Ranch Style Cabin with an Oceanfront View

The Ranch style cabin was designed by Stockholm based architecture firm WRB. This unique style of house is made up of timber, glass and steel. The Ranch style Cabin house is situated at Torsa one of popular upper-class inhabited neighborhoods of Sweden. It is a private house and H shaped. This elegant house is encircled by a court yard and the amazing feature of this house each room has opening to courtyard through a broad sliding glass wall.

Ranch Style Cabin with an Oceanfront View

There is a sheltered courtyard which occupies one third of the living area of the house area.  This is the hotspot of the house from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of ocean. The design of the house is inspired by farm house. Concrete, rusted steel, untreated pine wood, oiled winged and water are used to built this elegant house. These things give the house a rustic look also. An open fireplace gives a comfortable living space. The informal interiors created for leisure and easy coastal live.

No Doubt the house was made keeping in mind all aspect of the residents. The rustic ambience increases the beauty of the house.


Bertoia Diamond Chair for Outdoor

Modern outdoor furniture can help you dress up the patio, garden or swimming pool area in pleasing colors, taking you into the arms of nature in a gentle and beautiful way. The Bertoia diamond chair can be used outdoor and indoor. Featuring a classic, modern design that enhances any environment, Bertoia’s Diamond chair remains a fascinating study in bent metal and a fixture of mid-century design. The Bertoia Diamond Chair for Outdoor can be find for 909$.

Bertoia Diamond Chair for Outdoor

It’s a very beautiful outdoor furniture set. It’s important to have one of these, if you also own a nice garden or a deck where you can enjoy many beautiful sunny days. There are a lot of designs when it comes to outdoor furniture, but few of them are as comfortable as this one. There’s nothing like sitting outside, enjoying a cold drink with your friends and family and just sit down and relax, et the sun caress your skin and forget about all your problems for a few minutes.

The Bartoia chair is a very beautiful piece, with elegant and stylish lines and a beautiful shape. It’s very appropriate for outdoor use. There a few different option in terms of color. It’s a very versatile design and it could make a great addition to any garden, deck or terrace, regardless of the style.

Cloud bench with back by B&B Italia

The Cloud collection includes a series of benches, with or without backs, designed for public spaces. The malls have more and more awesome benches for those who want to sit down for some minutes. The linear benches can be combined with curved elements to create free flowing compositions. The sofa with upholstered bench-style seat, with or without backrest, is supported by a polished metal tube that conveys a sense of lightness and mid-air suspension. The Cloud bench with back by B&B Italia is available for $4,639.00.

Cloud bench with back by B&B Italia

All the pieces from this collection have a very simple and neat design, but they are also very comfortable and soft, and that’s really all you need when you’re tired and all you want is a place where to rest your feet for a few minutes. They were designed for public spaces and you can tell that by the way they look like. That’s not a insult, it’s just a simple remark.

The pieces from this collection come in a very soft tone of grey, an extremely neutral tone.  This, together with the simplicity of the design and the clean lines give them a somewhat elegant look.  The design also has a modern flare, a fact that makes it perfect for a mall or other type of public structure.

Modern Childrens Bedroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

Kids’ bedrooms can be a ton of fun to decorate. They give you a chance to be creative in a fresh and colorful way, without having to worry about being so serious in your design choices. Playfulness and fun are the key ingredients. Here is a Modern Children’s Bedroom Furniture Collection by Karim Rashid which features twin and bunk beds, storage shelving and drawers, and some visual pizzazz as you might expect from the king of modern furniture design. Visit Karim Rashid site for a look at all.

neo set karim rashid kids furniture

When it comes to children and their rooms, the color choice is often very simple. It’s either pink for the girls of blue for the boys. But with the furniture pieces is another story. Those have to be also colored, fun, cute, children friendly, durable and functional. A lot of attributes if you ask me. You can also add to that list the word modern and what you get is this collection of children bedroom designs from Karim Rashid.

pink furniture bunkbeds neoset

All the pieces have a modern look, they are attractive in terms of color and aspect and they have very soft and curved lines in order to make them children friendly and to avoid the accidents. The bedrooms presented here look very safe and beautiful. And the simplicity makes the room look neat and clean. It’s a feature that is never missing from Karim Rashid’s creations.

Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse by Lord, Aeck & Sargent

Camp Twin Lakes is a site situated at Rutledge, Georgia designed by Lord, Aeck & Sargent. This site is used by more than 40 camping programs to treat the children having physical disabilities, illness or other such challenges. The camp also facilitates nature trails where one can travel around the camp on a wheelchair. The firm held a competition in lieu of designing the treehouse quickly.

Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse by Lord, Aeck & Sargent1

The competition was juried by the board members and the best design was selected from a group of campers who had designed an ideal treehouse including areas for playing and interacting, slides, swings, greenroof, trapdoors and accessibility of wheelchair.

Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse by Lord, Aeck & Sargent

The treehouse is located at the ends of the trail and allows children on wheelchair to enter through a curved boardwalk. After entering, they can get a view of the camp lake from 15 feet above the ground. The treehouse stands on wooden telephone poles stabilized by a system of concrete beams. The design includes a center spaces for environmental arts along with four side spaces to be used for camp’s drumming program, storytelling and other activities to be conducted for smaller groups, storage rooms and utility rooms. The whole design is known as the bird’s nest because of its overlook.

The main intention behind this design was to take the children outdoors. The treehouse also has ceiling fans and a mister system to cope up with the summer heat.

House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero Architects

This great sculpture emerges as a balance of three principles in it construction, firmness and beauty. It is very well known for its geometry, sophisticated materiality and elegant composition. The marble shell is a symbol of refuge and identity protection. The architecture is so constructed that sunlight can enter all the rooms.

The purity of shapes gives the sense of concrete walls standing on a plot without inter-connecting pillars. The environment around the architecture is framed with a garden full of planters and flowerbeds. The entrance is marked by a steel beam door and windows are conceptualized as openings.

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Raised House Plan by Architects Magnus

More and more new and modern architectures are going for an environment friendly design. Most of the designs will be based upon the fineness of the architecture. It is just the house built by the Architects Magnus firm based in San Diego. It is a house built on focusing what is present on the surrounding of the house, and giving it a revolutionized design.


The architectural project is known as the Raised House Plan. The house is in fact built on the hill over a vast and nice valley with Pacific across its distant. Therefore, during the months of summer, the house will be able to catch the nice and cool breeze right from the Pacific that is across its distant space, which is the major environmental friendly design of the house plan. Then with the house built with roof made of metal consistence with modern design as well as the glass made doors and windows that goes from the ceiling down to the floor, it will in fact cooled the home down to a relatively nice temperature during the summer day.

Anyways, implementing the modern design together with the elements from the natures of stones and wood, it created a nice concept of openness to the house.




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