Luxury London Property By Finchatton

Probably you know that London’s most prestigious developers, has fully remodeled this traditional brick and render four-storey townhouse into an exceptional four-bedroom, four-bathroom house. The outcome is a property with an understated, worldly sophisticated and timeless elegance.

At Chester Row Finchatton has created a property where natural light permeates from roof line to lower ground floor, thanks to glass walls, a floating staircase, strategically placed double height mirrors and subtle chrome detailing. Combined, these create vertical and horizontal vistas throughout the property.

Finchatton has extended the property through additions to the lower ground and second floors and by digging down to create a new basement level which houses the Crestron cinema room with 90” screen and Dolby Digital surround sound. Basically, as you can see from the photos displayed here, this luxury property offers you everything you could possibly dream of, all very refined and impeccable taste and quality things, luxury at its best. {found on adelto }

Ideas for Teen Rooms with Small Space

Decorating small spaces and succeeding in doing it means to be really creative and to have great practical  ideas. Ideas as we all know, rule the word. In addition, necessity is the mother of all creation. Your ingenuity is a veritable and inevitable catalyst, on which your success with designing that small space of yours largely depends on. Here is a set of space saving furniture for teen rooms from Italian maker Clei.

The summary is not to purchase oversized furniture but not very small either – just the perfect size for the owner of the room, but the trick is to arrange it so as to be practical and save space. That is why it is highly recommended for these rooms to have the storage place high on the walls in order to offer more space on the floor. So go for the suspended shelves where you can store just about everything with a little creativity.

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Home theater with a bar counter to raise a toast




There are a lot of good movies to see with your friends.Take a look at this Home theater with a bar counter to raise a toast.MDA collaborated with Jay Miller of theater design firm Acoustic Innovations, as well as interior designer Stacey Slintak of Decorators Unlimited to transform an unused bonus room of the family into a luxurious entertainment hangout.

A Stewart Filmscreen fixed display measures 110 diagonal inches and has a high-definition broadcast aspect ratio of 16:9 for all of the DirecTV sports drama the owners can handle.A 7.1-channel JBL Synthesis audio system generously complements the video. So this is the perfect example of how you can take an unused room ina very big house and arrange it just a bit so as to transform it into a great home theater where you will spend pleasant afternoons and evenings if you like movies.

And since movies must be talked over a glass of drink, you also have a nice bar counter next to you . So combine pleasure with even more pleasure and feel fine with your friends.{found on electronichouse}

Herman Miller Setu Chairs

These are good chairs if you work more at you office, Herman Miller Setu Chairs will keep you comfortable. Designed to make you feel beter once you get there, the Setu is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to fit into the decor, whether it’s in the office or at your home bar.

This chair is the perfect item for your office as it has an ergonomic shape and follows the natural contour of your body. It leaves enough room for the back and has a very comfortable leaning position of the back rest , so as not to give you back pains after a prolonged time of sitting down. The chair support has five legs that you can chose to have wheels or not, depending on your taste. If you have to move around your desk a lot on short distances than choose the wheeled one. The backing has some little holes in it allowing your body to breathe and feel comfortable even in the hot summer days , which can be a blessing. Great design and a great chair.Available for 650$.

Markham Console Bar

Having a gorgeous rustic bar takes planning and work, but if you have find one or managed to purchase one then you are very fortunate and you can turn this spot in your house into your personal favourite place. Inspired by an antique workbench, this home bar is built from pine and pine veneer, and features saw mark, groove, and peg hole details, a recessed trough in the rear for securing bottles, a lower gallery shelf, a hidden drawer for holding bar tools, a cast iron bottle opener and towel bar, and a wheat stain finish.The Markham Console Bar is available for $1,399.00 at potterybarn.

I know this is not exactly what most modern people would look for , but this piece of furniture is perfect for a small cottage in the countryside or a mountain cabin where you stay from time to time during winter holidays and enjoy some quality time with your family. It is rough and simple, but this simplicity has its own charm and style, as this rustic bar looks very authentic and nice. It is improperly called a bar, as it has all the bottles stored in plain sight and it looks more like a console, but the combination of the two is simple and gorgeous.

Coser House By Architect Marcio Kogan

Here is a Brazilian architect,  Marcio Kogan who has revealed a project named Coser House. Enclosed in the boxed ground floor, the living room sits in a central position in the home, accompanied by wide windows that open the living room to external space. Marcio Kogan gave a sensation of coziness in Coser House,  accentuated by the texture of the concrete ceiling made with a narrow wooden framework. In this way, a desired horizontal proportion for this project is created.{via gradientmagazine }

I am not an expert , but I have eyes to see and I live in a house, so I can tell when something looks really great and my opinion is that this house does. It is large, so the architect and the interior designer had the possibility to play with shape and colours and angles and all the details that need to be considered when you want to obtain a beautiful house in the end. But, in spite of being made of concrete and all the other modern materials, this house is continuously connected to the natural environment surrounding it and it is open to nature. The living room area gets directly in the garden and the trees are surrounded by the luxury tiles. The area around the house is covered with wooden flooring and the transition to the natural surroundings is pleasant this way. Modern furniture sits next to natural trees and everything is perfectly fit, giving the Cosy atmosphere intended by the designer.

New lever faucet Wolo series by Webert

A new faucet series was designed by Webert.The basin feature a contemporary, sleek shape that’s slim and stylish, and they come in modern, high-polished chrome finish that simply shines in any bath. This lever faucet can be installed inside the body of the sink, washbasin or bidet for clean, minimalist look in the bathroom. Wolo series of faucets from Webert is designed by Massimiliano Settimelli.

The whole series contains faucets with a very simple design, yet a very elegant posture. You don’t need very intricate and shiny and all adorned faucets to have a nice bathroom. Quite the opposite I may say. Bathrooms are supposed to be functional rooms with a very clear purpose, so I think they should be simple and have a nice, but simple design, but to be easy to use. However, the graceful profile and allure of the faucets in this series by the Italian manufacturer Webert come to confirm that real professionals produce professional things, too.

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