MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos

MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos22

MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos10

The MO House project is not a conventional architectural program. It is rather typical with a proposal for residence being uniquely designed. It does not have any link with social rules and regulations. Experiments and researches or deep studies have resulted in the rise of this kind of architecture.

The project hopes to bring about a new change in architecture designing, thinking out of the box, breaking the established canons and introducing new shapes and materials. It establishes a different angle of viewing the house. The design involves two rectangular volumes being traversed by a bridge. The concept tries to break the house unity into two different dialogues thereby distinguishing the public and private areas, services and living and even between parents and children.

MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos9

The concept is projected in different angles and visuals and is based on premise of inhabiting. The house is mixed with playful esthetic along with photogenic diversities which can be visualized. It has a wonderful structure full of diagonals and intersections. It also provides an enjoyable view of lighting and shadows from each angle. It is definitely going to revolutionize the architectural designing.( Architects: LVS Architecture + JC NAME Arquitectos and via archdaily )

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DS-2410 Sofa by Peter Maly and Birgit Hoffmann

A modern sofa is a must have for any home. They come in different sizes, designs, and made of different materials that will surely fit with the taste of any individual today. You have the leisure to pick the perfect one for your needs among the thousand of modern sofa selections in the market today. DS-2410 was designed by a German designer Peter Maly in collaboration with Birgit Hoffmann developed a seating concept with unique generosity, for the Swiss manufacturer de Sede. With clean geometric lines this contemporary classic sofa should give your loft a new look .

DS-2410 Sofa by Peter Maly and Birgit Hoffmann2

I really like this sofa. I would say it’s modern but not over the top. I like the color, which is a neutral tone of grey, very beautiful and that would look great in any modern home. This piece of furniture looks very good but it feels even better. It has very think cushions that provide you with extreme comfort. It’s very soft and comfy and it makes you wish you could stay there all day. It’s probably pieces like this that have contributed to the creation of the expression “couch potato”.

DS-2410 Sofa by Peter Maly and Birgit Hoffmann

Not only that this sofa looks good and it’s comfortable, but it’s also detachable. It allows you to form multiple seating features, in case you have guests or you just want to change the atmosphere.

Atrium Modern Seating Furniture by New Vienna Workshop

For those who are looking for modern seating features, the Atrium collection from New Vienna Workshop is awesome. The minimalist collection features clean lines and luscious upholstery – plain or cassette-quilted – complemented by a black nickel-plated metal frame. This atrium collection is chic with bold patterned cushions in black.


It’s a nice collection that features beautiful pieces. However I wouldn’t call it elegant because there’s something about these pieces of furniture that doesn’t look gracious. They are ok, they look good, but I wouldn’t call them elegant or stylish.

The collection only comes in black which is always a good choice when it comes to colors. This means that it would look great in any modern home and it would make a great addition regardless of the other colors involved in the interior design and décor.  The pieces are modern and they also look very comfortable. I especially like the sofa because it looks more simple. I’m not crazy about the armchairs. They look comfortable and nice, but they also look a little angry. I think this collection is more appropriate for men than for women, because of the geometric lines and the lack of color or curved lines. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful and modern collection.

Wash Basin in Black Corian

If you can decorate your bathroom with modern accessories set, it will surely get converted into the comfort zone of your house. It can also give a fresh and elegant look to your bathroom. While choosing your bathroom accessories set, you must see that it should be safe, secure, modern and of real good quality. This wash basin in black corian designed by an Italian company looks grate as a deck mounted wash basin. Available in 2 sizes of 750mm x 420mm and 600mm x 420mm, you can pick up calling at 1722 415000.


I really like black furniture and the way it looks in the house. I especially the black features that you can incorporate in the bathrooms. There’s something about this color that makes it look especially good in that room of the house. But finding black furniture and features for your bathroom is not as easy as it sounds.

There’s been this tradition for a long time that involves the color white and the bathroom. I don’t know why but I’ve seen a lot of white bathrooms. If it’s not white than it has to be something close, like a very light pink or blue or anything pale and boring. This beautiful black wash basin is surely a contrasting feature in this sense. I love the mate finish and the modern design. It would look great in any bathroom.

Concept Glass Home by Santambrogiomilao

If you love the natural light, the concept house designed by Santambrogiomilao group is definitely the perfect residence for you. This Glass Home offers view of world on a 360 degree axis, without a care for privacy. The glass home is a collaboration between founder Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio. The glass home concept featuring a series of iconic furniture pieces, beds, sofas and bookcases, along with architectural elements such as staircases and kitchens.

glass home concept6

glass home concept

It’s one thing to like the glass features and to incorporate them in your furniture pieces and it’s a whole different thing to live in a glass house. It’s an interesting concept but it’s probably not that functional. Glass is cool and it’s very useful and it looks good when used with moderation. This house is just over the top. I couldn’t image someone actually living in there. It would be torture. It’s fun as concept but nothing more than that.

glass home concept2

glass home concept5

I believe in moderation and although I find this structure extremely interesting and original, I also find it exaggerated. But of course this was never meant to be used as an actual home where you could live in. It’s just an exhibitionist creation, a way for the designers to show us what they can do with a lot of glass and a little imagination.{found on loudreams }

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing, Dubai

The Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing is a beautiful bridge about 1.7 miles that will be built in Dubai. This project is awesome, the bridge’s form, a simple arch, is the most basic of structural solutions for spanning great distances, this particular application of the arch is informed by the culture, topography, light, and script of the region. The Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing should be end on 2011 and has 55,800 feet long.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing, Dubai

When it comes to Dubai and its extreme features and I don’t even want to think about it. It’s probably the most extravagant and exaggerated placed on earth. It has a lot of extremely beautiful and interesting structures and this bridge is just one of them. It’s another of taking something so simple as a bridge and turning it into something so complex and complicated like this particular bridge. This is the kind of structure that only Dubai could have.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing, Dubai6

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing, Dubai5

Actually this bridge only looks complicated and sophisticated, The structure is quite simple and it’s the details that make it special and over the top. There’s only this much I can say about this amazing structure. The pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

{Credits & copyright FXFOWLE Architects}


Blair Residence by Bruce Bolander Architect

Malibu in California has experienced yet another fabulous designed architecture from the renowned Bruce Bolander. The decent piece of residence with some amazing scenic beauty is the key to the popularity of this house. The rough concrete walls marks the perfect view to the nature making the living a most beautiful and leisured one.

Blair Residence by Bruce Bolander Architect17

A perfect combination of concrete and steel makes the architecture yet another fantastic living accommodation. The components however do not possibly act as a barrier to fire and are rather quite unorganized.

The texture of the concrete does provide a mark of luxury. Though the architectural design depicts the utmost try of luxury and implementation of art the root to the beauty however depends solely upon the location and the scenic surroundings. The bed placed in the middle of the bedroom may provide a royal feel with the green textured attached bathroom bring somewhat not what expected.

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