Made in Hollywood

Here is a cool coffee table called Made in Hollywood made fromstyrofoam and other similar materials. The base is different with every model There are basically two big options: you can either choose the one that spells  the word table or the one that spells coffee. Or if you want to take them both you can form “coffee table”. This would almost be like writing a coffee table book about coffee tables, but on a simpler scale. It could be a fun piece of furniture for someone who likes this kind of things.


They all have a glass transparent top. However, this feature is not enough to make an item look elegant or stylish. This coffee table is a fun piece of furniture. But that’s all there is to say about it. It’s modern and pretty simple and that’s all. I personally find it average. But not everybody has the same tastes so there are probably a lot of people that find it extraordinary.

Japanese House by Kazujuki Okumura

Japan has both modern and traditional styles of housing. The Japanese House designed by Kazujuki Okumura has a minimalist look with its box-modules, and of course lots of great light. The architect use the wood for facades and I’m sure that inside there is at least one traditional Japanese room, called a washitsu.


Like most of the Japanese  home designs, this one is also very inspiring. It’s simple, with a minimalist look and with very nice and modern features. The wood used in the structure is a material often associated with the coziness and the warmth that a family home usually has.

From far away it doesn’t look like a family home. Not even when you get more closer, it still looks strange. The garage is probably the feature that gives you a clue that someone might actually live in there. But we already know that the Japanese people are very ingenious and original so this is not such a big surprise to anyone.

Gas Station Design by Kanner Architects

Located in La Brea and Slauson avenues in Los Angeles’s Mid-City neighborhood, the United Oil Gas Station is a combination of the city’s historic love affair with the automobile and today’s modern one-stop shopping spirit of immediate gratification and convenience.


Designed by Kanner  Architects the gas station became a center of attraction for the near-by citizens. Outside it can be seen an extraordinary line metal which is the roof of the small commercial place, but also comes in contact with the car wash.

It’s not very often that you see such a nice gas station. This one is quite unique and artistic. At night, the lights can be seen from far away and during the day the design is enough to impress to impress anyone to passes by. It’s a very ingenious way of attracting costumers.  I would go there just from curiosity and I’m sure that a lot of people do the same.

The Ravine Residence by Cindy Rendely Architecture

The streets here are enlightened with the neo-historical chateaus which are located in beige brick and taupe stucco and this house is located in this historical place in North Toronto, having a very good contrast from its neighbors.

The Ravine Residence by Cindy Rendely Architecture

The stepped arrangement of the volumes that were created by the famous architectural designer Cindy Rendely, open into a large landscape. The great walls and mighty doors that are situated at different entrances of the house are enlightened by the ravine and the changing seasons, which produce a great openness to the house.

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Glass Top Coffee and Dining Tables With Original Bases

Another day, another coffee table design to show to you. These glass top dining and coffee tables are completely handmade of MineralStone, which looks just as a real stone or marble. The glass top perfectly complements the very beautiful legs, which amaze by their original shapes. The tables are presented in a great variety of colors. Italian designers are know as being the best in creating all kinds of furniture. This glass tables with colored bases are available for sale at



The unusual base structure creates a nice contrast, together with the very simple glass top. Several shape and color options are available the soft tones of beige and grey and continuing with the basic black and white and the bright tones of red, yellow, purple, as well as other colors as well. Choose the one you like best or that matches with the rest of your furniture, or, on the contrary, choose something different and colored to add some fun and sparkle to your home.{found on digsdigs}

Lilium Sofa And Chair By Victor Boeda

I’m sure that the Lilium Sofa And Chair will catch all the eyes. The Lilium sofa and chair set is composed of three elements, which includes the seat, the kidney-level support and the backrest. Clean and sleek are the best 2 words which can describe this collection by Victor Boeda.

Lilium Sofa And Chair By Victor Boeda

The elements come in the same color, a very beautiful tone of brown, almost the color of the dark chocolate that some people love so much. The design is very simple, almost minimalist and would very nicely integrate in a modern home. They have very nice curves and shapes and they look comfortable too. They don’t have fluffy cushions or pillows, but they have style. They look elegant and sophisticated in a very simple way.  The color is also subtle enough to match any kind of interior design.

Lilium Sofa And Chair By Victor Boeda3

I’m sure anyone who purchases this set will be very pleased with it. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. It’s stylish, elegant, simple and comfortable, all at the same time.

The Universe House by Tatiana Bilbao

Designed by Tatiana Bilbao, this extraordinary house is located on the pretty shoreline of Mexico and was inspired by the Jantar Mantar Astronomical Observatory, built in Delhi in 1724.This beach house features a gorgeous view, it saves space and when you get to see the amazing outdoor roof pool, it suddenly changes your mind.

The Universe House by Tatiana Bilbao2

The landscape that surrounds this beautiful mansion is absolutely breathtaking. Some people would give anything just to be able to wake up in the morning, take a look out the window and see this beautiful, gorgeous nature masterpiece.  It’s unique and unusual and once you see the interior of this house you’re going to think it’s perfect.

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