LED Lighted Sofa by Colico

A modern sofa is a fine addition to a family home. Not only does it serve its purpose as a place for the family to rest and relax while watching movie or a simple bonding session; a modern sofa can also give the room a new look with its sophisticated or simple design. It all depends on what you picked out for your home.


The Asami Light LED lighted sofa by Italian company Colico is transforming furniture from a fixed decor element to a versatile style feature that changes to suit your mood.This modern sofa feature a button and when is press you can change the color of the LEDs to take your living room, lounge or home theater from subtle to splashy, essentially letting your furniture do the decorating for you.

A-cero Architects the Interior of an Office in Madrid

The A-cero architects design the most lavish office interiors in the recent construction of Torre de Crystal or the Crystal Tower situated in the Madrid. As usual Joaquin Torres has put in his best efforts as his crew extravagantly outstretched the limits of sheer luxury in the interiors of the crystal tower. The project designed the lavish office room for the presidency of a renowned Spanish company.

The dark tones are well emphasized along with the grey colored mesh for the walls and the roofs. Generous and opportune openings for light and ventilation are strategically placed within the interiors. A-cero has provided some of their best efforts to furnish the exquisite office workspace for the respective organization.

The furniture is carved out of wood and is placed in contrast to the interiors. The superb finish of the implementation of the modern styles has been well revealed throughout the interior.

Chips storage system by Andrey Bondarenko

Apart from being used as parking space for your car, the garages are now also being used as garage wall storage systems. In order to keep the garage in a proper condition to meet all these requirements, you will need to organize it. If you look very carefully, you will realize that it is not at all a difficult task.

Chips storage system by Andrey Bondarenko

An Ukraiae designer Andrey Bondarenko created a interesting wall storage system which can be used in any garage to safe space or also in your home living room, office because it’s very fashionable and trendy. The project is called Chips a wall like storage system which also acts as a shelf. Partitions can be used as singular modules or connected to form a wide wall.

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Soothing bedroom design ideas from Team7

When decorating your bedroom, one of the primary and most important concerns should be turning the room into a soothing and serene space. After all, this is where you come to unwind and relax. Yet achieving the perfect balance between style and comfort is not that simple. Team7 offers some amazing examples for you to use as inspiration.

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Matatena Diseño Kid’s Furniture

Are you looking for new ideas to decorate your kid’s room? Give the room some longevity by choosing background elements that are long lasting. Then use accessories, bedding, and inexpensive area rugs to create easily changeable themes. Unlike the other rooms in your home, which mostly reflect your personality, decorating kids’ rooms requires a slightly different approach.

Matatena Diseño Kid's Furniture3

The Matatena Diseño collection is equipped with various play construction and play tents in different shapes. This furniture collection will catch the kids’ attention.

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The Architecture Office at Breda by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten

The hose tower being the center Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten designed this splendid construction.  The site is renovated and designed so as to meet up the needs of the agency as a general workspace along with the provision for the perfect accommodation for the workers to work on. The spaces are classified to serve different purposes.

The Architecture Office at Breda by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten

Specific areas have been classified for the guests and for holding the meetings and presentations separately. Each area has been fully furnished as per the requirement. Transparent zones separate each of the respective spaces. Access to the office is hence provisioned. Timber clad basement makes the perfect parking provision. The scenic beauty can be witnessed from the first floor.

The rooms are thoroughly furnished with luxury and quality finish. A steel staircase leads on to the rooms in the tower situated in the upper floor. A panoramic exquisite view of Breda can be witnessed from the luxurious meeting room from this upper floor.{found on archdaily}

Issit An Futuristic Public Seating Design by ADDI

Locking for something new and futuristic ? Well, Issit, is the new seating design from ADDI. Perfectly for a train station or much better looks in airports, the product acts like a sculpture and armature when it’s not occupied and the seats rises automatically when you leave the seat, returning to its upright position.


Train stations and waiting room could be the best choice for this piece. But it’s unlikely to happen soon, so until then I don’t know if this chair will have an owner. The home is really not that appropriate for a structure like this. Even if it might look interesting and modern, with its curved lines and interesting shape, it’s not a very practical item. Because the seats are not aligned or face-to-face, this makes it a bad choice for a home. The guests or family members would not have a serious reason to want to sit back-to-back, and it’s really a comfortable position when you want to have a conversation.


So even if I like this design, I find it a little useless. But again, it would be a great addition to a waiting room, in a clinic or office, where people usually don’t know each other and have no reason to look each other in the eyes. So if you own such a place, this is your lucky day.

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