Stacking Nesting Table by Florian Kräutli

lorian Krautli creates furniture that can perform several functions either simultaneously or not. Convenient here, if you decide to use Stacking nest table is that you can adjust both the size and height. From the pictures you can see how it looks and how does the whole system work. This furniture can be easily used as a table, chair or shelf.


It’s a very good idea in the case of small apartments. There’s a constant struggle of how to save some space, because there’s never enough. And furniture pieces like this one are very handy. Not only that it can be adjusted in terms of size and height, but it can also be used in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes you need a coffee table, other times you need an extra seat or just some extra storage space or even a nightstand. This nesting table offers them all.


It’s a great way to save some space when you’re not using and it, plus it’s very versatile. It’s a convertible piece that can often quickly solve your problems.  The process only takes a minute or less and everyone is happy. It’s such a simple piece that however manages to surprise you with its versatility and functionality. A great choice for small spaces.

Zahra Chair by Odue

More and more futuristic chairs that I see every day, the Zahra chair by Odue is one elegant chair that with its glossy finish and unrivaled design mesmerizes its spectators. Designed for those who are searching for modern furniture, the contemporary plastic chair comes with three units of chairs that make a complete package.

Zahra Chair by Odue1

It’s an interesting idea, that of combining three units that can be used as sitting places. But when you think about it, the round shape would mean that all those who are using this chair must sit back to back. That’s not a very nice thing to do when you’re trying to have a conversion with someone. And I really can’t imagine a situation when three people could sit on the same chair and still wouldn’t need to see each other in the eyes. And to use it just for a single person would a huge waste of space.


I like new ideas, I really do, Especially modern new designs. But this one is not one of them. It’s just not functional at all. It looks good, it’s beautiful, glossy, sexy and somewhat elegant, but it misses the entire purpose of the chair. And it doesn’t look comfortable either.

Donna Karan’s Modern Classics Bedding Collection

A bedding design in a bedroom illustrates the taste of a person, the collection that he prefers the most. Having a good bedding collection is a great choice and when you are unsure what to check out, you can always go through some of the bedding catalogues that will give you some interesting ideas.




Today I will show you the Donna Karan’s Modern Classics Bedding Collection which is constructed from the utmost in luxurious fabrics for an exceptional night’s sleep, offering enough layering options so you will be comfortably surrounded, regardless of your climate.

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The Log House designed by Piet Hein Eek

What can be more inspiring than being part of the nature itself? An inspired mobile home of modern design well fit into the surrounding woods. It is indeed a simple yet inspired designed of the modern day rustic cabin. This amazing design of rustic cabin was built for a musician, Hans Liberg, by Piet Hein Eek. In which, Hans Liberg had been seeking for a calming and inspiring place for playing his music, a studio of the stacked wooden logs.


This rustic cabin was built the cross-sections of the wooden logs, and with windows allowing the flow of lights going through the whole rustic cabin from all different directions. Then within the rustic cabin is exactly what the musician Hans Liberg needed to survive, an amazing warmth and nice music recording studio. It is indeed cannot be more inspiring than recording and playing music inside a stacked wooden logs.

There won’t be any chance that Liberrg won’t find any inspiring. Where ever there is inspiration, where ever there is magic, there will be Liberg playing music with this inspired wooden rustic cabin that made especially for him. This wheeled rustic cabin together with his music will bring him to where he is going in the road of music.

Neolione by Boadesign Studio

Nowadays any lighting system that we place in your home to keep a warmly illuminated area is special. Czech designers Boadesign Studio have created a lighting collection called Neolione.  Made of curved borosilicate glass tubes, the items included in the Neolione collection are glass armed and carries an eye-catching design and curves that will surely complements with any modern interiors.


It’s definitely an interesting feature, although I’m not sure the light it produces would be enough to create an atmosphere appropriate for reading for example, or for other activities that require bright lights. If you’re just looking for a piece that looks good and it’s original and you don’t necessarily need a lot of light, then I guess this one would be a very good choice. It creates a nice intimate atmosphere an it gives you a warm feeling. It would make a great addition to a bedroom, a modern one of course.


Nowadays it’s so hard to find the right lighting feature for your home. It’s very easy just to pick one, but it wouldn’t be the one you like. There are so many options out there and all of them are different and original in their own way. All you need is time and patience and you’ll eventually find something just for you.

Suurupi House extension by Architektid Muru & Pere

There are so many incredible architectural designs, and there is a lot of unique architectural design just like the Suurupi House, which was being extended over time. It is now a 1,264 square meter house in Suurupi Village of Estonia by Architektid Muru&Pere with a team of three; Anna-Meria Erik, Peeter Pere and Urmas Muru. The interior of the house on the other hand was designed by the designer Kaido Kivi.

Suurupi House extension by Architektid Muru & Pere2

Suurupi Muru/Pere

Anyways, the Suurupi House was started as a humble small one storey house like a matchbox for a small family. With the growth of the family members and the need of more living areas, the house slowly got extended as more spaces and rooms were added to the house. It was first started with the living room being extended, a storage room was then added as more storage spaces were needed, outdoor swimming pool was later added, and then eventually a second floor was added to the house for more relaxing spaces for the family.

As time pass, the small little house keep getting bigger and bigger together with the family with the second floor of the house stretched out like a drawer and is covered with woods like a bird nest.

Frame by Marcus Abrahamsson & Kristoffer Fagerstrom

Swedish Marcus Abrahamsson and Kristoffer Fagerström created a colorful bench useful for outdoors, but that can be easily used indoors for advertising purpose. The piece is actually very simple and not at all difficult to build. There’s just a bunch of wood pieces, colored in different colors and two support structures. But simple things like this one are often the ones that make us happy.

Frame by Marcus Abrahamsson & Kristoffer Fagerstrom

The bench incorporates several wood pieces, each one of a different color. In this picture you can see how the designer chose to combine several colors like orange, light blue, yellow, pink and red. It’s probably an arbitrary choice that however looks very good.

Frame by Marcus Abrahamsson & Kristoffer Fagerstrom1

It’s a very fun piece that was designed for outdoor use. It would very nicely integrate in any type of environment, because of the variety of colors. They would look really nice a park.  It’s a very attractive piece that is also very versatile so it can be used in a variety of different places. The truth is it would look good no matter where you place it. It’s colorful and happy and it cheers up the atmosphere. I would love to have a bench like this in my yard, if I had a yard. It would also look good indoors, for example in a very big place like a supermarket or a commercial center, or maybe a type of agency or any kind of structure that has a waiting space.

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