Florilege Ceramic Tiles by Novoceram

Ceramic tiles come in a huge array of colors and textures that will open up your decorating options. They are designed to give you long-term performance with very little maintenance. The Florilege ceramic tile by Novoceram looks awesome on the wall. These chic tiles are inspired by traditional Chinese 18th century hand-painted wallpaper and romantic palette. With these ceramic tiles you can create a fabulous living room, dining room or bedroom design because they come in four different tile components: Terre, Ciel, Cage and Paon which can be combined.

Florilege Ceramic Tiles by Novoceram2

They are a very resilient material and, unlike the ones used for the bathrooms, they can be used in any room of the house. And because of the huge variety of colors and patterns, you can create a very personalized and interesting design. You can turn your house in a huge art project. You can choose different colors and patterns to create a really interesting design. Combine them for an even more personalized design.

These beautiful ceramic tiles, inspired from traditional Chinese art, will allow you to turn your home into a very stylish place. They are chic and relatively easy to install. Plus they are very easy to clean. Chic and functional in the same time.

Floor and wall fireplace ideas by Vauni

I’m back with an interesting and cool fireplace for your modern living room. Coming for wall or floor, the bio-fueled fireplaces by Vauni are simply awesome. First of all, the Globe fireplace is a freestanding, chimney-free design that requires no installation, so it’s easy to move anywhere in your home. The second option is the wall mounted semi-spherical Cupola fireplace. Both are available in a black or white matte finish. And there’s also the taller version of the fireplace that can also be placed on the floor and can be easily transported anywhere you want.

Floor and wall fireplace ideas by Vauni

It’s a very versatile piece that will make a great addition to any living room. It has modern and simple design so it is not very hard to integrate it in the interior design of your house. And it also comes in two basic color tones: black and white. It’s a very nice piece for indoor use. But it can also be used outdoors as long as it’s in a protected area.

Floor and wall fireplace ideas by Vauni1

Fireplaces are now very easy to find because they no longer follow the traditional design. You don’t need to incorporate it in the structure of the house because they can be used just like any other furniture piece. A very good idea, in my opinion.

Ventuno Bathroom Collection from Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard announces the launch the Ventuno collection which was designed by the Italian designer  Franco Bertol. This collection includes three toilets, two toilets and two bidets. The toilets have the options for a pedestal or a half plinth, and it is available with a chrome siphon design. It’s important to know that all parts are created to be perfect and are characterized by a generous storage capacity and practical innovations. The collection will be available from February.

Ventuno Bathroom Collection from Ideal Standard

The manufacturers are not modest at all, considering by the name. This proves that they are very confident in their forces. They know how good they are and they want the world to know it too. The method they use is a very direct one. Their products are indeed beautiful They have simple but beautiful lines and the elegance is very visible. The materials used also reflect quality. They have high standards and this is good because the costumers expect nothing less than perfection.

Ventuno Bathroom Collection from Ideal Standard 2

The pieces included in this collection share a similar style, both chic and functional. This is the ideal combination and the producers know that. Furnish your bathroom with style. Make it a pleasant space. It might a smaller room, but it’s as important as any other one.  Remember that the next time you’ll be redecorating.

Home Platinum LEED Residence Rated by RWH Design

All architects wish to build their own dream house. Same goes to Carol Richard, the founder of Richard WIttchiebe Hand. With all her experiences over her years of working and the help of her husband who is a mechanical engineer, Coral built her own house in Madison.

Ross Street House by RWH Design2

They built the first residence rated Home Platinum LEED in her state of Wisconsin known as Ross Street House. Anyways, with the surround of the neighborhood having most houses of post world war design, Carol and her husband then also worked around their house to maintain the design for the neighborhood.

The neat thing about the house is that the design will be able to capture enough of the sunlight from the south during the winter and providing shade from the sunlight during the summer using the idea of the box camera. Then the sunlight will be controlled inside the house with the uniquely designed window.

In fact, the house was designed to provide and nice and clean air in the house by minimizing the exchange of air between the interior and exterior of the house. It is also worth to mention the use of water storage system to collect rainwater just outside the porch.

Things about Decorating on Budget

Decorations are really important during festival time or when we buy a new apartment for our family. However, decorations can sap up a lot of your investments and money if you are not very sure about to decorate your house. Many of the people spend more than sixty percent of their income on decorating and renovating their interiors because they want to make sure that their apartment looks good. However, interior decorators have a thorough knowledge of decorating on budget and how to give an apartment that awesome look.

1-13-09 budget decorating

Wall colors are really important and therefore make sure that you use a good combination of wall colors for different areas in your apartment. Every color symbolizes for a particular mood so you can use the color effects to give a new bold look to your house. You can try new colors like green and purple for your living room or bedroom. Color schemes will not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time make your interiors look more elegant.

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Contempo Reading Chair

Reading chairs are an ideal way to relieve stress and promote relaxation in your body and leave you feeling refreshed.The Contempo Reading Chair provide ultimate comfort and unmistakable style are the results of contributions by some of the most important names in international design such as Karim Rashid, Luca Scacchett and other few.

Contempo Reading Chair

Reading chairs are a perfect way to relax without having to go to bed and it can be of benefit to the entire family in or out of the home.These chairs are not only relaxing but looks good too, it becomes in beautiful design, style, colours and finished with different materials.This upholstered leather reading chair with sectional seat and cushioned headrest on a polished chrome round base it’s available for 1566 punds.

Sleek and Beautiful Apartment In Sweden

A well done house is the dream of many and this house is perfect for many. The space has been utilized well in this house and the contemporary features add to the elegance of the house. The house is set in a calm location and the view from the house is extremely picturesque. The hallway gives an impression of how classy the home is.

Sleek and Beautiful Apartment In Sweden1

The scope to add furniture in the spacious living room is a lot and is very beautiful with the windows. The kitchen has been renovated and is equipped with all amenities. The tiled bathroom is very elegant and is a comfortable place to bathe.

There are some accents onf pink on the couch which add a little style and bright to the entire room.The overall design from this aparmtnet is very clean and well furnished.

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