Colorado Mountain Home Design by Micheal P Johnson

Simple, modern and very chic – this is how we can best describe this beautiful house. It’s known as the Colorado Mountain home and it was designed by Michael P. Johnson. It has a simple and modern design, featuring a cantilevered volume and sleek columns that support it. There’s a very nice balance of open and enclosed spaces.

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Awesome London Loft

Located at the Northern end of Wenlock Road by the Grand Union canal between Old St and Islington, this fantastic loft was recently redesigned and refitted to create a stunning, high spec space ideal for entertaining. The Building’s entrance is secure and impressive with an entrance hall that is as tall as the building itself and benefits from a daytime porter, intercom-system and passenger lift to all floors.


It has a modern design, very simple, elegant and fresh. Although I can’t help to notice that it looks a little boring. All those colors, or non-colors are beautiful but they create an impersonal space. It has no personality, no color, no nothing.


I really like the white chair. It has an unusual design and it looks fun and comfortable. I also like the bed from the bedroom, which is also white but this time the color is very well chosen for that piece. The floor looks really nice in the bedroom, as well as in the other rooms of the apartment. Everything is elegant and stylish, plus the location is very convenient and beautiful. I still think a little color would change the atmosphere and make it more welcoming. But other that that I think it’s a very beautiful place, located in a very beautiful place.

The Square house adorns the Spanish landscape with its minimalist design

The Square House is a luxurious residence situated in Mahon, on the island of Menorca. Occupying a total area of 180 square meters, the house is not overly large but it has a design that allows it to take full advantage of the site and the views. It was a project by MODO architectures.

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Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast6

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast3

If you noticed houses of San Francisco Bay Area you will found that House boats are common.  Inhabitants find this type of residence as a confined one. The Tafoni Floating Home, designed by Joanna Borek-Clement intends to design it in such a way so that it looks both voluminous and compact. The design of the house is motivated by smooth, oval California coastal pebbles, is preferably suited for the houseboat district of Sausalito, and has adequate space for even the most claustrophobic client.

The house has three parts a kitchen, living room, and bedroom area.  Both living room and Bed room has tafoni shaped window. There is difference between common houseboats and the Tafoni house. Tafoni house boats have high ceilings and negligible partitions which gives it roomy look.

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Yara Kitchen Collection from Diotti A&F

Here are some pictures with the Yara Kitchen Collection from Diotti A&F. The Yara collection offers you the opportunity to decorate your kitchen with modular furniture. The great variety of colors, materials and finishes allows to create and to customize your environment. Available in combinations of glass panels in twelve bright colors, natural leather panels and dark brown, and wood panel finish with rosewood, walnut, oak slatted, ebony Malindi, dark oak.

Yara Kitchen Collection from Diotti A&F 4

The collection includes a variety of modern and elegant pieces made from a variety of materials. There are a lot of glass features in the collection that add a chic flare to the kitchen. These designs are a great source of inspiration for anyone who is searching for ideas of how to decorate the kitchen. The problem with the kitchen is that is has to be first of all functional and practical, but you also want it to look good. It’s a combination hard to achieve but will a little patience and time you can find the perfect design. I think these ideas are close to perfection.

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Using Pink To Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom – 15 Design Ideas

Pink is the go-to color when it comes to decorating girls’ bedrooms and, although it’s a common color in this sense, it’s not easy to work with. Simply deciding you’re going to use pink is not enough. This is a color which can become overwhelming if used excessively and don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s no need to be extra careful when creating the décor because kids can be quite the investigators and they’re great at finding even the smallest mistake.

Vertical stripes are great if you wish to make the ceiling seem higher

The designs we’ve gathered here vary from simple to sophisticated. Some include eye-catching accent details such as polka dots on the walls and ceiling, canopy beds, ornate furniture, etc. overall, they all share a modern look. They were designed to be functional, child-safe, friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

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The Black House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

The black house is located 30 km away from Buenos Aires. This dream house owned by a young couple and designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos ,the house has amazing view of lake. On close observation of the house, you will find some loopholes in the design but also has some great features.

The Black House by Andres Remy Arquitectos20

The major drawback in the design of the house is the view of the lake which is located at the back side of the house but the ideal position will be in front of the house. The common area of the house is divided into two parts. One part hosted kitchen and dining room while other part houses living room which is near lake.

The placement swimming pool is amazing. The sun rays fall on pool which reflects back to the every corner of the house. But there is no direct sunlight on house. This is done with the help of Glass Bridge mounted on pool

The size of the living room is 10m*5m and the level is lesser than rest part of the house to allow residents clear view of the lake.The bedrooms for future kids are located at the front of the first floor. You can view lake from these bedrooms.The inside walls of the black house are painted white while outside walls are totally black. That’s why it named so.

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