Micasa Volume B Store by Marcio Kogan

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil the project called Volume B Store by Marcio Kogan featuring only 250 square meters and materials used in its most extreme condition, is one of the most successful projects belonging to this architect. The interior walls had no special ending and preserve the footprints left by construction workers when the work was done, almost as an archaeological relic. The floors are made of gravel field which mixes left over from work.

Volume B Store by Marcio Kogan

There is a shocking difference between the interior and the exterior of this building. If you only judge it from the outside , after you take a first look at it, you might be tempted to say it’s an abandoned building, serving no purpose in particular and left unfinished by some careless owners. But when you approach and enter the building you will realize it’s very well done and the interior is exquisitely arranged with modern furniture and very well designed, too.

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Atherton Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

This is the first time when I write about a sustainable house, and it`s a pleasure for me to see stunning homes with sustainable features. A sustainable house is one which is ideally built without the use of building materials containing toxic, allergenic ingredients. A synthetic house is therefore a safer and healthier environment for your entire family and is less likely to cause allergic reactions than the homes built using conventional methods and materials.


This beautiful residence in Atherton in the Bay Area is gorgeous.Featuring many green design elements, this home designed by SF-based Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, includes solar power, environmentally friendly materials and passive heating and cooling. This amazing house is located just outside San Francisco but if you ever have the chance to visit it , you will feel hundreds of miles away from the city, in a remote area of total silence and harmony with nature. The original house built their was demolished and they built this beauty instead using only ecological materials and technologies.

Actually there are four buildings that are spread around a natural pond that offers both an incredible natural site, but also the necessary natural ventilation during the summer months, as the house has no air conditioning. Everything about it is natural , but offering all the comfort that you need, including hot water and heated floors in winter.{via 1 and 2 }

New sink design Wave by Reginox

Here is a new sink design Wave by Reginox featuring a simple rectangular shape which funnels down toward a flat rectangular drain. Almost an industrial-style substance, metal is back as a luxury material. Boasting a beautiful blend of form, fashion and function, the Wave metal bathroom sink is dripping with style. Bring your bathroom a trendy look, or make a bold statement against a dramatic black backdrop. Everything about this sink is absolutely amazing.


Take a look at the perfectly shaped contour and the metallic glitter of the sink. It matches the interesting design of the water tap that come from above and falls into a mini-waterfall in the sink. Then there’s the perfect background for this sink – the dark wooden support that fits the metal sink perfectly. It even emphasizes its glitter and beauty. The simplicity of the design is equaled by its functionality.This is what I call professionalism and a thing well done.

Tour Table by Gae Aulenti

Here is a transparent table made from used bicycle wheels to support a 4-foot-square sheet of glass called Tour Table. It was designed by an Italian architect and designer Gae Aulenti for FontanaArte.The table is pretty expensive – 6.000$ but it`s cool and very high-end. Gae Aulenti is short for Gaetana Aulenti and she is a very well-known Italian designer, also known for designing the interior of some famous buildings like the museum of modern art and so on.


Any way, the idea of designing this table came probably from the need to have a coffee table on wheels so as to be able to move it around the house, wherever you might need it. And why not use bike wheels instead of the normal small table wheels for a better visual impact? And maybe as an homage to the Tour of Italy.You can actually use these wheels and move this interesting table around. You only need to be careful when you want it still and arrange the wheels so as not to move.

The Future Modular Kitchen For Men by Porsche Design

Poggenpohl is a luxury kitchen maker and is known for the bold, clean aesthetics, top-quality materials and innovation.A new showroom was opened in Texas which has become the largest showroom in the country.The showroom boasts of some of the best and finest hi-tech gizmos for kitchen.I like very much the black chrome fixtures, integrated sound system and sleek aluminum and textured-wood frame just scream luxury and class.

Modular Kitchen for men by Porsche Design

Modular Kitchen for men by Porsche Design1

Modular Kitchen for men by Porsche Design4

All the kitchen furniture in this collection has a very simple design and yet it is very well organized. You can say it is designed especially for men because of the dark colours and the masculine style. The straight angles and edges and the neat and handy pieces of furniture make the kitchen look nice and functional, too. Of course you have all the technological appliances men are crazy about and you’d better make good use of them. Of course you can’t miss the over sized plasma secured to the wall and the dark walls, but everything combines in a very tasteful manner.

Contemporary Italian Beds by Fimes

Fimes – an Italian furniture design company surprised me again with some amazing beds. Fimes managed to perfectly combine a beautiful design, a high quality of the materials and a practicality of its furniture.

Available in a wide array of different styles and shades are made made of various materials, have different finishes and everybody can find something attractive among them. If you are looking to choose a bed, well you can find modern and minimalist designs. If you are interested in one of these Italian beds then you can find more information on Fimes.

One of the most interesting features of all Fimes beds is the fact that they are very large and comfortable, offering enough space for you to be relaxed and to have a quality sleep. Then they all seem to be floating in thin air, as their legs are pretty short and they can’t usually be seen from under the bed.

The fact that these beds are so close to the ground makes them easily reached so if your kids pay you a visit you don’t need to worry that they will fall and hurt. Some of them have an unusual shape having the head board directly glued to the bed and the whole bed looks like a sledge.

Vacation House at Todos Santos designed by Gracia studio

We all work all year long and we can’t wait to go on holiday and have a good time and relax for the year to come . That is why many of us make sure they have a vacation house in their favourite spot! Well, here is a project belonging to the Mexican architect and designer Jorje Garcia from Garcia Studio involving two holiday houses located in Mexico, on the sunny coast in Todos Santos.


Both houses are secure because they are only used for vacation and the materials used in their construction are carefully chosen to withstand hurricane seasons and also to need a minimum maintenance. One of the houses is used by the owner and his family and the other is rented during the holiday times. With a similar structure both houses have a floor plan which is very easy and flexible because of the linear structure of each house.

The houses are comfortable and have a simple design and the styles are somehow mixed, as the materials used for examples are both modern like concrete but also with some old Mexican traditional fibres used in manufacturing shades and fences and even pieces of furniture. If you take a look at the photos you will notice the shade above the pool. The neighbouring area is not much, but the scenery is magnificent and you have all that you need there for about $200 a night.

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