Orchid chair

There are two most important aspects that should be considered before buying a chair is whether the way it makes you feel is good and if the way that it allows you to sit is good for your spine. Back to the Orchid chair which is a great design chair made by Jin kim.The black version is more interesting with the Orchid and more accentuated. This chair is called the Orchid chair only because of the orchid painted on it – on the back rest. It comes in two models: black and white and, of course, the orchid is painted in white on the black chair and vice versa so as to obtain the best visual effect by contrast.

Orchid chair1

The design of this chair is pretty special, too, as you can see the back rest getting prolonged until it reaches the ground and the balance is ensured by the two front legs supporting the rest of the chair. It is totally made of wood that is painted and lacquered and has a very delicate and nice shape, with a bit of a curve on the back rest, giving its whole appearance elegance and style.

Rain Spa Shower Heads by iB Rubinetterie

Choosing just the right shower head for your bathroom is a decision that you and everyone in the household will be living with on a daily basis, so it’s important to take the time to thoroughly weigh all of your options before opting for one choice over another.


Today there’s so much more to the bathroom than the shower, toilet, and basin with many homes now having complete shower rooms and wet rooms. An Italian bathroom design expert, designed a new rain spa shower heads with many light colors.The luxurious rain spa shower comes in the choice of a modern chrome-finish, 280mm square and 600mm round design, and features a range of ever-changing hues for a color-therapy session right in the comfort of your home.

Mariposa Chair By Kate Rider

Kate Rider recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art,and made the  exploring with the beautiful Mariposa Chair. A base tapered perforated metal which plays on the contrast between the feminine side decorations inspired lace and masculine image of locksmith. Mariposa chair is perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors and has a unique, delicate design.


When you look at the photo and do not know what it is in there, you might imagine it’s some kind of a decorative object or even lacework – at least that was my first impression. It is actually a lot more resistant than that as it is made of steel and this way it can support the weight of the person sitting in it, whether thin or heavier. This chair is meant to be used in pair: one painted in white and one in black, this way allowing couples to choose the one specific for their sex and also luring them into having private conversations and time spent only for two.

Beautiful and Versatile 2foldlow glass table

2foldlow is an interesting piece because of the fact that it is made from a single rectangular sheet of steel. The table is extremely stable and because of the triangular structure it has a lot of strength. The table can be used for multiple purposes depending on the needs of the user. 2foldlow is white in colour and can be used both in your house and in a public place. It complements the surroundings perfectly and adds to the charm of the current settings of the place. The table is made of glass and steel and is the perfect addition to your décor.



This amazing and unique table is made of glass and steel. The glass top is pretty heavy, so it must have a solid support in order to provide a secure use of this table. So the whole job is left to the steel triangles that are made of the table leg structure. Actually the whole base is made of only one sheet of steel that is cut and folded so as to have minimum waste and after that it is modeled so as to obtain the shape you can see in the picture.  Available at cataci.com for 2,341.00 euros.

Prefab Playhouse by Modern Cabana

One of the things that almost every kid wants as they grow up is their own backyard playhouse. As parents, we want to give them one, but those pre-fab playhouses at the home improvement stores can be extremely expensive for what you get.The Modern Cabana revealed a contemporary playhouse, KIDDO Cabana to their collection of prefabricated living spaces. Designed and fabricated in San Francisco, KIDDO Cabana structures are flat packed and ready for easy assembly and each is available for 1500$.


The Playhouse  is manufactured using all FSC certified woods harvested from sustainable managed forests in the United States, no VOC-paints and glues and natural tree oil stains. The structure does not need an expert to be put together and you can do that yourself if you follow the clear instructions. The playhouse is perfectly sized for the kids and is safe for them, too. There are no sharp edges and also nothing the kids can break or get loose or swallow or any other hazards for them.



There are three parts of the door that are flapping depending on the kids height. There is a blackboard inside and also a folding table they can use when they want to and also a little chair next to it. They can roll down paper from the scroll and use it for drawing and the windows are huge in order to let the natural sunlight in. In my opinion this is the perfect place for a kid to play in.

Minimalist house stands out with its fresh and sculptural design

Minimalism goes hand in hand with simplicity and lack of ornamentation but can a house be too simple? I guess it could but we haven’t found it yet. Minimalist houses we’ve looked at so far are beautifully balanced just like this one. Designed by Takao Akiyama, the house can be found in Meiwamach and has a very fresh and simple look.

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Modern DIY Sofa – Eric Dalpiaz

Here is the best DIY sofa design ever seen, made by Eric Dalpiaz. Foam on all sides of various thickness, different for seat, back, and arms.I really like this modern sofa and I will try to make one but smaller for my home. This sofa is made of hardwood and MDF frame, has elastic straps for the seating and they will support the weight of the person sitting there and make them feel comfortable. The foam placed on this frame is covered with an eco upholstery that is also stain resistant, which is a good thing in the living room, especially if you have small children or absent-minded friends.


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