House in Galicia by A-cero Architects

One of the challenges faced by many of the architects was building with its natural surround, and in this case, a building built by a cliff over a steep slope of hill. It is just over by the coast of A Corunna. It was built consisting blocks of concrete cubes with different compositions of angle to make up the spaces inside the house.

House in Galicia by A-cero Architects

The house was built to be a three stories house connected by series of stairs with two of the bedrooms and each having the bathrooms of themselves. In fact, each of the two bedrooms also consist of their own gym, parking lot, closets and a nice and amazing view of the terrain. In which the main challenging design of this architectural building; building the house on a slope of the terrain. The main focus of the building structure was to create a clear and wide open space for the interior.

Therefore, with a system and design in locating each of the frameworks of the building and its walls, the architecture goal was to eliminate all of the elements and objects that could be distracting the direct perspective view of the building’s space in the house. Then with the reinforced ideas on the contrast of color used on the floors and wall, it could help to provide a comfort and warm feelings toward the house.

Modern Wardrobes and Bedroom Closets

Wardrobes and Bedroom Closets are very popular and are an important element of any bedroom; choose correctly and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of easy use and aesthetic pleasure from your wardrobes, yet choose incorrectly and you’ll be ripped off for a set of wardrobes that don’t open properly, don’t have enough space and essentially just take up room in your house. The wardrobes and bedroom closets from WalkIn Wardrobe Zone may help you.

Modern Wardrobes and Bedroom Closets 13

There are basically two types of people, when it comes to this subject. There are those who don’t really care how their closet looks like as long as they have a place to store their cloths. Sometimes they don’t even bother to store them in the closet, they just throw them somewhere in the room and then the cloth just pile up until they run out of cloths and they eventually have to clean the room.

The category refers to those who are very particular about their wardrobes and bedroom closets. They like to see their clothes arranged on the shelves so that they can be easy to find and they also look good. This kind of people are usually a little more time when choosing their furniture. So for those of you who like to treat their clothes with respect, these options might be just right.

Also you can check the Wardrobe Furniture From MisuraEmme or Wardrobes Collection from Fimar.

Nueva Esperanza School by al bordE

It’s said; one step and a time, and we could make a different. One step at a time, something incredible will come out. That is what happened in Puerto Cabuyal Community residing in the area near the beach and in the land, which agriculture and fishing are what supporting the daily living needs. Starting from a scratch, to a paper, and turned to something incredible.

Nueva Esperanza School by al bordE2

That is a school in this rural community that is known as the Nueva Esperanza School. It is indeed the pride of all belong to the Puerto Cabuyal Community.The Nueva Esperanza School was designed by al bordE.

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Vodafone Head Office – Portugal

We already know that Vodafone is one of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications companies with activities around the globe. Vodafone’s well publicized Portuguese headquarters is located on Avenida da Boavista in Porto (Oporto).


The Vodafone building was designed by architects José António Barbosa and Pedro Guimarães of Barbosa Guimarães Arquitectos. They came up with an original and bold design for this company. I was expecting that the building to be impressing and massive but I wasn’t expecting this design. It looks interesting and strange but in a good way.


It’s a modern design, both on the outside and on the inside. Of course the most impressing part in the shape. It’s an irregular but equilibrated structure. It’s a mixture of geometry related features and artistic features that when put together create an unique and very interesting structure.


It’s a complex and dynamic design that gives a sense of movement and excitement.The construction has 8 floors and 3 of them underground. The exciting shapes and forms from the outside can also be found inside. This way there’s a unitary image with no discrepancies. As the architects that designed it declare themselves, this building reflects the attitude and philosophy of Vodafone, which is based on the dynamic aspect of life.

Physalia, A Huge Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut has come up with a wonderful design. He has designed a floating garden in the shape of a whale. This floating garden named as Physalia, is so designed that it will purify the water in the rivers of the world while it drifts through them. The Physalia is an ecosystem sufficient enough to generate power from the sun and utilize it in reducing the water pollution by the process of bio-filtration.

Physalia, A Huge Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut

Physalia, A Huge Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut2

Callebaut has always fascinated the people with his designs and this one is no exception. But the existence of this type of technology is certainly doubtful. This floating garden will consist of gardens along with a green roof and solar panels. The boat will generate energy from renewable resources. In this case, the moving water will be used to run the hydro-turbines which in turn will generate power.

The exterior design consists of a TiO2 layer which helps in cleaning the water by reacting with UV rays. The garden systems namely Earth, Water, Wind and Fire will pump out the additional water thereby filtering out the contaminants.


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What are the differences between a Modular and a Manufactured home?

It is an obvious to understand the types of houses available in the market before buying and finalizing the selection by an individual. There are certain restrictions that one should abide by in order to either buy or construct a house over a land. So it is of sheer importance to understand clearly the features and the provisions of each type of the housings.

The modular homes are constructed by sections within the premise of a factory. The units are manufactured by maintaining a proper design and architecture. These houses are built so as to conform all the states including the local or regional. Whereas the manufactured homes conform to the HUD code rather than conforming to the codes at the destinations.

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Upside-down house by Hutchison & Maul Architecture

With so many unique and out-of-the-box designs out there, it;s hard to create a house that stands out these days. Yet architects manage to impress us every day. In the case of this interesting-looking house, it’s not the sleek minimalism or sculptural beauty that impresses but the whole concept behind the design.

This upside down house was designed by Hutchison & Maul Architecture. It was a challenging project completed in 2008 in Seattle, Washington. The house occupies an area of 242 square meters and was designed for a small family with two children. It was constructed on the foundation of a single-story bungalow from the post-war period.

The reason why we call this an upside down house is because of the placement of all the living spaces. Areas usually occupied by private spaces are in this case public zones and the other way around. The main level houses the bedrooms and the bathrooms while the living area, the dining room and the kitchen occupy the second floor. A skylight is placed at the center and illuminates the whole interior.

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