Black and White Kitchen by Ernestomeda

Here is a second kitchen design from Ernestomeda.One of the most attractive models is ElektraVetro White made in modern minimalist style. I really like the combination of black and white giving a awesome harmony.You could find more technical characteristics and other useful information about this curved kitchen on Ernestomeda site. This kitchen has an interesting design because it has a curved top. That is both the table and the top of the cooker and also the bar.


It is the line that borders the kitchen space and the space meant to be left for the visitors, a kind of living room. Even the high chairs behind this top suggest this. So the visitors or friends just stay there admiring the cook while performing the charm in the kitchen, all of this from a safe distance and yet close to them.


The piece of furniture is great in design and the combination of black and white between the table top and the kitchen wall behind it is brilliant. Actually the wall behind is not just a simple wall, but it has all the other appliances incorporated: the microwave oven, the fridge and whatever you might also need in a modern kitchen, but all of them hidden in plain sight in a smart way>

Black Showers by Glass Idromassaggio

Glass shower come in a virtually endless variety of design possibilities. And the only conceivable limitations would be the budget, the imagination and finally the skill level of the interior glazers commissioned for a project.The shower by Glass Idromassaggio is the latest design spotted, it`s a modern shower and the color is awesome. Designed for corner installation it`s useful for small bathrooms. The shower cabin does not extend to the floor, but it has a small bathtub, too and it is suspended. you can use it for small children to sit in or maybe for your feet to have a water massage.


The door to the shower cabin is made of glass and totally transparent and it looks very well against the black tiles behind it. This wall covered with black tiles belongs to the cabin, too and it comes applied on the bathroom wall that can be differently colored and designed. So the black shower cabin is an independent entity that gets installed in your bathroom in not time. The bathtub is white and again the contrast between the white of the tub and the black of the tiles is amazing. The materials used are totally water proof and water resistant and very good quality.

The SARA Armchair by Davide Conti

I want to start today with a comfortable outdoor furniture by Davide Conti. If you like to be relaxed in the natural outdoor environment, go for a SARA Armchair.The armchair allows you to touch the grass with your legs and even with your hands if you want to because it keeps you close to the ground, but in suspension, too.

The SARA Armchair by Davide Conti1

It is perfect for lying around on a lazy summer day. It is made of a thick sheet of plywood that is bent in heat and after that cut so as to leave two margins on either side. The interior part of the rectangle is bent in the opposite way and this way you obtain a very comfortable and resistant armchair.

The SARA Armchair by Davide Conti

The margins left after cutting the plywood are the arms of the armchair, allowing you to rest your own arms there and feel very comfortable. The bent interior is the perfect seating, which is a bit curved so as to ensure the perfect seating for you. If you place a small cushion on it you stay there in your garden or on the pool side the whole day.

S Shaped Sink Design

I love black and also I`m a big fan of black and white designs.The S Shaped Sink Design is a concept but it seems to be a good idea.There are countless types of sinks that you can choose from, and even more styles within each type. When it is available I will let you know and if you don`t like this color you can opt for another one that  fits your bathroom.

S Shape Sink Design

The basic concept for designing this sink is the S shape. The designer had an unusual, yet a brilliant idea of hitting two birds with the same stone, meaning that he wanted to have a sink and also a bathroom vanity at the same time, using a single design and material. That is why he designed this piece of work where you can see an uninterrupted line shaped as an S.

The upper part of the S is the bathroom sink, shown as a shallow space in the top and it continues down as two bathroom shelves that you can use for storing different bathroom items. The designer Cenk KARA probably intended to use a thick sheet of plastic material or carbon fiber that is easy to be shaped and also pretty resistant.

The Courtyard House by Ripple Design

Designed by Thomas Robertson of Ripple Design, the Courtyard House is located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.WhatI can  say is that I love the wood with knots. I know that are many people who don`t like the wood with knots/spots on it.The Courtyard House is about 2800+ square feet and the lot is 6316 square feet and featuring 3 bedrooms, den, 3.5 baths, electric gated entry. It’s a green house because it features Solar panels, Photo Voltaic Cells, Radiant Heat, Central Heat and Air. This house drives me crazy.

The Courtyard House by Ripple Design28

But I guess there are many “green” houses by now. What makes this one so special is its design. It looks really cool and colourful. You simply feel happy when you see all these combinations of colours and shades and the way in which the furniture matches the overall design of the room and of the house.

The orange and red tiles outside the house match the identical tiles on the hallway that can also be seen through the glass doors and the carpets in the rooms are mostly made of squares of different colours put together. This brings a special feature in the rooms with white walls and light brown furniture.

Pretty Eco Friendly Kids Furniture by Mazzali

Mazzali offers an eco friendly furniture for your children or teenagers bedrooms.Called Zero18 the collection is composed of beds, wardrobes, study desks and other furniture usual for kids room. I really like the study desks which are available in several versions, but all of them distinguish by modern designs and provide comfortable working. This furniture collection is specially designed for the children, so every bed and chair and desk has very nice shapes, with rounded edges that prevent accidents and also funny shapes and shades that make them all look like toys rather than real furniture.

The designers from Mazzali were very creative in combining different materials and colours and sometimes they make such unexpected colour combinations you couldn’t think of, but which are really pleasant. For example one room is designed in purple and light brown furniture, another in dark pink and blue or maybe a fresh combination of orange and green.

Touch Screen Shower by Fima

Another touch screen gadget for your bathroom from Fima. The Touch Screen Shower has an integrated intelligent touch sensitive screen display that lets you preset your ideal water temperature while controlling your water consumption. Beautiful and smart, this touch screen shower brings the best of both worlds to your bathroom.


It’s definitely an innovation in this domain. This is probably just the beginning. Soon there will be plenty of similar designs, with similar features. But until then, this one is unique. It has in interesting design. Personally I don’t find it very attractive. Those colorful lights are not a nice detail in my opinion. They just might be too much. I would have prefered a much simpler and stylish design, with fewer details and decorations. Really, the functionality and the practical aspect are important here. The design is not the most inspired one.

But the technological details are something I can’t argue with. From this point of view, this shower is perfect, or at least close to perfection. It’s very nice that you can preset the water temperature and control the water consumption. This could save you a lot of trouble. Unlike the standard shower design, this one is actually trying to make your life easier by taking care of some annoying details that otherwise you would have to deal with.For more details visit Fima.

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