Modern House Built Below Street Level To Captures The Views

The Bayview House was built in Bayview, Australia by Gratnor trovato Architects. Its design is odd to say the least. One of the things that make this house so unusual is the fact that it was built below street level. The top floor is at street level and is where the entrance is located. A rather unconventional choice.

This particular location and design were chosen because of the landscape. The architect decided to embrace the nature and to make the most of the views. Each and every room offers stunning views. The house is divided into three floors. They all get plenty of sunlight and air through the large windows and natural ventilation keeps the interior just right.

The three floors are connected by a set of individual stairs. The top floor contains the main living spaces as well as the kitchen and the dining area. It also features a bar, a powder room and the entrance hallway. The kitchen opens onto a terrace. The first floor is where you’ll find the master bedroom. Here there are also the guest rooms and an artist’s studio. The ground floor contains the service spaces and the media room. As you can see, the arrangement of the functions is unusual but it perfectly fits this particular house.

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID

Called Contrast, the collection designed by UBICA-ID is a series which includes extending coffee tables, side tables and an armchair with a bookshelf incorporated in the back. In total there are seven furniture pieces which have been created from pure volumes and geometric forms, looking for a formal line between them and a clear visual simplicity, without sacrificing details and solutions that has made them into practical and special furniture.

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID6

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID

It’s surprising how simple these pieces can be. The well defined design looks like it’s trying to make a statement. The geometric shapes kind of join them all together, creating a very fresh image. The colors used are the very clean tone of white and the natural wood color, in most of the cases. There’s also a brightly colored side table that adds some fun to the collection.

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID2

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID4

The name of this collection is very suggestive for the pieces included. The contrast refers on one hand at the materials used that are put together in a beautiful way. On the other hand it refers to the colors: there’s the pure white mixed with the beautiful and natural wood color, and then there’s also that colorful side table that creates a contrast compared to all the other pieces.

Add Look Seating by Mauro Lipparini

What makes a sofa perfect for your living room? Definitely, it has to be a special sofa, one that you can’t resist to. The Add Look Seating by Mauro Lipparini will be awesome for your living room , especially for those who spend a lot of time in there. The seat and back cushions are in mixed sanitized down and feather with a 20% foam core in the seat cushions to add body to the luxuriously soft and comfortable feeling. The back cushions are 100% mixed feather and down.

Add Look Seating by Mauro Lipparini

The first thing that comes in your mind when you see this sofa is ” that must be a really comfortable piece of furniture!”. And it’s true, it’s extremely comfortable. That was the main purpose of this collection, to create comfy sofa designs that you can include in your living room without making it look like a bedroom.  That’s a sofa I would like to sleep on, regardless of the situation.  The sofas come in two variants: in leather and in fabric. The colors used in both situations are tones of brown.

Add Look Seating by Mauro Lipparini1

This increases the welcoming aspect of this piece of furniture. It almost looks like it invites you to sit down and to relax for a few moments. Once you realize how soft and comfy it is those few moments turn into a few hours and you eventually end up falling asleep there.

The collection is an infinitely variable series of sofas and sectionals, available in dozens of standard sizes and custom sizes as well. They are all available at

Frame Sofa by Hyung Suk Cho

For those who own a immaculate white house the Frame sofa by Hyung Suk Cho will be perfect. The Frame sofa is extremely different from the normal sofa sets that we have in the market today. The seating is made of stainless steel tubes and fabric upholstery .And it is available in black, executives in black suite will surely looks in harmony with this sofa set.

Frame Sofa by Hyung Suk Cho

At a first glance you immediately notice the robust shape. This is not by any means an elegant piece of furniture. It looks very heavy and difficult to move around. Considering by the dimensions of this sofa and its size, it better be very comfortable, otherwise it would be just a waste of materials and space. And if it looks so fat in black, a color that is supposed to make you look slender, imagine how it would look like in white.

Frame Sofa by Hyung Suk Cho1

The sofa is actually composed of two elements that are held together just by that thin steel frame. That kind of makes me feel like it’s incomplete, like there’s something missing there. It just doesn’t look a finished product, more like a pre-version of the final product. It also has no feet or anything like that so it looks even heavier.

Unusual Split-Level House in Philadelphia

There is never a good idea for a new construction of modern design to be built in the neighborhood fill with historical building. They just never fit well into the neighborhood. There is always a huge contrast between the modern design and the old historical design buildings around the neighborhood. Many sure have seen one example at least why it is a bad idea for a constructed modern design building to be built in the neighborhood of historical buildings.

Unusual Split-Level House in Philadelphia2

However, in Philadelphia, there is a building that might prove the idea of not to fit a modern designed building into a neighborhood of historical buildings wrong. It is the Split-Level House at a historical neighborhood in Philadelphia. The building definitely integrated perfectly well into its surrounding among the historical buildings of earl design, this building is nonetheless a modern day designed structure wich was designed by Qb Design.

This Split-Level House was built with the material like concrete that has been polished, and steel and wood used in many modern day construction. This Split-Level House is a 3 story house built with a private garden on its roof with a nice view to the neighborhood. It is indeed can be considered as a perfect fit into the neighborhood.

Villa Bussum by GROUP A

The Villa Bussum is located in the green surroundings of Bussum a small city near Amsterdam. It was designed by Group A and it is the house where contemporary and sculptures are combined together and interrelate with its green surroundings.

The sloping walls and the roof of this conceptual house stand in contrast with the surrounding monumental buildings, occasionally even frolicsome 19th century villas.

Villa Bussum by GROUP A

This villa elevated from a plain rectangular dimension with a revolving pitched roof. Consequently, sections were incised from this volume to make windows, terraces, verandas and doorway. There is a special corner in front of the house which directed towards street. This is the main entrance of the house. On the east part of the villa, a private garden and another entry recommend a more private area. On the back side of the house there is a contented porch and a window which is 15m wide gives panoramic view of the garden. This part is located at the back of the house.

The back and front garden is connected with a slanting path. This downward path is passing itself beneath the cantilevering block, so that the basement floor also has accessibility of garden, and a contented covered parking lot.

Bulb Chair by Gaëtan Van de Wyer

Now that’s a really interesting piece of furniture. At first you don’t even know what it is, then after analyzing it a little bit you realize it’s actually a chair, a very unique one indeed.


If you are looking for this type of furniture, perhaps you should turn your attention towards rattan furniture. Such furniture is created from cane, which is one of the toughest materials in the world. The Bulb Chair was designed by a Belgian designer, Gaëtan Van de Wyer. The bulb chair features an LED lamp to illuminate your space. As you can see from the pictures the chair is made from sustainable materials, including rattan and water hyacinth. The Bulb Chair measures 88cm w x 107cm d x 178cm h.

Creating a chair that actually has a lamp incorporated in the design is a very clever idea. It makes it the perfect place to enjoy reading a book or just sit there thinking of your problems, meditate or any other activity you might think of. I’m sure that for the user it’s a very comfortable and pleasant piece of furniture, but for the other ones…I don’t know, it looks kind of creepy. I wouldn’t want to come across that image when walking around the house.

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