SKLI Pendant by Nils Finne

For those who love the pendant light you can find this type of lighting in a variety of shapes and sizes which will add the necessary amount of lighting to any space. If you find the right amount of light for a room it will both change the room’s appearance and it will provide a more dynamic look as well.


The SKLI Pendant designed by Nils Finne looks like silk crinkled perfectly in straight lines. The designer placed hundreds of thin glass rods on a clear base sheet by hand, which were fused together in a kiln at high temperature. The light shines through the glass plane and reflects on the ceiling above, creating a subtle and alluring effect.


This is not by any means an ordinary piece, It’s modern and unusual in a simple and elegant way. It’s not something that you see every day. It will certainly become a subject of discussion every time someone spots it.

Vermelha Chair Special Edition by Edra

Made from five hundred meters of acrylic and cotton rope that were weaved together to create this piece, this chair is not by any means traditional. The design includes the three colors of Italy’s national flag. The Vermelha Chair Special Edition by Edra is an Italian Pride Edition and it features a gorgeous and colorful look.


It’s not every day that you see such a chair. It looks very…tangled and uncoordinated but in reality it’s very well organized. It’s a very modern and unusual homage that designer has created as a way to celebrate his country. A nice gesture.

However I’m not sure how many people from other countries would like to have a chair-shaped Italian flag in their home. But that’s another story. I don’t think anyone even thought about this when the chair was created, so why bother.{found on mocoloco}

Armchair 090923-05 by Luis Garrido Vázquez

To be comfortable, a chair must not only be well designed, constructed and padded, but also it must be fairly large. As few people can afford the space for a large suite of furniture, armchairs become increasingly smaller.

Luis Garrido Vázquez has made a modern armchair which was inspired by the waves of the sea and the flames of the fire. Built in aluminum structure, on stainless steel base, covered with high density latex and lined with leather or cloth of different colors. These chairs have a very interesting design. They remind me of the crane and the way it sits in just one leg, managing to keep its balance in a very amazing way.

If you’re worried you might fall of this chair, there’s no reason for you to do that. Even if it seems like the chair only sits on one legs, it is actually very stable because of the pyramidal base. The colors used are very bright and happy. They would instantly cheer you up.

Kajen Public Bench by Thomas Bernstrand

Outdoor benches come in a huge variety of  sizes and materials from wood to metal, traditional to contemporary, with or without a backrest, the list is endless. Designed by Thomas Bernstrand, the Kajen Public Bench is a very interesting and comfortable public seating furniture. Similar with Titikaka Bench, the Kajen Public Bench is awesome also for indoor.

Kajen Public Bench by Thomas Bernstrand

Not a lot of people think about street furniture. And I can say that I have never seen a bench with footrest before. It’s a brilliant idea that should be seriously taken into consideration for future designs. I always put my feet on the bench when I’m sitting in the park and someone always stops to tell me that it’s not nice or polite or whatever. But there’s a reason why people do that. It’s because they need a place to rest their feet.

Kajen Public Bench by Thomas Bernstrand2

In my opinion, all outdoor benches should be replaces with new ones, just like this one. But that of course is not going to happen. Until then the best solution would be to simply buy your own bench that you can enjoy in your own space and in nay way you want.{found on contemporist}

The Villa by the Studio Daniel Libeskind

The dramatic structure of the Villa is indeed a remarkable piece of architecture that comprises of uneven and unexpected angles which undoubtedly reveals the extraordinary creative talent behind the design. The Studio Daniel Libeskind has just set up the most unique piece of creative approach with the extra tough insulation and durability with the sharp edged technology to make it finest among the other similar landmarks.



This impressive and sustainable creation from the latest technologies stands erect on a firm 26m X 25m land with a maximum height of 11 meters.

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Earth House by Peter Vetsch

The earth structure houses provide organic forms, their development requiring creativity and a strong sense of space and was designed by Peter Vetsch, are based on the interpretation of an environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture.




The earth- covered houses are grouped centered around a small artificial lake with the entrance well hidden and integrated at the side of the settlement.



Located in Dietikon, Switzerland the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse is build on the ground.The residential settlement consists of nine houses, three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house.The earth-house concept uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion. An earth house does not have to be built under the ground, it can be placed onto naturally grown terrain. For more information of this project please check this.

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

High of 5.2 m, 1.7 m wide and consisting of 40 sections of 254 mm wooden swivel on an axis with 80 ball bearings, this beautiful door opens smoothly and harmoniously just like a fan. The Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates was celebrated like the best piece of design created by a young architect from across the world by Architectural Review’s Emerging Architecture Awards. It’s understandable since it’s such a nice and innovative piece.



The wood used to create the door conserves some of the vintage atmosphere that it emits, while the audacious design brings you back into the modern world. A very nice and successful combination that however needs and deserves to be integrated in a house that shares the same style. Otherwise it would be just an unusual piece in a house full of boring stuff. That is almost never good. Nobody likes when the interior of their home is not consistent throughout the entire home.

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