VDAB Office Building by BOB361 Architects

Seeing the construction of the building, anyone will easily find that the whole volume is concentrated on to the road side. This is the greatest advantage of this building serving many causes, like energy assessment and also provides compactness to the building saving your economy and it is an acoustic comfort for many offices looking from the garden space. For increasing the comfort of the house, many patios have been added.

VDAB Office Building by BOB361 Architects

The perfect angle between Noordlaan and Driekoningenstraat provides a great look which is like an anchor point for the whole building. This is the best place allocated for the entry desk and the main reception.

The desk is fully back dropped with the street view so that it appears as if the street has come inside the building.The whole building is built up on a 1, 25 m grid and so the circulation are which was positioned asymmetrically suits it at the best.{found on archdaily}

aChair by Ivo Otasevic

Another Serbian youngster with his studio based in Belgrade and Moscow surprised us with a brilliant chair design named simply A Chair. The young architect leads the Otako office, with headquarters in Belgrade and Moscow that besides developing projects of different scales, materializes furniture concepts that reveal a boundless creativity.


This new creation is called simply A Chair. That’s because of its shape, that resembles the first letter of the alphabet. The colors used are intense black combined with very bright green. It’s a very interesting look. I wonder if they are also going to make a B chair. It would be interesting to make a collection of chairs that resemble all the letters of the alphabet. In case that your family members have names that start with different letters you can assign to each one of them a corresponding chair. This way they wouldn’t get messed around and everyone would feel special. I’m not sure that this

LuxAir island hoods in stainless steel and glass

Modern and simple are the best 2 words which can describe the LuxAir range hood, combining a sleek stainless steel cylinder with an elegant 8 mm thick canopy made of tempered shatterproof glass. The modern LuxAir island hoods are available  with black coated cylinder and they come with a remote control handset.


Other features that must be mentioned are the push button controls, the stainless steel grease filters, the optional carbon filters for recirculation installation, 4 halogen lights and 3-speed twin lightweight motors with maximum suction rate of 820 CMH that provide performance.

It’s a very nice way of turning something so basic and useful into a beautiful piece that doesn’t need to be hidden in a corner or covered by a cabinet. It’s something to be proud of having in your kitchen. It’s modern and functional and very easy to clean. It would make your kitchen look stylish and elegant.

Zen Sofa from Alf Da Fre

It has been a while since I have written about sofa furniture which is the most used type of furniture in every house. I found interesting the Zen sofa collection from Alf Da Fre, an Italian furniture manufacturer. Choosing the right sofa for your house and creating a cool area for your family and friends to hang out is easy with Zen.

Zen Sofa from Alf Da Fre 1

These collections are perfect to furnish modern minimalist living rooms, each model being especially designed to offer maximum comfort for the guests and it is equipped with bookcases on the back side, great to store the favorite books or magazines. The colors used are soft tones of grey, brown, beige and of course the timeless black and white combination.

Every piece is unique and elegant in a very simple way. The design is somewhat modern, although you can’t put a time delimitation when it comes to this kind of simple pieces. This sofas not only that they are very stylish and good-looking but they are also extremely comfortable. What else can you ask for?

Elegant Spline coffee table by Fred Rieffel

Simple and elegant are 2 words that can very well describe this coffee table. Designed by a French designer Fred Rieffel, the Spline coffee table is made from four rotary plates in alveolar plated panels oak, this simply elegant coffee table is inspired by nature and smartly persuades you to take it home. The coffee table is available in ten panels wood.


It has a contemporary touch but, in the same time, it preserves something from the vintage period as well. The wood is always a good choice when it comes to tables. Coffee tables are most often simple and functional. This one also adds to the list the words elegant, unique and special. Your mornings will never be the same once you purchase this beautiful piece. It’s fascinating how you can create such original pieces of furniture using so little and simple materials. The key is knowing how to turn them into something special, letting your imagination run wild and trusting your instincts. Be confident and the results will be surprisingly good.

Bed Pure Art 319 From Wissman

I really like the suspended beds, they make me feel like a plane. The collection from Wissman called Bed Pure Art 319 allows the mattress appear like it’s floating thus, allowing the users to fashionably lie down as he or she comfortably fall asleep. These beds will complete your house adding a modern touch and creating an interesting look.. The legs come in different dimensions like large blocks, small blocks, thick panels, thin plates, and also as a version with only one leg.



It’s an interesting and original piece. However to me it looks like something is missing. It has an unfinished look. I really appreciate the simplicity but I wouldn’t feel safe sleeping in that bed. I’m sure the bed is very comfortable and lots of people would love to have it in their home. I’m just not one of them, although I really like the design. The wood cubic legs create a nice contrast together with the white mattress. It would look very nice in a modern bedroom.

Ghate Haven an Romanian House on Bran

I come back with an article about the house where I usually stay during my vacations. The house is situated near the Bran castle, and is knows as Gate Haven Business Center which offers a lot of quality services. Designed in a rustic style, it is distinguished by the refined combination of modernism with traditional style. The business center offers  seven rooms with TV, bathrooms and balcony.Also it features a restaurant where you can serve some traditional meals, wine cellar , terraces, conference room and it has its own parking.

business center bran

business center bran4

In terms of entertainment the house is situated in the center of Bran, the Bran Castle is just 2 minutes away, with special view to the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains. The business center is ideal for holidays and recreation.

business center bran2>

business center bran1It’s a very nice place where you can relax and enjoy some quality time. Since it’s situated so close to many cultural landmarks, it’s also a nice opportunity to visit some of them. I really recommend this place to anyone who want to find a quiet place to spend the holydays.

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