Touch Faucets by Jordan Tomnuk

The variety of touch faucets continues to be growing. The new design by Jordan Tomnuk coming in both a shower and bathroom sink version The inspiration behind these fixtures is creating a slim and minimal design. For those who are interested should know that it features touch sensors that also control hot and cold settings making the other handles useless.

touch faucets

I don’t think you can ever find a faucet simpler than this one. It’s a minimalist design that adds indisputable elegance to any bathroom, regardless of the style that you have chosen for the rest of the features or the design you have chosen for the interior. Not only that but this faucet also features the latest trend in terms of technological developments in this domain. The touch sensors allow you to easily control the temperature of the water as well as the pressure. This faucet makes the old ones look like piece of junk, no offense to those who still own them.

bathroom fixtures with touch sensor

bathroom sink with sensor faucets

I still have to deal with the old, outdated and noisy faucet design, like most of us have to do. When looking at this new faucet design and its features, it almost seems like a dream. But unlike the dreams you have at night, this one has a real chance of becoming true.

Luxury paradise in Costa Rica

This is the first time when i saw a beauty like this! This luxury paradise in Costa Rica burn 4,000 sq. ft. of indoor living space and 2,000 sq. ft. of outdoor entertaining areas, the house takes advantage of environment, located on the crest of a coastal canyon with the Pacific Ocean crashing below and the Costa Rican jungle all around.


Is one the most amazing courtyard home plans we’ve ever seen. Outdoor you can find large pool which is perfectly for friends night party. Designed for entertaining and relaxing, this luxury home boasts happiness. Visit Peninsula Papagayo for your own private piece of paradise!


Just by looking at these pictures you can immediately tell that this place is really amazing. I mean look at it: there’s a pool right there, near the house. You can get out of the house and walk right into the pool. You can jump in the pool from the deck. And the interior is gorgeous. Stylish, elegant, chic and modern, it’s a dream come true (for the owners).



The surroundings are also amazing. The nature is everywhere, wrapping this place from all the corners. It’s peace and quiet out there. You can just escape from the busy world and relax.

Egg Tub by Rexa Design

The Egg tub by Italian company Rexa features clean lines and a minimalist to complement any contemporary bathroom. The immaculate white tub have integrated a shelf, ideal for storing your potions and lotions, towels, books or bathroom accessories in your favorite colors to make your bathroom pop. Also if you want other color then white you can choose for a range of colors and finishes to help you make the most of your space.


The tub is not exactly egg-shaped. It’s more like half an egg placed horizontally. But still, the curves resemble the egg’s shape very well. I assume it must be very a very comfortable piece, assuming by the size and friendly shape. It’s the perfect environment for you to take a nice long and relaxing bath, to forget about all the problems even if it’s just for a few minutes.


A very ingenious feature that makes this bathtub stand out is the storage space incorporated in the design. It allows you to store your lotions, hair product and this kind of stuff. But not just that, you can even use it to store other things as well, not just hygiene products. You could have some books or magazines in there just in case you might want to read something while in the bathroom. It’s clever and convenient.

World’s Largest LED Project Completed in Abu Dhabi

The world’s largest LED project has been recently completed in Abu Dhabi. Asymptote Architecture holds the credit for such a marvelous design and Arup holds the credit for lighting design. The project has been implemented on the Yas Hotel where the entire structure is covered with 5300 panels in diamond shape containing over 5000 LED fixtures. The lighting structure is such that color changing sequences of light can be displayed and the design is also capable of running three dimensional videos of low resolution.

World’s Largest LED Project Completed in Abu Dhabi

World’s Largest LED Project Completed in Abu Dhabi2

The Yas Hotel has two buildings each with 12 storeys and has a neon canopy at the top that looks more like a Formula One race track. The hotel consists of 500 rooms spanning up to 85000 square meters and that is obvious that the blinking lights and cars would take away your sleep.

The use of LEDs is certainly remarkable and the design definitely owes applause. Though, LEDs are one of the cheapest as well as efficient sources of light energy, having covered the entire building with them gives the feeling of a monumental design. Anyhow, the project will definitely blow the minds of people with its remarkable display and design.


Japanese Agura Sofa by Hisae Igarashi 3

Modern minimalist designs are not the same as the old, harsh decor that existed years ago. The new look for minimalist interior design is a softer look, more personal and easier to live with. The Agura Sofa by Hisae Igarashi was designed for SAJICA,. The unique sofa and ottoman featuring a minimalist look are made from pure Japanese Igusa that not only makes it an eco-friendly product, but also adds elegance to the whole set.

Japanese Agura Sofa by Hisae Igarashi

Also the Agura sofa is supposedly capable to adsorb the humidity in the room and this way it can purify the toxic substances in the air, such as formaldehyde. The Agura Sofa will be at the upcoming 2010 IMM Cologne show in Germany.

Japanese Agura Sofa by Hisae Igarashi 3

I think that we can all agree that this is a very simple, even minimalist piece of furniture that is also elegant and maybe even beautiful. But there’s also something else that is very important when it comes to sofas, and this one doesn’t have it. It’s the lack of comfort that I’m talking about. This sofa does not look comfortable at all. There are no cushions or anything soft to sit on, there’s just the wood, covered in fabric. That’s not how I would like my sofa to look like. Maybe the Japanese can live like that, but the rest of us need a little more in order to feel good about our furniture.

House in Galicia by A-cero Architects

One of the challenges faced by many of the architects was building with its natural surround, and in this case, a building built by a cliff over a steep slope of hill. It is just over by the coast of A Corunna. It was built consisting blocks of concrete cubes with different compositions of angle to make up the spaces inside the house.

House in Galicia by A-cero Architects

The house was built to be a three stories house connected by series of stairs with two of the bedrooms and each having the bathrooms of themselves. In fact, each of the two bedrooms also consist of their own gym, parking lot, closets and a nice and amazing view of the terrain. In which the main challenging design of this architectural building; building the house on a slope of the terrain. The main focus of the building structure was to create a clear and wide open space for the interior.

Therefore, with a system and design in locating each of the frameworks of the building and its walls, the architecture goal was to eliminate all of the elements and objects that could be distracting the direct perspective view of the building’s space in the house. Then with the reinforced ideas on the contrast of color used on the floors and wall, it could help to provide a comfort and warm feelings toward the house.

Modern Wardrobes and Bedroom Closets

Wardrobes and Bedroom Closets are very popular and are an important element of any bedroom; choose correctly and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of easy use and aesthetic pleasure from your wardrobes, yet choose incorrectly and you’ll be ripped off for a set of wardrobes that don’t open properly, don’t have enough space and essentially just take up room in your house. The wardrobes and bedroom closets from WalkIn Wardrobe Zone may help you.

Modern Wardrobes and Bedroom Closets 13

There are basically two types of people, when it comes to this subject. There are those who don’t really care how their closet looks like as long as they have a place to store their cloths. Sometimes they don’t even bother to store them in the closet, they just throw them somewhere in the room and then the cloth just pile up until they run out of cloths and they eventually have to clean the room.

The category refers to those who are very particular about their wardrobes and bedroom closets. They like to see their clothes arranged on the shelves so that they can be easy to find and they also look good. This kind of people are usually a little more time when choosing their furniture. So for those of you who like to treat their clothes with respect, these options might be just right.

Also you can check the Wardrobe Furniture From MisuraEmme or Wardrobes Collection from Fimar.

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