The Ogle Pendant Lamp by Form Us With Love

A pendant lamp is a type of hanging ceiling lamp that really does looks like a pendant. It provides beauty, form, and function to any room and is generally inexpensive. Although they are similar, chandeliers are generally larger and more flamboyant.

The Ogle Pendant Lamp by Form Us With Love

Created by a Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, the Ogle Pendant Lamp combine the elegance with abstract and fantasy. The Ogle project can be used to provide the three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. I really like the design of these pendants. They seem like little creatures like are watching your every move, analyzing your behavior. It might seem a little creepy or paranoia but I find it fun. It’s a great project and I really like it.

This type of pendant could be incorporated in the home design, if you have a large house and enough space, so that it doesn’t look weird. You could also use it in the office or in larger spaces like clubs and other similar structures. The design of the pendant is very simple. The only interesting detail is the shape. I like the mate finish. The pendant is made from multiple similar structures that are hanging at different heights. It only comes in black, but the contrast between the black color and the light is very beautiful. You can adjust the intensity of the light to make it more pleasant.

The Lighthouse Ball By Christian Bjorn

Fireplaces are one of the most romantic interior pieces you could hope for, and it’s hard to imagine a person that couldn’t be drawn by its crackling warmth and the promise of a lover’s touch. And also an outdoor fireplace can easy decorate your patio or garden.


The Lighthouse Ball By Christian Bjorn are made of weatherproof steel, with a large removable oil reservoir in stainless steel and plastic. Available in black and white these outdoor fireplaces will create a relaxing and beautiful ambience. The shape is very friendly and simple and reminds of the candles, the romantic candles that everyone loves. There’s nothing like enjoying a nice romantic evening at the light of an oversized candle that, more than that, is a fireplace. Look at the stars in the arms of your loved one and get warm near this modern and very good-looking fireplace.

The CH1 Chair by Fruitsuper Design

Designed by Fruitsuper Design, the CH1 Chair is a straight forward lounge chair which combines in a very nice way the materials creating an elegant piece of furniture. Using powder-coated steel tubing and maple with a soap finish, the CH1 chair is the first furniture piece by Fruitsuper Design. We hope that there will be many more, because this is a very good start.

The CH1 Chair by Fruitsuper Design2

It’s not the most interesting chair, but for a first try is more than we could have expected. It a sort of chair combined with a lounge chair, the result being a more comfortable piece of furniture that, in the same time, conserves the classic look. It’s not very risky but still, it has something special, a modern twist distinguishes this piece from all the other ones .It’s a simple piece that would very well fit in a traditional home as well as in a modern one. It’s somewhere at the barrier between the two worlds.

House in Huentelauquen by Izquierdo Lehmann

The first thing to observe about the building is, it is a beach house situated in a rural area in Huentelauquen, Chile and it faces the sea seeing a plain plateau which is exposed to very strong winds just 40 m away from the beach. This house is located along this specific border and has almost 5 chimneys for sea lookout and was designed by Izquierdo Lehmann.

House in Huentelauquen by Izquierdo Lehmann

In the ground floor the rooms are present facing the sea and there is a bar which is kept at a distance from the back wall, which will prevent it from the strong winds. Both the dining and the living rooms are open with huge windows, which is present just in between the patio and the horizon.

House in Huentelauquen by Izquierdo Lehmann13


Patio becomes the main space in the house, which opens to the end and through the double walled glass present in the living room. The patio is connected to the interior via the living room. This also connects the main suite via the bathroom, which is located on the other side. The kitchen is connected to the service side on the opposite via this patio.{found on archdaily}

Colored and clear glass tiles by Vetrocolor

Glass tiles have emerged as one of the widely-used and most in-demand materials used in home and residential areas. Their unique appearance helps them to come in the category of those materials that are known for their quality and stunning look.

Italian company Vetrocolor has designed these chic colored glass tiles to suit every space. Available in a variety of dimensions for a customizable look on floors, walls, in the shower and surrounding the bath will make your home shine.

Several color options are available. Your bathroom will look like new again in no time. Keep in mind these options the next time you will have to renovate your home. The bright and happy tones of blue, red and purple, as well as other colors as well, will completely change the atmosphere, not just the aesthetic side of the room.

You can even personalize your bathroom by using different color options and styles to create interesting forms and designs. All you have to do is use your imagination.

Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

Architects from SCDA have worked on the completion of the Alila Villas Soori, which is the newly arrived residential community in the south west part of Bali, Indonesia. This is scheduled to be opened in December 2009.

Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

The famous Alila Hotels and Resorts own this place which has around 48 villas which are ranging from 1680 square feet to an astonishing 49,500 square feet starting from one-bedroom to a 10 bedroom villa. The villas are integrated with various expressions from the graceful environment surrounding this villa. It is located out of the tourist trail, and the resort is placed in a gentle slope which is exactly between the green rice terraces and the lushly sand beaches and it overlooks the panoramic vistas present in the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy the panoramic views that the hotels and resorts offer you. Take a break from all the stress from your workplace and all the worries from home. Just relax and try to escape for a while.

De Oostvaarders by Drost + van Veen architecten

Natural education centre known as “The Oostvaarders” is one of the unique natural reserves in Europe. This is known as the Oostvaardersplassen which is located in Almere, in The Netherlands and was designed by Drost + van Veen architecten.

Natural education centre known as “The Oostvaarders” is one of the unique natural reserves in Europe. This is known as the Oostvaardersplassen which is located in Almere, in The Netherlands.

There are two different shapes which specify the beauty of The Oostvaarders. It all starts from the parking itself. The parking rises as a vertical beacon from the outwards plain. As a contrast, there lies a lake where the shape of the area is a typical horizontal.

The building has a first floor with a panorama room which obviously gives a panoramic view of the lake. The foot of the lake dyke is the entrance of this building. Starting from the entrance, the visitors climb the stairs to reach the crow’s nest, which is an exterior place to view the whole environment.

The openings are made up of timber pinewood, and different elements with different patterns and styles. The perforations are variable in size and direction.

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