123DV Architecture Made Villa Dali

The architects of 123DV where requested by Villa Dali clients for a modern affordable personal house with rich looks and cheap cost and they have come out with one such recently. It’s the ultimate attraction for the art lovers and people who like sculptures. Especially people who like the work of Salvador Dali this will be a treat for their eyes. When the initial discussions kicked off they guys at 123 DV Architecture shown some pictures which resembled Spanish architecture. They also had some use of the Jugendstill designs. The current challenge that these guys have now is to merge these two things and make a great design out of it.

Villa Dali by 123DV Architecture

They have used of the Paranoiac-critical method by Salvador Dali, which was really used for creating optical illusions. The result that they got is a cylindrical white stucco building which has a nautilus spiral structure within it. This is used to represent the world of diving.

The closed face of the building which is towards the streets represents the Spanish type architecture along with the Jugendstil pattern which is a wooden panel made up to six meter as the entrance. The house also has a double story space which is in the shape of cylinder.

Beautiful loft on Berry Street

This beautiful and luxury loft is spread over an area of 1272 sq ft. There are 2 bedrooms, high ceilings and two bathrooms in this house. You would love to watch the reception of this house, which is large and has windows facing south. Natural light peeps in from various windows in to the large reception.

Beautiful loft on Berry Street1

The kitchen of this house has all the modern amenities. There are large windows in both the bedrooms. Wooden floor is present in the bedrooms. This house has been furnished in a beautiful and impeccable manner. It represents luxury and beauty.This loft is listed here.

Overlall this spacious apartment is well decorated with warm furniture and good colors.

Awesome Mountain Estate in Crescent Ranch

This Mountain house in Crescent Ranch represents exotic beauty and fabulous interiors. People dream of living in a house like this one. There are a total of 17 rooms in this house. All the 9 bedrooms of this house are extremely spacious and beautiful. For accommodating the guests, a large guest suite is present in this house.

The loveable Mountain Estate

The modern Spa, big boulder fireplace, Steam room and library are other attractive features of this house. The floors of this house are made from hardwood. People living in this house can enjoy pleasurable views of mountains and lake in the front.This mountain house is listed for $25.5 million.

This property enjoys private Snake River frontage and Crescent H amenities. Residents enjoy miles and miles of hiking trails plus exclusive fishing rights on both the Snake River and Fish Creek.

Renovated Large Jam Factory

This house represents luxury and modern architecture. It covers an area of 913 sq feet. From the windows of this house you can enjoy beautiful views of London. Earlier this house was a JAM factory. The open plan reception of this house is very attractive. Ample lighting comes naturally from various windows of this house.

Renovated Large Jam Factory 4

Well designed kitchen of this house has wooden worktops. The bedroom is quite large. The hallway has wooden floors. You will not find any flaw in this house. All the modern amenities are taken care of while renovating this house. You would love it for sure.

The platform bed from bedroom give a ultra modern look to the entire room and the bathrom with the dark tiles make it very contemporary.

Architecture design in Kyoto, Japan

The villa named from the red color granite stone of the gate in a shrine, Tan, and the word meaning being attractive with many colors, Saitan is a revolutionized architecture design in Kyoto, Japan by EASTERN Design Office . It is a villa with 11 units of house but designed to look like a one concealed house in the area surrounded with wall consisting many holes.

Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office2

These holes can be conceived as many different objects, as the clouds, root, or leaves. Whereas the concrete wall of all the houses is with the shape as the nature like sunbeams passing through the crowed trees, and completely covering the houses of the villa.

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The Emu Bay house by Max Pritchard Architect

The Emu Bay house is made in such way so that inhabitants can enjoy panoramic view as well as the house is protected from the affect of strong wind. The terrace is constructed with timber and placed both side of living area in such way that it gives sitting option to residents and they can enjoy breezy atmosphere.


The corrugated structure of this Emu house with timber windows, decks and terrace gives a leisure atmosphere. The suspended roof of the house is working as a cover to open space of house.

The owner of the house looking for a leisure holiday home from which one can enjoy panoramic views of outside in the meantime the outer door area should be covered and the house was made in such a way.

Two bedrooms are constructed from middle of the house, and surround a rear covered courtyard projecting on a wood fired pizza oven. Concave timber decks, present on both side of living area, gives other choice for sheltered outside living with the option to not to be effectuated with the wind direction.


This elegant house was built a meter above the ground level. Double glazing and high performance glass is used. The house has well cross ventilation which gives breezy feeling. Aside from ventilation the fans and a highly competent combustion heater for heating also helps to lower down the use of energy. The resident can get hot water from a competent electric heat pump.{found on contemporist}

Iconic decorative panels

Another option for those who are tired of wallpapers or wall panels than iconic panels from B&N Industries could be right for you. The decorative panels are often very durable, they can be sawn, nailed, screwed or glued. Of course there are many different types for many different purposes like ones specifically designed for any part of house. Also if you want to customize you can paint it, to achieve any effect you desire.

What better and simpler way of changing the appearance of your home than by decorating the walls. These panels come to make your job easier, They are easy to assemble and the effect is instant. Your home will look like new in no time. There are panels designed specifically for a certain portion of the house, but they can be ordered in nay dimension.

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