Metal Mansard Roof Adds Attic Space

Mansard roofs are much trendy in today’s world of roof designing. But the original fact behind this sensational roof design is that they were made to counter the loopholes of the house regulations of old Paris. The elevation of the houses were restricted by city regulation but the size only set out to the cornice line and so the whole extra ‘garret’ area which is modern days first-rate Parisian residence and condo area, passed out the applicable law now it become a trendy roof design.


The sharply sloping top-floor apartment at suburb of Prague has been converted into an exceptionally modern variation on the typical mansard roof style. Similar to this ancient building, the nature of the construction was altered considerably starting from the lower walls to the higher metal- wrapped and very trendy appearing penthouse space.

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Modernist Masterpiece Villa

Exceptional modernist masterpiece villa for sale – an incredible, experimental and iconic piece of architecture.Designed in 1961 by Claude Parent, one of France’s most revered modernist architects, this villa is a statement of avant-garde architecture with extensive use of raw concrete, glass walls and a spectacular exterior staircase. It commands a privileged location at the summit of Cap d’Antibes, a famous spot for its stunning views.

Modernist Masterpiece Villa1

The modernist villa, which now is for sale, boasts panoramic views of both the Bay of Antibes and Golfe-Juan. It features 250m² of living space and 4 bedrooms.

Claude Parent was elected a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts and the villa was listed in Patrimoine de France in 1989, which means that it is formally a part of France’s heritage.This villa is a rare jewel in one of the world’s most desirable real estate locations, a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history.The modernist villa is available for at  T: +44 (0)20 7095 8701 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +44 (0)20 7095 8701 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Streetlight Planters in Netherlands

When two unlike things are combined effectively to create another object that is a lot more than the amount of its parts, gives a most satisfying moment. That’s accurately what occurs on a little pedestrian lane of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, which was lined up with many lampposts and small pot that were helping more as mess than as useful objects.

Hanging Streetlight Planters Appear in the Netherlands3

Design firm BYTR analyzed the issue and unite the messy objects into unique, floating streetlights with luxuriant, alive lampshades. The design, which is know as  GREENSPOTLIGHT, was an instantaneous hit. Almost everyone would appreciate this design.

Hanging Streetlight Planters Appear in the Netherlands


Each GREENSPOTLIGHT contain a netted shelter and a ring of incorporated planters. The lights are fixed on cables between the street walls which didn’t make any obstacle to pedestrian. Although a small alteration, the simple adding up of these lamps becomereally helpful to glow up the street  all the day in a way that sum up a touch of green to this very urban area.

Hanging Streetlight Planters Appear in the Netherlands1

Hanging Streetlight Planters Appear in the Netherlands4

The GREENSPOTLIGHTs are division of a bigger project called ‘Greenspots Eindhoven’ where the Eindhoven municipal council has appointed BYTR to look for openings to develop urban green projects around the city center. Eindhoven is recognized as one of the greenest cities of Netherlands. At present, this ecofriendly city is crowded by the chiefly massive concrete constructions that have anything to do with green but to yell green.

Apartment in Torino, Italy

Here is an apartment in the center of Torino, Italy characterized by the vibrations of gray, blue and oil on the walls. The Torino apartment featuring some original elements like: windows, doors and door handles are highlighted by pure white, while the color light accomplice, defines the character of the rooms, in a gradation of shades of blue on the scale.

Apartment in Torino, Italy

The general design of the apartment is relatively simple and elegant. But there’s the little details that make it look messy and disorganized. It looks like there’s too much going on. And I don’t know what that picture above the desk wants to transmit, but it’s not the most appealing view you can get above your desk. I wouldn’t want to see that every time I look up.

Apartment in Torino, Italy5

Apartment in Torino, Italy7

Apartment in Torino, Italy3

When you analyze each feature and furniture piece, they all look good and beautiful as individuals. But when you see them put together it’s not the same pretty image. It looks to me like there hasn’t been too much attention given to the details. It’s easy to just pick the items you like from the store, but when decorating a home it’s important to keep in mind the whole picture and the fact that it all has to look uniform.{found on atcasa}

The Utopian Sea Cities of Our Future?

There is always the imagination for different buildings on different environments. Of all that, there is being around for a long time, it is a building built under the deep ocean. Even though we all believe it can be done with modern technology, but those who thought of such imagination is reaching a century old.


It is a building that would require to self sustain, for its energy powers, capable of responding to all emerging issues from the environments of that from the ocean, and it has to be best suit to be in the sea. It was one the ideas of imaginations of many of the students in architecture. It is like their wild imagination, the achievement of the impossible.

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How to buy quality bedding

We have the tendency to have prioritized the price over the quality. That also include of what we spent most of our life with, the bedding. It is indeed not a good idea for doing so. When choosing a bedding, quality should not be compromised, it is what could affect the quality of your current life. Why compromise? Does it worth not having a good night sleep? So how can the quality be determined in the bedding? First of for most it is the materials used, which could greatly affect the comfort of your sleep.


The best materials that could use for the bedding are the Pima and Egyptian cotton, which are the best of them all. Another thing to look at is the number of threats of the bedding. Normally count by square inch, which is also the weave density.

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AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat

Modern beds come in wonderful designs and styles which are meant to provide you with the maximum of comfort. The AURA collection of beds is featuring a great style and the comfort would be driven by the mattress. With clean lines and no waste of material on useless elements and frills, the Martin Ballendat made a good job. If you enjoy reading a book or eating, there is a flat base which can serve as a space for reading material or for breakfast.

AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat2

I like the simple and asymmetrical shape of this bed. It offers you the features you need without exaggerating with the details and the visual features that are purely aesthetic. Nevertheless, this very simple and thin bed is also comfortable, despite its appearance. And because of the size which is considerably smaller than the usually heavy designs, this bed can be placed wherever you want, even in small places. It’s also lighter and easier to move around the house in case you decide you want to change its location.

AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat3

I wouldn’t recommend you to use it for hide and seek games because even if there’s plenty of space underneath the bed, there’s not a very good place to hide from anyone.

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