Calia Italia leather armchair

The Italian design has revolutionized the modern lifestyle and this can be found in all the Italian products with its distinct selection of highest quality leather. The Calia Italia leather armchair is made of soft Italian leather with its base made of sanitized nickel swivel, which is 160 mm high. The feet of this chair is made of polished chromed metal, which is 100 mm high. The leather armchair is available for £1,423.


It has a robust and serious look that makes it look a little intimidating. But once you try it and see how soft and comfortable it is, you will quickly become very good friends. This chair is suited for the living room, where along with the sofa, it could create a very comfortable place to sit on while watching tv or just chatting with your friends or family. It has leather covered cushions and it’s good quality leather too, which makes it look even ore elegant and sophisticated even if the shape is not very artistic.


This is probably the reason why this piece is so expensive. I would like to have a nice comfy armchair in my living room, but I’m not sure it’s worth this much money.

But if you decide this is the piece you want for you home, than you can decide to choose between the grey and the caramel finish. Or you can choose both to create a little contrast.

Slice Coffee Table magic

A slice coffee table adds beauty to your house as it adds luxury to your house. It is an asymmetrical table having tempered glass at its top and the whole structure is made of lacquered wood. The base has wooden structures, which are joined irregularly. The dimensions of this coffee table are 123 x 101 x 20 cms.


It’s an interesting, as it should be considering the fact that we’re talking about a coffee table. This is probably the most spectacular furniture piece. There are very many different designs for the coffee table and it’s always amazing how designers always manage to come up with something new. Like this one for example. The base is the detail that makes this table special. It’s like a labyrinth in there. The glass top is something that everybody has seen before, but not on an irregular base like this one.

It only comes in white so this might be a problem. But since it’s a coffee table, it’s an accent feature that can often create a nice color contrast with the other furniture pieces. Plus white is a neutral color so it’s not hard to match it with the other color tones. The design of this coffee table is modern and intriguing, not over the top but enough to make it special and intriguing.

Add luxury to the bathing

Challenges of a day can melt away only during a perfect bath and this requires exotic bathtubs, which add luxury to the bathroom. A bathtub model now in the market with deep design concepts is the “los.” The spectacular design of these bathtubs with its steeper sides makes it difficult for water to be spilled out when a person is moving in and out it.

freestanding tubs

It has a very minimalist design. After all, who need a fancy bathtub? With this piece it’s all about relaxation and stress relief. And who cared about the bathtub when you see what’s inside. But seriously, this bathtub is really beautiful and very comfortable to use. The shape makes it very functional. It’s probably a little smaller than some people might expect, especially if they are used with those long bathtubs where you can even sleep in. But with this piece, the purpose is to create an universal piece in terms of size, that can also be as comfortable as the bigger one.

premier bathtubs

This is very good, because not everybody has the space for that. In a small apartment this would be a very good choice. It’s modern, simple and very beautiful. I like simple designs. They are very elegant and stylish. Simplicity is often more profound and expressive than all the details in the world. Less is more, and this is something that we see every day.

Leather contempo saturno armchair

Contempo collections are Italian handmade and hand finished designs, which are upholstered in leather and luxurious European hide. The contempo saturno armchair is upholstered in soft leather with grid design. It has chromed metal feet and comes in three widths with arms, and without it. They add elegance and luxury to a house.


Chairs and armchairs are such a basic furniture piece, that it seems hard to believe that every day someone comes with a new idea and new design. Still, this happens constantly. So here’s the new armchair design from the Italian manufacturer, called Comtempo saturno. It has a strange name but the design is not that common either. The shape is rather simple and not very different from the usual armchair design. But still, there’s something different about this one.

It has a modern look and a stylish design. The leather finish is very soft and it has an elegant touch. The chromed metal feet are a strange choice, but modern designs are usually like this. So if your home needs an armchair, maybe this one is the right choice for you. It’s very comfortable and elegant and it has a versatile design. You could include it in the living room, the room where people usually meet to chat or relax, enjoying each other’s company. So comfortable furniture is really important.Available for £1,495.

Sofa and footstool by Satyendra Pakhale

The furniture fair 2010 at Stockholm saw many designers with their innovative designs, which included the one from Amsterdam designer Satyendra Pakhale with his sofa and footstool, designed for a bed company. The furniture is very simple and colorful with the trademark blue and white checks used by the beds of that company.

Sofa and footstool by Satyendra Pakhale1

The chequered pattern looks really nice. I really like that pattern and it seems to be trendy these days. It’s used for all kinds of stuff, like clothes, shoes and accessories, and now even for furniture. So the aesthetic part is a success. But not only that. The comfort issue was also taken into consideration. That’s why this collection is even more appreciated. The sofa is extremely comfortable and soft and the little ottoman is a good place to rest your tired feet. It’s a very nice couple.

The colors used are the classic white and blue, which is a nice combination, especially in this case, being the trademark of the company. The overall design is simple, with a modern touch and of course very comfortable. It would be a very nice addition to a living room, but it could also be used in an office or a waiting room. The footstool is very cute and it can also be used as a stool or an extra sear when needed. It’s a simple collection with classic and beautiful lines.

A triumph of modern architecture in an Alpine setting

Schooren des Alpes is a 21st-century take on the Tyrolean ski lodge – a bold departure from the traditional ski chalets. Nestled into the pristine Tyrolean paradise Kappl, 4 kilometres from Ischgl, Schooren des Alpes is uncompromisingly modern, but its architecture complements the magnificent scenery spectacularly. Only 12 sleek and ultra-modern mountain homes are available for sale – this is limited edition Alpine living at its best.

Bild 2_Sommer

The serene setting also provides a stunning backdrop for the 330m² Wellness Spa with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Hammam, sauna and pool lounge facilities. Underground parking, ski/snowboard storage and additional private storage areas for wine or fine art collections ensure Schooren des Alpes will remain the benchmark for luxury lifestyle ski properties for years to come.

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Cool Transparent Chair by Ron Arad

Nowadays chair designers are more creative, and find all the time new ideas for unique items. Created by a London designer Ron Arad, the transparent chair called Well Transparent Chair is made in a limited series only 100 items. The transparent chair is cool furniture design and a grate piece of art.


It’s a very nice idea for a chair design. Because it’s transparent you don’t have to worry about matching it with the rest of your furniture or with the interior design. It has no color so it goes with everything. It has a modern design, in terms of shape. The only thing you should think of before using this chair, is making sure you’re not dressed in a really short dress because you might send the wrong message.


Another think you should take into consideration before purchasing this chair. In case you have little kids, make sure they don’t get hurt because it’s not a very visible item and they might trip all fall getting hurt. But other than that it’s a really great furniture piece and it has a modern shape. I assume it’s also comfortable because of the soft lines. I’m not sure why, but transparent items have something that makes them very attractive. It’s probably the fact that they allow you to see every detail inside.

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