AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat

Modern beds come in wonderful designs and styles which are meant to provide you with the maximum of comfort. The AURA collection of beds is featuring a great style and the comfort would be driven by the mattress. With clean lines and no waste of material on useless elements and frills, the Martin Ballendat made a good job. If you enjoy reading a book or eating, there is a flat base which can serve as a space for reading material or for breakfast.

AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat2

I like the simple and asymmetrical shape of this bed. It offers you the features you need without exaggerating with the details and the visual features that are purely aesthetic. Nevertheless, this very simple and thin bed is also comfortable, despite its appearance. And because of the size which is considerably smaller than the usually heavy designs, this bed can be placed wherever you want, even in small places. It’s also lighter and easier to move around the house in case you decide you want to change its location.

AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat3

I wouldn’t recommend you to use it for hide and seek games because even if there’s plenty of space underneath the bed, there’s not a very good place to hide from anyone.

Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects

When it comes to talking about the homes and their designs, there are many things to take into consideration. Building a summer home is no exception. Not only should your beach house designs take into account the dimensions of your property, but also you have to comsider the specific details of its location.

Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects

For example, the Southampton Beach House ranked as one of 10 new homes in the Hamptons, by Curbed. The beach house was family friendly designed and created having the entertainment concept in mind. The 12,000 square foot summer house in the East End of the Hamptons takes full advantage of its location between the bay and the ocean to offer views of both.

Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects1

Designed by Alexander Gorlin Architects , the beach house also includes guest suites, staff quarters, an outdoor pool and a rooftop terrace. It’s literary everything you need from a beach house and more. It’s a relatively large house, but in order to be able to include all those features and locations, you need a lot of space.

Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects4

It’s a great place to spend your holydays and it also provides you with indoors fun if the weather is cold. So independently of the season or the temperature outside, you can still have some fun inside the house while enjoying the beautiful outdoor views. But the summer season is the best, considering that however this is a beach house.

Carbon Fiber Coffee Table

This is most expensive coffee table ever seen before, which was made by Rhys Mellor a boat builder, originally from New Zealand. The Coffee Table worth $16,000 and is made up of carbon uni-bands on the edges and middle for stiffness. Carbon fiber being susceptible to compression, a 5mm core has been created in between, giving the table its solid look.


I admit that it’s a beautiful piece of furniture, simple, stylish and modern in the same time. And the material used is also to be appreciated. But honestly, the price is over the top. After all it’s just a table. I can see how a boat is expensive because that one is actually floating above water and it’s big and keeps you dry when sailing over the seas and having fun with your friends. But this is just a simple coffee table, small and insignificant.


All you do is use to have coffee in the morning and then that’s it. Maybe if I has ton of money and I had soothing to do with them I would consider buying a coffee table that’s so expensive. But even then I wouldn’t want to buy this one. It has a relatively interesting design, but it’s not that creative and honestly it’s a little boring. So this is one coffee table that I really don’t like.

Tunis luxury seating collection by Expormim

Rattan furniture is the latest trend in the world of designer furniture. Rattan furniture looks great no matter where you put it but in this article I am going to talk about a three set colletion that has caught my eye. Tunis is a new luxury seating collection by Expormim for modern outdoor living spaces. Made from highly durable materials, weather-proof aluminum with hand-woven synthetic rattan that’s resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it.

Tunis luxury seating collection by Expormim2

The Tunis collection includes double loungers, dining chairs, coffee tables and side tables, as well as coffee and side tables made of fiberglass to complete the look.

Tunis luxury seating collection by Expormim3

This is a really beautiful collection that I enjoy from all the points of view. It’s elegant and stylish and it perfectly combines the simplicity and the sophistication that a collection like this should include. I particularly enjoy the light and natural colors that this collection has to offer. Furthermore, the chair and especially those double lounges look very comfortable. They provide you with the perfect place to sit on while relaxing and admiring the surroundings, or maybe enjoying a cop of coffee outdoors. It’s a modern collection that would look great in a beautiful and simple outdoor location.

40 foot Container into Stylish Small-Home Spaces

There are all sorts of the houses being built all over the places, and indeed with all sort of materials that could possibly imagine. However, have you heard of a house built with the container for shipping?

Well, there sure are plenty, how about an extremely nice looking and fashionable one? There is one indeed. It is in fact being built brilliantly and can be considered to be amazingly stylish.

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Modern Wall Stickers from Acte Deco

Wall stickers are more preferred by home owners and interior designers because of the features that they can offer that no other form of wall decorating comes too close to giving. They offer the easiest form of application, convenient removal options, opportunities for custom designs, low cost, and do-it-yourself features. There are some articles here about wall stickers like Wall Kids Room Design and Beautiful Wall Stickers To Decorate Your House.

Modern Wall Stickers from Acte Deco20

Today I want to show you the Acte Deco collection of wall stickers, which are adaptable for any room and any style. Featuring an elegant design could easily personalize your home interior. As any contemporary wall stickers these models are very easy to apply and remove without any residues.

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Marquis Estate of Cherry Creek by Site 7 Solutions

It is a true masterpiece of architecture and a residential luxury up in the North of Cherry Creek. It is known as the Cherry Creek’s Marquis Estate. It is the showcase in the incredible neighborhood with nice homes, shopping for the upscale, fine and nice restaurants and galleries. It is a luxury of life in this 7,066 square foot home with the contemporary amazing design that is well fit for its incredible neighborhood. It is the design that built upon the exotic wood and natural stone from the ceilings to the building’s floor.

Marquis Estate of Cherry Creek by Site 7 Solutions1

The building has also designed to attract and catch all its surrounding lights from all different directions making the home full of the warms from the lights. Indeed the house has also built to offer the greatest high quality living entertainment outdoor as well as indoor for its owner with indoor spa and saltwater swimming pool.

It is nonetheless an amazing luxury home that was designed and built to provide the greatest comfort and luxury for an extraordinary everyday living experiences in all different ways with its incredible temperature controlled fine wine collecting room, amazing home digitized theater and an exclusively built home office consisting of personal library.

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