Crystal Modern Kitchen Designs by Scavolini

I have seen many modern kitchens in many colors and shapes, but these amazing modern kitchens are so bright and they were also designed by Karim Rashid for Scavolini. This collection is a part of the Crystal collection, which consists of trendy kitchens made of glass. All kitchens are bright and attractive because of their original visual effects and unusual color solutions. Equipped with high quality mechanisms these modern kitchens are very stylish and cool.

Crystal Modern Kitchen Designs by Scavolini1

The color combination is very beautiful and appropriate for this room of the house.  The color contrast is very nice. I love this type of designs. The whole room is so simple, usually white. It looks so peaceful and clean. And then there are these colorful spots, strategically placed in key locations. The result is a very beautiful one.

The kitchen is the room of the house where the main preoccupation is usually the practical aspect. But I think style is important as well. It’s important to feel good and comfortable in the kitchen. It’s the place where you cook dinner and where you usually spend a lot of time. So yes, it’s important for the kitchen to look good.  So take a look at these kitchen designs and I guarantee you you’ll like them.

Opus Contemporary Bathroom Ensemble by Rexa


After Vela bathroom collection from Rexa an Italian company, the new design boasts simple, straight lines and gently curving corners for a look that can be described in 2 words: relax and enjoy. This contemporary bathroom suite is made in Korakril which is a blend of acrylic resins and natural minerals. Ensemble available in a arrange of cool, calming colors like white, light blue, blue, aquamarine, grey, black or brown.


The soft, curved lines of these pieces create a really pleasant look. It is actually a very good choice for a bathroom design. And the colors are very well chosen too. You don’t want your bathroom to look very bright and to be painted in violent colors. It’s a place where people usually search for relaxation and where they go to get away from all the stress.

In there it’s just you and the silence. You can enjoy a long relaxing bath after a hard day at work. It’s a very good way of releasing stress. So important for your bathroom to provide the comfort that you need. All the pieces from this set are simple, I soft color tones and with soft lines. They were meant to create an intimate atmosphere and a relaxing place. I think they did theyr job pretty well.

Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto’s Sumaré House

Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto’s new house which is recently completed is named Sumaré House. Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto is a Graphic designer by her profession, she desires to own a house which is spacious enough for her and her guests and where she could work, can do exercise and also entertain friends. Not to forget the fact that she has to live there in that house also. This house is located in São Paulo.

Sumare House by Isay Weinfeld1

She is being hit badly by the laws which restrict the height of the house. They say that the number of floors that the house can have only two at maximum. So she opted for an underground floor. She has a sitting and dinning room with a larger lawn on the middle floor which is few steps higher than the street level.

The home alseo has a swimming pool and a dance floor for practicing ballet routines addition to these they have two bedrooms and other rooms like bathrooms and kitchen which every residence needs. She has a private room also; this space is enclosed just by a screen of pre – cast concrete wall. This will help her to see the city skyline in a distance.  The top floor has a big outdoor entertaining area. The construction are of the house is 598.39 square meters and the plot area is 700 square meters.

Sexy Bedrooms Ideas for Valentines Day

Ohh, Valentines Day…. the day of love. But why do we need a day of love? We can love each other all the time ! Each year it becomes increasingly more difficult to think of ways to surprise your sweetheart with a unique Valentine’s Day gift. But what if you decorate your bedroom in a sexy and stylish theme ? Here are some examples that you might love.

Sexy Bedrooms Ideas for Valentines Day

For a large majority of the people, Valentine’s Day has to be special. And it’s usually the man who has to do all the work. And still have a hard time understanding that. I thought women were the romantic and sensitive ones. So they should be the ones having to surprise their partner with romantic gifts and ideas for this day. But instead the man finds himself very disoriented when he realizes it’s almost Valentine’s Day and still has no idea of how to surprise his partner. So he often turns to his girlfriends for ideas. Why that’s the way things happened is still a mystery for me.

But in the meanwhile here’s a nice idea of how you can surprise the loved one on Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is to turn your into a romantic place. It sound pretty simple and it actually is. And here are some examples of how you can manage to do that.

Hopscotch rug for kids room

Rugs for kids today has been largely used as decoration in most houses-stylish yet affordable and a no mess work. The kids rugs must be colorful and playful. The hopscotch rug is made from 100% fine Argentinean wool that’s treated to create a realistic asphalt look. I’m sure that your inner child will love the Hopscotch Rug. Available here for 199$.

The chair was primarily designed for children. It makes no differentiation of gender because we all know that when they are little, children often like to play together, no matter what type of game it is. So girls play with boys and vice versa and neither of them has a problem with that until they get a little older and they start to realize they’re different. So whether your kid is a boy or a girl, I’m sure he or she will love this rug.


But just because it’s made for children this doesn’t mean that adults are not allowed to enjoy it too. I know plenty of grownups who would love to have this rug just for themselves. That’s what happens when you’re childish.

Whether you’re buying this rug for your kid or even for yourself, I’m sure you made the right decision. It’s very soft and cozy, in the same time imitating the asphalt for realism, and it’s also easy to maintain clean.

BAK Architects construct Concrete house in Mar Azul Forest

400 kilo meter south of the Buenos Aires is Mar Azul which is a seaside town, well known for its large dune beach and the leafy coniferous forest. The region considered to be dangerous has been chosen by few owners as a challenging topography, they do not choose a place for their cottage which is neither away from the sea nor the most lived zone.

BAK Architects construct Concrete house in Mar Azul Forest21

They are at the moment more focused on the construction alternatives such as low budget, reducing the impact of the landscape and minimum or posterior maintenance and mainly the construction in the short time. They have plans of making their house in a shape of a prism which will have extended proportions with a minimum height and it’s supposed to have a big diagonal slope which is supposedly close to 6m between the opposite corners.

This is just a prototype kind of construction. On the balcony they have the main ambiences one followed by the other and both are connected by the deck. The sunken side we will find the bathrooms and the kitchen. The dining room is found at the end and it goes partially underground. The architects are Maria Victoria Besonias, Guillermo de Almelda and Luciano Kruk from BAK Architects . The total land are covered is 595.50 square meter and the area built so far is 90 square meter.

Decorate with Whites and Greys Ideas

Neutral tones are especially practical in the world of decoration because their neutrality means they can easily be teamed up with other colors. Warm colors make a room seem smaller and more homey, a place where we can retreat to unwind. Decorating a home with white and grey tones looks so clean and fresh in the same time.

Decorate with Whites and Greys 2

Of course, using only these two colors might be a little exaggerated so you might want to add some colorful little details around the house. But that’s up to you. Maybe some people don’t need color. If you’re working in a very colorful and busy environment, when you come home you really don’t need any more color. All you want is some simplicity and these white and grey tones are perfect for that.

They also look very elegant. I personally like grey tones very much. Although I wouldn’t decorate my home just in white and grey. I would add some purple features maybe, or some blue. Looking at these examples presented here, they all look good. But it’s like something is missing from all of them. They look a little dusty and old. Maybe after all, too much grey is not such a good idea. And that’s all up to you.

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