The Charming Ranch Home

Tucked in the most beautiful landscape of the Mummy Mountains in the Paradise Valley, exists the most beautiful and charming Queen Creek Adobe Ranch. With its stunningly beautiful bizarre baths and the kitchens, this charming design stands to be one of the most appreciated ones. The Saltillo tiled floors mark the comfort and all the possible charms reveal the exquisite height of wonders that a ranch house can offer.

The Charming Ranch Home5

The town of the Paradise Valley being one of the most desirable and of scenic beauty is probably the most reckoned one as it holds the charmingly beautiful landmarks like the Adobe Range within its extremities.

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Modern Bedrooms by Answeredesign

The bedroom is more than just the place where we sleep or rest. It’s a very special room, probably the most important one in the house. It’s a place where we go to seek comfort, where refuge from all the stress that we encounter at work, where we feel safe. The bedroom often becomes our sanctuary, our heaven, no matter what preferences in terms of style we have.

Modern Bedrooms by Answeredesign7

Here are some suggestions of furniture pieces from Answeredesign that might help you create an amazing bedroom deign that meets your expectations in terms of comfort and style. This bedroom furniture distinguishes by the unusual but very elegant and at the same time rounded  sensual shapes, perfect for this room.

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Hotel in Padova by Antonio Lupi

This stunning hotel furnished with luxury furniture is located in Padova. The living room glows bright with the fireplace that enlightens it and keeps it warm and cozy.

Hotel in Padova by Antonio Lupi

The shelves have reflecting surface keeping the room bright by reflecting the lamp lights. The doors, mirrors and window panes are coated with material called radium that sparkles in blue with a panoramic view. The ensuite has hardwood tiled floor and floating hardware. They also contain small lamps attached on their outer doors giving a pleasing view.

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Swiss chair a multifuntional seating furniture

Space is a big problem nowadays. There is just not enough space for everybody. So the Swiss chair , designed by Selcan Dokmen and Miray Oktem is a multipurpose seating that allows three people to sit at different heights in order to do different group activities or simply chitchat.

Swiss chair a multifuntional seating furniture2

Swiss chair a multifuntional seating furniture

The Swiss chair feature 3 pieces in different heights that are connected to each other from one end. Further more they have inbuilt storage space for 4 stools. So in less than a minute you can obtain even more sitting space. This concept can be used easily to watch TV or play console games. Your friends won’t have to sit on the floor anymore and they will be very grateful because it’s not the most comfortable place to sit on, especially when you’re a guest.

The Swiss Chair is the perfect answer to all our needs. And it’s very colorful and modern looking. So simple and yet so functional.

Winter Lamp Collection Designed by Bleu Nature

If you want a new lamp for your home, then you must take a look at the Winter Lamp Collection Designed by Bleu Nature. The concept featuring an elegant look and a warm “blue glacier” trend which will be grate for the coming year .


It’s a very interesting idea. The goal was to bring the outdoors in. This way you will miss the nature less, considering it’s winter season so it’s not the best time to enjoy nature. The lamp is partially made of glass and partially of wood. It’s has a lacquered finish for a more resilient and shiny look, allowing in the same to keep the natural tones from the wood.

The shapes and sizes and variable, as well as the colors. But each one of them is unique and gives a you a sensation of warmth and coziness. Enjoy many cold winter days and night with this beautiful lamps. They are perfect if you want to sit by the fire, or on a comfy chair and relax or reed a book or just and talk with your family and friends

8 Beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas for your home

Christmas is almost here and for those who are still looking for ideas about  a Tree, this is a grate opportunity. I hope these interior Christmas trees inspired you to find what you need for your Christmas day. We already know that there are many Christmas decorations filling the mall shelves today, that come in a wide array of prices, colors, sizes, styles, and brands.


All the time the Christmas Tree is the central point of attraction in your home. So here are 8 Beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas to feed your inspiration.

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Bathroom Washbasins by Alicrite

I`m happy to present you a gorgeous collection, Washtrend, designed by Carlo Colombo for Alicrite. All the units from this collections burn an original design.


The silver freestanding washbasin is perfectly for any modern bathroom. The black and white lay-on vessel could amazingly suit to any trendy black and white bathroom. Any of these presented washbasins could add a stylish and unique touch to any bathroom. You’ll just have to find the right one.

Bathroom Washbasins by Alicrite

Bathroom Washbasins by Alicrite1

Each one of them is unique in a different way. It could be the shape, the design, the materials used or the colors. Every one of them presents a different style and is suitable for a certain type of person. The first option is very modern with a traditional reminiscence because of the wood, the second one is very bold and unique, very contemporary and the last choice is simple and elegant, but also modern. What type do you like best? Pick your choice.

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