Marquis Estate of Cherry Creek by Site 7 Solutions

It is a true masterpiece of architecture and a residential luxury up in the North of Cherry Creek. It is known as the Cherry Creek’s Marquis Estate. It is the showcase in the incredible neighborhood with nice homes, shopping for the upscale, fine and nice restaurants and galleries. It is a luxury of life in this 7,066 square foot home with the contemporary amazing design that is well fit for its incredible neighborhood. It is the design that built upon the exotic wood and natural stone from the ceilings to the building’s floor.

Marquis Estate of Cherry Creek by Site 7 Solutions1

The building has also designed to attract and catch all its surrounding lights from all different directions making the home full of the warms from the lights. Indeed the house has also built to offer the greatest high quality living entertainment outdoor as well as indoor for its owner with indoor spa and saltwater swimming pool.

It is nonetheless an amazing luxury home that was designed and built to provide the greatest comfort and luxury for an extraordinary everyday living experiences in all different ways with its incredible temperature controlled fine wine collecting room, amazing home digitized theater and an exclusively built home office consisting of personal library.

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze

Easy to transport and set, a shelf is nowadays an indispensable item. With so many appliances in the market, shelves have suffered a strong evolution in the last times, in areas such as 361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze. The tower has four sides and rotates 360° ideally for those who have collection of CDs and DVDs.

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze2

It’s a great piece of furniture for small spaces because it allows you to store a large number of items and because it’s build like an apartment house you don’t need a lot of space. The base is only a few inches wide so you can just place it in a corner or anywhere you have a little space left.

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze

361° shelf tower by Fischerundfritze3

The shape of this structure also allows you to easily organize your CD or DVD collection according to your own criteria. For example you can use the top shelf to store the ones you use less often, because it’s harder to get them, and then the one at the base for the children movies in case you have kids, so that they can have access to them anytime they want without bothering you. I really like this piece. It’s simple and very functional, like it should be.

Restaurant Interior Design at WT Hotel Italy

I have never seen a restaurant interior like this before! The best part of this restaurant is that it was especially designed as a forest hovered between reality and imagination. The genealogical figure and the big tables with a tribal shape surround the illuminated three in a gesture of gathering around the source of light and warmness give you a chance to dream with your eyes opened.


It’s a really beautiful design, especially considering it’s for a restaurant. People usually choose the restaurants according to all kinds of criteria. Some people are really particular about their food so they base their choices according to the quality of the meals served there. Others don’t really care much about that and they just want to find a beautiful and elegant place where they can enjoy a nice meal.  And usually the aesthetic factor wins over the gourmet one.

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Magnolia lounge chair by Artifort

The most important thing that you need to consider before buying this chair is related to the convenience factor. If you find the chair comfortable to sit in, then you can enjoy your sitting time as well as you can picture it.

Magnolia lounge chair by Artifort12

The best two words which can describe the Magnolia lounge chair are design and architecture .The Magnolia is a beautiful piece of furniture whatever way you look at it, an interplay between empty and full, hard and soft. A unique armchair that perfectly fits into the celebrated  Artifort collection. A real eyecatcher for the living room or any other place.

It has a beautiful architectural design that is visible especially when you’re looking at the base. The overall shape reminds me a little bit about the flower’s shape. There’s an obvious resemblance, but I’m not sure that the designers thought about that when creating this chair. Because it looks so simple, it can be easily incorporated in any design without having trouble matching it with the rest of the furniture or thinking about the color, because it comes in black  s well as in other neutral color combinations.Available with a polished stainless steel base in your choice of fabric or leather upholstery this item would make a great addition to any modern home.

Kindergarten Barbapapà by ccd studio

The term “Barbapapa” came about as a project competition proposed by the municipality of Vignola as it was looking for financing. It is a project in building a kindergarten given the name Barbapapa to be located in the hill of Emilia Romagna’s region in the border for near 60 children. The kindergarten will be divided into four different classrooms for these children.

The area for building is known for its nature environment, which is rightly related to the project for Kindergarten Barbapapa. It is meant to be built with a close relationship with its environment and providing the children the value to be sustainable just its building theme will be.

The building was indeed built with the least impact for the volume. The deck was planned to be painted green in order to maintain a nice thermal insulation and a package of terrain being placed at the top of the roof that made with word in order to preserve the comfort from the environment. Most of the daily resources for the kindergarten will be gotten through its surroundings.

For example, solar panel will be built to meet the daily electricity needs, water will be collected from rain with a specially made tank, and all the materials used to build the building are closely studied to be environmental friendly.

Modern Landing Sofa by Mauro Lipparini

A living room is empty without the modern sofa. Sofas are fine addition to your living area. Its main purpose is a place where family can stay together as they watch movies and for any bonding moments of the whole family. Landing Sofa by Mauro Lipparini features a slim and light architecture, built upon central elegant metallic bases and with a big visual impact, like jewels that increase the floating effect.

Landing Sofa by Mauro LippariniLanding Sofa by Mauro Lipparini

The Landing Sofa collection is available in different sizes 260, 230, 210 and 190 cm. – and is completed by an armchair of 120 cm.; two coffee tables completely covered in saddle leather are also available, one square of 95×95 cm. and one rectangular of 140×70 cm.

I especially appreciate the elegant and extremely simple metallic base. It goes really well with the other elements and it creates a beautiful and modern image. I think we can all agree about the fact that this sofa looks really nice and would make a great addition to anyone’s home. But there’s also another big advantage: this sofa is also extremely comfortable. Just by looking at it you can see hose soft and comfy it is. It almost looks like it’s inviting you to sit down and relax.

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System

I already have on my site a top of 12 Best Prefab Homes Around The World, and today I want to present another prefab house made from prefabricated panels from a UK company called ModCell. This prefabricated panels are very highly attractive, energy-efficient and very sustainable.

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System

The ModCell uses straw bale in their panels. These panels are air-tight, mold resistant, and result in practically no waste during prefabrication. Extra wood scraps are burned in the factory’s biomass boiler, extra straw or hemp goes to farms to be used as bedding, and any leftover metal scraps are recycled.

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System3

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System4

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System2

The design of this cute house is very simple. It has a geometrical shape. It’s actually a big cube that you can live in. There’s a lot of wood involved in this project so it’s going to be a very comfortable and relaxing place to live in. It’s like your own refuge, your own place where you can go to escape the busy world. I really like this house. It’s simple and elegant and it makes great use of what nature has to offer. It also respects the environment, which is quite rare. There should be more houses like this one, and there’s still hope that this will someday become reality.

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