Elliptical Chair

Here is the Elliptical Chair which was designed by Notus design useful for everyone who seek to change a tough reality through a playful attachment, searching a unique and surprising style. It’s definitely a bold and colorful piece of furniture that not everybody would dare to have in their home. But for those of you who like to take risks and who love the adventure and exploring new ideas and concepts, this will be an interesting piece.

Elliptical Chair2

It’s definitely unique and different. It’s a design that defies everything else that we used to think and know about sofas. Like the fact that they usually have legs, they are rectangular, simple, soft, sometimes colored. The same goes for the chairs. These designs rewrite the history of these pieces of furniture.

Elliptical Chair

The vibrant red color is definitely very…aggressive for the eyes. But in a simple room with neutral colors, this would make a great addition. Don’t be quick to dismiss this choices. Give them a chance and take a minute to analyze the advantages. They don’t just look surprising, they also take into account the comfort issue. In fact, it’s just a simple sofa or chair, the only difference being that it looks…odd.

Five Suite luxury penthouse with deluxe wine cellar in Ketchum

Impressive houses are not hard to find if you know where to look for them. Here, in the heart of Ketchum in Idaho, is a good place to start. It’s where we found this stunning penthouse. It’s a huge 5,294 square foot mansion with two master suites and three additional luxury suites. It’s not your average family home and it starts to look more and more like a dream home.

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Top 12 Modern Stylish Tables

The coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture that makes the living room feel complete. It’s one of the basic pieces of furniture that we all integrate in our homes but this doesn’t mean that the coffee table has to be perceived as uninteresting. It is, in fact, a common focal point for the living room and there are plenty of unique and spectacular coffee table designs that would stand out in nay décor. Many of them are modern and impress either with their serene simplicity or with the complexity of their design. We have selected 12 of the most impressive coffee table designs you could choose from for a modern or contemporary space.

The Slice Box Table.

The Slice Box Table

Designed by Decode London, this coffee table will surely make a big impression in your home. It impresses with its simple yet very innovative design. The main shape of the table is simple but the way it’s been divided into four asymmetrical pieces brings a touch of uniqueness to this design. It’s a sculptural piece with an eye-catching look.

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Ecological Furniture for Kids Bedroom by Hiromatsu

As you can read in title the products look very natural and easily could help to create fashionable Zen ambience in your house. The furniture pieces are made by Hiromantsu which is a Japanese company. Useful and very funny, there are different storage systems available. I really like the chair which looks like a rabbit.


It’s difficult to choose the right furniture for the kids room. They are very hard to please and they demand a lot of things. For example it has to be cute, to fit their size, to be comfortable, to be colored, fun, practical, easy to clean and so on and so forth. The best way to make a decision would be to include them in the process, because if you choose something that they don’t like you’re going to have a really hard time after that.

This furniture collection for kids is a very good choice. It satisfies the kids, because it’s small, fun and colorful, and the parents as well, because it’s safe, easy to clean and more than that, it’s ecological.

Barbie Princess Room from Doimo Cityline

Pink, pink and on top of than even more pink. I like how sound of that. Here is a furniture collection made by Doimo Cityline, leader in bedroom manufacture in Italy for barbie princess. The pink barbie princess is available in 4 different kinds of rooms: Diamond, Glam, Gloss and Romantik. No offense but there is too much pink . Also if the pink is not enough for you there is a possibility to decorate things with Swarovski crystals .That might be a little too much for a small girl.

Barbie Princess Room from Doimo Cityline1

I personally hate pink. It’s probably the most annoying color ever. But that’s not how the little girls think. At that age, pink is the most amazing color ever. There’s never enough pink. They have pink walls, pink furniture, pink clothes, pink toys, pink everything. For the parents it could be annoying, but that’s what your little girl wants, this is what she gets. You’ll have to understand and deal with it.

There are several options presented here, all of them having in common what else than the pink color. The bedrooms are designed having Barbie as the focal theme. So if your girl is a Barbie fan, then take a look at these options.

The Fiberglass Chair by Vladimir Kagan and Ralph Pucci

The Fiberglass Chair by Vladimir Kagan and Ralph Pucci is simple and fascinating made in black and grey. The collaboration was a real success because they started a collection of limited edition sculptures by Vladimir Kagan, again produced and sculptured by Ralph Pucci at the Ralph Pucci workroom and will be introduced in December.

The Fiberglass Chair by Vladimir Kagan and Ralph Pucci

The shape of the chairs is definitely very artistic. The curves are very sensual and organic, creating a very special piece. The designers chose to stick with the white and the grey in order to accentuate the beautiful lines. The simplicity of the design and the elegance of the piece would add a sophisticated touch to any type of room. It’s a very versatile piece that can be used in the living room, as well as in the bedroom or even outside, in a protected area.

It would very nicely integrate in a modern apartment or mansion. It’s a n architectural beauty. I guess this is what you get when two brilliant minds work together. Choose the one you like best, or combine the two colors to obtain a contrasting look.

Minimalism in black and white by Ecole studio

How would you envision a minimalistic interior décor? What colors would you use? Black and white would probably be the combo that first comes to mind. Of course, there’s more to such a project than color. In case you need some inspiration you should check out this stunning project by Ecole. It’s a gorgeous apartment with a modern interior and a very sharp and stylish look.

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