Keil stool by Daniel Heer

Daniel Heer made official a seating collection called KEIL, a combination of old school Swiss handcraft and cutting edge design. I really like her vision, creating a modern piece of furniture by matching two different materials in a simple way, a combination of wood and textile.


Keil can be used in different ways changing its position or height .Also there are materials like native wood (oak, walnut, pear) for the frame and fabric straps, premium grade leather or transparent nylon webbing for the seating part. Because the base is made of wood, there might be some variations of color between the pieces. The fabric options are much more generous, from the simple black and white to combinations of colors. There is even a transparent version.

The combination of wood and fabric is not a bad idea. But as it is put together is this design it looks…not so good. But that’s just my opinion so feel free so contradict me anytime.

Calimero Oversized Pendant Lamp by Cattelan Italia

A design style that is becoming more prominent in interior decorating circles in recent years is the retro fashion. This Oversized Pendant Lamp by Cattelan Italia is a little retro but it is so modern as well. Measuring 43 cm in diameter, the Calimero lamp comes in a variety of finishes like chrome, gold or copper.  They are also available in floor and table models, giving a new trend to your home.



The designs are so simple and the shape is so …smooth and curvy. It is also very shiny so that’s a big minus for some people, for me for example. But it was meant to be vintage so it’s excusable. You could use the suspended versions on top of your pool table, if you have one. In my opinion, these lamps and pendants would be more appropriate in an office or even in a simple club, rather than in a home. But if you really like them, I guess you could use them anywhere you want.

The Bainbridge Island Residence

The’ Three Level Waterfront Modern Home’ located on Bainbridge Island is designed by the BUILD LLC , Washington. The ‘Three Level Waterfront Modern Home’ has been built to suit family lifestyle. Some of the activities that the family do for fun are winemaking, kayaking and exercising, some combined family activities and other forms of entertainment.


Also, they do love to have a walk during their spare time. Ofcourse who doesn’t love to have a walk at such a beautiful place!   A unit has been installed for the filtration of light. Also, frame views and privacy has been considered while building the house.


The sloping site has been integrated with the exterior landscape and the surrounding terraces. A good material sense has been employed in the construction of the house.




The glazing, wood and concrete could be easily seen from all the sides of the house. Wood has been given more priority in the construction of the house making the interiors fantastic!

Marvellous Residence in the Middle of a Vineyard Meadow and Oak Forest

This large residence has been setup on the beautiful Nappa Valley by Cutler Anderson Architects. The fact that the residence resides on a hill in the Nappa Valley adds to its beauty. This splendorous residence is covered with lush green vineyard, meadow and Oak forest. The residence has been designed in such a way that the main part of it enclosing two sides of the meadow, kept open such that children love that place. Also, a studio has been placed at the oak grove and it is connected to the house by a little walk.



An awesome guesthouse is located at the vineyard and the main house could be easily reached through a bridge set at knee height! The buildings have been made up of earth walls  on the public side and some earth piers and wooden frame on land accessible sides. The interiors, vineyard, meadow and oak forest make it a compelling place to visit!

Live Bran Castle Pictures

As you know I was in vacation with my love, Andreea, at Bran the land of Dracula.Bran Castle, situated between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, 30 km far from Brasov, is the only touristic point that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists because of a legend: Count Dracula’s Legend, although the historical sources state that Vlad Tepes (Vlad Drac) dropped by only once, in his way to Brasov.


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Beautiful House between Land and Water

This extraordinary and mind blowing house on Lake Washington finds its place between half land and half water. The family living there has renovated their cottage to give it a more richer look and to adopt a richer lifestyle. But, while renovating they left off some good stuffs like the casual beach cabin look and the friendly scale.


In addition they’ve added a new ground level of 400 square feet and second floor sizing 1000 square feet. The rooms have been given a more brighter look and and inner skin of the rooms have been made from fine cedar and glasses, giving it a warm and transparent look.



A protective steel shell has been housed upon glass and wood  in order to resist the winter storms and the moist lakeside climate. The builders have done an excellent job of turning dust to gold!The house is listed at Johnston Architects.

P38 chair design by Owen Edwards

Owen Edwards, a young furniture designer, created this interesting chair design. The interior is lined with black leather upholstery for seating comfort and maximum hull in turn. The comfortable black leather upholstery is in contrast to the hard exterior. The chair is designed as a focal point in a contemporary interior.  The colors and materials are based on pure indulgence and luxury for the consumer. The P38 chair design by Owen Edwards is available for $6,340.


The colors used and the neutral black and white. White on the exterior and black on the interior. A very nice and elegant combination. The curved shape is also very interesting and different. It would perfectly integrate in a contemporary home or even in a very modern office. It’s a very successful combination of looks and comfort. A piece that won’t get away unnoticed. Hopefully there will be more furniture pieces like this one, because it’s not that easy to match this chair with anything else that is not designed in the same style or colors or that doesn’t incorporate the same shapes and forms.

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