Glamorous property in New York

This house is located in New York, United States. The house contains seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, three bedrooms and three full bathrooms. The interior of the house covers 3,051 sq. ft approximately. This property has a glamorous condominium loft which is supposed to be very rare. This house is located on Wooster Street. This street is famous especially for the glamorous properties located here.

Glamorous property in New York

The interior features of the house include one fireplace, hardwood flooring, and security system and also hi speed internet access. Other amenities include Concierge, Elevator and air conditioning. This house is priced at $ 4,900,000 along with a monthly tax of $2565. This is a wonderful home and a perfect place for a pleasant living.

It’s a very stylish place, that has a subtle elegance. It’s also very modern and it incorporates all the features you need to have in your home. It would make a lovely home. The location is very convenient as well. So you might as well just take a look, even if you’re not interested in moving in there.

The Blast Chair From Kvadrat

Here is another chair design which impressed me! The Blast chair from Kvadrat will definitely catches every one’s attention. This funny chair design has 31 legs in total that are blasting into different directions. Each of the 31 legs is in hardwax oil finish and the entire chair is hand crafted with American Ash.


There’s just no way you can fall of that chair and injure yourself. The legs will protect you. It looks like a furious octopus ready to attack anyone who gets close, with all those legs sticking out like that.  It’s definitely not something that you see every day. I would really like to have a piece like this in my home. Then all my friends would rush to visit me just for the chair.


I think that having a fun chair is very important, It really changes your mood. The world would be a better place if everyone was satisfied with their chair. It would be less stress and more fun. But we don’t see anything like that happening so we can only assume that the world leaders must really hate their boring chairs.

Modern Living Room Designs by MobilFresno

I guess you spend a lot of time in your living room and a living room is a center of your home, a gateway into your own lifestyle and personality that captures the attention of your guests as they come and go. MobilFresno offers a large selection of various furniture for modern living room. The furniture is made in a modern style, which characterizes by straight lines and simple geometric shapes. The collection of modern minimalist living room designs offers a variety of stylish coffee tables.

Modern Living Room Designs by MobilFresno13

The living room is always the center of a home. All the guests gather up in there. It’s not like you could invite them all in your bedroom or in the kitchen, even if they really seem to like spending time in there. Even without the guests, you need a place to spend your time when you’re doing something else other than sleeping or eating.

There are several different options presented here. Some of them are more simple, other more sophisticated. But all of them are modern. Whatever your style is, there are enough options to analyze to be able to find at least one that you like.

Play Modern Bathroom Furniture from SONIA

Play also is a latest perfume from Givenchy. But our PLAY is a latest bathroom furniture collection from SONIA. Combining oak and lacquers, in a “fifties” finishes range, fill in of expression this minimalist and retro piece. In 2009 Sonia comes with a new finish concept: SOFT.


Who said bathrooms can’t be stylish and elegant as well? They are still part of the house. You might not spend a lot of time in there, but they still need to be pleasant. So here are some ideas of pieces and features that you might want to include in there. They all share the simplicity and elegance of a stylish bathroom design. There are several color options, starting with the usual black which is always a good choice and continuing with brown tones and also some bright choices of blue and red or pink. You could choose to keep it simple and in neutral tones, or you can choose to add some color to the room.

Whatever you choice is, it will definitely look very good when complemented will all the other features that a bathroom must include. Take a look at these options and maybe one of them will speak to you.

Elliptical Chair

Here is the Elliptical Chair which was designed by Notus design useful for everyone who seek to change a tough reality through a playful attachment, searching a unique and surprising style. It’s definitely a bold and colorful piece of furniture that not everybody would dare to have in their home. But for those of you who like to take risks and who love the adventure and exploring new ideas and concepts, this will be an interesting piece.

Elliptical Chair2

It’s definitely unique and different. It’s a design that defies everything else that we used to think and know about sofas. Like the fact that they usually have legs, they are rectangular, simple, soft, sometimes colored. The same goes for the chairs. These designs rewrite the history of these pieces of furniture.

Elliptical Chair

The vibrant red color is definitely very…aggressive for the eyes. But in a simple room with neutral colors, this would make a great addition. Don’t be quick to dismiss this choices. Give them a chance and take a minute to analyze the advantages. They don’t just look surprising, they also take into account the comfort issue. In fact, it’s just a simple sofa or chair, the only difference being that it looks…odd.

Five Suite Luxury Penthouse

This house is located in the Heart of Ketchum, Idaho. The interior of the house covers 5,294 sq.ft approximately. This house contains two master suites, three other luxury suites, five and half bathrooms, two elevators. Here is also a very beautiful gallery, a deluxe wine cellar, a very cozy tasting room, 2,350 sq. ft. of surround heater paver decks, a two car private garage, four remote control fireplaces, and full size view windows and so on. This house is equipped with many wonderful features.

Five suite luxury Penthouse15

This house is based on custom architectural style. The house also has a wonderful security system. The flooring is of hardwood type. This house is priced at $4,349,000. This is a very luxurious and a perfect house to stay. It’s very stylish and modern and it makes great use of the colors, combining them in a way that looks very good. It would make a great place to live in for a family.

And with all those rooms, you could even have some friends stay over whenever you want. It would probably be perfect to spend the holydays in.


Top 12 Modern Stylish Tables

The coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture that makes the living room feel complete. It’s one of the basic pieces of furniture that we all integrate in our homes but this doesn’t mean that the coffee table has to be perceived as uninteresting. It is, in fact, a common focal point for the living room and there are plenty of unique and spectacular coffee table designs that would stand out in nay décor. Many of them are modern and impress either with their serene simplicity or with the complexity of their design. We have selected 12 of the most impressive coffee table designs you could choose from for a modern or contemporary space.

The Slice Box Table.

The Slice Box Table

Designed by Decode London, this coffee table will surely make a big impression in your home. It impresses with its simple yet very innovative design. The main shape of the table is simple but the way it’s been divided into four asymmetrical pieces brings a touch of uniqueness to this design. It’s a sculptural piece with an eye-catching look.

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