Iconic decorative panels

Another option for those who are tired of wallpapers or wall panels than iconic panels from B&N Industries could be right for you. The decorative panels are often very durable, they can be sawn, nailed, screwed or glued. Of course there are many different types for many different purposes like ones specifically designed for any part of house. Also if you want to customize you can paint it, to achieve any effect you desire.

What better and simpler way of changing the appearance of your home than by decorating the walls. These panels come to make your job easier, They are easy to assemble and the effect is instant. Your home will look like new in no time. There are panels designed specifically for a certain portion of the house, but they can be ordered in nay dimension.

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Modern Wall Stickers for Kitchen Design

When you’re looking to change something in your kitchen, you often hesitate when it comes to where to place the cups. In that case, the Wall Stickers for Kitchen Design from Vinyluse will catch your attention. They provide you with a place where to hang your cups and that also looks stylish and modern. Moreover, these items are very attractive and modern for your kitchen. The collection is also available in beige, brown and black.


It’s a nice way to add some fun to your kitchen. The stickers are very easy to apply, they look beautiful, a little funny but most of all modern. And the best part is that they are practical as well, by providing a place to hang the cups or other kitchen tools that you might find appropriate, like oven gloves and other items.

Since they come in three color options, you can choose the one you like best or that better matches with the rest of the furniture that you have in your kitchen. Or maybe you would like to mix the colors. It’s your choice only.  So choose the color or colors that you like and get to work! The process is simple and fun. Have fun and enjoy!

Three Sixty Table

Here’s another coffee table that you could probably just build yourself in order to save a boatload of cash. The Three Sixty Table was designed by Studio Mauerer Hendrichs and it features three sets of trucks and wheels from a skateboard. With the wheels the 40-inch glass top can be rotate just like a gambling roulette. the Three Sixty Table is available for $1,795.


It’s such a rudimentary table and it’s so simple to build that you wonder why you should pay all that money for something that you could very well create just by yourself. Well, it’s not about how simple or difficult it is to build a piece of furniture, it’s about the idea. So if you think it’s so simple, then how come you didn’t come up with this idea before the designer did?

This unusual coffee table is not the most elegant piece of furniture you could have in your house. However it’s fun and original. I honestly wouldn’t like to have it in my home. I like my coffee table to look… normal. But there are enough people out there who are constantly looking for something original, something special to include in their homes. And this piece fits the criteria. So what are you waiting for? Just buy it already.

Machine Light by Frank Buchwald

Designed by Frank Buchwald’s, the Machine Lights collection is comprised of 12 steampunk lamp designs that are handmade in extremely limited quantities .The body of the lamp is made of raw brass and steel, which are hand burnished to create a unique antique black and brown hue.


It is definitely an unusual piece. It doesn’t look at all like a functional piece, much less like a lamp. Lamps are usually simple, maybe with some colorful decorations incorporated. These lamps are nothing but unusual and original. I have to say they look very masculine. I can’t imagine a woman having something like that in her home, unless it’s her boyfriend’s or husband’s. It’s definitely a boy’s toy. So if you’re having trouble finding an appropriate gift for a friend, you might like to consider this option because it’s not something that you see very day. He will definitely appreciate it.


The name of this piece is very suggestive. The Machine light… it sounds so manly. The idea is very interesting and the design is also spectacular. It’s too bad there are just a few models and they come in such small quantities. However, the fact that they are so rare and hard to find makes them even more interesting. Good luck trying to find one.

Eco Dome Environmental Center,South Korea

With environmental issue as the main topic of awareness in modern day world, many of the countries have their own plan on how to bring awareness to many of the environmental issues and help preserving the environment. Similar to the United Kingdom’s Eden Project, South Korea introduced its own project of environmental awareness, which is known as the Ecorium Project from SAMOO by the South Korea National Ecological Institute. It is a project to reserve 33,000 square meters of nature in a dome like structure. It meant to be built as the greenhouse of that large acre of land as well as a center or park for visitor.



The Ecorium Project not only strikes to preserve a large acre of wetland and wild plants, but also meant as an educational project to help bring awareness to the people in Korea. It will in fact be used to help educating the people of the world’s eco-system and the nature in order to help protecting them.

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Acne Furniture Collection by Carl Malmsten

Officially launched a few days ago in Paris, the Acne Furniture Collection is featuring some strange shapes. Playing on what has come to be known as Malmsten’s typically Swedish design aesthetic, Acne founder Jonny Johansson explains that he decided “to objectify its form from a perspective play, stretching, squashing and pulling the simplistic shape.”


It’s a very original and clever idea. The furniture pieces seem to have a crooked shape, and this is exactly what makes them fun and special. It’s not logic when you think about it. Why would anyone want to make their furniture look broken and crooked on purpose… But modern and contemporary designs try to exploit exactly ideas like this one. Anything out of the ordinary or simply different is a source of inspiration.

So if your home needs a modern touch and a little fun décor, take a look at this collection.  It includes a sofa and a chair. It could be an interesting idea to make the whole room seem crooked, but unfortunately it’s going to be very difficult to find furniture pieces that share the same style like these ones. You could always modify them, but you would have to be very sure that you know what you’re doing because you might ruin everything. So you better be happy with just these two pieces.

Sofa made from dunnage bags by MALAFOR

Another option for those who are tired of wallpapers or wall panels. If you feel like you belong in that category, than these iconic panels from B&N Industries could be the right choice for you. The decorative panels are often very durable, they can be sawn, nailed, screwed or glued. Of course there are many different types for many different purposes like the ones specifically designed for a particular part of the house. Also if you want to customize them, you can paint them in order to achieve any effect you desire.

The Blow Sofa by MALAFOR3

It’s a very easy solution that offers you alternative to the usual wall decorating techniques. These wall panels come in a variety of different patterns, colors and textures. You can choose to have only one pattern all over the room, or you can mix them to create a more fun place to live in. You can choose to have different colors for each wall of the room. Furthermore, if you talented enough, you can try to paint them in order to create a more personalized space.

There’s also another option. You can paint your hands and feet and place them on the wall, creating footprints and handprints. I actually did that at a friend’s house and the result was really good. And it was fun too. We actually included the cat too in our project and now there are cat footprints on the walls. Use your imagination and you’ll be just fine.

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