City View Residence House Located in Austin Texas

The Austin skyline is a pleasing view and it can get even better when admired through a beautiful city view residence house. Dick Clark Architecture has come up with such a house in Austin, Texas and responding to the clients demand, large windows have been used to make the city view more appealing.

There is a glass box living area which has sliding doors from the dining and pool room to invite guests to enjoy the panorama.   Also, there are visual connections between the living area, the dining room and the kitchen while a see through oak separates the stairs from the kitchen.

This residence is perfect from my point of view because it offers both all the benefits of living near or in the city, but it also allows you to stay a bit far from it, too, away from all the smog and pollution, noise and other shortcomings of city life. Plus the living area is huge and you can see the city from the living room windows. The outside pool reflects the lit house in a nice way and the modern design and furniture complete the scene.

A Permanent Stone Floor That Drops in to a Pool; how is that for an Idea?

A house that also incorporates a swimming pool can be an expensive bargain these days but you can always adjust a small pool within the house domain using this sunken pool idea. On the first look, it may appear an attractive stone floor to you and nothing more but, this floor slowly drops down to reveal a pool underneath. Once sunk, it looks as good as any of the pools you may have seen and what is more is that it is even safe for children. Depending on what you prefer, it can be used as a decorative strategy especially when the pool is not in use.   Truly a great idea which is both decorative and useful![Hydrofloors]

Adaptive Architecture Home embraces natural topography

Sometimes the topography of a place can help create great architectures and this house on view is a good example. This house takes the form of an elongated cube because of the descending topography and it is adaptive as it can be extended easily depending on the needs of a family. It comprises of two floors where the entrance on the ground is level with the east while the garden is accessible from the west. The first floor gives a view of the alpine landscape and this is what differentiates the two in terms of overall quality. The top part therefore consists all rooms including the living space while the ground floor has utility rooms like the office. Amazingly, this structure is inserted into the site without affecting much of the earthwork.[Architects:Felber Szélpal Architekten ag, Solothurn and Photographs: Bruno Helbling, Zurich]

Haus Szelpal / Felber Szélpal Architekten

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© Bruno Helbling

Architects: Felber Szélpal Architekten ag, Solothurn

Japanese House from Konishi Gaffney architects

Sometimes the lack of space can make you work wonders as in this case where Konishi Gaffney architects came up with a Japanese house in Edinburgh, Scotland. The space was originally a garage where the architects came up with a Japanese house that adores sunshine and privacy. The privacy factor has been incorporated by turning the back of the house towards the lane. Towards the east of the house are three large sliding glass doors all of which open to the garden, an ideal place to bask in the morning sun.

Another interesting thing is the strip windows to the ground floor (southern side)  and the give an illusion as though the house is floating over the high garden wall. This house is a collective mix of modernity and tradition where you have chimneys propping out of a slate roof amidst a location which is urban.

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It is ‘Comfort’ that defines a home from a Surrounding

You may have the best of surroundings but comfort is the defining perimeter which makes a place called home. These images reveal an ideal comfortable home made to relieve you of the daily work stress. What makes it so special are the contrasting ceiling heights for instance the low ceiling in the living room and the high one in the kitchen. Double story windows have been used to ensure maximum light entry into the house which makes the surrounding radiant. It may not be a great idea for a town where there are space constraints but in a country side where the space is all yours, such uneven ceiling patterns and double story windows could make a great architecture idea.{images via Côté Sud, photography by Bernard Touillon}

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Single family residence in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

We’ve seen plenty of unusual buildings in areas such as Tokyo and this is definitely one of them. This house is located in Setagaya-ku and it was a project by Keita Fukushima. The most interesting thing about this building is, at first sight, the array of windows and they way in which they have been positioned. The windows and long and narrow and placed one right above the other or they are small and square-shaped and positioned away from the others.

The single-family residence is three stories high. The three floors functionally divide the different areas and functions of the house. The floors are connected by wooden staircases which add a nice warm and natural touch to the interior décor. The interior design is based on a very simple color scheme and the main shade is white. The walls and ceilings are white throughout the residence and the floors are either concrete of wood with a light shade.

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Interesting Glass Suspension Lighting by deMajo

When it comes to contemporary lighting fixtures, deMajo is an important name. They always find a way to impress us with their designs, whether it’s something very simple or something sculptural and inspired by exotic elements. Today we’re going to focus on three stunning creations. The first one is the Sahara Series. It’s a very romantic design that resembles two champagne glasses hanging in the air. The design is interesting because it has a symmetrical structure but, at the same time, it incorporates contrasting lines, like most deMajo creations.

The second design is the Bea Series. The suspended light fixtures is very simple and transparent in terms of design and yet it has something mysterious about it. The design is very similar with the traditional chandelier. It’s in fact a reinvented version of that, with more modern and simple lines but maintaining the sophisticated allure of the design.

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