Dark and Cherry Modern Coffee Tables

If you are going to make some changes in your home, you’ll want something that is modern and luxurious. But in making home improvements, it is important that you make sure that you will be comfortable and convenient. There are some wonderful modern coffee tables available that would really make a statement in your living room. You may find them to be both functional and your favorite conversation piece.

Dark and Chery Modern Coffee Tables1

On the Modern Furniture site I found the Dark and Cherry Modern Coffee Tables. The coffee tables support on the top a clear glass in an oval shape that also offers a luxury storage space. We hope you will like the cherry and black coffee tables and we are looking forward to your feedback.

I personally like them very much. I like the round shape and the way the base follows those soft lines wrapping the glass top. I also appreciate the glass shelf that you can find underneath. It offers a great storage space for your magazines or books or anything else that you might want to store there. Wood and glass was always a successful combination and these two coffee tables come to support this idea. They are simple and modern, beautiful and elegant.

Country Kitchen Design Inspiration

A country kitchen design means having a relaxed and friendly kitchen space with some antique or reproduction furniture where everyone can gather to enjoy wonderful meals and good conversation. The designs of a kitchen can be done in numerous ways depending upon the desired style, preferable location, available area, and specific budget. Here are some country kitchen inspiration ideas from countryhome.com.

Country Kitchen Design Inspiration

The designs presented are relatively traditional with a vintage look. But most of all they look authentic. You really feel like you’re in the countryside.  It’s a great inspiration if you like this style. I personally almost hate it. It has that old rusty look with all those useless decorations that I don’t like at all. I prefer much simpler designs that are preferably also modern. Honestly, why choose something so old and outdated when there are a lot of contemporary choices. I mean, things evolve for a reason.

But don’t mind me. Choose whatever you like. And if this is what you like than that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion. Of course I didn’t take into account the possibility of someone who is actually living in the country and wants to redecorate their home. In that case this is a very good choice. You can’t just put modern furniture in a vintage house. It will look ridiculous.

Black and White design idea from Nacho Polo

This color combination of black and white can create a sensation in home decorating. Black will add appeal to a room as it is an anchoring color and it grounds a room. It is also a color of sophistication and is truly eye-catching. Nacho Polo takes a limited color palette and creates high drama. Also the accessories of this color such as light fixtures and furniture items come to enhance your home decor.

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Lucyina Moodie Classic Home Style Inspiration

Classic home style is one of the most difficult styles to achieve in home decor as it relies on creating a formal, symmetrical, elegant room using quality decoration, furniture and accessories. This style draws quite a bit of inspiration from history and it is not the history of the poor farm or factory worker but that of the landed gentry and industrial leaders of the day. Here is a good home inspiration for this year, which comes from Lucyina Moodie.

Lucyina Moodie Classic Home Style Inspiration 7

It’s a very elegant design. Indeed it’s classic. It has refined lines and textures and every detail is where it’s supposed to be. Each piece of furniture looks like it was very well chosen for that specific location and they all look good when put together. That’s very important in order to achieve a uniform design. Even more important when it comes to classic designs, where we all know how important symmetry is. Everything has to look good individually and as a whole.

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AQHayon Mirror on The Wall

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror what do you see? Most women will spend several minutes each day analyzing their skin in the bathroom mirror and also boys spend some time there …Anyway, in this weekend I found this gorgeous mirror by designer Jamie Hayon.

AQHayon Mirror on The Wall1

Made with modern laser-cutting technology, the AQHayon Mirror is as elegant and sophisticated as mirrors come. Available in stainless steel or white or black silkscreen versions, these mirrors are so versatile that they would look just as gorgeous in an entryway or dining room wall.

A mirror is a piece that anyone must own. I can’t imagine how it would be to dot have one of these beauties in your home. It would probably be a disaster, especially for women who are a little obsessed with mirrors. But let’s not take sides because men are often worst than women. For example my dad. He’s is so annoying when every morning he spends around an hour in the bathroom, washing his hair and then you can hear the blow dryer and the way he meticulously uses the leave-in conditioner. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have a mirror in the bathroom.

AQHayon Mirror on The Wall2

Nevertheless they are necessary. And this design is very beautiful and modern. And again, it’s so versatile that you can include it almost anywhere in the house.

Transparent EVA Table Dining Room Set

There are many different designs as well as styles of tables that  have been made and are available in the market these days. If you want to buy an attractive and stylish table for your room, forget the old wood dining room and take a look at the Transparent EVA Table Dining Room Set. This fresh and light set is not only perfect for your dinning room but also makes an elegant piece of furniture for your office. The EVA is made out of single molded acrylic sheet and its feet are made of anodized aluminum.


It’s a very interesting design for a dinning room table. It’s modern and actually very simple. The fact that it’s transparent is like a bonus that comes with these two attributes. I like transparent things and furniture pieces. They create an optical illusion and they seem to use less space than they actually do. The room seems a lot bigger with this glass features.


But that’s not all. This beautiful dinning table is also very stylish. It would very nicely integrate in a modern kitchen. But as I’ve already mentioned, it can also be used in an office, maybe as a small conference table or simply as a table where you can store things.

Living Room Interior Ideas by Magdalena Zięba

I have seen many small apartment living rooms design ideas since I first started the homedit.com, but this one from Magdalena Zięba is beautiful with the red sofas. The designers use the modern minimalist furniture, floral pattern wall, hanging ceiling lights a thin LCD TV unit. Again , the red sofa and armchairs are awesome, and the LCD TV is placed perfectly.

Living Room Interior Ideas by Magdalena Ziba 2

It’s obviously a small apartment, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and elegant. Usually small apartments look very crowded, there are a lot of furniture pieces in there that don’t really fit. So the aspect is not as beautiful as you might want. The solution for that is very simple. All you have to do is redecorate your apartment. And this time use more appropriate furniture pieces, preferably convertible ones. Take a look at this lovely apartment design.

Living Room Interior Ideas by Magdalena Ziba1

It’s small but it still looks good. You could do the same with yours. The colors sued go very well together. The white and gray tones create the impression of a larger space and the black is also a very good choice for the table. Furthermore, the red sofa and chairs add some color and they are also very functional, not to mention comfortable.

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