Carbon Fiber Coffee Table

This is most expensive coffee table ever seen before, which was made by Rhys Mellor a boat builder, originally from New Zealand. The Coffee Table worth $16,000 and is made up of carbon uni-bands on the edges and middle for stiffness. Carbon fiber being susceptible to compression, a 5mm core has been created in between, giving the table its solid look.


I admit that it’s a beautiful piece of furniture, simple, stylish and modern in the same time. And the material used is also to be appreciated. But honestly, the price is over the top. After all it’s just a table. I can see how a boat is expensive because that one is actually floating above water and it’s big and keeps you dry when sailing over the seas and having fun with your friends. But this is just a simple coffee table, small and insignificant.


All you do is use to have coffee in the morning and then that’s it. Maybe if I has ton of money and I had soothing to do with them I would consider buying a coffee table that’s so expensive. But even then I wouldn’t want to buy this one. It has a relatively interesting design, but it’s not that creative and honestly it’s a little boring. So this is one coffee table that I really don’t like.

Tunis luxury seating collection by Expormim

Rattan furniture is the latest trend in the world of designer furniture. Rattan furniture looks great no matter where you put it but in this article I am going to talk about a three set colletion that has caught my eye. Tunis is a new luxury seating collection by Expormim for modern outdoor living spaces. Made from highly durable materials, weather-proof aluminum with hand-woven synthetic rattan that’s resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it.

Tunis luxury seating collection by Expormim2

The Tunis collection includes double loungers, dining chairs, coffee tables and side tables, as well as coffee and side tables made of fiberglass to complete the look.

Tunis luxury seating collection by Expormim3

This is a really beautiful collection that I enjoy from all the points of view. It’s elegant and stylish and it perfectly combines the simplicity and the sophistication that a collection like this should include. I particularly enjoy the light and natural colors that this collection has to offer. Furthermore, the chair and especially those double lounges look very comfortable. They provide you with the perfect place to sit on while relaxing and admiring the surroundings, or maybe enjoying a cop of coffee outdoors. It’s a modern collection that would look great in a beautiful and simple outdoor location.

40 foot Container into Stylish Small-Home Spaces

There are all sorts of the houses being built all over the places, and indeed with all sort of materials that could possibly imagine. However, have you heard of a house built with the container for shipping?

Well, there sure are plenty, how about an extremely nice looking and fashionable one? There is one indeed. It is in fact being built brilliantly and can be considered to be amazingly stylish.

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Modern Wall Stickers from Acte Deco

Wall stickers are more preferred by home owners and interior designers because of the features that they can offer that no other form of wall decorating comes too close to giving. They offer the easiest form of application, convenient removal options, opportunities for custom designs, low cost, and do-it-yourself features. There are some articles here about wall stickers like Wall Kids Room Design and Beautiful Wall Stickers To Decorate Your House.

Modern Wall Stickers from Acte Deco20

Today I want to show you the Acte Deco collection of wall stickers, which are adaptable for any room and any style. Featuring an elegant design could easily personalize your home interior. As any contemporary wall stickers these models are very easy to apply and remove without any residues.

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361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze

Easy to transport and set, a shelf is nowadays an indispensable item. With so many appliances in the market, shelves have suffered a strong evolution in the last times, in areas such as 361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze. The tower has four sides and rotates 360° ideally for those who have collection of CDs and DVDs.

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze2

It’s a great piece of furniture for small spaces because it allows you to store a large number of items and because it’s build like an apartment house you don’t need a lot of space. The base is only a few inches wide so you can just place it in a corner or anywhere you have a little space left.

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze3

The shape of this structure also allows you to easily organize your CD or DVD collection according to your own criteria. For example you can use the top shelf to store the ones you use less often, because it’s harder to get them, and then the one at the base for the children movies in case you have kids, so that they can have access to them anytime they want without bothering you. I really like this piece. It’s simple and very functional, like it should be.

Restaurant Interior Design at WT Hotel Italy

I have never seen a restaurant interior like this before! The best part of this restaurant is that it was especially designed as a forest hovered between reality and imagination. The genealogical figure and the big tables with a tribal shape surround the illuminated three in a gesture of gathering around the source of light and warmness give you a chance to dream with your eyes opened.


It’s a really beautiful design, especially considering it’s for a restaurant. People usually choose the restaurants according to all kinds of criteria. Some people are really particular about their food so they base their choices according to the quality of the meals served there. Others don’t really care much about that and they just want to find a beautiful and elegant place where they can enjoy a nice meal.  And usually the aesthetic factor wins over the gourmet one.

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Magnolia lounge chair by Artifort

The most important thing that you need to consider before buying this chair is related to the convenience factor. If you find the chair comfortable to sit in, then you can enjoy your sitting time as well as you can picture it.

Magnolia lounge chair by Artifort12

The best two words which can describe the Magnolia lounge chair are design and architecture .The Magnolia is a beautiful piece of furniture whatever way you look at it, an interplay between empty and full, hard and soft. A unique armchair that perfectly fits into the celebrated  Artifort collection. A real eyecatcher for the living room or any other place.

It has a beautiful architectural design that is visible especially when you’re looking at the base. The overall shape reminds me a little bit about the flower’s shape. There’s an obvious resemblance, but I’m not sure that the designers thought about that when creating this chair. Because it looks so simple, it can be easily incorporated in any design without having trouble matching it with the rest of the furniture or thinking about the color, because it comes in black  s well as in other neutral color combinations.Available with a polished stainless steel base in your choice of fabric or leather upholstery this item would make a great addition to any modern home.

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