Raven Ultra-Light SofaFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Stefan, on March 17, 2010

Raven Ultra-Light Sofa

Everyone will be truly amazed on seeing this sofa collection called Raven as they are ultra light sofas that are characterized by its peculiar unique shape, and material used. These furniture sets are intended for both the contract furniture market as well as consumer market. Design of this sofa is amazing as the shape is...

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Nuvola Hanging Glass shelvesFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on March 16, 2010

Nuvola Hanging Glass shelves

This wall hanging frame from Cattelan Italia will definitely catch your eye, as it is available in natural beech, walnut, cherry, wenge, matt black, matt white and in silver stained form. The glass shelf of this wall hanging frame is either made of clear glass and it is available in frosted glass, and both exuberate...

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Rectangular coffee table with marble feetFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on March 16, 2010

Rectangular coffee table with marble feet

The square or rectangular coffee table featured here is from the famous Cattelan Italia collection. The table is available in two heights and the top of the table is made up of either in clear glass or in frosted glass. There are various types of base supports coming for this model with chromed or black...

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Nela King modern eclectic homeFull story

Posted in Interiors | by Stefan, on March 15, 2010

Nela King modern eclectic home

Nela King is showing not only her skills but also the height of fame acquired by guys like the Marilyn Manson, Gwen Stefani, Heike Makatsch or even 50 cent by taking them all in front of the lens. Even though Nela was born in Berlin- Dahlem she has spent most her time capturing images in...

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Rustic wood furniture for Living RoomFull story

Posted in Design And Concept | by Stefan, on March 15, 2010

Rustic wood furniture for Living Room

The contemporary look is highlighted by rustic furniture. Here are some unique wood furniture from David Stine or Carrie Lebber. You can start decorate your house with various interesting combinations of different interior styles. David Stine creates a truly unique furniture from natural solid wood. Combining two so different styles is very risky and you have to...

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Kartell bookworm shelfFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on March 15, 2010

Kartell bookworm shelf

This revolutionizing piece of art is from the famous Kartell marries Italian and the piece is a bookshelf which is marked by a series of bookend supports. This work combines flexibility along with superior durability. Each support of this bookshelf can bear a load of 10 kgs, which is really amazing. So if you’re one for...

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Coffee table with a differenceFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on March 14, 2010

Coffee table with a difference

This round coffee table from Cattelan Italia is truly futuristic with a central circular feature made of aluminum along stainless steel. The Cattelan Italia features products with style in its purest form and is an Italian contemporary design, which aspires most of the people around the world, was founded in 1979 and still manages to...

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