A triumph of modern architecture in an Alpine setting

Schooren des Alpes is a 21st-century take on the Tyrolean ski lodge – a bold departure from the traditional ski chalets. Nestled into the pristine Tyrolean paradise Kappl, 4 kilometres from Ischgl, Schooren des Alpes is uncompromisingly modern, but its architecture complements the magnificent scenery spectacularly. Only 12 sleek and ultra-modern mountain homes are available for sale – this is limited edition Alpine living at its best.

Bild 2_Sommer

The serene setting also provides a stunning backdrop for the 330m² Wellness Spa with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Hammam, sauna and pool lounge facilities. Underground parking, ski/snowboard storage and additional private storage areas for wine or fine art collections ensure Schooren des Alpes will remain the benchmark for luxury lifestyle ski properties for years to come.

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Cool Transparent Chair by Ron Arad

Nowadays chair designers are more creative, and find all the time new ideas for unique items. Created by a London designer Ron Arad, the transparent chair called Well Transparent Chair is made in a limited series only 100 items. The transparent chair is cool furniture design and a grate piece of art.


It’s a very nice idea for a chair design. Because it’s transparent you don’t have to worry about matching it with the rest of your furniture or with the interior design. It has no color so it goes with everything. It has a modern design, in terms of shape. The only thing you should think of before using this chair, is making sure you’re not dressed in a really short dress because you might send the wrong message.


Another think you should take into consideration before purchasing this chair. In case you have little kids, make sure they don’t get hurt because it’s not a very visible item and they might trip all fall getting hurt. But other than that it’s a really great furniture piece and it has a modern shape. I assume it’s also comfortable because of the soft lines. I’m not sure why, but transparent items have something that makes them very attractive. It’s probably the fact that they allow you to see every detail inside.

Modern sofa by Beside with a subtle quilted texture on a 3D surface

Italian sofas are awesome, when comes time to find one for a contemporary home.They are in your homes to sit on, a place to take a nap, a gathering place for a company, or even the place where you have been sleeping a lot lately due to some reasons left unsaid.


For a contemporary look a sofa like this will be a good choice.The red combination with a white background could create a romantinc room also.A room for those who loves red .


The Cpt. Nemo sofa from Beside an Italian company is not a normal sofa, is more than a modern sofa because the minimalist design is covered in double-layer seating cushions adorned with a subtle quilted texture on a 3D surface.The sofa comes in a various of colors, so you can find your color to fit the living room.

Spend hot summers and views in a beach house designed by Parsonson Architects

Beach houses are awesome for summer season, when all the friends get together to spend their holyday. This Manly Street Beach House by Parsonson Architects offers a beautiful view at the sea, furthermore the living area is a raised pavilion from which to enjoy the hot summers and views of the sea. The interior of the house is decorated with modern furniture, having in the living room a wall mounted fireplace and a bookshelf.

Parsonson Architects project manila 1

Beach houses are not supposed to make you feel like home. That’s not their purpose. Beach houses are supposed to make you feel like you’re taking a break to have fun and relax. They should provide you with a nice bedroom where you can sleep comfortably and where you can relax. Also they should provide you with the perfect place to have fun and get crazy, because that’s what holydays are all about.

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Top 4 Modern Glass Coffee Tables

A modern home decor nowadays is a must have for those who love art. When it comes to coffee tables there is a wide variety of options out there to choose from, but the glass coffee tales are awesome. Metals, glass, marble, crystal and leather make up these interior works of art and have a price range from £706 to £1500.

glass coffee table

Coffee tables are known for their interesting and artistic design, shapes and colors. Also they are famous for the large variety of materials used in the process. While most of the people choose to stick with the traditional wood coffee tables, other, more adventurous, choose something a little more different, like glass coffee tables. These ones are really nice because they have an elegant look, and the glass also makes them look modern and maybe sophisticated, depending on the design. I really like glass features because the material is so permissive and it allows you to create all sorts of shapes and designs.

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High Quality Manhattan Leather Sofa

Almost everyone wants to have the greatest sofa in their living room. A leather sofa on one end of the room will make it look prettier. Having the perfect sofa in terms of appearance is a must. Manhattan leather sofas are very popular and high quality crafted.  Available in many colors the leather sofa has a price tag of$2,899.00.
High Quality Manhattan Leather Sofa

I’m not a fan of leather sofas or any other kind of furniture pieces. I’d rather have a nice and comfy fabric sofa with a more fun and colorful design. But not everybody thinks like me, which is natural, so it’s only fair to help them choose the sofa they like for their living room. A lot of people prefer leather sofas because they have a classic and elegant look.

High Quality Manhattan Leather Sofa2

But choosing the right leather sofa is not easy. The most important thing about this type of items is to make sure the leather is high quality. And this is something that the Manhattan leather sofas are constantly taking into account. Not only that, but the designs are also beautiful. They are not really modern, they tent to look a little vintage so in case you’re looking for something else you might want to take a look at other pieces.

The Manhattan sofas come is different tones of brown, which is a beautiful color for a sofa. They are also very comfortable and covered with high quality leather.

Iron Coffee Tables from Antonino Sciortino

An Italian designer Antonino Sciortino created some small fashion objects using wire segments and soft iron. This elegant collection of coffee tables in various shapes and sized is a great decorative accessory for those who love the iron.


Iron is probably the least expected material when it comes to coffee tables. They are usually made of wood, glass or other widely used materials. And they all have interesting designs and shapes. But this collection also uses interesting materials. It’s a collection dedicated to those who are looking for something different, something that could distinguish them for everybody else. The pieces are modern and it’s not just because of the iron used to create them.


They also have unusual shapes for a coffee table. The designs are modern and the pieces would look nice in a modern home that shares the same style. They are very simple, they don’t have additional storage spaces or shelves, so if you were hoping for those features to be incorporated in the design, forget about it. This collection is not meant to be functional, but odd and different for all points of view. I like the chairs, more exactly the stools.

But there’s something that really bothers me and it’s the height of the coffee table. As you can see the stools are significantly higher than the coffee table, so this mean it would be very uncomfortable to use them together. Think about that before rushing to buy them.

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