Wall Mounted GrillsFull story

Posted in Outdoor | by Stefan, on May 24, 2010

Wall Mounted Grills

Wall mounted grills are the lasted trend for those who don’t have enough space for classical grills. The wall mounted grills from Focus-Creation could be fold down when you prepare something with your friends or could be fold up when do not need it. This is a grate gadget for outdoor for your small yard. If...

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Classically Beautiful Apartment With Orange ChairsFull story

Posted in Apartments | by Stefan, on May 24, 2010

Classically Beautiful Apartment With Orange Chairs

Sometimes when you look at an apartment or house you can instantly know if it would be a great home for you or not. It’s something that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the little details like color palette, accent features, etc. but with the basics: architecture, layout, interior décor. To understand this better, take...

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Calligaris Caleido Round Coffee TableFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on May 24, 2010

Calligaris Caleido Round Coffee Table

When it comes to taste, form, beauty, and function; Calligaris Caleido round table is one of the best. They are regarded as one of the best contemporary Italian furniture. With clean lines and very smooth and elegant curves and manufactured using technologically advanced materials, these round tables are extremely elegant and most sought after furniture...

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Vincent WolfFull story

Posted in Interiors | by Stefan, on May 24, 2010

Vincent Wolf

Dreamy photographs of beautifully as well as perfectly executed spaces that could brighten up a day for anyone, Vincent Wolf has proved to be one of the top designer bloggers in the world today.

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China Solar Energy Production – the Biggest Base in the WorldFull story

Posted in Design And Concept | by Stefan, on May 24, 2010

China Solar Energy Production – the Biggest Base in the World

Constructing the Solar Valley, a China Solar Energy Production center that is supposed to be the biggest on the earth, the organizers are adopting clean energy technologies rivaling the Silicon Valley in California. Himin Solar Energy with headquarters at Sun-Moon Mansion launched this program. Likely cost of the project is around $740 million and it...

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Samsung Ziepel e-Diary RefrigeratorFull story

Posted in Appliances | by Stefan, on May 23, 2010

Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator

With a 10” touchscree display in combination with high quality WiFi software, the new Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator is a creation of the Italian Jewelry designer named Massimo Zucchi. The product however is made exclusively for the Korean market. One of the novel features of the new Refrigerator is that it enables the consumers check...

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Rock and Roll Modular HouseFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Stefan, on May 23, 2010

Rock and Roll Modular House

Latest trend in the market is that of modular home. Rock and roll modular house has become the modern trend. Though even a decade ago they were a rare sight, they are now found in many cities and towns around. Considered double-wide trailers their sight veritably offended the sense of the home buyers as well...

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