Bookcase By Aissa Logerot

One of the problems that homeowners are facing when they are decorating their homes is making sure that the room isn’t cramped and that there is plenty of space left in the house. It’s very easy to overdecorate a house in your enthusiasm and end up with a room that is filled with furniture that turned out to be too big for that space.


Made of clean wood planks, clean and sleek furniture designs creating a elegant look the Bookcase By Aissa Logerot can be a perfect bookcase on your living area or any part of your house and even on your offices.


This is probably the simplest Bookcase made of wood ever. It has a lot of relatively small shelves, arranged randomly. The shelves have the same dimensions. The bookcase has a lacquered finish to bring out the natural color of the wood and it’s not available in other color options.

Play Super furniture for nursery by Be

Created by the Spanish company Be, this collection of furniture for children is functional, versatile, funny, modern and colorful. Babies, adolescents and adults will adore the style and comfort of this collection  All these items have funny and modern designs and look more original than habitual kids furniture. The furniture pieces are very practical, most of them being modular, reconfigurable and coated fabrics are 100% cotton grounds and gay friendly.


The collection was designed to be especially by appreciated by children, up until the age of teenagers, the most difficult to please. The purpose was to create something fun and colorful that is also very functional, practical and versatile. The results were very satisfying.All products are made in Spain, according to EU safety standards. For further information you could visit Be site.

Sony Playstation PS3 Coffee Table

For those who are game addicts, here is an amazing PS3 coffee table by designer Stephane Perruchon. The PS3 table features handmade PS3 controllers as the base, complete with two handles made of ABS and then decorated with the buttons. The table is available in black and white versions. No word on the price is yet available on the site.


This piece of furniture, even if it’s a coffee table, I think is very appropriate for teenagers. We all know hoe they like to spend hours in front of the TV playing games with their friends. Who can blame them? It’s a lot of fun and I wish I could do that all day long again, but that’s life, you don’t get what you want.


The PS3 coffee table would also be very fun to put in an office, especially at a company that specializes in computer games. The ones working there are probably oversaturated with games and everything that has to do with them so they probably wouldn’t want to see this piece in their home.

Bedroom Ideas for Compact Spaces

When the space is a problem in your kids room and you want more space for fun area, then you may take a look at this Bedroom Ideas for Compact Spaces.


The furniture is customized to fit any space desired, and the bed also makes use of the upper space of a room and looks quite comfortable as well. Anyway the beds give a modern look for teenager rooms. Suspended beds are always fun, especially when you’re a kid. It’s probably the ladder that you have to climb every night in order to get in bed. It gives a special feeling, like you actually do something interesting. Plus this way it’s difficult for the parents to stuck their noses in your room to see if you’re asleep.

However that’s wasn’t the main purpose when designing this pieces. The goal was to help save some space so that there will be more room for other day activities llike playing, art projects or maybe even studying.

Tucson Mountain Retreat by DUST design

This mountain retreat is designed by Jesus Robles, Dale Rush and Cade Hayes from DUST design. This house is meant for a small family of three members. If you want to reach this house, then you must walk through the dense forest of saguaros, ocotillo and Paloverde trees. This small masion is divided into four zones that are the  living spaces, the sky terrace, the sleeping spaces and the guestroom. This house has a rammed earth wall that provides the house with a good thermal mass and also helps to control humidity.

Tucson Mountain Retreat by DUST design10

The structure also contains two bedrooms, a guest room and a fully functional music playing and recording space. So it’s not that small after all. This house has a wonderful interior but it is not yet completed. It will be completed during the late 2010. This is a wonderful house for a small nuclear family.

This is a perfect place to live. The house provides you with a very beautiful visual treat. It integrates in a very natural way into the landscape, creating a nice organic view. It would make a very nice family home, that is when the owner will complete building it.{found on archdaily }

Logan Leather Bed with Adjustable Headboard

Platform beds are a great alternative to the traditional bed frames that many people have problems with. As far as comfortable beds go, these are quite an improvement over the traditional rails and box spring mattresses that are used in so many households. Many of the beds have an Asian flair that the bedroom furniture reflects. But more important is how the bed actually feels when you are resting upon it.

Take a look at the Logan Leather Bed which features an adjustable headboard allowing the furniture owner to prop him or herself up for reading or watching TV. When stowed away, the adjustable headboard creates a very tidy appearance.

The colors used go very nicely together, creating an elegant look. The design is simple and modern and very beautiful as well. And let’s not forget the comfort issue. This bed looks extremely comfortable and indeed it is. You’ll have many relaxing nights in it.

Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design

Japanese interior designs make careful use of space and light and they always take into account the concept of yin and yang. Of course, objects and accessories in bright colors such as red, yellow, or orange can also be found in many Japanese homes, but their use is restrained and evenly distributed in the home.

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design 3

The Zataku dining table from Hara Design is a cool furniture piece for anyone who likes to decorate their home on minimalist Japanese style. Zatuku dining furniture set featuring Zaisu chairs which are popular as traditional Japanese seating that have a back and cushion, but no legs.

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design 2

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design 1

You don’t have to be Japanese to like this piece. It’s very elegant and for people from other countries it’s also fun to use them. You might not feel comfortable at the beginning, sitting on a chair that has no legs, but one you get used to it it’s actually pretty comfortable. There are several color options, all of them having natural wood tones finished with a nice and lustrous lacquer coating.

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