Vodafone Head Office – Portugal

We already know that Vodafone is one of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications companies with activities around the globe. Vodafone’s well publicized Portuguese headquarters is located on Avenida da Boavista in Porto (Oporto).


The Vodafone building was designed by architects José António Barbosa and Pedro Guimarães of Barbosa Guimarães Arquitectos. They came up with an original and bold design for this company. I was expecting that the building to be impressing and massive but I wasn’t expecting this design. It looks interesting and strange but in a good way.


It’s a modern design, both on the outside and on the inside. Of course the most impressing part in the shape. It’s an irregular but equilibrated structure. It’s a mixture of geometry related features and artistic features that when put together create an unique and very interesting structure.


It’s a complex and dynamic design that gives a sense of movement and excitement.The construction has 8 floors and 3 of them underground. The exciting shapes and forms from the outside can also be found inside. This way there’s a unitary image with no discrepancies. As the architects that designed it declare themselves, this building reflects the attitude and philosophy of Vodafone, which is based on the dynamic aspect of life.

Physalia, A Huge Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut has come up with a wonderful design. He has designed a floating garden in the shape of a whale. This floating garden named as Physalia, is so designed that it will purify the water in the rivers of the world while it drifts through them. The Physalia is an ecosystem sufficient enough to generate power from the sun and utilize it in reducing the water pollution by the process of bio-filtration.

Physalia, A Huge Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut

Physalia, A Huge Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut2

Callebaut has always fascinated the people with his designs and this one is no exception. But the existence of this type of technology is certainly doubtful. This floating garden will consist of gardens along with a green roof and solar panels. The boat will generate energy from renewable resources. In this case, the moving water will be used to run the hydro-turbines which in turn will generate power.

The exterior design consists of a TiO2 layer which helps in cleaning the water by reacting with UV rays. The garden systems namely Earth, Water, Wind and Fire will pump out the additional water thereby filtering out the contaminants.


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What are the differences between a Modular and a Manufactured home?

It is an obvious to understand the types of houses available in the market before buying and finalizing the selection by an individual. There are certain restrictions that one should abide by in order to either buy or construct a house over a land. So it is of sheer importance to understand clearly the features and the provisions of each type of the housings.


The modular homes are constructed by sections within the premise of a factory. The units are manufactured by maintaining a proper design and architecture. These houses are built so as to conform all the states including the local or regional. Whereas the manufactured homes conform to the HUD code rather than conforming to the codes at the destinations.

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Upside-down house by Hutchison & Maul Architecture

With so many unique and out-of-the-box designs out there, it;s hard to create a house that stands out these days. Yet architects manage to impress us every day. In the case of this interesting-looking house, it’s not the sleek minimalism or sculptural beauty that impresses but the whole concept behind the design.

This upside down house was designed by Hutchison & Maul Architecture. It was a challenging project completed in 2008 in Seattle, Washington. The house occupies an area of 242 square meters and was designed for a small family with two children. It was constructed on the foundation of a single-story bungalow from the post-war period.

The reason why we call this an upside down house is because of the placement of all the living spaces. Areas usually occupied by private spaces are in this case public zones and the other way around. The main level houses the bedrooms and the bathrooms while the living area, the dining room and the kitchen occupy the second floor. A skylight is placed at the center and illuminates the whole interior.

Manhattan Lee Loft by Joel Sanders Architects

The Lee Loft is a duplex residence located in Manhattan and which was designed by Joel Sanders Architects . Furniture upholstered in menswear fabrics complements the mahogany-clad walls and built-ins.   While the design deploys materials associated with maleness, the Lee Loft is also concerned with permitting multiple domestic identities.

Manhattan Lee Loft by Joel Sanders Architects3

Mahogany stair treads fold vertically to create a louvered privacy screen and extend horizontally to form bookshelves. The kitchen island is treated as another dual-purpose element: it features a rotating work surface that functions as a counter, a dining table, or a desk.

Manhattan Lee Loft by Joel Sanders Architects

It’s a modern place with a great location. All the rooms share almost the same design so overall it’s a consistent look. It’s obvious that the designers put a lot of work into this place. The attention to details is amazing. Furthermore, the décor is very well chosen and the pieces go very well together. There is a warm atmosphere all over this place. I really like different tones of red incorporated in the design, starting with the wooden floors and continuing with the furniture and the little details. It really looks like home. It looks like a very comfortable place where you can easily accommodate. Home sweet home.

Barcelona chair by Knoll

For the many people that enjoy relaxing and taking advantage of the smells and sounds of nature, an outdoor chaise lounge, just may be that one necessity that you require in order to fully get the experience you so dearly deserve.

Barcelona chair by Knoll3

The Barcelona chair features a look for modern architecture. Individual leather panels are cut, hand-welted and hand-tufted, and panels and buttons are crafted from a single hide. I recommend the black one because it is a resilient color and it looks modern to any house .The stainless steel is hand-buffed or chrome plated to a mirror finish.

Barcelona chair by Knoll2

It must be a really comfortable chair. It has a soft and comfy look. But that’s not everything. The designer also thought about the aspect. That’s why he chose to include that thin steel frame. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I think it looks a little funny. It has those very thin legs that look so fragile and the rest of the structure doesn’t seem to share the same characteristics. It looks like a fat person with really thin legs. But that doesn’t make it less attractive or comfortable. It’s a really nice piece of furniture that would be a great addition to any modern home.

Old Hospital converted into a new home

The old hospital has been restructured and renovated to look like a brand new spacious apartment with facilities like floating bedroom which is absolutely fantastic, a beautiful living room, two storey high ceilings and wonderful accents of rusticated wood and brick. These are the facilities one would hardly expect to be there in a hospital.


The building does not look like a hospital anymore and one could hardly believe that it ever used to be a hospital. It has been furnished with great wood work and excellent architecture starting from hardwood floors in light color up to the rooftop deck which is fully furnished. Earlier the hospital just used to be a building with set of spaces, highly sanitized and painted in white. But now, it is also imprinted with structural brickwork.


In the first glance, this new structure would not resemble the other apartments or condos which have been converted creatively earlier, and its interior design would definitely give a new look. It has been integrated with warm materials, profuse décor, modern touch and exposed structural elements to make up for any sense of hygienic and cold setting.

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