Santander-Totta University Bank Agency by LGLS Architects

In the outskirts of Setubal, a small town lies the campus of Setubal Polytechnic Institute, which contains various schools built in the eighties and nineties with a typical Portugal landscape in the southern style.

Santander-Totta University Bank Agency by LGLS Architects1

A simple white path was carved in the already existing cobblestone path so as to make way for a passage through its vast area, with the help of the already existing pedestrian marks in the site.

At first this structure was designed without any specific use. They thought they could bring up a coffee shop or a guardhouse or a convenience store at this place, but at last it became an agency serving the Santander-Totta Bank only modifying certain features of the building.

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Starbrick by Studio Olafur Eliasson

Here is an interesting modular light system called Starbrick which was made like an experiment by Studio Olafur Eliasson for Zumtobel. The Starbbrick structure is a cube on whose six surfaces additional cubes have been placed at a 45 ° angle. The Starbricks can be assembled into groups of any size and combination, developing in different directions.



It’s a structure that tries to test your imagination and creativity. You can create a lot of different shapes and forms just by using these few pieces. So whenever you feel like changing something inside your house, you won’t have to start moving furniture around. You can just play with these cubes. This piece has the advantage of being very flexible and this way you will probably never get bored of it. Just try not to exaggerate because the others might not appreciate your enthusiasm and they might just think you’re annoying. One thing is certain: it‘s a very fun piece.

Edward Sofa by Carlo Colombo

Your sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home so when it comes to buying a new one it can be really hard. Finding the right sofa is very important and it is a decision which should not be rushed. Sofas now come in a wider range of styles than ever and by taking your time and thinking the decision through carefully you can be sure to find the right sofa for your home.


The Edward Sofa by Carlo Colombo looks really pretty and comfortable made from a flexible polyurethane core, leather or fabric, and a stainless steel base. You can find it on Poliform.

It’s a very elegant piece of furniture that has a relatively simple design. For a chic look you can choose the leather version that would very ell integrate in any type of home. For a more casual look or if you simply want to mach the sofa with the rest of the furniture  or to create a contrast of colors, you can choose the other option, in fabric. This one creates a more welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Orchid House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

The Orchid has always been a challenging project which was started from a young couple who had two sons, and they were interested in the development of sustainable architecture. There was a great search done by these couple for the perfect architect and they finally decided to go with Andres Remy who has been researching the architectural concepts at Rafael Vinoly’s Studio in New York for nearly four years now.

Orchid House by Andres Remy Architect1

The impact of the sun’s rays in each room has been studied, in order to place the windows at the perfect depth. This is surely going to produce a unique outcome of this great project. The sun’s rays are the advantage in the winter season because these rays will keep up the temperature during the cold times.

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Made in Hollywood

Here is a cool coffee table called Made in Hollywood made fromstyrofoam and other similar materials. The base is different with every model There are basically two big options: you can either choose the one that spells  the word table or the one that spells coffee. Or if you want to take them both you can form “coffee table”. This would almost be like writing a coffee table book about coffee tables, but on a simpler scale. It could be a fun piece of furniture for someone who likes this kind of things.


They all have a glass transparent top. However, this feature is not enough to make an item look elegant or stylish. This coffee table is a fun piece of furniture. But that’s all there is to say about it. It’s modern and pretty simple and that’s all. I personally find it average. But not everybody has the same tastes so there are probably a lot of people that find it extraordinary.

Japanese House by Kazujuki Okumura

Japan has both modern and traditional styles of housing. The Japanese House designed by Kazujuki Okumura has a minimalist look with its box-modules, and of course lots of great light. The architect use the wood for facades and I’m sure that inside there is at least one traditional Japanese room, called a washitsu.


Like most of the Japanese  home designs, this one is also very inspiring. It’s simple, with a minimalist look and with very nice and modern features. The wood used in the structure is a material often associated with the coziness and the warmth that a family home usually has.

From far away it doesn’t look like a family home. Not even when you get more closer, it still looks strange. The garage is probably the feature that gives you a clue that someone might actually live in there. But we already know that the Japanese people are very ingenious and original so this is not such a big surprise to anyone.

Gas Station Design by Kanner Architects

Located in La Brea and Slauson avenues in Los Angeles’s Mid-City neighborhood, the United Oil Gas Station is a combination of the city’s historic love affair with the automobile and today’s modern one-stop shopping spirit of immediate gratification and convenience.


Designed by Kanner  Architects the gas station became a center of attraction for the near-by citizens. Outside it can be seen an extraordinary line metal which is the roof of the small commercial place, but also comes in contact with the car wash.

It’s not very often that you see such a nice gas station. This one is quite unique and artistic. At night, the lights can be seen from far away and during the day the design is enough to impress to impress anyone to passes by. It’s a very ingenious way of attracting costumers.  I would go there just from curiosity and I’m sure that a lot of people do the same.

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