Christmas Tree Decorating Tips And Ideas

When it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, the whole family gathers to participate. It’s a wonderful activity that brings us all closer together. But we each have our opinions when it comes to strategies for decorating the tree, placing it, etc. Follow these tips to get everyone on the same page.

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Notting Hill House Interior by Staffan Tollgard Design Group

Located in Notting Hill, London, this contemporary house, designed by Staffan Tollgard Design Group was transformed it into a multi-functional urban interior design. All the materials used are handmade and natural materials come together in a mix of touchable textures and rich patterns which leads you through the home’s social spaces.

The main area of this contemporary project is the kitchen which was designed for living and entertaining which opens onto the garden via three-meter-wide sliding glass doors. There is a big connection between wood and stone walls to nature.

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Elvis Wood Top Dining Table by Cattelan

Who dares to say  that wooden furniture pieces are not modern ? Well, the dining table from Elvis collection by Cattelan is a perfect demonstration of the contrary of that. This collection could be a modern furniture set perfect for any living room or other area .Elegant and trendy, this piece is also expendable and tin order to save some space during the day it can be easily changed into a  more compact rectangular model with curved edges.



Whenever you need more extra dining table space, you just out the edges and there it is, a brand new table design. The base is made from steel and the top is made from wood. It has a lacquered finish that brings out the natural colors of the wood and that also adds some shine and contributes to a longer-lasting finish. It’s a very functional piece of furniture that can be used in a number of different ways and for a variety of different purposes. Explore and enjoy.

12 Best Prefab Homes Around The World

All Weather Modern Boxhome

The Rintal Eggertsson Architects’ construction of the lavish prefab home on a 19 sq. m. plot is perfectly developed to easy with the heat along with the stunning beauty. As compared to the other similar constructions the Boxhome, as it has been named by the architects, is more economically convenient and ecologically sound among the neighborhood. This eco friendly construction is absolutely compatible with the climatic conditions of the North Europe. It is truly recommended that with such type of prefabricated modular houses, the provision for a summer and cottage house usage is readily possible though the premise is not quite suitable as a whole family accommodator.


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Salt Lake City House by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

This L-shaped house is located amidst the salt lake valley and it stands parallel to the Mount Olympus and Wasatch Mountains. This house is particularly constructed in order to strengthen family tie-ups and to lessen visual barriers, designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. The large walls are extended in order to structure a courtyard surrounded by aged cottonwood trees.

Salt Lake City House

The terrace of the house is formed by slopping roofs which can push the house. The house consists of outdoor spaces in order to relax and enjoy. The sloped ceiling which extends deep towards the internal side of the building brings light throughout the house indefinitely.

Salt Lake City House3

The house is enlightened by the Eastern light and it is always bright in appearance. The inner part of the house gives a grand look, though it is built of simple materials. It is also easily affordable and moreover provides a scenic overview which gives enjoyment to the person staying there. Naturally everyone likes to stay in such a serene atmosphere.

Flame Coffee Tables from Opulent Items

Fireplace comes in a variety of models and ideas, giving a new look to your house. Here are four coffee tables that incorporate a nice fiery touch with help from clean burning ethanol burners. I love this idea because I’m a big fan of coffee tables.

Flame Coffee Tables from Opulent Items2

The idea is actually very ingenious. It combines two completely different features: a coffee table and a fire place. You never though they could be put together but you were wrong.  Not only that the coffee table themselves look very modern and elegant, but they also a very surprising features incorporated. I wonder if the fireplaces can be used to make coffee. It could save even more time. You wouldn’t have to go to the kitchen to prepare it. That would be really cool. However you should be careful if you have children. This type of features can be very dangerous for them. But not all the pieces can be perfect. This one is very close to perfection.

Modern Affordable Ventless Fireplaces

Here are some modern fireplaces from Anywere Fireplace with a price range between 200-400$. Three of the models are designed to fit in a wall saving an enormous amount of space for installation. The best part is that on these models does not require any ventilation to run. They burn bio-ethanol which is a clean burning fuel that leaves no odors or soot. One liter of bio-ethanol is designed to burn for 2-5 hours depending on the size of the ventless fireplace.

ventless gas fireplaces

It might not give you the same warm feeling that the ones that use wood to create fire but still, it’s worthed if it saves some trees. A fireplace is a very elegant and nice detail to have in your home. But not all the places allow you to have one, mostly because of the lack of space.

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