its design is customizable. In other words, you can control the size of the lampshade and you can choose the colors you like. As you can see, the lampshade is made from a series of blocks that are place one on top of the other. It’s like playing with blocks as a kid and creating all sorts of structures. The blocks are made of plastic in this case. The base of the lamp has three sleek feet, like a tripod to hold the rest of the lamp.

Each layer you see here is made of molded plastic. You can choose any color or combination of colors you want and this way you can customize the lamp and make it fit into your home’s decor. Choose bold colors if you want the lamp to stand out and to become a focal point or neutral colors if you’d rather have it blend it and impress with only its shape and design. Be creative and use your imagination. Create your own combinations and feel free to adapt the design to your own preferences.

Multifunctional woven Cheig Bench

It’s rarely noticed but furniture has gone through its own transformation over the last few decades. These changes have just made your furniture more comfortable, environmentally friendly and easier on your butt!The amazing work of art by the designer Sollo Brasil is truly remarkable. The Multifunctional woven Cheig Bench is a good piece for your living room and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and I personally like the multi-patterned Cheig Bench.

The designer used her imagination a lot when creating this amazing piece of furniture. First she created the interior, which is a wooden oval shaped core that is supposed to be the hard and solid support for the body weight. Then this wooden support is covered in foam that will ensure the soft part that is so necessary for the comfort of a sofa or in this case bench.

And only in the end does she cover the bench with a very interesting model of woven materials in different colours, materials that can be recycled nylon or plastic, in only one shade or in different shades woven together in a combination of patterns.{found on yankodesign }

The Gaudi Stool by Bram Geenen

The first time I saw these photos I did not read the title, so I did not really know what I was looking at. And, to tell you the truth my first impression was that I was admiring some impressive architectural structure. Only after that I saw it was in fact a stool. But I got the idea why this stool got its name from the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. This piece of furniture was inspired from Gaudi’s works and adjusted to furniture design.

The arches and gracious curves of this Gaudi stool remind you of some architectural lines and even when you look at it from the underneath you can say it resembles Gaudi’s works. I must admit it is really beautiful and eye-catchy and the carbon fiber polish on the outside is glamorous, but I can’t stop wondering if it is comfortable – at least a bit.This is the one of the most amazing furniture we have seen lately. The shape of the Gaudi Stool, designed by Dutch designer Bram Geenen. All in all, the designer offers a simple and sometimes affordable solution to furnishing your home.{found on yankodesign }

Sweet Seating Collection by Sander Van Der Haar and Jaromir Maas For Spell

If you take a look at these pictures, you could swear you watch a sweet shop window with all kinds of yummy candies and chocolate bars or cakes with layers of sweet and tasty cream. But only after a few seconds do you realize it’s actually furniture. Actually this was the intention of the designers: to make some special furniture that is inspired from the design of chocolate cakes or icecream. The only thing that gives up reality are the wooden short legs that appear from under the bed and chairs.

The Sweet Seating Collection was created by Dutch Designers Sander van der Haar and Jaromir Maas for Dutch manufacturer Spell. Sweet stool is inspired by the process of ice-cream making. Like ice-cream, Sweet is coated in a layer, that is both durable and delicious. Therefore we like to say Sweet is dipped in pleasure! This stool is available in a wide variety of tasty colours. In its quality Sweet becomes a cheerful addition to any interior.{via yatzer}

Lacava Bathroom Faucets With Curved Levers

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to replace your bathroom faucet with the exact same style as before or go for something new and fresh. Lacava offers a large selection of bathroom faucets made in different styles. You could find as fashionable waterfall faucets as absolutely minimalist models among its products. These faucets attract by their elegant curved single levers which look very charming in two-arm version.

If you look at this faucet from a certain angle from  under it, it looks just like a metal heart made of two halves. The spot where the two halves meet is the perfect place for the water to spring in the wash basin. Its design is pretty unusual, but interesting. Even the lever you use for turning the water on and off is not usual and you can only see a metal bar. Nothing like a handle or a screw in faucet. Just an original design.

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