Comfortable armchairsFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Stefan, on February 27, 2010

Comfortable armchairs

The idea behind the design of this good-looking armchair with chrome leather covering is actually very simple. Nevertheless, at the same time the chair has a great comfortable seating with the arm part of the chair that is also covered with the black chrome leather. The exact measurements of this armchair are not yet known...

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Hill side three storied houseFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Stefan, on February 27, 2010

Hill side three storied house

Located on the beautiful hillside in Marin Country, San Francisco the 3 storied house designed by Berkeley based McGlashan, the architecture look splendid. The landscape and the color of the house blend very well as it give a great view of the scenic beauty, which is breathtaking. The house has 3 floors with roof top garden...

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How To Decorate With Golden AccentsFull story

Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice | by Stefan, on February 27, 2010

How To Decorate With Golden Accents

Certain colors are best used in small amounts. It’s the case with red or gold, which make wonderful accent colors. Yet incorporating them in the décor is tricky and requires careful planning. When working with golden accents, there are lots of ways in which the color can be used to highlight certain details in the...

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Residence at the Sea Ranch by tgharchitectsFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Stefan, on February 26, 2010

Residence at the Sea Ranch by tgharchitects

To make the view to the ocean more splendid the sea ranch at California is so modified that the master bedroom in it was pulled apart from the main structure and placed on a narrow lot and it was linked to a deck. The main house is moved back making the ocean view centered at the...

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Nature Wooden furnitureFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on February 26, 2010

Nature Wooden furniture

It’s always interesting when we see little pieces of nature incorporated in the artificially created furniture pieces. Some designers are trying to imitate some of nature’s elements creating something like a bookcase shaped like a tree or a coffee table that looks just like e stone. But others go a little further and take that...

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Luxurious Napa residence by tgharchitectsFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Stefan, on February 26, 2010

Luxurious Napa residence by tgharchitects

  The view from the luxurious Napa residence is breathtaking as this residence stands on a knoll above Napa valley surrounded by vineyards. The apparent volume of the total structure is diminishing as each wing of the house blend perfectly with the contour of the hill. A lavender-edged path leads to a wonderful pool that...

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Camilla Chandelier looks gorgeousFull story

Posted in Lighting | by Stefan, on February 25, 2010

Camilla Chandelier looks gorgeous

The Camilla 6 –Arm Chandelier is worth watching as the structure so beautiful with its faceted crystal leaves that sparkles at the end of adjacent branches. The wonderful Chandelier has a diameter of 28 inches and 29 inches height with a 6-inch chain. The structure is given an old finish in a cast of iron...

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