Ideal Scenario for Home and Office in North Scottsdale

Located at Carefree in the North Scottsdale, this fabulous desert home is situated at the base of the Black Mountains. Indigenous variety of plants surround the landmark and the scenic beauty in unspeakable as it keeps on changing from time to time as the sun passes the clear blue sky. The entrance is extravagant with the glass from the through the floor up to the ceiling.

Ideal Scenario for Home and Office in North Scottsdale3

The floors are smoothly polished and are of concrete built with the counters being made of granite. Across the courtyard of the two storied guest house lies the main building which contains two grand bedrooms with two bathrooms ad a well spacious large kitchen room.

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Purple Bathrooms by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica

Bathrooms today are not limited in their tile choices to plain white, square, glazed ceramic tiles as they used to be. Today, there are literally thousands of different styles and sizes of bathroom tile ideas and choices. Ceramic is not the only material either. In my opinion Purple in this project by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica looks very regal.

Purple Bathrooms by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica6

This cool bathroom design in purple is one of the most versatile colors, taking you from soft shades of lilac and deep lavender, rich plum, jewel-toned amethyst and vibrant shades bordering on fuchsia.

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Modern Elba Nature wall closets by Spazzi

You can choose among the many types of doors, such as sliding, bifold, louvered and French. These types are constructed with different materials, including frosted glass, mirror, wood and steel. Many online retailers are also offering custom-built doors at competitive prices. Take a look at some of our choices.


This closet doors from Spazzi can be awesome for your home. Available in a blooming range of flower and leaf motifs executed in vibrant colors, these cool closet doors will bring life to an otherwise bland bedroom. I’m sure that if you are a lover of fashion this wall closets will be grate.



Flowers never get out of fashion. Especially pretty and colorful ones. And nature has been a subject of interest since forever. So you can’t be wrong by choosing any of these designs. Add some color and fun to your bedroom. It’s the place where you usually sleep, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Kids Bunk Beds from Mimondo

There are a lot of alternative varieties and designs of beds that may be the best for your child’s bedroom. Called “wave 2“, this bed has a unique design shaped like a process of architecture .If you want to get this furniture you can email at .



It’s a very practical idea for those who have more than 1 child. It saved space and it’s also very fun for the kids. They can play all sorts of games in there plus it allows them to climb on and hide. And if you’re worried about their safety, don’t be. It’s very durable and safe. The materials used are very solid and carefully chosen for this purpose. You might have some troubles assembling it but it’s not very difficult. And you can ask your kids to help, I’m sure they would be happy to do it. The beds have a friendly shape and they’re painted in a neutral tone of white, so they are perfect for girls as well as for boys.

Eiffel Stool by Shigeki Fujishiro

This Stool designed by Shigeki Fujishiro a Japanese designer, has a strange name “Eiffel”. The material used are from a special paper developed in Europe, that consist of pure pulp and recycled paper. This material is prominent by means of durability, flexibility, weight, pliability, and insulation.



We have all heard of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel chair is something new. Not as spectacular as its older and bigger brother, the tower, but also cute and interesting. And stools are very useful. Everyone should have them in their home. You never know when you will need one. So you might as well be prepared. And why not choose an interesting design, like this one. Have your own piece of Eiffel. You don’t need to go to France and to climb hundreds of steps to get to enjoy the Eiffel Tower. Now you can sit on it and save some energy.

Modern Purple and Spain Kitchen Ideas from Spazzi

Purple and Spain are two vibrant and exotic kitchen ideas from Spazzi, which is one of the largest kitchen manufacturers with distribution throughout Europe, Argentina, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Canada and now in the U.S.


Combined with contemporary stainless steel, the look is totally chic. Not only do these modern kitchen cabinets look cool, but they also provide plenty of concealed storage space for a clean, clutter-free kitchen. These cabinets allow you enjoy to modern minimalism designs with maximum flair for fashion.


It’s time to let your kitchen enter the modern world. This designs are very interesting in terms of materials used and forms. Also, the vibrant bright colors used create a nice contrast and they bring some fun into the room.


Purple is the color of royalty and these purple kitchens will definitely make you keel like a king or queen of your home with their high-end look and luxurious feel.{found on trendir}

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby

Skovby, a Danish company, offers many functional and flexible dining tables. One of the most interesting of them is the nice round dining table which is patented and equipped with a unique extension system. This table is quite compact when it is closed, but when it expands it become twice bigger and could give enough places for many persons. This round table is available in different kinds of wood finishes and could perfectly decorate any contemporary dining room.

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby

Now you don’t have to worry about space because when it’s compact the table is quite small. Also, the extra guests are not a problem anymore. In just a minute you will have enough room for everyone. This is also a very good solution for large families for which space is essential.

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby2

It’s always good to be prepared. And with this expandable table you’ll be ok no matter if it’s just a small dinner, or a family reunion. And it’s round, which gives the users a more comfortable and warm feeling.

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