Manifold By Anthony Leyland

Just launched at Designersblock in London the Manifold By Anthony Leyland which are made from bent steels and use no fixings at all making it all looked clean sleek and elegant. I really like the futuristic design and will be perfect for any place from my home .The Manifold By Anthony Leyland is available in many colors.



He shapes are certainly unusual. And the colors used are interesting as well. You don’t see very often a table that looks like this. It will certainly become the focal point of attention. It could be used in a lot of different ways. For example it could a very nice coffee table or a very small dining table. You could even use it for other activities as well. It’s modern, interesting, colorful, unusual, original and unique. And it’s very easy to clean and maintain.  I would definitely like to have a piece like this in my home. I would probably get a lot of compliments for it and all my friends and relatives would ask “what’s the deal with your coffee table?” An unique piece for an unique person.

Lb3 Bathroom Furnishings Collection by Laufen of Switzerland

Today’s the bathroom it’s no longer just a room for personal hygiene,because possibilities for designs are limitless.Many of  us consider that the bathroom si more than a personal personal retreat, a separated space from the noise outside, where they could relax with complete privacy.Decorating a bathroom cost in fucntion on style and materials that you are going to use.Just a simple improvement that includes a new bath vanity top, accessories and light fixture will cost under 1000$.

LAUFEN Lb3 Bathroom Furnishings Collection

The Lb3 bathroom collection feature a fresh and modern look that help you on bathroom decor.The collection combines traditional and modern with wood and porcelain.This alternative of mixing traditional and modern will add a warm look with relaxing colors.

furnishing a bathroom

bathroom decorating white

Laufen Bathrooms

This collection offer you all necessary for bathroom needs.Think more about what other needs you have that you can include into your bath, with some clever and careful planning.But i’m sure if you are going to choose the Lb3 series will no longer needed more accessories.

Etage Modern Coffee Table by OFFECCT

People love to hear their homes being praised by their visitators,even the most mischievous.If the house is well decorated with modern funrniture or with a specific theme style.Also the accessories play an important role in a home decor.The Etage coffee table from OFFECCT  featurea a perfect touch of unique designs and with sophisticated style and color, they bring outrage beauty to your home.

coffee and center tables modern furniture

The Swedish OFFECCT with the team Kovisto Rune Claesson, created Etage a collection of coffee table inspiration definitely contemporary.Overlay planes at different heights and shiny appearance, materials such as formica and plywood, bright colors, like orange or pink, muted by the sober tone, however, as white or beige, make a coffee table Etage suitable for modern and futuristic.

The combination of colors should make you think where you can place it, to attract the eye of the beholder.It should be noticeable in any room.

The stylish Carefree house is a modern oasis in the Arizona desert

Living in the desert doesn’t really seem like an attractive option because of the conditions but there are a lot of other elements we don’t take into consideration before jumping to such conclusions. The perfect example to illustrate what we’re trying to assert is the Carefree house, a gorgeous desert home in Arizona. I has a modern design and it’s an actual oasis in this region.

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Wave washbasin by ArtCeram

The ArtCeram is a company founded since 1987 who is specialize in washbasins for bathroom units.The wave washbasin was inspired from water and comes with a mirror integrated.Those looking for a touch of elegance in the bathroom the wave washbasin can be a good piece of furniture.This washbasin lends an air of elegance to the bathrooms.For this washbasin it’s not necessary a bathroom cabinet.


The wave was designed in special for small spaces featuring only 50cm wide strip mounted to the wall, leaving floor space free for a space storage.Change your metal or porcelain washbasin which usually is placed on a table or a night stand whith this wall mounted wave wahsbasin.There are many washbasins available on the market that can add elegance and style for even small bathrooms, so take care what you choice.

Ripple Interactive LED Coffee Table

We love gadgets and unusual things just because they are unusual and very few people have it or have even heard of it. That makes you special and unuque and this is a good feeling we all have been seeking for centuries. Just like this very special coffee table that is called Ripple Interactive LED Coffee Table , which is offering an illuminating effect when you place your stuff on or near it.


It is available from 1500$ depending on length. Anyway it is a little too expensive just for a coffee table, but it does have an unusual and fascinating visual effect.The lightshow effect,which looks cool will add a touch of glory to your living room. It may seem like an ordinary coffee table, but it has a lot of touch sensitive detectors and LEDs incorporated in its surface, so when you touch it with your hand or place something on it, it will immediately start glowing in the area where there is pressure on it.


When the object is removed the glowing stops, so it’s not an energy waste if nobody is around. Imagine the light show if you have a party with many people invited and you keep them in the dusk telling them to sit around this table: I bet your party will be unforgettable.

Street light floor lamp

If you were looking for an interesting lamp idea, here is the Monumental Untitled Concepts Collection Floor Lamp. Inspired from street light design its available for 2400$ and looks absolutely amazing. That does not necessarily means it looks great, but it does have a different design than what we are used to seeing when it comes to floor lamps.



We know that street lights stay in the street and we do recognize the special design but it’s simply unusual to see it inside our homes. Any way, I don’t know for sure if the designer really took a street lamp and turned it into a floor lamp or if he only got inspiration from them, but this unusual floor lamp looks a bit over sized and unusual. It is made of metal and has a very powerful light bulb, so it can be very effective, but I am afraid it is a bit too robust to my taste. However, it seems that there are enough people who like it and bought it since the price is a bit high and there’s still demand for it.

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