Colored and clear glass tiles by Vetrocolor

Glass tiles have emerged as one of the widely-used and most in-demand materials used in home and residential areas. Their unique appearance helps them to come in the category of those materials that are known for their quality and stunning look.

Italian company Vetrocolor has designed these chic colored glass tiles to suit every space. Available in a variety of dimensions for a customizable look on floors, walls, in the shower and surrounding the bath will make your home shine.

Several color options are available. Your bathroom will look like new again in no time. Keep in mind these options the next time you will have to renovate your home. The bright and happy tones of blue, red and purple, as well as other colors as well, will completely change the atmosphere, not just the aesthetic side of the room.

You can even personalize your bathroom by using different color options and styles to create interesting forms and designs. All you have to do is use your imagination.

Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

Architects from SCDA have worked on the completion of the Alila Villas Soori, which is the newly arrived residential community in the south west part of Bali, Indonesia. This is scheduled to be opened in December 2009.

Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

The famous Alila Hotels and Resorts own this place which has around 48 villas which are ranging from 1680 square feet to an astonishing 49,500 square feet starting from one-bedroom to a 10 bedroom villa. The villas are integrated with various expressions from the graceful environment surrounding this villa. It is located out of the tourist trail, and the resort is placed in a gentle slope which is exactly between the green rice terraces and the lushly sand beaches and it overlooks the panoramic vistas present in the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy the panoramic views that the hotels and resorts offer you. Take a break from all the stress from your workplace and all the worries from home. Just relax and try to escape for a while.

De Oostvaarders by Drost + van Veen architecten

Natural education centre known as “The Oostvaarders” is one of the unique natural reserves in Europe. This is known as the Oostvaardersplassen which is located in Almere, in The Netherlands and was designed by Drost + van Veen architecten.

Natural education centre known as “The Oostvaarders” is one of the unique natural reserves in Europe. This is known as the Oostvaardersplassen which is located in Almere, in The Netherlands.

There are two different shapes which specify the beauty of The Oostvaarders. It all starts from the parking itself. The parking rises as a vertical beacon from the outwards plain. As a contrast, there lies a lake where the shape of the area is a typical horizontal.

The building has a first floor with a panorama room which obviously gives a panoramic view of the lake. The foot of the lake dyke is the entrance of this building. Starting from the entrance, the visitors climb the stairs to reach the crow’s nest, which is an exterior place to view the whole environment.

The openings are made up of timber pinewood, and different elements with different patterns and styles. The perforations are variable in size and direction.

Daycare Centre Felsoord by Möhn + Bouman Architects

This project mainly concerns the renovation and the expansion of the currently situated daycare centre which serves many mentally disables people and is also situated in a natural surrounding near Delft, in The Netherlands and was creating by Möhn + Bouman Architects.

Daycare Centre Felsoord by Möhn + Bouman Architects2

The patients and their behavior are the major quality and sensory issues of this great building. The building also determines the emotional conditions and the ability for orientation of these people. The extension of this building is towards the natural garden and is also cladded with thatch like structures. The facades cannot be thatched with the natural environment, so they are treated in different ways.

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Bye Bye Shanghai a Recycling Lamp from Uroboro Design

I love the name of this project, Bye Bye Shanghai. The recycling lamp from Uroboro Design was made from recycled cardboard. The individual close to be closely packed in cardboard ring shape as one pleases.

The result is a surprising and interesting one, considering the fact that it’s made just from recycled cardboard. It has a very organic shape that allows the light to come out creating a very artistic look. Because of the earth tones of colors, the atmosphere is a very warm and welcoming one, quite romantic actually.


The design is very modern and elegant and actually really simple. It’s simple things like this one that often make a big difference when it comes to adding details to your home. This piece is very stylish and a little unusual too, so it won’t get away unnoticed. It’s quite unique. It’s not an easy thing to come up with new ideas, especially for pieces that are so basic, like lamps and pendants.

The Good King Henry Lamp by StrawberryKingdom

Yesterday I have written about Starbrick which is a complicated light system, today i will show you a more simple one but which is awesome. Designed by strawberrykingdom, the Good King Henry Lamp is made from oak and powder coated steel tubes. The main feature is a movable arm in which the lamp’s shade is placed. the arm allows users to adjust the inclination of the lamp to suit their needs and the particular nature of the type of interior the light is placed.

Good King Henry Lamp by StrawberryKingdom

It easily adjusts to your needs. It’s a great source of light at night, when you just need to see where you’re walking without turning on all the lights. It’s also great if you want to create a more subtle and romantic atmosphere. Also, it’s very useful when all you want is to enjoy reading a book. Whatever your intentions are, this simple lamp will satisfy all your needs.

Log Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

The Log Sofa comes from a French manufacturer Artelano and was designed by Patricia Urquiola. The Log Sofa provide comfort and also style. It’s a part from the large log series and features a cushion seat with loose pillows along the backrest and arms, all of which sit on a wooden frame. The entire cushion of the log sofa seats on the sleek wooden frame with clean lines that adds up the elegance of the sofa.


A very tasteful and stylish  design that adds the word “beautiful” to the list of attributes used to describe this modern piece of furniture. The cushions provide extra comfort to this already extremely comfy and soft sofa. But nowadays the fact that a piece of furniture is useful and practical is simply not enough. We demand that it also looks good and matches will all the other pieces. Choosing a sofa is a difficult and long process that nobody enjoys. But it’s easier because you have the possibility of consulting many options online fore making a final decision.

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