Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog is a small oasis of relaxation in a stressful world. This armchair called Lane is an invitation to meditation. With its smooth lines and clean design, its cushion for the neck and matching footrest, this chair provides cozy comfort ideal for reading or simply resting. Exactly what I need right now. The Lane Armchair is available for 437 euros.

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog1

It has a very simple design and it comes in two color options for you to choose from: red and black, the perfect couple. The thin feet might not look very stable but they are actually very durable since they are made of steel. The chair is not only comfortable but also very good-looking. I can imagine myself sitting on that chair, relaxing every muscle in my body and listening to good music. It’s heaven. But unfortunately it’s also an illusion because I’m still here, writing this article. But you don’t have to suffer, you can enjoy a relaxing time by purchasing this extremely comfortable chair.

Luxury Italian Fireplaces from Savio Firmino

You’ve seen earlier some examples of modern fireplaces that could help you save some space and energy. Now it’s time for a classic fireplace which comes from Savio Firmino. Their designs are simple but elegant and they are cheaper than the new ones. Palazzetti partnered with Savio Firmino made some luxurious classic fireplaces.


It can be matched both with classical and contemporary furnishing. The pictures below showcase one of their creations that spell intricate workmanship and elegant design. Great dimensions lend their enormity that makes the fireplace distinct and noteworthy.

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Paciugo Italian Contemporary Bed by Bolzan Beds

If you love reading a book before going off to sleep then take a look at the Bolzan Beds. The Paciugo bed with two built-in cushioned headboard enables you to flex it to suit your preference while you read, watch television, or whatever you feel like doing. This smart bed is available in variety of hues to suit your home decor.



The design is simple and the colors are neutral tones of beige and grey with just a little hint of purple for contrast. The idea of flexible and comfy headboards is actually a very good one. This way you can be very comfortable while watching TV or reading a book or a magazine or even writing or doing some last-minute things on your laptop. The headboard in split into 2 pieces so that you won’t have to disturb the person sleeping near you .A very intelligent design indeed. Comfortable and practical in the same time. It’s not something that you find every day. I say you take advantage and purchase this bed now so you won’t have to worry about it later .Eventually you’ll need to do it anyway.

Piaf Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets by Foster

Whether you prefer the sleek and contemporary modern furniture, futuristic and shiny, or, like the classic and ornate traditional bathroom furniture style with its wood and silk, there is bound to be a selection of modern furniture to suit your style and taste at any of these dealers or websites.

Piaf Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets by Foster1

The Piaf is a collection of modern bathroom furniture, which is presented in large finish and color selections by an Italian company Foster.Available for big or small bathrooms, the collection have little changes its style depends of chosen color.

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Washington Courtyard House by Roland Terry

Roland Terry designed this project and it has come-up into a full-fledged refashioned and developed building. At the outset the house is built as a group of continuous layers and in between there are lot of spaces specifically designed for taking rest and moreover a waterfalls moves through the path. According to the plan the house is separated into two, two storied masses which are being divided by a transparent joining pavilion.

Washington Courtyard House

Washington Courtyard House4

The courtyards are being united with leg-side terrace and also to the lake with large sliding glass plates by the pavilion in both physical and visual means. The external columns, extensive glazing, terraces and trellises expand the architectural excellence.

Washington Courtyard House1

I admired this building for its stylish designing and it is exclusive for its fashionable look. Even though the houses are built in a series, it always gives an aristocratic appearance. The path for the water adds up to the beauty of the building.

SKLI Pendant by Nils Finne

For those who love the pendant light you can find this type of lighting in a variety of shapes and sizes which will add the necessary amount of lighting to any space. If you find the right amount of light for a room it will both change the room’s appearance and it will provide a more dynamic look as well.


The SKLI Pendant designed by Nils Finne looks like silk crinkled perfectly in straight lines. The designer placed hundreds of thin glass rods on a clear base sheet by hand, which were fused together in a kiln at high temperature. The light shines through the glass plane and reflects on the ceiling above, creating a subtle and alluring effect.


This is not by any means an ordinary piece, It’s modern and unusual in a simple and elegant way. It’s not something that you see every day. It will certainly become a subject of discussion every time someone spots it.

Vermelha Chair Special Edition by Edra

Made from five hundred meters of acrylic and cotton rope that were weaved together to create this piece, this chair is not by any means traditional. The design includes the three colors of Italy’s national flag. The Vermelha Chair Special Edition by Edra is an Italian Pride Edition and it features a gorgeous and colorful look.


It’s not every day that you see such a chair. It looks very…tangled and uncoordinated but in reality it’s very well organized. It’s a very modern and unusual homage that designer has created as a way to celebrate his country. A nice gesture.

However I’m not sure how many people from other countries would like to have a chair-shaped Italian flag in their home. But that’s another story. I don’t think anyone even thought about this when the chair was created, so why bother.{found on mocoloco}

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