Futuristic Ceiling and Floor Lamps by Odue

If you look hard enough you can find unique lamps to fit any personality or style preference. The collection designed by Odue features a futuristic design and adds an original look to your already modern room. This company offers several lamp collections and all of them are united by unusual lamp shapes and their amazing color schemes.

Futuristic Ceiling and Floor Lamps by Odue15

Inspired by nature the collection could perfectly enrich any modern room and make it more original and unique. There are several options you can choose from, each one of them being unique, with different shapes, forms, textures, patterns and colors. All these features combine to create a very artistic lamp design.

Take your time and analyze each one of them, because choosing a lamp for your home is a tough decision to make. You’ll have to see it every time you turn on the light, and if you don’t like what you see, well…that’s not good for you, nor for the ones around you.

Pop Bedroom Design by Altamoda

Classy and chic, but never vulgar, glamour styling creates a sophisticated, comfortable living environment. The bedroom set from Pop collection by Altamoda is the latest solution to create a bright and glamour interior design .The principal element of this collection is the round bed creating a excellent harmony with violet sideboards decorated by Swarovsky crystals.



The flowers from bathtub and sink are so beautifully, create a bright and glamour interior design. If you love the glamour style then you must take a look.

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Black and White Bathroom Furniture From Zucchetti

Finding black and white furniture for bathroom can be easy nowadays. Adding just a touch of black to a white-themed room provides a focal point. Everyone will notice it immediately and be drawn to the touch of black. It draws the eye to whatever you want to seen – that special picture or an art object, for example.


This Black and White Bathroom Furniture pieces from  Zucchetti are really elegant with dynamic color addition to complete a contemporary home. Black and white ,used well together, play off each other’s strengths .It is fresh and startling, elegant and sophisticated. Black and white can be the perfect color combination for your bathroom, even though they are not exactly considered colors.

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Klein Bottle House by McBride Charles Ryan

Holiday homes are used for just a few days in a year or two by the family. Usually they are given out on rent to holiday makers and there the challenging ideas for holiday home decoration should be really challenging. The Klein Bottle House situated in  Melbourne, Australia was designed by McBride Charles Ryan and can be more than a holiday house because it has a unique design and the structure is based on the Klein bottle’s shape and it’s surrounded by a central courtyard with stairs that connect all floors within the interior.


I really like the geometric area developed by topological mathematicians. The house was announced the winner at this year’s World Architecture Festival in the House category and has won in residential categories for other architecture awards.

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Caribbean House Design by A-cero

Here is a Caribbean House Design created by architect Joaquin Torres from Spanish architecture firm A-cero and is situated in the Dominican Republic on 7,000 m2.The outdoor living area offers a splendid view of the beach, where the sea breeze can be enjoyed under the shelter of the rolling rooflines.


Beach-house style has a time-period bounded feel but it is easy to integrate modern features. Select a simple bathroom suite in white or cream, or a clean-lined retro-style design. Arching walls of this curved roof house create architectural interest from the outside, while inside all focus in on the views.
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Concept store Le Coq Sportif

The Raar creative studio based in Amsterdam, revealed the latest achievement of interior decoration: the concept store of the French sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif. Primarily arranged with series of straight purple, the intensity of light from the neon varies according to the movements of visitors.


It features a very interesting and beautiful color combination, purple or pink, depends on how you want to look at it, combined with black, which is always a good choice. There is a busy design but considering it is for a sportswear brand studio.  This type of designs should be very colorful because you want them to be noticed by the costumers and to look pretty and attractive.


It’s always good to use bold bright colors to attract attention, but it’s not indicated to exaggerate because then it must just look too busy and it might scare the costumers. The black and pink in this case was a very good color choice. Hopefully it will help the business.

Interactive Mood Chair by Aether & Hemera

The Mood Chair was designed by the UK studio Aether & Hemera, and the distinctive feature is that it changes its color in response to the users’ mood and the environment around them. This furniture is the next step in future furniture. For the moment there are no additional information about the availability or mass production. Watch the video demonstration after the jump to get more details.


It is very interesting the way that some items change their color according to the user’s mood or state of mind. I’m not sure how they do it or if it even works or it’s just something random and based on simple coincidences. Whatever the system at the base of this piece of furniture is, it makes it a very unique and interesting feature. It might not look very comfortable and it probably isn’t but at least it’s fun to use and watch. The kids would probably enjoy it the most. It’s like  a giant toy that you can also sit on.

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