Gorgeous London Apartment for Sale – Albert Embankment

Are you looking for a stunning London apartment ? Then you must know that there are many classy London apartments for sale – One such fantastic penthouse flat is situated in Albert Embankment and redefines quality and grandeur. It has exciting city views and has top class furnishing and décor.

The apartment is done up in a subtle minimalist style which is modern and very elegant. It has a spacious dinning/ kitchen/ reception area with full size glass doors letting sun stream in during the day and offers panoramic lighted city views at night. It comes with 3 vast bedrooms, a lovely balcony, excellent sound system and chic marble flooring.

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Sculptural house in Madrid featuring dark granite and marble accents

Located in Pozuelo de Alarcon, in Madrid, Spain, this house was designed by A-cero and has a very interesting look. Notice the strong contrasts that define the exterior. The house is wrapped in a series of curved walls built of dark granite and marble and they create a sculptural and unique look.

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Residence House in Zwickau, Germany

A gentle ridge of Cainsdorfer local situation can be seen just high over the river meadow where you see a sharp edged of residence house rising there. The house uses the available hillside calm and generous property, and this contrast by his clear measurements which are consciously and amazingly strikingly and impressive with the grown landscape around the place.


The Town planning of the area available has been made to adapt itself in a relatively cubic course in the heterogeneous outskirts of the situation. The scale of the mostly always empty and lone constructs of the place and its surroundings will transform it into a solitaire kind of construction in the place.

However, simply by the clear and precise form of the structure, the big and single openings and the material that is made of extremely smooth and fine concrete façade, all this changes the house and the usual picture of the surroundings.

The house is built from a single rock, called a monolith, with Ferro-concrete construction that also includes a nuclear insulated structure for secure living. Also, there was a topmost demand made for good concrete quality to provide highly demanding view of the outer wall. A two ply and extremely slim external wall strength was achieved in a dimension that is as small as 15 cm. The camouflage of the building interiors in the facade was implemented using anodized aluminum wall boards.{Residence designer:Atelier ST Photography by Bertram Bölkow}

Fitness Club in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue club is situated at located at Bellevue, Washington; a suburb of Seattle. It serves as a fitness club as well as hotel. The expansion and renovation of this club is architected by Baylis Architects.  The expansion is done to extend the library and for extra space for fitness facilities.The design of the building was inspired by northwest Asian architecture, the remodeling attained by use of various elements. To meet the requirement slant roofs with huge overhangs and cedar siding are designed and given stucco finish.


A horizontal mullion pattern window is also created to give gorgeous outlook also allow sunlight to fill the space.
This 3 stories 15000 sqft house is located in between a swimming pool in north and tennis court in south. A private Zen garden and Asian influenced topography increase the immediate environment. Natural light penetrate into all fitness studio. Apart from this diffused sunlight also enter through translucent walls.

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Luxury CG House at Monterrey, Mexico

All of us want to live in luxurious house. One of such luxurious house is CG house, which is located at Monterrey, Mexico. The house is designed by GLR Arquitectos’s Gilberto L. Rodríguez . The CG house built on 17,250 sq ft area near Sierra Madre Mountains. While building this houses the main hurdle was steep slope of the mountain.


As the site is slanting in nature, a heavy, bare concrete wall label and encircles the swimming pool and garden areas of this home and gives a brilliant look to the house. To built this elegant house the architecture use brown and black volcanic stone, IPE wood, white stucco and steel.

A broad external granite staircase directs to a beautiful private garden of palm trees. Just  in front of it,  there was a high dark oak entrance whose impressive scaling architecture provides a clue of the remarkable feature of this 10,650 sq. ft. home that placed beyond it, The entry point of the house open with an entrance hall whose 15 feet-high walls are decorated with silver leaf.  This place is decorated with coconut root sculpture and piece of art made up of steel and rock.

The living room as well as dinning room is designed with large windows which permit maximum sunlight to fill the space. The window also allowed elegant view of garden and levels of the rooms are not equal these not only make the house elegant but also mirror the site’s landscape.

The private area of the house articulated through a stretched hallway which opens to a second garden only accessed by the residents and it is situated at the uppermost part of the house.

Amazing Color Hidden Kitchen for Small Spaces

When space is a problem, the imagination must take us to find solutions that can make up for the lost space. The combination of orange and red from this amazing hidden kitchen it’s a great addition for young families that are just starting up. The gloss finish laminated red and orange, and glass hob, easy to clean while providing a fresh and cheerful kitchen.


Small apartments usually have very small kitchens and bathrooms. So it’s not easy to furnish a small kitchen and to make it look good while also including there everything that you need, like the microwave oven, the toaster and all the other gadgets that people usually have in their kitchen. It’s a difficult process when you’re trying to squeeze everything in there and sometimes you don’t even manage to do so and you give up. But it’s no longer necessary because that problem can be easily solved. All y have t is choose the right furniture for the kitchen.

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Another two bedroom duplex apartment

This duplex is perfect for those who are looking for a luxury apartment. This 2 bedroom apartment has double high ceilings and large Victorian style windows. The light which comes from these windows provides ample light in to the house. This apartment is situated on the tranquil Thackery road. Spiral staircase is present in the reception of this apartment.

Another two bedroom duplex apartment2

The kitchen is complete with all necessary amenities. Carpeted floors are present in the  Mezz bedroom of this apartment. Overall this apartment is perfect in all the aspects. You would fall in love with this house just after having the first glance at it.

The apartment feature a masculine look starting with the black leather sofa and the rest of furniture.

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