Sweet Seating Collection by Sander Van Der Haar and Jaromir Maas For Spell

If you take a look at these pictures, you could swear you watch a sweet shop window with all kinds of yummy candies and chocolate bars or cakes with layers of sweet and tasty cream. But only after a few seconds do you realize it’s actually furniture. Actually this was the intention of the designers: to make some special furniture that is inspired from the design of chocolate cakes or icecream. The only thing that gives up reality are the wooden short legs that appear from under the bed and chairs.

The Sweet Seating Collection was created by Dutch Designers Sander van der Haar and Jaromir Maas for Dutch manufacturer Spell. Sweet stool is inspired by the process of ice-cream making. Like ice-cream, Sweet is coated in a layer, that is both durable and delicious. Therefore we like to say Sweet is dipped in pleasure! This stool is available in a wide variety of tasty colours. In its quality Sweet becomes a cheerful addition to any interior.{via yatzer}

Lacava Bathroom Faucets With Curved Levers

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to replace your bathroom faucet with the exact same style as before or go for something new and fresh. Lacava offers a large selection of bathroom faucets made in different styles. You could find as fashionable waterfall faucets as absolutely minimalist models among its products. These faucets attract by their elegant curved single levers which look very charming in two-arm version.

If you look at this faucet from a certain angle from  under it, it looks just like a metal heart made of two halves. The spot where the two halves meet is the perfect place for the water to spring in the wash basin. Its design is pretty unusual, but interesting. Even the lever you use for turning the water on and off is not usual and you can only see a metal bar. Nothing like a handle or a screw in faucet. Just an original design.

Classy Bedrooms from Mobileffe

The environment of our bedroom plays an important role in setting our moods and tempo. A well designed and decorated bedroom can lift your spirits whereas a dull and boring atmosphere inside your bedroom can make you feel down. So why not have a bedroom of your dreams? Take a look at this Classy Bedrooms from Mobileffe. The style is Art Deco with a hint of Modern thrown in.

As it should be in a bedroom, the bed is the central piece and the most important piece, so let’s say it is the center of attention and should be perfectly designed and valued. That is why the beds from Mobileffe have everything they need to stand out and to draw attention the minute you walk into that room. they are modern and classy and “tailored” for that specific room. I mean they seem to be designed for that particular bedroom, so as to fit the room and all the objects in it perfectly.

The  combination of black and white and beige with white and dark brown is amazing and reflects a deep understanding of the chromatic combinations and their effect. The bed is surrounded by the objects that are supposed to be in a bedroom, but they have both a functional and decorative purpose and the result is great.{found on h-d}

Raft Table by Andre Joyau

Looking for an outdoor coffee table? Outdoor coffee tables are just one of a number of pieces of outdoor furniture that are available for purchase.The Raft Table designed by Andre Joyau is created from wood and some furniture. It can also be used  indoors, giving a contemporary and old design at the same time.

You can reassemble it, rearrange it, and repurpose it to create a strikingly modern table that is both tactile and aesthetically rich.The Raft Table is hand finished and waxed to improve the feel yet preserve the natural character of the beams.

You may call me a fool or NOT a connaisseur in the arts or design field but I do not think this table is anything of spectacular and original at all. I think that Robinson Crusoe had this idea first when he shipwrecked on his deserted island and needed some furniture.

And I also believe that any person left alone into the woods for a week will find enough imagination to create a very similar table. You only need the wood and the power to lift it and put all the logs together on a layer or base of black wood. Oh, yes, and to lacquer it a bit afterwards in order to confer a bit of a shine to it. I personally love it and I would be delighted to build one for myself if I lived in the woods, but I would never pay money for it.{found on andrejoyau}

Ergonomic Push Table by Svilen Gamolov

Looking for a hi-tech design, Svilen Gamolov created a an ergonomically concept dining table. Called Push Table,the futuristic table is more an industrial work than an artistic one. The chairs come with holes  and seem to be designed in such a way that your back is supported. No word on the price and availability but the concept is pretty bizarre and futuristic that enhances your living decor.

The ergonomic Push table is the center of the living room or of the other room you might choose to place it in and it gathers all the six chairs around it. It is rectangular in size and black and the only unusual thing about it are the four legs that are somehow arched and a bit wider than one might expect. But even though the project name is “ergonomic Push table” actually the chairs are the ones that draw your attention immediately.

So the table is just the pretext for admiring the unusual, post modernist chairs. They are made of some kind of metal with holes in it and the back rest is continued to the ground with a kind of pleated hood. The chairs are covered with some beige  imitation of leather which contrasts perfectly with the black of the table.

Tubs by Bagnosasso

Swiss company Bagnosasso has introduced some unique tubs that are sure to intrigue and inspire.The Wave Diamond tub is designed to relieve stress while adding handcrafted art of wood and glass. the Wave Skipper is a unique tub made of wood and inspired by the design of a luxury yacht. Check out these cool tub designs at Bagnosasso. These bathtubs have some special features that make them even more desirable and unique: the fact that they are not made of stone, ceramics or even marble, but the material of choice is this time plywood and glass.

I know , this is pretty unusual for a bathtub as you would expect it to be ruined by water. But it is not. It had been treated chemically so as to be waterproof and not to swallow when it gets wet and the design is amazing. Just try to imagine the half transparent bathtub full of hot water and perfumed bubble foam and a small piece of a leg coming out just for a moment. Even the shape is pretty special and different from normal bathtubs and it reminds me of ancient ships.

Trump Tower Penthouse

A duplex condominium at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City with SmartHome technology has been put on the market for $14.995 million.Each room in the 4-bed/4.5-bath condo has been soundproofed with THX-certified sheetrock, so the new owner only has to hear the dialogue from movies projected on a concealed TV hidden behind a painting.

The home has heated marble floors, a 72-inch wine fridge and comes with two kitchens, a six-head Kohler steam shower that can be preprogrammed by the condo’s control system and a motorized fridge that electronically accommodates groceries.

Everything in this condo smells like luxury and taste. Its most important feature is location, as Trump Tower is a magnet for people with money and the address says a lot about those living there. Then, just as important as this one is the technology used to equip the penthouse. All the electrical and automatic appliances make your life a lot easier and more comfortable, but at the same time if you want to have access to the latest technologies you have to pay the fair price, which is quite high, but you will have exclusivity over a rand new product.

The interior design is high quality and very imaginative, combining simplicity in style with technology in a very pleasant way. The lights are placed in strategic places and cast a gleam  over the luxury products.{found on luxist}

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