Outdoor Furniture by Patricia UrquiolaFull story

Posted in Outdoor | by Simona Strachinaru, on March 17, 2011

Outdoor Furniture by Patricia Urquiola

I have always adored the beautiful summer afternoons which I spent at the country side, in the fresh open air. My beautiful lectures were wonderful relaxing moments under the cool shades of the trees, enjoying the warm of the sun, the silent atmosphere and the light blue sky. Patricia Urquiola thought of these outdoor splendid...

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Beautiful 111 square meters houseFull story

Posted in Apartments | by Stefan, on March 17, 2011

Beautiful 111 square meters house

This exquisite and beautiful apartment house in Stockholm is simply breath taking. The interiors are lavish and spacious. Designing is very modern and hip. The den is made up in shades of brown with a book case adorning one wall. The balcony is also well decorated and overlooks the busy streets and snow capped houses...

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50 Contemporary Bathroom Design IdeasFull story

Posted in Best Of | by Stefan, on March 17, 2011

50 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The latest buzz in the world of interiors is the contemporary bathroom design. Contemporary design, which was earlier limited to the living room and bedrooms, is now being carried to the bathroom as well. The contemporary design by Italian company Cesara has its own unique aura, a style and an ambiance which are very difficult...

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Step Coffee Table by Svilen GamolovFull story

Posted in Living Room | by Loredana Sava, on March 16, 2011

Step Coffee Table by Svilen Gamolov

I love drinking coffee and this was one of the things I missed most when I was pregnant. So it’s only natural to have a nice useful coffee table in my house. Because, as you can imagine, I also have friends who love coffee, too, and we meet at my place for a cup of...

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Day Bed OneFull story

Posted in Living Room | by Loredana Sava, on March 16, 2011

Day Bed One

Normally you have a family bed in the bedroom and a sofa in the living room. Your guests can use the sofa to sleep on at times when they stay overnight, but this will not offer them a comfortable sleep, but only a place to put the head down. However, sometimes a sofa is simply...

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A robust but elegant chair from Karim RashidFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Simona Ganea, on March 16, 2011

A robust but elegant chair from Karim Rashid

The High Roller – this is how the designer Karim Rashid has named his new creation from the chairs department. It is not by any means the classic chair that you were used with. Certainly, the shape is not traditional. The lines are very soft and gentle and the design follows the human body’s silhouette....

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