Sporty ‘R15’chairs

Redo studios have introduced the new very sporty looking luxurious chairs which make a comfortable place for a user who wants to take rest in style. Sitting on this chair one gets a feeling of going on a luxurious flight. The chair has broad armrests with soft, wide, and deep seat like an inflatable sofa. The whole structure is made intact on the floor by trendy leg buckles made of chrome-plated metal, which can also be used as a foot rest.


This chair comes in three different color options: black, white and yellow. As the name suggests, it has a very sporty design that makes it hard for the owner to match it with the other furniture pieces already existent in the house. It’s not a common style among furniture designs so might be a difficult process. But every problem has a solution so if you really like this chair and you really want it in your house, you’ll figure out something.


The first things that comes in my mind when I’m looking at this chair, is that it must be a really comfortable armchair. You could even fall asleep on that chair and you would still be comfortable. I think it’s a beautiful chair. It’s modern and it has nice soft lines. But it’s also kind of big so make sure you have enough space in the room before purchasing it.

The 360° LAMP

Enhancing home decor along with illuminating the living room is what the all new innovative 360° LAMP does. The lamp is designed by Pavel Sidorenko and is finished in white plastic, which has a mirror body. The light given out by the lamp is soft and creates a good mood for people in the room. The lamp is very easy to assemble and it comes in 4 different laser patterns which gives it a feeling of a sculpture than that of a light.


It’s a very artistic piece and it has a shape and a design that allows you to place anywhere in the house. This way it would make a great addition to a living room because it has a nice modern shape and it would also integrate perfectly in a bedroom because it creates a very soft and romantic light, perfect for that room. Furthermore, you can even place it the kitchen if the interior design allows you to. It’s a very versatile piece. I like all the colors and the way the light makes the pattern visible.

It’s a very artistic item and the best part is that it’s very functional as well. I really like it when useful and basic feature like this one find a way of being beautiful as well. Actually that’s the designer’s job. And this designer has created a very nice lamp.

Exotic Parnell House

When we see a Parnell house the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is not the size of the structure but the immense amount of dedication that has been put by the designers to make it look so splendid. Parnell house designed by Fearon Hay Architects is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The structure is worth watching with it luxurious interiors and soothing and eco friendly exteriors with lot of glass windows.

Exotic Parnell House1

But since we’ve already mentioned it, you have to admit that this is one big house. All your friends could fit in there. It’s huge and this makes it even more amazing. The fact that the designers managed to preserve the same style throughout the whole structure is something special.

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The unusual Cedar residence

Architect Tetsuya Nakazono is behind the construction of this strange and unusual yet beautiful cedar residence, which is located in Hiroshima, Japan. The total living surface available for the residence of this house is around 172, 55 Sq. Meters. There is an entrance hall, a master bedroom, a tatami room, and a bathroom in the first floor and after climbing the elegant spiral stairs the upper floor has some semi opened space, which gives a panoramic view of the surroundings, and the third floor has living room, dining room and a kitchen.

The unusual Cedar residence 1

The exterior design is very unusual because in the middle there’s an opening, a space made mostly of glass that seems to split the house into two parts. It looks strange but the space between the two house parts allows you to enjoy the views and the surroundings from inside the house, plus it makes it look strange and modern.

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Innovative tubes chairs

An innovative chair with tube like design from famous designer Oleksander Shestakovych has amazed many customers with its design. This type of chair is called tube chair and has a simple but strong design. The tube like material is very soft and comfortable for people sitting on them. The color of the chair is a darkish green and is very beautiful in its looks.

Innovative tubes chairs

I like new ideas and innovations in terms of furniture. But what I don’t like about some of them is the fact that the designers only seem to care about the looks and the comfort issue is often neglected. In this case it’s not so obvious and blamable. The tubes are relatively soft and comfortable but they sure don’t seem like that to me. I might be wrong, but how comfortable can a tube be? I would rather stick with the soft and comfy cushions.

But for those of you for whom looks are more important than comfort, this chair could be the one. It has an….original shape, although it’s not very revolutionary. But still, it’s something different. It’s modern and also functional. It can be used either as a dining chair or as a seat. It would have been nice if you could also disassemble it in order to save some space when you’re not using it.

Green living in Barcelona

Here’s what we all dream of, a surreal and innovative getaway. For those willing to spend 80.000 € for this 45m2 studio apartment setup on Barcelona’s river, it’s up for grabs. The lofts are solar-powered and fit into the landscape. You can get innovative with the open space available and partition it into nay living space you require during your pleasant stay.


It’s a really nice investment, if you have the financial resources to purchase it. The location in great and the surrounding open space is a really rare option. This is what a lot of people dream of. A beautiful, not too big mansion, located in a beautiful and quiet place, and a piece of land around it where they could build anything they want. You could use the space to create a nice garden and a beautiful place for you to enjoy some relaxing time, or you could use it to make an outdoor terrace, a place where you can invite your friends and family and have a nice time.

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Wabi sabi interior collection

There is a new variety of interior furniture collection, which is very innovative in their design and has great utility. This variety of the interior furniture collection is called the Wabi Sabi interior collection and is designed by famous interior designer Chiara Daniele. The collection has more of sleek furniture sets, and is made mostly out of wood.

Wabi sabi interior collection2

As for the aesthetic appeal, the pieces of this collection look a little unfinished and rough. But that’s all part of the design. The idea was to design a collection that can make the brute and rough pieces look beautiful and to be functional. And the result is more than acceptable.

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