United States Bookshelf by Ron Arad

Well here is a pretty idea for a bookshelf made by design guru Ron Arad. There are many interesting bookshelf but this one is awesome .A bookshelf shaped like the United States with each state having their own space. You can sort each book by states, and when someone ask about a book, you can say it’s somewhere between Kansas and California.

United States Bookshelf by Ron Arad

I’m not sure how many people from other countries would consider having a bookcase shaped like the United States in their homes. But for those living in that area this is a truly great idea. It offers you the chance of exercising your geography knowledge. The books can be places either according to the state or in alphabetical order according to the letter of the state. But this way you might get confuse so just put them in any way you want. The criteria is not as important as the shape of the bookcase, which is really original and interesting.

Extra Normal Wall Clock

Clocks have an important part to play in terms of home design. They make perfect embellishments for the walls of your room or in any area of the house. Ornamental clocks – most commonly referred to as decorative wall clocks – are especially popular in this area. The Extra Normal Wall Clock at the firs view is a simple wall clock, but features a laser-cut opening that revolves around the center, revealing numbers that signify the hours. The clock is available for 199$.


The name it has is actually funny. The Extra Normal Wall Clock is not that extra normal as it might sound. It has a very simple design, with black and white tones You can’t get a more simple design than this one. And it even helps you by showing you the numbers that indicate the hour. You don’t even have to know how to read a clock ,this one does all the work for you. It would be useful for kids when they’re learning to read the clock.

Icila Chaise by Cecile Planchais

Sometimes, furniture is inspired from all sorts of domains. There are times when art plays a very important role. For example, we found a very interesting chair with a design quite similar to that of an origami piece. Origami is an art that originated in the 17th century and which still impresses today. It’s the art of folding paper into all sorts of intricate patterns and using it to create amazing designs. The Icila chaise reminds us exactly of that.

The Icila chair was designed by Cecile Planchais. What’s very interesting about this piece of furniture is that it’s made from a single sheet of metal, just like you make an origami piece from a single sheet of paper. The chair is made of steel so, despite its sleek and very delicate design, it’s actually very strong and durable. Some might say that there’s nothing delicate about folding steel. This piece has a very elegant design. Its clean and simple lines and all the exact angles make it look very well planned.

The 8mm sheet of steel has been folded delicately to form the shape that you see now. The result is a very elegant piece of furniture with a minimalist and sketchy look. The chair is available in a variety of colors including white, orange, black and steel. It’s a very interesting and unusual piece of furniture. Of course, anything so interesting comes with a price. The Icila chaise costs 1800 €. It’s a piece that you can use as a decorative element as well as a functional chair.

The Landscape Bathtub By Yaroslav Rassadin

The Landscape Bathtub By Yaroslav Rassadin was designed to solve the problem of limited resources of energy and space in near future. The landscape Bathtub will work as a shower deck in the morning and will later transform into a long relaxing bathtub at night for the users to have a good dose or warm dip before going to bed. This ingenious concept offers vibro-massage features based on turbulent pumping arrangement inside the rubber skin.


Who would have thought that a shower deck could be transformed into a bathtub just by using your hands. It only takes and minute and the transformation is complete. Another great and ingenious idea was to include rubber into the design. I love rubber. It’s so…fun. It can be modeled easily and it’s also soft and cozy, plus it’s very easy to maintain clean. What I also like about this structure is the color. That green is so fun and bright, it’s the color of the fresh grass on spring time. It’s beautiful.

The AURA Residence

Here is something interesting wich never seen before.The AURA Residence is the most exclusive and luxurious development project to date in Cyprus.The luxurious home on Dekelia beach is listed for €12,500,000 and feature six bedrooms, a hammam, media room, swimming pool with two Jacuzzis, yoga platform and more.The AURA Residence is a villa for people with exclusive, modern and expensive tastes.


Update:The “Aura residence” is located in Larnaca Cyprus,and was designed by Andreas Trisveis the senior architect and senior partner of Mobius Design Group who design this building after a direct assignment by Modern Building Technology – Cyprus ( actual developer and owner of the building).

This villa was represented by the Sotheby’s international property division.  It was launched in the Millionaire’s fair which took place in Moscow November 2008 where the actual clients of the building ( modern building technology MBT CYPRUS) presented their project.

Limited Edition Mini Panton Chairs in metallic gold are stunning

The Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton and comes in limited edition gold metallic mini version. Limited to only 500 pieces, the chair celebrates the opening of the Panton Chair exhibition at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. The chair, a mini version of the real thing is 1/6th the size of the original chair. The elegant gold chairs are considered to be the crown jewels of this exhibition. The beautiful limited edition mini Panton Chair in metallic gold retails for $110.


If you’re a fan of gold you’ll find them absolutely precious. They are a little too shiny for my taste, but nevertheless I like the shape. The curves are really sensual, they follow the line of the body making the user feel very comfortable. It’s also simple, except for the color. I really have a problem with that color. But that’s the thing, the gold is what defines this whole collection, so if you don’t like the color than the whole thing was in vain.

Don’t be afraid of the dentist – soothing clinic in Fukuyama

If my doctor had a dental clinic that looked like this I’d be looking for pretexts to visit the place. The big problem with these clinics is that the waiting rooms don’t look look relaxing or soothing so the whole experience is scarier than it should be. This problem has been remedied by architect Keisuke Maeda from UID Architects when he designed this gorgeous building in Fukuyama, a region in Hiroshima, Japan.

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