Catacaos chair by Otero

Normally when you hear the word “chair” you pretty much know what to expect. Well, not with this chair, as you can’t possibly be creative enough to imagine what the Catacaos chair looks like. It has an original part made of flexible plastic material but also by its design, the chair Catacaos designed by Peruvian designer Frederico Otero, takes a different view of the back of the chair. The tapes reveal a separate wave motion, which comes back to its original design after it was pressed under the weight of its user.


These plastic pieces look like the petals of a flower and are somewhat concentrical even if they are not round, but rather like a teardrop shape. The smaller one is on the inside and the exterior ones are larger and larger. Because the material is so elastic you can easily sit on the chair and feel comfortable, but immediately after you have left, the “petals” will come back to their shape. It’s the resistance of the material that does not leave you touch the chair frame with your back and feel a hard surface, but you only feel the elastic band.

The range colour of the “backrest” bands makes this chair even more conspicuous and it gets really interesting when you realize this plastic is actually transparent.

Three-story house in Malaysia with stunning views from the roof terrace

Located in the exotic Kaala Lampus, the capital city of Malaysia, this stunning house beautifully uses color and contrasts in order to stand out and to complement the landscape. The house was designed by Arkitek Axis. It has three stories in total and it offers gorgeous views from the roof terrace.

The project was completed in September 2000 and the style chosen is modern is local influences. Each level has a different function. The first floor contains three bedrooms, a family room and a big balcony overlooking the pool area. At the top, there’s a roof garden and a terrace and from here the views are even more amazing. The design of the house is simple but also sophisticated and luxurious. We love the contrasts of colors, textures and materials and the way these elements communicate with each other.

The interior design features the same juxtapositions as the facade. The colors sued here are pure and simple. White was used on the walls and ceiling and the floors are dark brown. There are occasional bursts of color and bold shades allow the design to come to life.

Clicquot Loveseat designed by Karim Rashid

Here is an interesting seat wine lover design, called  Loveseat.Designed by Karim Rashid this double chair features two opposite seats  joined in the center by a pedestal with an ice bucket in the classic Clicquot yellow creating an intimate place to share your bubbly champagne or wine. The loveseat sells for around $10,000 and can be seen at Conran’s.

Clicquot Loveseat designed by Karim Rashid3

Clicquot Loveseat designed by Karim Rashid

It is the perfect pretext for lovers to meet over a glass of champagne and you know that champagne  and wine go hand in hand with love or at least you soften your heart or your tongue and you suddenly feel more loving and softer in your heart. So that you and your loved one sit on this special chair for two, with your common interest in the middle, like being embraced by a giant flower. Karim Rashid has Iranian origins and this people is known for giving birth to Omar Khayyam, the poet who wrote some beautiful poems about wine.

Glossy Lipstick sofa by Sand & Birch

Isn’t it true that you have no idea what is this glossy purple thing you can see in the picture? It is called Glossy Lipstick and it is not a lipstick. It is actually a new construction of Sand & Birch. The project was made by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro and is a new designed chair. A sofa-concept-art built in glass and lexan covered in transparent silicone used for attaching the soft patina like a real gloss. The new creation is made in limited edition of only six pieces. So, grab it!

Glossy Lipstick-Sand&Birch-thumb-450x337

If you did not understand much let’s give some more details: this special chair has no legs and it is a combination of sofa and chair. The frame or skeleton is made of secured glass that is pretty resistant. For a more comfortable seating, the glass and lexan are covered in silicone and this makes the sofa pretty soft and comfy for all those sitting in it. However, the colour of this unusual sofa/chair is more appropriate for a lollipop or a lipstick, so this gave the name of Glossy lipstick sofa.

Frankfurt Stefanel store has a gallery-like interior

Have you ever stepped into a store and felt like you were in a museum? That’s exactly the feeling you’ll get if you visit the Stefanel store in Frankfurt. It has an interior by London-based designers Sybarite and the whole place looks futuristic and highly modern. The interior features a series of modular elements primarily made of glass and stainless steel.

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Bathroom ideas from GSG

GSG has revealed the Touch ceramic faucets and fixtures that will make your bath space bubbly. Inspired from water each piece is inspired by its softness, versatility and undefined form.The colors are so beautiful and also there are other 12 colors available.What are you waiting for? This is the best bathroom design ever seen. I admit – this is a very interesting design because I have never seen a bathroom sink separated from the faucet.


But apparently this looks very well. There are more models available, but all of them have this feature in common: the faucet does not look like a normal bathroom faucet, but it is a bit flat and allows the water to come out in a small waterfall, which is amazing. But the button that you press for starting or stopping the water flow is located near the faucet and this is unusual.

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Ash Pendant Lamp by Tom RAFFIELD

The English designer Tom RAFFIELD study Sixixis continues his research on sustainable materials and processing methods.One of his latest productions is the Ash Pendant Lamp, made by folding and weaving eighty meters of strips of wood ash. Each lamp is hand-made and can have up to a diameter of 60 centimeters, but on request it can have smaller ones.


When you see this lamp first you have the impression of total chaos, of randomly placed bits of wood, but these lamps require a careful arrangement and design because otherwise the whole project will collapse within a few steps. Any way, the material of choice for this lamp is a bit unusual – wood ash, but it is a “green” material and it protects the environment because it is recycled. The light bulb in the middle of this ball of wood ash casts a filtered light that will give the room an intimate air. The lamp is a pendant one meaning it hangs from the ceiling and in my opinion it looks great.{found on radiancelighting}

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