The Shine Birch Lamp Concept By Katherine Semenko

This is not by any means the usual lamp designs that you were used with. It’s an art piece that could be in your own homes. And it’s functional too.

The Shine Birch Lamp is an innovative concept by Katherine Semenko. Measuring about 25 cm can be easily gripped by one hand and combines 5 duplicating segments that make the lamp like a full bloomed flower. The 5 luminous bulbs give a lot of light to make a shiny and warm environment that will surely tickle the user’s heart. It’s a very bold and unusual design.

The form is furthermore accentuated by the use of a neutral color like white. This way all the attention goes on the form and design and you won’t be distracted by the colors. Modern and very unique. A piece that will catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

The Laidley House by Zack|de Vito Architecture

The 147 Laidley House is located on a typical 25′x100′ San Francisco infill lot and was designed and built by the Architect owners, Jim Zack and Lise de Vito. The house covers 3,000 sq ft and it incorporates three + bedrooms three bathrooms and an open plan living floor with dramatic views of the City, the Bay and the Bay Bridge.

The Laidley House by Zackde Vito Architecture22

The design of the house is modern and open, expressive in terms of materials used in the construction, with elegant and interesting details and craft. Yet it was easily assimilated into its urban context of  older houses.  The attention to detail is best exemplified by the interior stair custom fabricated from water jet cut steel stringers, acrylic treads and steel and glass guardrails.

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Modern Interior Design in Phoenix

Among the most recent modern high raised homes in Phoenix this one is one of the fabulous ones that one may cherish to live in. Located at the center of the downtown this house connects each and every required location to survive in an exquisite habitat.

Modern Architecture in Phoenix 2

This highly furnished and upgraded piece of modern architecture is undoubtedly unique in its form with the construction of bamboo based floors that provides the edgy look of the finest condo.

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Villa in Puglia by Antonio Lupi

It is clear from the construction of the building that it’s built on a slope. It is located in a villa in Puglia and is designed by Antonio Lupi. The entry to the residence is attractive with the walls of the portico carved with fine glass.

Villa in Puglia by Antonio Lupi

Villa in Puglia by Antonio Lupi2

The living room is gorgeous with cool blue shade, glass doors, high tech infrastructure and a silent fire place that enlightens the room. The highlight of the residence is that, the walls are embedded with blue lights matching the shades.

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Villa in Sardinia by Antonio Lupi

This typical luxury residence is located in the midst of the shrubs and trees in a villa in Sardinia. The layout of the building has smooth marble floorings and carpeted with fresh green grass giving a fantastic view. The front part of the resort is constructed with stones adding richness to its appearance. The spacious portico gives an enhanced view of the nature which also will provide a cool atmosphere.

Villa in Sardinia by Antonio Lupi2

The side portion of the residence helps to enjoy the sunrise and sunset by a casual walk into the side portico.  The floor is furnished with limestone and slate and the living room is enriched with modern carpentry and electronic devices.

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Coffee-Laptop Table

I’m sure that your coffee tables are used for work also. But what if your coffee table can be transformed in a laptop table ? For those who work at home, which is specially the case of webmasters, this combination of coffee table and laptop table is a cool and very useful piece of furniture.

The simple mechanism that brings the table closer to the person sitting can make a big difference in terms of the potential back discomfort that can be caused by leaning forward to use a laptop on a coffee table. But now you won’t be needing to do that anymore. A lot of people tend to have problems in the morning when they would normally have to drink their coffee and then go somewhere else, preferably a more comfortable place, to work. Instead they choose to bring their work to the coffee table. The reason is laziness.

But when your back starts to hurt you wish you were less lazy and went to sit on your desk. Or even better, you could have bought  this coffee-laptop-table. Do it now and save time later.

Two Storey Single Family Residence by BAAN Design

Located near Genesee Park on Lake Washington and designed by BAAN Design, this house has gorgeous views over the lake. The residence was design to  maximize those views. Even the enclosed private backyard hardly depends on them. Glazed walls around the living area allows you to catch the views of the lake through the house while seating in this backyard. Personally I like the windows and doors which are thermally broken aluminum with a custom double hinged pivot wood doors located at the front entrance.


The whole house is beautiful, not to mention modern. And we already know that modern is unusually best expressed by simplicity. That’s exactly what this house is all about. The simplicity defines everything.

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