Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders & tec Architecture

Those of you who are looking for real estate Mallorca should not waste anymore time. You can have an amazing lifestyle on this island. People who are already living here are enjoying their new and better lifestyle. The island becomes a favorite destination for tourists and residents are growing day by day in this area. Lifestyle on the island is higher than ever, with communities, beach resorts, luxurious hotels, picnic spots, golf courses and parks.

Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders & tec Architecture6

For example this luxury villa called Casa Son Vida feature round and square shapes, futuristic blobs combined with antiques result in a mix of traditional and modern references throughout the villa, with the play of reliefs and contrasting surfaces creating an unusual atmosphere.

The interior was completed by Marcel Wanders and the exterior by tec Architecture wich combine perfectly the historical and contemporary.{found on 1 and 2}

Wrap House by Japanese architects from Future Studio

Called Wrap House, the Japanese architects Future Studio has designed a interesting house in Hiroshima. This super modern house burn a contemporary with a warm dark facade, and not concrete as often used. The house has 2 levels and has a defining geometrical cut on the facade of 1 floor, which gives the house a characteristic expression and creates a cool terrace .

It’s certainly an impressing structure, both on the outside as well as on the inside. The strange shape it’s not the only distinctive feature that this house has to offer. The geometrical shapes are also incorporated in the interior design and they go as far as being included in the furniture choices.

It’s a beautiful house, simple, elegant and stylish. The interior is decorated in a modern and minimalist style. It’s a great place to live in, with plenty of rooms for everybody, so if you have a big family this could be a great choice. It also has a very convenient location. I like the ceiling and the way the parallel lines look in combination with the other geometric features. I also like the glass wall that allows you to admire the surroundings without having to go outside.

The Verdura Resort by Olga Polizzi and Flavio Albanese

The Verdura Resort by Olga Polizzi and Flavio Albanese33

The Verdura Resort by Olga Polizzi and Flavio Albanese 1

From the renowned interior designer Olga Polizzi and from the killed architect Flavio Albanese here comes the fabulous Verdura resort that is situated at a spectacular scenic beauty of Sicily. 230 hectares of olive set the perfect living accommodations in two distinct building types. The courtyard and the landscape offer the most perfect fit for both a luxurious yet private form of living. The tradition of Sicily is well described by the proper usage of stone, wood, cane and sand. The innovation attached to the rooms conveys the warmth of the Sicilian tradition. The Art of Simple Luxury is scattered exquisitely throughout the interiors. Wooden beds with the concrete floors take the living to a high end luxury. Stone vanity tops situated at the bathrooms lit the place naturally. The whole place reveals the extra bit of sophisticate exposure with luxury as its associate.

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House in Casa de Campo by A-cero

Joaquin Torres directs one of the most peculiar teams that are ready to construct the risky and the most challenging constructions. One of them being the idea upon the singular architecture located at the Dominican Republic. The house is thoroughly dressed by the Coralline stones that simply prospers and enhances the abundance of the sun light in reference to the marine portion.

A-cero’s House in Casa de Campo1

The splendid sculptural set is revealed with the attainment of the walls and their respective curved architecture. Crossed ventilations make the whole house advantageous to the climate of the Caribbean. The sea breeze soothingly passes throughout the crossed ventilation provisions.

The entry to this extravagant housing is commenced with a big door of dual sheet well carved out from the wood being at the middle. Sheer quality and extreme ideas of architectural genius is the key to this spectacular construction. The whole construction reveals how skilled are the architects who designed this fine piece of extravagance in the Caribbean climate.

T-pipe Faucet by Bonomi

I’m really happy to start this New Year with a new article! The Tube faucet by Sergio Bonomi puts an elegant spin on the industrial with simple chrome T-pipe shape complemented by a high-polished finish.. This minimalist faucet’s clean lines are unspoiled by clumsy taps and knobs and buttons; this sleek, streamlined faucet features a single spout and an integrated handle, proving in this case that less really is more.


I usually like a lot the minimalist features that have that extremely simple look and that yet still manage to be functional and useful And this one is no exception. I like this feature. It’s so simple and even elegant, even if we are only talking about a faucet.

The bathroom is often a neglected room. People don’t spend a lot of time when thinking about this room’s design or furniture pieces and features They just go in the sore and buy something fast so that they can get it over with. The faucet is probably the most neglected features of all. And it’s a shame because there so many beautiful and interesting designs that you could have in your bathroom, like this one for example. All you need is a little more patience and time.

Table&Tennis by Meysam Movahedi

One minute it’s a conference table, the next one it’s a ping-pong table. A very nice way to save some space and, in the same time, to bring some fun to the workplace. It’s designed by Meysam Moyahedi and it’s called Table&Tennis, a very suggestive name in this case.



Just of the benefits of having a table like this at the office. It’s the perfect way of combining business and pleasure. Work is important, no doubt. But from time to time people also need to relax, to have some fun, in order to be able to keep working. And ping-pong is a great way of releasing stress and bonding with the other coworkers. You’ll see that after just one session of ping-pong the results will be visible. The employees will be more relaxed and they’ll work more efficiently. It’s a very nice way of increasing productivity.

Finally a reason to go to work!

Four-bedroom piece of paradise in Arcadia

Arcadia is a very beautiful region in Greece and, as you’ll see here, a wonderful place to live. This particular portion offers extraordinary views of the Camelback Mountain and is just amazing. It’s where we found this gorgeous residence. It’s a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house with one of those traditional looks which makes it feel cozy even before you enter.

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