Piano House in ChinaFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Loredana Sava, on January 4, 2011

Piano House in China

Sometimes the great things that appeared in the world were made possible only thanks to the enormous ego and power of some people that ruled a country or another. This is how pyramids appeared and the Taj Mahal and I am not sure that ordinary people really wanted them. Any way, sometimes this is a...

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Light Vintage Set from Moda CollectionFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Loredana Sava, on January 4, 2011

Light Vintage Set from Moda Collection

My mother once told me that she had been born in the wrong century and she would rather have lived in the past, preferably at  some king or queen’s court back in the seventeenth or eighteenth century when they all were nobles and acted like ones and the palaces were nicely decorated with beautiful furniture...

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The Monster Chair by Jinyoung ChoiFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Loredana Sava, on January 4, 2011

The Monster Chair by Jinyoung Choi

Do you like the scary stories? Most of the people do. They find them interesting and they are usually preferred by children. This is not a scary story but it looks like a scary piece of furniture. The hole looks like a monster’s big mouth, ready to swallow everything that appears in front of it.

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Fluorescent Light Switch PatchFull story

Posted in Home Gadgets | by Loredana Sava, on January 4, 2011

Fluorescent Light Switch Patch

I am a very quiet person at night. I sleep deeply and I never wake up during the night. However, there are a lot of people who do that and wander around the house in the dark until they can find the light switch. We are not night birds to have night vision so it...

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Eileen ShelfFull story

Posted in Bookshelves | by Loredana Sava, on January 4, 2011

Eileen Shelf

Shelves are not supposed to be made only for storing books. They can very well be used to give a room personality and style. If you use them properly they can be very important pieces of furniture. For example if the living room is large enough you can use the Eileen shelf for displaying different...

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Aviator Wing DeskFull story

Posted in Design And Concept | by Loredana Sava, on January 3, 2011

Aviator Wing Desk

If you are a guy and you have always loved airplanes even if now you may have a desk job, you will simply love this piece of furniture I am about to present. It is the desk that looks like a World War II bent airplane wing. It can be bought for about $1995 but...

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Neato Robotic Vacuum CleanerFull story

Posted in Appliances | by Loredana Sava, on January 3, 2011

Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

I have always wished I had a robot to do all the chores for me. I dreamed that I only needed to press a button and the house could be perfectly clean in minutes while I could enjoy my favourite novel or movie or just doing something else. Well, it seems that my wishes are...

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