ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System

I already have on my site a top of 12 Best Prefab Homes Around The World, and today I want to present another prefab house made from prefabricated panels from a UK company called ModCell. This prefabricated panels are very highly attractive, energy-efficient and very sustainable.

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System

The ModCell uses straw bale in their panels. These panels are air-tight, mold resistant, and result in practically no waste during prefabrication. Extra wood scraps are burned in the factory’s biomass boiler, extra straw or hemp goes to farms to be used as bedding, and any leftover metal scraps are recycled.

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System3

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System4

ModCell Prefab Homes,an Alternative Building System2

The design of this cute house is very simple. It has a geometrical shape. It’s actually a big cube that you can live in. There’s a lot of wood involved in this project so it’s going to be a very comfortable and relaxing place to live in. It’s like your own refuge, your own place where you can go to escape the busy world. I really like this house. It’s simple and elegant and it makes great use of what nature has to offer. It also respects the environment, which is quite rare. There should be more houses like this one, and there’s still hope that this will someday become reality.

Clear Glass House is Triple Zero Climate-Friendly

There are more and more and more environmental friendly buildings being built. One of such buildings introduced by Wener Sobek has reached what many of the environmental friendly buildings would look to accomplish, the Triple Zero®. It is the first of all the seven environmental friendly housing built in France and Germany that has meet the complete standards of what is meant to be efficiency in energy, from the standards of Passivhaus and LEED.


To reach the standards the house should be able to emit complete zero of the greenhouse gas, producing no waste when using and building, and require no energy whatsoever. These are the Triple Zero® introduced by Wener Sobek for this house; energy that is zero, emission that is zero, and wastes that is also zero. This clear glass house will be completely relied on solar panels installed on the top of the roof and the use of the heat from the ground to produce energy to use in the house.

The glasses used will also help to reduce energy required in the house. Since it is completely power by solar panels for its electricity needs and with no fireplace, there will be no CO2 being produced. Furthermore, all the materials used to build this house are recycled, and all of them could be recycled for further use. In fact, the house was built together with the nature with no damage to its surround.

Images: Werner Sobek.
Source: Scientific American.
More from Susan Kraemer: Journalists.

Central Pasila Tower Area by Cino Zuchi Architetti

In Helsinki, Finland, a new architecture project was introduced in creating a new living city landmark. The main idea of such project is to bring the idea of urban environment quality and the sustainability issue together into one. It is the project of building the Central Pasila Tower Area as the landmark for the city Helsinki. Bringing both “Buro Happold London” and “One Works” together, the famous architect Cino Zucchi Architetti from Italian has given this project to design such incredible landmark.

While building the Central Pasila Tower Area, the lines of transportation of the region has been put into consideration, which it is the endpoint for the complicated line of transportation network in Helsinki that basically connecting the whole region.

Central Pasila Tower Area by Cino Zuchi Architetti3

Together in the plan, there will also be a new sequence of public spaces being built, which will also be expected to become a lively space for many shops and cafes. There indeed will be many of the landscapes that are preserving the natural landscape to be consumed. The project for Central Pasila Tower Area will indeed become a magnificent landmark for Finland.

Indeed the main project will also focus on sustaining the major lines of transportation networks and maintaining its urban environment. Anyways, the approved plan for such masterpiece will be reclaiming the area from the yard that is for the old railway.



Pool Glass Coffee Table by Bensen

Glass topped coffee tables are a popular choice in coffee tables industry; however, etched designs in a glass coffee table are not as widely available. The living room is the heart of your home, so you’ll want something that provides the feeling of warmth and beauty. This is what you get with glass coffee tables.

Pool Glass Coffee Table by Bensen2

At first glance, the Pool table appears as a square floating above the floor. The clear glass sides and colored top combine to make a table that is simple in its aesthetic appeal and exact in its execution. The Pool Glass Coffee Table was designed by Bensen and comes in a palette of colors and sizing allowing for unique combinations by nesting different pieces .

It’s a beautiful and elegant piece. As many coffee tables designs, this one had to have something special so the designers chose glass. Now it’s a real tradition for the coffee tables to have ingenious and surprising designs. People are more and more hard to please. They get bored really easy by the old designs and they always demand more. And that’s good in you’re a furniture designer because it keeps you busy.If you decide to buy one you can find for 650$.

Bridge House designed by Max Pritchard

On the outskirt of Adelaide, Australia, bridge house is located.  This amazing house was designed by architect Max Pritchard. The house was made over a rocky River stream has scattered with red river gum trees. Commonly used industrial building resources and passive heating and cooling techniques are used while creating the home to keep the house monetarily and ecologically sensible.


The house was primarily based upon a pair of huge truss like structure and that are anchored by concrete dock, Pritchard admitted that he wanted to build a home that touched the earth lightly. The home equipped with concrete slab floor and huge glass panels.

The walls and roof are built by corrugated steel. Long and narrow floor of the house ensure cross ventilation. In combination with this the louvered window extension allows sunrays to enter during winter season but obstruct during the summer. On the roof of this amazing house photovoltaic cells and solar water heaters are installed to reinforce so that one can stay comfortably. This beautiful house is really one of the unique houses with great architecture.

Straight Dining Chair Design by Ferruccio Laviani

Modern, colonial and contemporary made with square backs or straight legs. But the most popular style of dining chairs are open coming with a common straight up and down back or a horizontal dining chair.

Straight Dining Chair Design by Ferruccio Laviani4

The Straight chair is a multifunctional chair available in two sizes and if you want the seat can be with upholstered cushion or covered in leather. The frame is crafted out of chromed steel, with the seat and back in solid wood, finished in your choice of 27 veneers and lacquers. The Straight Dining Chair Design by Ferruccio Laviani is available at

I really like this piece of furniture. It’s simple and modern and it’s probably also good for your back. It could be used as a dining chair or simply as a place to sit on while having a conversion. It’s simple and modern and it comes in three major color tones: white, brown and black so it’s not going to be difficult to integrate it in the décor. From what I can see there are 3 sizes for this chair: the one with the high back, the middle size and the one with no back which looks more like a stool. They are all comfortable and elegant.

Jane Foss Russell Building At The University of Sydney

The all famous Jane Foss Russell Building name after the well-known Jane Foss Russell who committed to the great cause of female graduate and undergraduate education in University of Sydney. The Jane Foss Russell Building itself is an enormous creation born with the beauty and magic of urban architecture from the brilliant minds of John Wardle Architects.


Jane Foss Russell Building was built in the Darlington Campus of University of Sydney. It is indeed an innovated and inspired building covering with glasses connecting the old and new campuses of the university with an extended bridge over the city main road.



This incredible building was built with multiple green glass facades and panels of different colors, types and styles covering different sides of the building.  Jane Foss Russell Building was in fact built inspired by the Heritage Figs Tree for creating a better and high quality indoor environment by building closely together with the nature. The building in fact has the ability to increase energy efficiency and indoor air quality by with the inspired water cooling system. Jane Foss Russell Building truly is the innovating and inspiring architect of today’s urban architecture.

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