Ducale Kitchen Design by Arrital Cucine

I have posted many modern kitchens here, now I want to present a classic design for those who want a special atmosphere in the kitchen. Ducale Kitchen Design by Arrital Cucine is characterized by delicate colors and smooth lines and can be a worthy rival of any modern kitchen.Anyway I like this kitchen, I like the elegant design. This kitchen is painted in pale pink and is accessorized with white furniture that fits the room perfectly.


It is a very feminine kitchen design and you have a feeling of “home” when you see it. Everything is handy situated within reach and in plain sight at the same time, so you only need to stretch your arm to get what you need. This kitchen is characterized by many shelves and transparent windows as opposed to most modern kitchen designs that hide everything and keep all the utensils out of sight, in closed drawers.





I honestly like this design a lot more because it is warmer and cozier and gives you a feeling of calm and happiness, as if you have just entered mother’s kitchen just before Easter, when she is busy cooking all the goodies.

Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee

Choosing a coffee table can be hard. Prices can be so distorted as to be laughable.You want a table that goes well with your decor, that makes a statement worthy of the center of the room, and that will hold up to the abuse of daily use.Personally I like coffee tables which are useful with a lot of space for books or newspapers. Trio Contemporary Coffee Table is a beautifully designed piece that is both functional and versatile.


The design features a modular drawer unit which can be rearranged the way you like it and when pushed out, the cut out on the surface can serve as a magazine rack or a dish when pushed in. And since it has three separate compartments that make up the whole, the designer thought of calling it “trio coffee table”. Also, since it has a contemporary design , he added the word “contemporary” to the official name of the furniture piece.


It comes in dark brown entirely or a combination of dark brown and white in the middle. The latter option is the one I like most because of the chromatic contrast between the two colours . They show very well in a kind of a sandwich, with the white in the middle.

Furniture for Modern Nursery and Kids Room by Be

The Spanish company Be specialized in furniture has presented its first collection Be Play for Modern Nursery and Kids Room.Offering a versatile furniture for any kids ages from babies to teenagers this furniture can be useful for everyone. Be Play consists of nice cots, various drawer systems, kids beds, desks and a changer.

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Elegantly sleek ribbon table

Nowadays there are many table designs, this one was made to look like a ribbon and was made by Philip Michael Wolfson and Richard Hartle for HI-MACs. I really love this  elegant coffee table, I`m sure that I can impress my friends with this table. This table is made of steel – a single sheet of steel laser cut and then painted white and lacquered. After the cutting process it was molded and bent so as to take the shape and look like a ribbon. Now when you look at it you can imagine these nice little gymnasts playing with their ribbons, all graceful and fragile.



Except that this table is not fragile at all ans can hold quite a big weight on it. Any way, the design is very well conceived and the ribbon seems to fold a bit while falling on the ground, so it shows movement, but in fact this very design makes the loose part of the ribbon be the real support, making sure the table does not fall on the side and ensuring stability. Great job!

Small White Light Cage by Josselin Deris

Inspired from a suspended candelabra the Small White Light Cage by Josselin Deris takes another dimension and makes a genuine note of romanticism in the piece. If you are looking for a clean and simple design then you can but it for 195 euros. This lamp has a very interesting design looking like a flower hanging from the ceiling, but only the flower strain goes down in a normal position, holding the flower “bloom” upwards so as you can admire it and it can enjoy the sunlight. It’s a bit poetic, but that’s how I see things.


The designer used a red cord for a more effective visual impact and a sort of metal cage for the bloom. I wonder if she did it to suggest that light must be protected. You know – I did see small metal cages protecting the light bulbs is less secure neighbourhoods were the street lights risked being smashed out any time. So the cage is not a prison, but rather like a protection thing.

Luxury house with stone walls and almost entirely made of glass

As you may have noticed, it’s very common for modern and contemporary buildings to feature these huge glass walls and enclosures. It’s out way of reconnecting with nature. Still, it’s not every day you see a house 70% made of glass. Obviously, this is the reason why this residence was named the “Glass House”.

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Bloom from Kenneth Cobonpue

The Bloom from Kenneth Cobonpue it really looks like a flower and I`m sure that designer was inspired from flowers to create this comfortable chair. It is made from microfiber stitched over top resin with a steel base. This is a wonderfully designed club chair and its flower like cover is hand made. It is meant to be charming and beautiful and also solid, that is why it has a steel base. This way it can both support different body weights and also look pretty nice, too.

Bloom from Kenneth Cobonpue

It comes in different colours so as to match the interior of the club or loving room where it will be located: Moss green, lime green, yellow, black or muted red. It has a certain inclining angle in order to provide comfort, but since it does not have a proper back rest, it is mainly used to sit on and socialize, so it allows more freedom of movement for the person sitting on it. Delicate design and great materials – the recipe for success.

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