The Kautsch Collection by Carolin Fieber

This collection is based on the concept that Carolin Fieber is proposing. In 1895, Johann Bretz created his first cozy “Kautsches” (couches) in Gensingen, a German wine village on the Rhine river. Carolin Fieber is his great granddaughter. This Kautsch collection is a rebirth of her great grandfather’s collection. This collection involves new sofas, armchairs, stools, tables and rugs.

The Kautsch Collection by Carolin Fieber4

This is very unique and looks elegant too. This is a perfect piece of furniture to adorn your living room with. It is very comfortable since it is made from velvet.  So, you must definitely go ahead and check out this great piece.

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Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola

We all love to swing from the park or the see-saw. It’s childish but it’s so relaxing. Patricia Urquiola has come up with a new concept called the Swing Chair. This is a perfect item which can add elegance to your living room. This chair is a part of the Maia collection of the outdoor furniture.

Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola3

This swing chair was designed for the Spanish manufacturer, Kettal. You can place this chair anywhere since this is a perfect piece of architecture. Even near the swimming pool, this looks perfect provided that the right colors or patterns are used for the swing chair. This swing chair is mostly available in the colors of black and white. This piece goes with almost anything and everything.

Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola

It’s great for the outside but it looks very elegant and stylish so I don’t see why you couldn’t bring it inside if you that’s what you want.You must surely check out for this wonderful piece of chair. This is a wonderful piece to adorn your house with.

Sebastopol Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

This marvelous piece of architect is located in Sebastopol, California. The architecture of this design was done by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop.


Thought it looks large from outside, the main house has a modest size of 1700 square feet. The space of the house gives it a feel of being spacious.The resident decorated the interior with the wonderful art objects along the long southern wall bookcase. The interior designed by John and Loreta Hornall has Douglas fir ceiling and decking, sheetrock walls and Ipe flooring.

It is a wonderful place to live in. The simplicity in design has splendors of the light that enters the space. The loving space has been separated with the utilitarian space including garage.

Renovation of an old Ljubljana villa by Arhitektura d.o.o.

Renovations can sometimes be very complicated, even more complicated and complex than building a structure from scratch. Most often, clients want their homes to be updated but without losing the original charm and beauty of the building. In the case of this villa, the renovation was a rather extensive project. The villa is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was originally built 1913 and recently it has been renovated by Arhitektura d. o. o.

The main idea behind the project was to bring the villa up to date while also transforming its internal structure. The ground floor has been enlarged and a new feature was added. The villa now has a new terrace that connects the ground floor to the garden. In order for the specifications to be met, the team also had to build a 5x5m room just outside the villa. This space now serves as a multipurpose room. It may be used for storage as well for a variety of other purposes.

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The Wall House by Adams Mohler Ghillino

Don’t you just love when nature and society peacefully live together? It’s a great feeling. And it’s partially the concept at the base of this beautiful modern house.

The Wall House by Adams Mohler Ghillino2

The House has been beautifully designed to meet the growing family requirements by Adams Mohler Ghillino. The use of solar energy for electricity and water heating are more of a value addition. Besides had the front entrance been direct into the living room by doing away with a separate door, it would have made the living room more spacious. Otherwise the open kitchen and the sliding doors have not just merged the outdoors with the indoors but also given the house a greener ambience.

The house has great architecture and optimum space for a bigger family.  The open space between the dining area and the sitting space on the other side of the house has made both the sides of the house well ventilated. It’s a nice example of modern and elegant structures that we have begun to see more and more often.

Social network pillows

The social networks grow day by day, and many people spend a lot of time using them. If you are addicted to social networks now you have Social network pillows for your home decor, especially if they’re a Twitter or Facebook addict.



These social networking pillows by Craftsquatch feature the instantly-recognizable icons from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, MySpace, and FriendFeed in cushion form. If you felt like spending all day on the internet using these sites wasn’t enough for you, now your wish has been answered. Now you can even dream about using Facebook and Twitter. These pillows would make a great gift for someone who is addicted to these activities or who simply likes to spend some time using them.

It might be seen like a bag remark but hopefully it will be appreciated like a fun item that it is. Add some fun to your home with these funny pillows.

The Luna2 Private Hotel by David Wahl and Melanie Hall

Everyone needs some time to relax, to escape from all the stress and to just sit somewhere without having to worry about anything. Bali in Indonesia is a land  of aesthetes at peace with themselves and nature. Every year thousands of tourists flock Bali to view its exotic beauty.

The Luna2 Private Hotel by David Wahl and Melanie Hall

Code named Luna2, this private hotel has been designed by the famous American architect David Wahl.  The hotel features an exotic swimming pool with a marvelous surrealist sea shore view from the backyard. It accepts only one guest at a time, the reason, why we call it a private hotel. It could be a perfect place for a romantic stay for young  couples.

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