Use Pumpkins To decorate your House for Halloween

Every year it can be exciting, picking out the pumpkin  that you will use to decorate a house, carve or paint for harvest or Halloween. It seems as if everyone is getting more and more interested in decorating for every holiday, and Halloween is one of my favorites!


 Most Halloween decorations are made the day before Halloween, and put out for just one night, so you probably want to decorate in a manner to pack the biggest boo for the buck.Take a look at this house which was decorated using pumpkins ! Isn’t it great? You only need as many pumpkins as you can get, some carving skills, a sharp knife and some small candles. The funny part is to carve the pumpkins so as to form little letters in it.


This way you will be able to write a message for your Halloween visitors. The candles put inside the pumpkins will make the letters show in a fiery light – so the creeper the message the better. Use your imagination and you will have the best decorated house in the block.

Outdoor Modular Kitchens by Jcorradi

Are you looking for the latest outdoor kitchen furniture ? Well, there are many different kinds of outdoor kitchens on the market, the different designs offer anyone looking for an backyard kitchen a very difficult task of finding the kitchen of their dreams, but this one from Jcorradi is a must-have.These modular kitchens are available in a range of sizes to suit your outdoor space, from 1,000 to 2,600 mm.Made from wood and stainless steel, this outdoor kitchen is the perfect complement to your yard, deck or patio, with plenty of work surfaces, storage space and even a kitchen sink.



Because they are made for outdoors and they are supposed to be used in nature, the support of the cooker and the stove and all the other appliances is made of wood and keeps its natural colour, adding just a bit of lacquer. The legs of this support that looks like a kitchen top combined with a cupboard are covered with steel so as to avoid deterioration. The modular system allows you to add or remove drawers as you see fit. It is very good looking and also very functional.

Lavazza A Modo Mio espresso machine

I guess you already know that but I feel obliged to tell you that espresso machines are similar to semi-automatic machines because they are easier to use than fully manual espresso machines.The Lavazza A Modo Mio espresso machine is designed by Saeco Gaggia and is available in many skins.The espresso machine has an interesting function which controls the temperature and makes the coffee as hot  as you like. This espresso machine from Mado Mio is only meant to fill one cup of steaming espresso, just the way you like it. It can be set the right temperature and the right recipe for the espresso with only one press of a button.


The special design of this espresso machine shows a metallic handle placed on top of it, which makes it very easy to handle and move from one place to another, for example when you want to take it with you in another room or when you leave town on holiday, but you can’t just resist without your favourite espresso. The different skins are very funny and colourful and they fit any kitchen.

Miele Grand Froid 4-door refrigerator

This refrigerator is dedicated for big houses.The Miele Grand Froid 4 door refrigerator is the right choice if you need a big refrigerator and it was build according to the European standards and has 874 a liter or 31 ft³ cooling capacity.The Miele Grand Froid 4 featuring two large vegetable and fruit drawers, an additional 103 liter BioFresh compartment which maintains temperature between 0.5°C and 3°C, extending fresh fish and meat storage time longer is available for $14,700.


It may sound like a big amount of money, but quality and space do cost. And here you can have both. Not to mention the fact that this is not just any ordinary refrigerator: this is a combination between a refrigerator and a freezer. The upper compartments are meant to keep things cool just ready to be served, while the lower compartments also have three drawers, but this time for storing food that you want frozen.

It has four doors which open in the middle, as this is the common line for all of them: two doors for the refrigerator and two for the freezer. If you come to think of it it looks like you stuck two refrigerators and two freezers together. Yes, it is huge. And nice looking and cool.

Single Line Furniture by Yuppie Hippie

Here is a interesting innovative office design by Yuppie Hippie.For me it looks very well  and I don`t like because it is only a nice concept, but because I`m sure that this concept would look pretty good in reality. The name of the collection suggests the most important feature of this furniture: the fact that all the furniture is intended to be made only of an uninterrupted line of wood, plywood or even metal – whatever the designer considers appropriate to use for making all the furniture in a room.



In the pictures below you can see that this line begins with the computer support, then it goes on by being the desk you need in your room and then it goes down line a ribbon as book shelves. But it does not end here – it continues with the support for the printer , makes a nice contour as a cool chair , going up in a curved shape in big shelves for DVDs, books, files or even decorative objects. The margin of the furniture is yellow in order to emphasize the contour and uninterrupted line.

Leather briefcase desk by Maarten de Ceulaer

If you have some old and used briefcase you can made an interesting desk design like in this photo.The Leather briefcase desk is designed by Maarten de Ceulaer company, so I guess you could make such a desk if your name was Maarten de Ceulaer.

Nilufar mag09-3072 var_LQ

I  really like the idea of using leather briefcases put together in a pile so as to make up a modern and cool desk. But I seriously doubt this would be a very good idea because leather briefcases are not the proper surface for writing documents because it is soft and also will cost you quite a good sum of money since leather is expensive. Well, this leather briefcase desk is only a model and it is designed for the sake of designing.

Nilufar mag09-3071 var_LQ

You can use it, of course, but only after some serious adjustments:  the briefcases on top must be glued together and their surface replaced with a harder one, while the handles of all the briefcases must be used to open up drawers. So it’s a serious work, so I’d rather buy a normal desk instead. But this is a masterpiece in terms of design.

Cool Modern Interiors by Crepin Binst

There are many modern interior designs nowadays and I want to add in our collection the Crepin Binst project.The design transformed the structure in a conceptual logic and simplicity style. Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you like the door wall . All these interior design ideas that the guys fro Crepin Binst presented here are the perfect illustration of what a modern apartment should look like. It is all about the minimalist style and also the combination of colours and furniture that led to the final result.

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