Ebano Furniture Bathroom with Wood Effect

The Ebano collection by designer Marco Pisati, for the Italian Il Bagno BandiniThe Ebano is composed only from furniture and accessories for bathroom with wood effect. I say wood effect, because all components are actually made of stone called Rainwood stone and as the Bandini site reveals Ebano is, “a washbasin with linear and squared external forms; internally the soft curvature of the hole is designed to enhance the wonderful vein of the stone that recalls for color and form the essence of wood.”



It’s a good thing they are not actually made of wood because it would have been a disaster in the bathroom. However a lot of people appreciate wood pieces and they like to include them as much as possible in their homes. So when it comes to bathroom furniture they get disappointed because they have to choose something else, more appropriate.


Now they don’t have to, thanks to this ingenious collection. The wood effect would make the owner happy and the stone used in the fabrication will ensure a resilient and water-resistant piece.

Ambrosia Bathroom Ideas by Pearl Baths

Pearl Baths revealed the Ambrosia bathtub for beautiful bathrooms. Simple but luxurious with sweet curves and lines, rustic flooring and natural water features are blended together to bring a sense of serenity to these beautiful bathrooms. Bathroom designing is a field that is being greatly explored during recent years and has advanced with time. It is now open to newer and interesting concepts and possibilities with people willing to go the extra mile to experiment with innovative options.


Measuring 66 by 36 by 24 inches, this contemporary bathtub will be your escape – if only for a while. The elegant freestanding bath will surprise you with air therapy, heat therapy and chromatherapy, while the drop-in tub also offers aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and optional Ozonator Whirlpool System and back massage jets as part of your luxury home-spa experience.



Enjoy many relaxing moments with this unique bathtub. Long and relaxing baths are now taken to another level with the features incorporated into this modern piece.

Sports Hall Sveti Martin by Sangrad

Sports Hall Sveti Martin by Sangrad4

Sports Hall Sveti Martin by Sangrad10

Sports Hall Sveti Martin by Sangrad7

In every location, the presence of a sports hall is an important feature to look forward to. This provides a venue for various activities and at the same time act as a valuable and outstanding landmark in the vicinity in which the structure is positioned.

The Sports Hall Sveti Martin is erected on a very nice location. The layout of the sports venue is very ideal for different types of activities and functions. There are various facilities that were essentially created for the convenience of people going to and engaging in numerous activities within the hall.

Sports Hall Sveti Martin by Sangrad6

Sports Hall Sveti Martin by Sangrad8

In addition to this, not only the interiors of the Sports Hall can be outstandingly praised but also the manner in which the environment has been developed. The hotel and the golf courses that are present within the vicinity are enough reasons for people to flock in and spend their time carrying on worthwhile activities. All in all, this type of Sports Hall can be considered a real architectural masterpiece.

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Solar Powered International Design Center Revealed



The International Design Centre, also called as the ‘Centre International du Design’ and ‘Cite du Design’ by people is an excellent and awesome structure which works on solar power, a renewable resource of energy. It seems that the International Design Centre or the IDC will be the starting point for a variety of processes involving communication and research. Also, the centre will be focusing on education in the field of design. Statistics show that, more than 41.5 million Euros has been spent in the construction of International Design Centre. The centre is so special and unique since, there is a heating plan implemented in an excellent way. No centre in the world has a heating plan based on sustainable grounds and the heating plan seems to be a breathtaking idea! The constructor of this site has built it in such a way that it stands as a wonder for the years to come!

The Modern Floating Bed from Alf Group of Italy

If you are soon going to be looking for bedroom furniture , you should look for a suspend platform bed. The Alf Group of Italy made official a collection which also features a wall mounted storage drawer set to increase the idea of a suspended bedroom.

suspended platform bed alf group italy
italian bedroom furniture alf group italy

How cool would it be to have a floating bed? This one looks just like it’s a suspended above the floor, with nothing holding it. You might wake up in the middle of the night thinking that aliens have come to abduct you but it’s going to be just a dream, hopefully. It doesn’t matter what you tastes and style are, this bed is not about style or trends, it’s about this very cool feature that really makes it special and distinctive. So if you really want something original, that nobody else has( except for the other ones who have already bought this bed), you should really consider this option. It’s not like floating beds can be seen anywhere.{found on furniturestoreblog}

Another Apartment in Macquarie Street,Teneriffe

After presenting you a beautiful apartment in Tenerife, we just couldn’t resist to show you another one. This place is so beautiful that it deserves at least two examples. Here, on the most populated island in Spain, there’s always a very dynamic atmosphere. Tourists come from all over the world just to enjoy a few days in this tropical paradise. Of course, living here would be even better, you could stay in a beautiful and modern apartment like this one.

This apartment is a marvelous tropical retreat. It offers ample living spaces with elegant interior decors, spacious storage areas and an overall sophisticated design. The dining space is very beautiful but so are the rest of the rooms. The apartment has a designer kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances. Also, the same sophisticated and elegant look was kept throughout the rooms. The living area has a beautiful fireplace and access to a spacious private balcony. The views from there are just amazing.

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Apartment at Macquarie Street Teneriffe

Tenerife is the largest and most popular island of all seven Canary Islands. It attracts millions of tourists every year so imagine how marvelous it would be to actually live there. In case you’re actually considering this possibility or if you’re simply just curious to see how an apartment in Tenerife looks like, here’s a very nice example. Located on the third floor of a boutique complex, this apartment is beautiful from several points of view.

The apartment offers panoramic views over the Brisbane river and over the distant landscape and these wonderful views become a part of its interior design. The large windows thus feature a very beautiful background for the rooms and their decors. The apartment has a total floor surface of 270 square meters.

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