Villa in Sardinia by Antonio Lupi

This typical luxury residence is located in the midst of the shrubs and trees in a villa in Sardinia. The layout of the building has smooth marble floorings and carpeted with fresh green grass giving a fantastic view. The front part of the resort is constructed with stones adding richness to its appearance. The spacious portico gives an enhanced view of the nature which also will provide a cool atmosphere.

Villa in Sardinia by Antonio Lupi2

The side portion of the residence helps to enjoy the sunrise and sunset by a casual walk into the side portico.  The floor is furnished with limestone and slate and the living room is enriched with modern carpentry and electronic devices.

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Coffee-Laptop Table

I’m sure that your coffee tables are used for work also. But what if your coffee table can be transformed in a laptop table ? For those who work at home, which is specially the case of webmasters, this combination of coffee table and laptop table is a cool and very useful piece of furniture.

The simple mechanism that brings the table closer to the person sitting can make a big difference in terms of the potential back discomfort that can be caused by leaning forward to use a laptop on a coffee table. But now you won’t be needing to do that anymore. A lot of people tend to have problems in the morning when they would normally have to drink their coffee and then go somewhere else, preferably a more comfortable place, to work. Instead they choose to bring their work to the coffee table. The reason is laziness.

But when your back starts to hurt you wish you were less lazy and went to sit on your desk. Or even better, you could have bought  this coffee-laptop-table. Do it now and save time later.

Two Storey Single Family Residence by BAAN Design

Located near Genesee Park on Lake Washington and designed by BAAN Design, this house has gorgeous views over the lake. The residence was design to  maximize those views. Even the enclosed private backyard hardly depends on them. Glazed walls around the living area allows you to catch the views of the lake through the house while seating in this backyard. Personally I like the windows and doors which are thermally broken aluminum with a custom double hinged pivot wood doors located at the front entrance.


The whole house is beautiful, not to mention modern. And we already know that modern is unusually best expressed by simplicity. That’s exactly what this house is all about. The simplicity defines everything.

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Shape Shifting Cube Lamp by Ewa Garniec

Nowadays technology evolves and advances so fast that we an hardly keep track. Lamps and lighting features are changing also.

We really like this lamp that was created in Poland by a Polish designer Ewa Garniec. You can change the lamp’s shape, since the materials used in the design are actually somewhat soft. Also, all of the materials used in this lamp are recyclable, including its sponge-like packaging and the aluminum base. It’s a very fun feature.


Another advantage is that you can’t break it. We all know hoe easy it is to break a lamp. It usually happens by mistake, but still, once you break it it’s no turning back. You’ll either have to buy another one or you’ll have to read in the dark. Thanks to this ingenious creation you’ll never have to worry about that anymore. Plus, because it’s so soft and easy to change its form, it’s a great way to release stress and it’s also child-friendly.

Picture Table by Ivydesign

Living in small apartments nowadays is not a problem because there are a lot of furniture pieces that can make our life easier. This product from Verena is called “Picture Table”. The neat thing about Picture Table is how it can provide a table and even a place for guests to dine on, and then fold-up into a picture on a wall. The picture looks so beautiful, and I’m sure that you can find other wallpapers to change it with. There is also a mirror version as well, if a mirror is preferred over a picture. You can find it here Ivydesign.

It’s a great way of saving some space. When you don’t use it as a table you just fold it and mount it on the wall. And when extra guests come for dinner, no problem! We’ll just use the picture. It only takes a minute. It’s original and very efficient and will make all your friends jealous, which is always good.

Ideal Scenario for Home and Office in North Scottsdale

Located at Carefree in the North Scottsdale, this fabulous desert home is situated at the base of the Black Mountains. Indigenous variety of plants surround the landmark and the scenic beauty in unspeakable as it keeps on changing from time to time as the sun passes the clear blue sky. The entrance is extravagant with the glass from the through the floor up to the ceiling.

Ideal Scenario for Home and Office in North Scottsdale3

The floors are smoothly polished and are of concrete built with the counters being made of granite. Across the courtyard of the two storied guest house lies the main building which contains two grand bedrooms with two bathrooms ad a well spacious large kitchen room.

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Purple Bathrooms by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica

Bathrooms today are not limited in their tile choices to plain white, square, glazed ceramic tiles as they used to be. Today, there are literally thousands of different styles and sizes of bathroom tile ideas and choices. Ceramic is not the only material either. In my opinion Purple in this project by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica looks very regal.

Purple Bathrooms by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica6

This cool bathroom design in purple is one of the most versatile colors, taking you from soft shades of lilac and deep lavender, rich plum, jewel-toned amethyst and vibrant shades bordering on fuchsia.

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