Casa Kimball by Rangr Studio

The ocean’s natural characteristics allow you to relax in the luxury of your ocean view property! There are homes for sale that allow you to surround yourself with an inexplicable ocean-front view! Ocean view homes are meant for luxury and are well worth every dime you spent!

Casa Kimball by Rangr Studio 3

Casa Kimball was designed by Rangr Studio and is ocated in Cabrera, Dominican Republic which is a perfect house with a extraordinary view for relaxation.This contemporary house was build to protect the owner from views of neighboring lots, heightening the experience of the vast horizon beyond. The interior spaces merge with exterior, and allow cooling ocean breezes under shade from the sun, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

The structures are reinforced concrete, clad with a local Coral stone. The windows, made by local carpenters with a dense hardwood, pivot on automobile wheel bearings.

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling

Inspired by the Middle East, the furniture series of Bedouin from the renowned German designer Katrin Greiling is a fine piece of collection of seating and table arrangements. The nomadic way of style is the incredible source of inspiration to the German designer to design the extravagant furniture series with the implementation of Arabic contemporary seating arrangement in the majilis.

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling10

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling6

Several layers of the mattresses make the sofa a convenient piece of comfort. The mattresses are stacked upon one another and are tied neatly altogether to offer a tight and comfortable seating surface. The height of the seating arrangements varies according to the number of mattresses being stacked to each other. The different cultural influences from the Middle East are visualized by the kind of fabric implementation. Massive pine, veneer or marble constructs to the coffee table with similar visual stuff with a cord being tied beneath the table.

Living Room Ideas from Team7

A living-room serves as the main room of the house; it serves as a multi-purpose room, which can be used for entertaining guests, to relax or retire at night and read a book, to watch a movie or TV, listen to music and much more. Here are some interesting ideas of living rooms from Team7.The cover panels of the cabinet element are available in either natural wood or colored glass. The base structure with angled sliding doors opening in both directions is both elegant and functional.

Living Room Ideas from Team713

The cubic living range includes such modern technical details as smooth fronts with touch-to-open fitting and the base structure with angled sliding doors opening in both directions is both elegant and functional.

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The Casa Barone by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff

Located at the Ingaro Evligne, this fabulous building by the Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff architects is superbly constructed with an old summer house being the commencing point of construction. The existing property circumferences the old house leaving hardly any space for further utilization. Thus the main factor revolving this summer house is to reutilize the existing property and to construct the vacant land to fetch a proper area for outdoor sun soothing activities.

The Casa Barone by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff3

The building has been placed superbly so as to prevent any exploitation to the majority of the property. The part that is the biggest has been transformed into a large platform horizontally with the half of it being utilized by the upper floor of the respective building.

The rest of the horizontal space has been left open as a source of outdoor terrace attached to the existing kitchen. Large black windows make it the finest in the rock embedded slope surrounded by the pines.

Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders & tec Architecture

Those of you who are looking for real estate Mallorca should not waste anymore time. You can have an amazing lifestyle on this island. People who are already living here are enjoying their new and better lifestyle. The island becomes a favorite destination for tourists and residents are growing day by day in this area. Lifestyle on the island is higher than ever, with communities, beach resorts, luxurious hotels, picnic spots, golf courses and parks.

Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders & tec Architecture6

For example this luxury villa called Casa Son Vida feature round and square shapes, futuristic blobs combined with antiques result in a mix of traditional and modern references throughout the villa, with the play of reliefs and contrasting surfaces creating an unusual atmosphere.

The interior was completed by Marcel Wanders and the exterior by tec Architecture wich combine perfectly the historical and contemporary.{found on 1 and 2}

Wrap House by Japanese architects from Future Studio

Called Wrap House, the Japanese architects Future Studio has designed a interesting house in Hiroshima. This super modern house burn a contemporary with a warm dark facade, and not concrete as often used. The house has 2 levels and has a defining geometrical cut on the facade of 1 floor, which gives the house a characteristic expression and creates a cool terrace .

It’s certainly an impressing structure, both on the outside as well as on the inside. The strange shape it’s not the only distinctive feature that this house has to offer. The geometrical shapes are also incorporated in the interior design and they go as far as being included in the furniture choices.

It’s a beautiful house, simple, elegant and stylish. The interior is decorated in a modern and minimalist style. It’s a great place to live in, with plenty of rooms for everybody, so if you have a big family this could be a great choice. It also has a very convenient location. I like the ceiling and the way the parallel lines look in combination with the other geometric features. I also like the glass wall that allows you to admire the surroundings without having to go outside.

Elica Pescecappa cooker hood by Gaetano Pesce

If you are currently looking for something unique, the Pescecappa cooker hood from Gaetano Pesce, is an appetizing addition for your trendy kitchen. The idea is to create a fresh and light concept into the kitchen with a bright and unruly splash of color, conveying feelings of joy, warmth, irony and optimism.


I agree about the colors. There’s definitely a lot of color in there. But I’m not so sure about the fresh look. Maybe it’s just me, but those sculpted food-related features don’t look very fresh. I usually like colorful pieces and I think that some color is always welcomed regardless of the style of the room in which it is incorporated. But in this case that multitude of colors, together with that very annoying tone of red don’t look very good, in my opinion. I don’t think this feature would be appropriate for the kitchen. But I’m the type of person that only spends maybe 10 minutes accumulated during the day in the kitchen. So I’m probably not the best person to give you advice about what you should or should not choose for your kitchen.

But I honestly don’t find this piece beautiful in any way. Just because there’s some food related items and pieces sculpted on the surface this doesn’t mean it’s great to have in the kitchen.{found on Appliances }

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