Big Dig House by SsD Architects

Big dig House is prototype building located in Lexington, Massachusetts by SsD Architects .The building is unique in its type and constructed using industrial waste,  set as an example of how infrastructural throw away can be recoup and reused. The house is constructed with steel and concrete rejects, which are throw-outs of elevated part of dismantle I-93 highway.

Big Dig House by SsD Architects

About 600,000 lbs throw outs are used to construct Boston’s Big Dig House. First the material was sorted out like pre-fab method, delicate spatial planning were created

These waste materials have another favorable property. These kinds of highway construction waste products are more capable of carrying load then standard material. So when it comes to construct a roof garden in a building, one can use this kind of material.

Big dig house also hosted large size Roof Garden. This kind of constructions is a great example for mankind. In future planning should be done in such a way so that building like libraries, school, other community buildings, and even private residential building will construct using infrastructure waste. Every year thousands of tons infrastructure waste heap up. Using them in this way we can save environment also.

Stacking stools by Florent Cuchet

If you prefer sleek, modern lines, colorful and funny items in your living space, the stools designed by Florent Cuchet may be perfect for your home. This bar stool features a chrome finish with a vinyl seat that is available in blue, red and black. This comfortable stool offers a clean and elegant modern look for any home.

Stacking stools by Florent Cuchet

Inspired by the shape of traditional Japanese arcades, these stools are perfect for those who want a little more color in their living area.

The great thing about them is that their shape allows them to be stacked one on top of the other, making it easier for you to store them away when you’re using them. This way you can save quite a lot of space. The shape is not only appropriate when it comes to storage but it also contributes to your comfort. I would say they are more comfortable than the usual round shaped ones.

Stacking stools by Florent Cuchet1

They might be small, because after all they are stools, but they are very comfortable and functional. They can be used in a variety of different ways and for a lot of different purposes. For example, when you’re not using them as a sitting place but instead you need a place to put your alarm clock when you’re going to bet, you can just use one of them as a nightstand. Because they are so colorful and bright, they will cheer you up in a second.

Résidence étudiante & médicalisée by ECDM

The well known Architectural firm Emmanuel COMBAREL Dominique MARREC Architects, which is in short known as ECDM located in Paris, have worked on a new idea and completed recently. It is a social housing for Students and is located in the Suburbs of Paris.


They have named it Epinav. When they spoke to the press about their project they said the conception of their new project is making the landscape particularly the road of Saint leu to transform into its own value held in the history.

They also said their current projects will speedup the future of the current territory in the future. They said it will be a part of strengthening the relationships between the public services, industrial and commercial buildings. This project is about creating a residence for students of 150 housing for 170 people to live there and 19 houses for the researchers and invited professors.

They also have some number allocated for women in distress. They also have insight of the project like guard’s residence area, private study rooms and laundry … etc. Simply we can conclude that they are constructing villa of the future.

Modern Luna Floor Lamp

Decorating a home or a new room can be fun, extremely rewarding and creates a nice environment in the most important place possible, your home. Lighting is an extremely important aspect of home decoration and one of the best ways to create a warm and comfortable house.

Luna Floor Lamp2

Luna Floor Lamp1

The LUNA Floor lamp is made from brushed anodized aluminium housing with a height of 160cm and width of only 2cm that gives it a slim and elegant design.There are millions of ways to improve the lighting in your house but from experience I can tell you that the best way to create a welcoming, well lit room is to add some modern floor lamps.The LUNA floor lamp is a one of those modern lamps.The LUNA lighting offer unlimited combinations allowing you to create your own ambience because we can supply different materials that are attached by using our patented magnet holding system, which allows for an easy switch of elements and lighting variations.

Ala Moana by Omiros One Architecture

Ala Moana, is a newly constructed project on Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. This elegant building was planned by Australian architect Omiros One Architecture to make best use of the views and set at dissimilar levels to follow the natural land slope with negligible cutting into the site.

This five bedroom magnificence house allows infinite ocean views from atop of a sharply inclined site on Hamilton Island in the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It merges a comfortable tropical resort ambience with extravagance, superiority, solitude and stillness.

Ala Moana by Omiros One Architecture

One main issue measured by the architect was how the construction could be observed and valued by the visitor from such a sloppy site. The answer was to design a twisty path which moves toward the house from below, an expedition of finding with several aspects, texture and utility recounting slowly at close range, as well as such texture as the layered design of the house and the mass of water falling down the slope and reflecting the sky from within. The pathway surrounds the building and carries the guest to the entrance point of house where the glass-edged double doors permit the first sight of the breathtaking view.

From inside you will found the construction becomes a sequence of frames for the view, the inner insightful pool sway through the site to the open view at frontage, merging with the sky and looks like it fall into the ocean beyond. The swimming pool becomes the focal point of the living space.

Another main key-point of the design course was how to lessen the visual impact of the new construction. It was attaining by dividing the volume of the building into smaller articulated potion, it divided into four major volumes of dissimilar heights, each coroneted with curved, wing-like zinc roofs. Their volume-ness further lessened by opening through tall glassy folding doors. It was designed so to get maximum light.

The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss

The Danish designer Per Weiss came up with the Leash Sofa which is part of Innovation’s 2010 “One Room Living” collection that they will exhibit at the upcoming 2010 IMM Cologne furnishing show in Germany. One of the most important furniture pieces in the living room is the sofa. The Leash Sofa will fit any modern room, for those who are locking for a sofa.

The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss6

It has a very minimal base, just enough to keep those puffy cushions in place. That’s because the accent is on comfort. Just by looking at it you can say it’s extremely comfortable and soft. And after you sit on it, those suspicions are confirmed. The sofa comes in several color tones, like light brown, white and dark grey. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, comfy and with a modern touch.

The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss3

The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss1

It’s a simple piece that is indispensable for any living room. It’s the focal center in that room, the first thing that everyone is looking for when entering in there. So since it’s such an important piece, it’s only natural that you pay a little more attention when choosing it. You’ll want it to be first of all comfortable, but equally good-looking and interesting. In this case, I think the Leash Sofa might be just right for you.

Tree eco aesthetic style home

The effect of building and using a house made completely of tree is truly astonishing. By simply using the shape of tree in its natural way rather than cutting and shaping them into lumber wood, the architecture you obtain will be organic and gives you a feeling like you actually live in a tree which is breathing and which is still growing its structure. Though this type is relatively difficult to construct, with the trunk and the branches to be fit suitably with the rest, but it sure is the best to live in.



Aside from the breath-taking eco-aesthetic of his whole-tree houses and homes, Apart from Roald Gunderson’s breath taking eco aesthetic style of his custom built whole tree homes and houses, he also says that it has a number of advantages and benefits which help towards protecting the environment as well as a the owner’s money. According to his observation, this architectural style saves time, energy as well as money since in this style we will be skipping the normal yet unnecessary steps of remaking the raw wood available in nature into the standard structures and sizes.

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