Japanese Bath Tub by Rapsel

Created by designer Matteo Thun, the unusual soaking tub is made entirely of larch wood which is thoroughly dried, then cut, shaped and assembled. The Japanese Ofuro soaking bath tub from Italian company Rapsel was inspired from traditional Japanese tubs. This Japanese tub would make a great addition to minimalist bathrooms and Zen-inspired designs.


You might think wood is the least appropriate material when it comes to bathrooms. It’s a bad idea to include it in the design because the moisture will probably destroy the pieces. But in this case it seems like the designers have that problem under control. They manage to find a way of including the wood in the bathroom design. And it’s not just any feature of the bathroom, it’s the actual bathtub, the item which is the most exposed to humidity and moisture. And still it’s possible to have a wood bathtub.


It’s a very beautiful piece and very Zen also. It probably gives you a very pleasant feeling when taking a bath in this very beautiful bathtub. It should be very relaxing and comfortable. The wood often has that effect on people. That’s why when you decide to take a short vacation and go to the beach or visit the mountain and you decide to spend your vacation in a sort of chalet or hut that is made of wood you end up sleeping half the time you’re staying there. It’s also because of the wood.

Luxury Villa Rental in France




Almost all of us dream about having a nice house which is surrounded by greenery and mountain so that we can connect with nature also. There is one such Villa named Villa O, which is located at Cap Ferrat of southeastern France. The Villa O is encircled by lush Green Mountain and seashore at its end. The Villa O is hot tourist resort. Most part of this stunning holiday rental house is designed with glass and consists of number of terraces and tiers. The purpose behind this is to get panoramic view of surroundings. The glass wall of this elegant rental home was created to amuse, with a roomy semi-circular terrace which opens onto the home’s stylish yet relaxed living spaces.



Each main room has its own balcony and terraces. Apart from outdoor living rooms, this house also have outdoor gardens which spread over a area of 4200 sqms and a pathway which has queue of olive trees.The queue of trees also consists of Cyprus, eucalyptus, jasmine, rosemary and jacaranda.

There is big pool outside of this villa which is inspired by Balinese-style pool house. This 5 story Villa O has built in modern glass elevator and beautiful staircase. If you want to visit this villa then prepare yourself for visit now.

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Colorado Mountain Home Design by Micheal P Johnson

The Colorado Mountain home is creation of Micheal P Johnson who gave this house a cooler look. The house characterized by many contemporary elements that regardless of “cool” aspect brought a feeling of warmness to this elegant country house.  In true sense this stunning house contains lot of things to provide you feeling of comfort.


If you need proof then take a look of their gorgeous ultramodern fireplace with bucolic wood benches facing the walls underneath the wall-to-wall windows that encircled the modern suspended fireplace.The outdoors of house gives you stunning forest views and gives you feelings of Mountain holiday home.

This country style home is cool and modern inside with lesser interiors to give a simple look and comfortable environment. Simple but significant features and furnishings like bright red chair, the traditional wood benches and stair cases must catch your eye.

The architected of this house add a cool feature by using ultra-chic Avantgarde set of ceramic tiles of Refin Ceramiche.  These tiles have great feature they are great to look comfort to foot.

Awesome London Loft

Located at the Northern end of Wenlock Road by the Grand Union canal between Old St and Islington, this fantastic loft was recently redesigned and refitted to create a stunning, high spec space ideal for entertaining. The Building’s entrance is secure and impressive with an entrance hall that is as tall as the building itself and benefits from a daytime porter, intercom-system and passenger lift to all floors.


It has a modern design, very simple, elegant and fresh. Although I can’t help to notice that it looks a little boring. All those colors, or non-colors are beautiful but they create an impersonal space. It has no personality, no color, no nothing.


I really like the white chair. It has an unusual design and it looks fun and comfortable. I also like the bed from the bedroom, which is also white but this time the color is very well chosen for that piece. The floor looks really nice in the bedroom, as well as in the other rooms of the apartment. Everything is elegant and stylish, plus the location is very convenient and beautiful. I still think a little color would change the atmosphere and make it more welcoming. But other that that I think it’s a very beautiful place, located in a very beautiful place.

The Square House by MODO Architecture & Design

The Square house by MODO architectures and design situated near the seaside and in the locality of the north side of port Mahon in Menorca. The size of the house is 180 sqm.

The Square House by MODO Architecture & Design

The locality where the house is situated is very peaceful, and featured by the presence of several standalone houses chiefly built by the small cubic blocks.

The site where the house was built is situated between two houses. So the architectures of the house have to built it in such way so that the house remain  private in respect of neighbors and at the same time residents can get sea-view from their house. It seems to be complex geometry, to keep the house private from the immediate neighbors.

The Square House by MODO Architecture & Design11

The north part of the house is closed on and opens broad to the south direction; it looks like a colossal complex figure, pierce by a “great eye”, catching the attractive views.

The volume is parted into two floors. The structure is sharply inclined from first floor to basement. The first floor hosts the, main entrance and bedrooms while the living room and the kitchen is housed in the basement area. The kitchen is made in such a way so that you can view sea while cooking. Natural stones are used to build this house.

The external part of this house is parted into unlike slopes to create private or open areas as per use.

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast6

Tafoni Prefab Floating House is motivated by the California Coast3

If you noticed houses of San Francisco Bay Area you will found that House boats are common.  Inhabitants find this type of residence as a confined one. The Tafoni Floating Home, designed by Joanna Borek-Clement intends to design it in such a way so that it looks both voluminous and compact. The design of the house is motivated by smooth, oval California coastal pebbles, is preferably suited for the houseboat district of Sausalito, and has adequate space for even the most claustrophobic client.

The house has three parts a kitchen, living room, and bedroom area.  Both living room and Bed room has tafoni shaped window. There is difference between common houseboats and the Tafoni house. Tafoni house boats have high ceilings and negligible partitions which gives it roomy look.

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Yara Kitchen Collection from Diotti A&F

Here are some pictures with the Yara Kitchen Collection from Diotti A&F. The Yara collection offers you the opportunity to decorate your kitchen with modular furniture. The great variety of colors, materials and finishes allows to create and to customize your environment. Available in combinations of glass panels in twelve bright colors, natural leather panels and dark brown, and wood panel finish with rosewood, walnut, oak slatted, ebony Malindi, dark oak.

Yara Kitchen Collection from Diotti A&F 4

The collection includes a variety of modern and elegant pieces made from a variety of materials. There are a lot of glass features in the collection that add a chic flare to the kitchen. These designs are a great source of inspiration for anyone who is searching for ideas of how to decorate the kitchen. The problem with the kitchen is that is has to be first of all functional and practical, but you also want it to look good. It’s a combination hard to achieve but will a little patience and time you can find the perfect design. I think these ideas are close to perfection.

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