Extremely Stylish Apartment

A stylish house with a tinge of the old days makes a perfect dream house for many. This house has been renovated to give it a contemporary look and the wooden flooring and stucco give the classical touch to this extremely elegant house. The old features of this house have been renovated so that they have a mix of both worlds.

Extremely Stylish Apartment

Te doorway to the house is well lit and the inner hall is perfect to make up for a small work up area. The kitchen is perfect and there is nothing more which one can ask for here. The living room is spacious and is a perfect place to relax with family.

The small dining room is well decorated with two black chairs for a darck contrast on the white walls.

Black and White Swedish House Design

The black and white combination is a good choice for a contemporary house. Also they are 2 colors that are simple but eye-catching. You can also select accessories of this color such as light fixtures and furniture items to enhance your home decor. This Swedish house is designed in a fresh color scheme, the bathroom is beautiful and offers a grate view.

But keep in mind that the black and white can become a little painful for the eye when used alone. So you might want to consider adding some colorful decorative pieces just to spice up the design. For example take a look at this house design. Throughout the house you can spot discrete color inserts. The rug has a purple-pink tone and there are also some pillows in the same color, inserted between the black and white ones. This created an equilibrated design that is also pleasant for the eye.

It’s a stylish, chic and very modern home, perfect for a small family. The location couldn’t be better either. The exterior might not look very special, but one you step inside the house the elegance surrounds from all the angles. Beautiful, modern, functional and stylish, these are the words that best describe this Swedish family house.

Beautiful Bedside Table Alternatives

The bedside table or nightstand is a useful addition to any bedroom, providing the ideal placement for things like the phone, alarm clock, a glass of water, a book, etc. But it doesn’t actually have to be a table as long as it fulfills its function. Here are a few interesting alternatives you can opt for.

A tree stump used as a bedside table ads warmth to the room thanks to the material’s natural characteristics and texture.

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Modern Dining Spaces

Dining tables come in various shapes, the most common being square or rectangular, and round or oval. Usually, the originally square and round tables would have matching extensions to expand their form. Round dining tables are great if your living or dining room has many soft edges. Similarly, square or rectangular shaped tables would fit a matching room design just as well. Here are some cool dining spaces from rumid.dk.


The shapes, stiles and dimensions vary according to the public they are intended for. For example if dinner time at your house usually includes just you and your small family, then you can very well choose a small dining table with matching seats that can also be used for other activities as well. If however you’re used with having guests over for dinner or if you have a bigger family, then you might want to choose a bigger dining table that provides extra space. An extendable dining table would also be a very good idea under these conditions.



All the options presented here share in common the simplicity of the design. They also come in various shapes and colors. Of course, there’s also the option of choosing a very simple table and accessorizing it with colorful chairs. There are plenty of options to choose from.

VONDOM Vertex table by Karim Rashid

Geometrical furniture becomes more and more famous nowadays. It is the coolest thing to decorate a particular place like bar of house with strange and uniform shapes. The VONDOM Vertex by Karim Rashid is a set of table and chairs featuring triangular planes that meet dynamically to create comfortable forms suitable for dining or meeting rooms. The pieces are manufactured by rotational molding, the main characteristic of this technique is that the material is 100% recyclable and it can explore never-ending possibilities in terms of shapes.

VONDOM Vertex table by Karim Rashid 1

It’s an unusual furniture set but that’s to be expected one you hear the name Karim Rashid.  He is known for his original pieces and designs. And this one makes no exception. It’s a very interesting idea that sits at the base on this collection. Plus the recycling is one more reason why you should choose this furniture set. Although it doesn’t look at all like a recyclable material. But you might be surprised what talented designers can come up with.

The geometric lines create a very interesting shape. The pieces share a very modern look that reminds me a little of the origami technique. It’s definitely an original idea that combines the functionality of the table and chairs with the stylish look of decorative pieces.

Crystal Modern Kitchen Designs by Scavolini

I have seen many modern kitchens in many colors and shapes, but these amazing modern kitchens are so bright and they were also designed by Karim Rashid for Scavolini. This collection is a part of the Crystal collection, which consists of trendy kitchens made of glass. All kitchens are bright and attractive because of their original visual effects and unusual color solutions. Equipped with high quality mechanisms these modern kitchens are very stylish and cool.

Crystal Modern Kitchen Designs by Scavolini1

The color combination is very beautiful and appropriate for this room of the house.  The color contrast is very nice. I love this type of designs. The whole room is so simple, usually white. It looks so peaceful and clean. And then there are these colorful spots, strategically placed in key locations. The result is a very beautiful one.

The kitchen is the room of the house where the main preoccupation is usually the practical aspect. But I think style is important as well. It’s important to feel good and comfortable in the kitchen. It’s the place where you cook dinner and where you usually spend a lot of time. So yes, it’s important for the kitchen to look good.  So take a look at these kitchen designs and I guarantee you you’ll like them.

Opus Contemporary Bathroom Ensemble by Rexa


After Vela bathroom collection from Rexa an Italian company, the new design boasts simple, straight lines and gently curving corners for a look that can be described in 2 words: relax and enjoy. This contemporary bathroom suite is made in Korakril which is a blend of acrylic resins and natural minerals. Ensemble available in a arrange of cool, calming colors like white, light blue, blue, aquamarine, grey, black or brown.


The soft, curved lines of these pieces create a really pleasant look. It is actually a very good choice for a bathroom design. And the colors are very well chosen too. You don’t want your bathroom to look very bright and to be painted in violent colors. It’s a place where people usually search for relaxation and where they go to get away from all the stress.

In there it’s just you and the silence. You can enjoy a long relaxing bath after a hard day at work. It’s a very good way of releasing stress. So important for your bathroom to provide the comfort that you need. All the pieces from this set are simple, I soft color tones and with soft lines. They were meant to create an intimate atmosphere and a relaxing place. I think they did theyr job pretty well.

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