New York Modern Riverfront Home by Bates Masi Architects

A new modern and fashionable home has been created by Bates Masi Architects on the banks of a river at Noyack in New York City. The architecture brings an altogether new definition for the word “casual”. It has a unique design. It was initially designed for an actor with the sole purpose of getting rest and relaxation at home.

New York Modern Riverfront Home by Bates Masi Architects

But it turned out to be an object of study for architecture. This home plan is simply wonderful with series of spaces so designed that the sequence depicts the professional life of the actor. The interiors are excellently designed. They look simple but the front elevation makes it look gorgeous and s filled with light. Windows are expandable and open to give beautiful views of the gardens and the river banks.

New York Modern Riverfront Home by Bates Masi Architects5

The windows are covered by sliding screens which ensure privacy.  The designs are beautifully implemented in the architecture with the main living area connected to the upper spaces via stairs.

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Ottoman Round Table for Small Spaces

In a living room where the space is limited, finding a coffee table is a problem. Ottoman furniture pieces are wonderful for their utility. Many of them have a great secure place to store things like board games, magazines, and other playing cards. For example, this round table plays host to four nesting ottomans that can be used as additional seating. Each ottoman is on casters and is upholstered in a camel color microfiber.

Ottoman Round Table for Small Spaces

It’s a very clever way of saving some space in a small or crowded room. Whenever you need a place to sit you can just use one of these cute and comfy ottomans and after that, when you no longer need them, they can just be stored away under the coffee table. This way they don’t bother anyone and you’ll always know where to find them.

This type of furniture pieces and sets and more and more appreciated as the space we are living in becomes increasingly smaller and where a few cm can often make a big difference. So a lot of companies started to develop this type of concept like expandable tables or pieces like stools and chair with storage space incorporated. This set is actually really cute ad functional.Available for $376.00.

DS-164 Sofa by Hugo de Ruiter

This modular seating idea by Hugo de Ruiter was inspired by nature and boasts expressive, sculptured lines. Available in a variety of colors the playful design of the DS 164, its escape from the thraldom of linear pattern liberates the living environment from the shackles of the humdrum.

DS-164 Sofa by Hugo de Ruiter

It’s a very interesting piece of furniture that is definitely not following the traditional design of the sofa. It’s a different kind of sofa made for the same purposes: to make the users feel comfortable. But unlike the traditional designs, this one also looks interesting and intriguing.

DS-164 Sofa by Hugo de Ruiter1

Like any new idea or concept, at first people are reticent about it. They often have a hard time getting used to the idea, some of them don’t like it, others might like it but they prefer to stick with the old ones. This concept makes no exception. I’m also having a hard time imagining how this piece would look in my home. And I admit that it’s very interesting, but I still can’t find it very functional. Maybe with time things will change. But for now I would like to keep my old sofa.

The example presented here is white but there are also other colors, more bright and happy, for this design. Maybe some is all you need for a change of perspective.

2010 Devon & Devon Bathroom Collection

Devon & Devon was founded inspired from European traditions more cultured and refined. The new bathroom collection 2010 Devon & Devon is characterized by simplicity of form and design in double version. First, harmonious and feminine, and secondly, strict and masculine.

2010 Devon & Devon Collection

It’s an interesting idea, that of creating different designs for men and women. They do have different styles and ideas of how a bathroom should look like. But that only works of you have more than one bathroom because otherwise you’re just going to create chaos in there. Mixing two whole different concepts is not a very good idea. But for those of you who don’t share the same bathroom this might a good choice.

2010 Devon & Devon Collection1

2010 Devon & Devon Collection3

2010 Devon & Devon Collection2

Personally I like both styles. The feminine one is a little more sensual and it features some curved lines. The other one, more masculine is also beautiful because it’s simple and functional. I still can’t understand what that sofa has to do with the bathroom. Maybe some people like to incorporate the sofa into their bathroom design but it would have to be a really big bathroom. Nevertheless, I like the color combination. The purple and that strange tone of red are very beautiful. And in contrast with the white tones they look very nice.

Manzanita Wall Art

Wall decors can be any thing that adds life to your home. There is no need to follow strict rules, just do it in your own artistic way. Here are my suggestion, for creating your own winter wonderland with shiny aluminum branches inspired by nature. The Manzanita Wall Art features six glass cups that accommodate votive candles.

Manzanita Wall Art

It’s a nice piece that could help you create a very beautiful and romantic atmosphere. The nature inspired designed allows it to be included in any kind of décor. It would look ice in the living room, suspended on the wall above the furniture or in any place you might want to put it. It could also look nice in a bedroom. The candles could create an intimate atmosphere perfect for that room.

Manzanita Wall Art1

Of course, this is just an example of how you can decorate your space using candles. During winter season this type of decorations are really beautiful and they give you a warm feeling. During the hot summer season, not so much. But you can just store them away and replace them with something more refreshing until the cold weather installs again. Wherever you might choose to place it  I’m sure it’s going to look just fine.

Awesome Furniture Designs by Michel Haillard

I’m pretty sure that some of these designs from Michel Haillard are scary but in the same time are awesome. The idea from this furniture is from the hell, and to create this fantastic piece of furniture was used the most drastic materials starting from crocodile and ostrich skin and ending with horns and tusks of wild animals. Also it was created not without natural fur, which are covered inside cabinets and drawers. The frame and trim are made from wood, bronze and silver.

PETERSBOURG Awesome Furniture Designs by Michel Haillard

It’s a really radical furniture collection. I love each and every one of these pieces. I wish I could have them all. I’m not sure what I would be doing with all of them, but I want them. The designs are so original and artistic, and the image they create is so strong. They might be inspired by hell but for the owners they will look like heaven.

It’s a very creative and beautiful way of turning hell into something so amazing and exquisite. They might not be eco friendly and they also contain real fur, but who cares about that when they see how extremely beautiful these pieces are. I honestly love them. And I’m sure there are plenty of people who share the same feeling. It’s been a while since I’ve been so enthusiastic about s piece of furniture.

Colorful Designer Lamps from Alfred Shaheen

Whatever type of light fitting you’re thinking of purchasing, you should take time to think about the effect you’re hoping to achieve, and this means taking into account the size of the space you are planning to illuminate as well as the rest of the decor. The colorful lamps designed by Alfred Shaheen are available in a variety of models, creating a special ambiance. The prices for this lamps is really cheap from 100$ at

Colorful Designer Lamps from Alfred Shaheen

Because of the floral patterns, these lamps would better fit into a bedroom. But there are also other types of patterns and designs for the other rooms of the house as well. They are simple, fresh and modern. The design Is not too bold and the colors used are soft. Another reason why I think they would best fit into the bedroom.

Colorful Designer Lamps from Alfred Shaheen1

They create a beautiful light, not very bright but not too soft either. It would make a beautiful addition to a modern interior, whether you choose to have it in your living room or in the bedroom, or even in the kitchen or hallway. It’s actually a very versatile piece. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to have it in your home. It has a very pleasant and relaxing look, without being boring or impersonal.

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