iTables by Mirko Ginepro

If you are a big fan of iPod media players then you must have in the living room an iTable. Designed by and Italian artist Mirko Ginepro for Milan Design Week, these iTables are awesome.


They share the structure of the iPod and they turn it into a very functional and fun table. It’s a very versatile table as well. Because of it’s unusual design, there’s not a rule that says it has to be used as a certain type of table or only for certain activities. So you can use it as a very fun coffee table or even as a small dining table. The shape allows it to incorporate a very useful storage shelf where you can store some magazines, books, cigarette packs, a bag or anything else you might want to.


It’s definitely an unusual table and it will make a very fun piece of furniture in your living room. It’s obviously modern and this can be either good or bag. It’s good because now it’s something new. But there’s also a big disadvantage. The problem is that technology advances very fast and  there are permanently new concepts and designs that replace the old ones. So in just a few years there’s a real risk that you’ll end up having an outdated iPod table which represents a model that has disappeared long ago from the stores. Think about that before making a decision.

Amazing Interior Design Ideas from Lázaro Rosa-Violán

If you want to live in a beautiful and stylish home, all you need is a little creativity and lots of interior design ideas. Every interior space has unique qualities attached to it, just like a natural outdoor space, like a forest for example. The Lázaro Rosa-Violán is a Barcelona interior design company who describes itself as a style hunter. Some of the things that you can see in this design idea are wooden furniture, linen cloth, rubber or leather flooring or upholstery, wallpapers, plastic lampshades and other decorative items, and also steel furniture.

Amazing Interior Design Ideas from Lázaro Rosa-Violán1

Each one of these design ideas is special and unique. They are all modern, but not over the top. It’s more of a combination between traditional concepts combined with modern details. Traditional with just a twist of modern, that’s always a nice combination. But whatever the style is, they all look amazing. Extremely beautiful and very welcoming. The materials used go very well together and they create a very nice intimate atmosphere.

The attention to details is amazing. Everything looks like it was meant to be there. Nothing is there arbitrary. Stylish and elegant, these design ideas are a great source of inspiration. Take a look at each one of them and you’ll eventually find something that speaks to you. Or you could combine bits and pieces from multiple choices to form a very original design.

The Spun Table Lamp by Jonah Takagi

The Spun Table Lamp is a nice table lamp designed by Jonah Takagi, a young Japanese-American designer.The lamp consists of a tripod of steel painted in three bright colors, yellow, orange or green, and a round hat in satin aluminum. Its shape is complemented by a nice little ball hanging from the cable for the ignition and colored in shades contrasted with the base.

The Spun Table Lamp by Jonah Takagi

It’s a very simple piece and yet it looks odd.  The combination of shapes and materials is a little strange…and the colors too. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Odd designs are often more appreciated than the usual ones. They have something special, something unique that you can’t define and yet that looks attractive.

The Spun Table Lamp by Jonah Takagi2

This table lamp has that je ne sais quoi that we keep hearing about and that is so hard to define. I think in this case the strange thing is the shape. It looks like  little stool and not like a lamp. Be careful not to confound it with an actual stool and to sit on it because it’s not going to be a pretty image. Anyway, it’s a strange design, but that’s not everything there is to say about it.

Let’s not forget that it is a lamp so the functional aspect is also important. As a table lamp I would say it satisfies the demands. The design is still questionable.

Radici Outdoor Furniture by De Castelli

Designed for an Italian company De Castelli, the Radici is a grate outdoor furniture set created by Patrizia Pozzi. The collection includes a gazebo, a table, some chairs, a coffee table, a bench, a barstool and candleholder. Specially designed to catch eyes with the climbing plants the collection is also very comfortable.

Radici Outdoor Furniture by De Castelli1

It has a modern but still traditional design. I have to say it looks a little pretentious for my tastes. But considering the fact it was designed for outdoor use, I would say it would look nice in a garden, just not my garden. What I really likes are the climbing flowers. It’s a very beautiful detail that distinguishes this collection.Radici Outdoor Furniture by De Castelli

The set includes a lot of pieces, enough to furnish all your garden or terrace. The gazebo is also very beautiful and interesting. I really like the fact that it also includes a coffee table. That an important piece. It’s such a beautiful feeling to be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee outdoors. It’s so different than the feeling you get when you drink your coffee in the morning in the kitchen or in the crowded space of the living room. I say it’s worthed to invest in a collection like this.

House in Menorca by Dom Arquitectura

Space is one of the fundamental elements that many people seek for in a nice and comfortable house, interiorly and exteriorly and the well balance of both. That is what many will think of an ideal house for summer time, the House in Menorca is one of such houses, with a good balance between its interior and exterior. The house was built upon the inspiration of the “tanca” of Menorca; the divisions with the wall of stone.

House in Menorca by Dom Arquitectura1

The house had combined all of multiple elements in form of a harmony, which each of the elements has its own feeling and identify yet harmoniously balanced being with each other as whole. It has the elements of softness that is well contrasted with hardness, use of glasses and sand, and woods and stones. They are indeed a well balanced designed.

In fact, the back and front of the house is also well connected with a hall way of large opening for both sides, the back and front forming a well transition between the outside and the inside of the house. Furthermore, with the well designed sliding slats made of wood, it acts as the sunscreens for the house. It is indeed a masterpiece of a Spanish architect, Pablo Serrrano Elorduy from Dom Arquitectura.

Montecito Ocean View House

This beautiful house is an abode of serenity with great views all around. The site of the vast stretching ocean or the island, the peaceful site of water and lush green grass makes this house a heaven with abundance of calm and peace. Granite stone countertops and hardwood flooring, lot of gardens, a private terrace and balcony make this house a wonder in itself.

Montecito Ocean View House7

The scenic beauty could remind one of the countryside. With many bedrooms and baths, this house boasts of a large media room to entertain guests and tiles patios too. A kitchen gourmet and a master bedroom connected to the patio with stylish sliding doors rounds off the wonderful construction. The house is listed here for $3.65 million.

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Awesome Bottle House

Plastic bottles are everywhere and they make it much easier for us to get the products we want in lighter bottle than glass. It is important to the environment that we recycle so that we can keep the plastic bottles out of our land fields. So it has become a common product used by everyone. Fortunately plastic is one of the materials that can be recycled after you use it. Here is an incredible house made entirely from glass and plastic bottles.


You have to recycle them anyway, so why not use them for your own benefit? And what better way to include them in your life than building a house using plastic bottles. It might be a little difficult to gather all the bottles you are going to need because you are going to need a lot of bottles. I’m not sure how resistant the structure will be, considering the bottles are made from plastic, which is not the best material that you can think of when it comes to building a house.

But it seems like more a more people are starting to use them in all sorts of different ways. So if it’s possible to build a house using only bottles, I say you should at least give it a chance. It’s cheap and it’s original. The result will be a very unusual one. But it has to be unusual, in order to stand out.

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