Calligaris modus TV unit

Calligaris is one of the best offers coming from the Italian furniture with it great essence of taste, function, form and beauty. The basic reasons for this design being considered as a classic is because of its cleanliness, smooth elegant curves, and the use of advance technological materials. The product featured is a 3 drawer TV stand with push–pull locking system which comes without handles.


In comes in white and it has a minimalist design with simple and clean shapes and soft lines. It’s a low structures that allows you to use the rest of the space to hand some other furniture pieces like shelves or storage cabinets, or maybe some artistic paintings or sculptures.


Furthermore, the structure can be used as a storage space for more than the TV. I like the simple design of this furniture piece. It makes It easy to incorporate in almost any type of home. And it’s not too large so it’s also a nice choice for small apartments where space is always a problem. It still has all the features you need and it’s functional and space saving.


I really enjoy writing about beautiful furniture pieces like this one. It’s something else, different than most traditional designs we often see in the shops. It’s nice to explore the options and to enlarge your horizon. It makes it easier when it comes to choosing the right furniture for your own home because you already know what you like, but it’s also harder because you might not always find the items you want and you’ll be disappointed.

Bontempi glass shelves design

Bontempi has great features like its creativity, taste and the contemporary material used in them. Shape, space, and functions are perfectly blended with cutting edge technology in this method to give its design a touch that recalls elegant architectonic construction and which gives life to sophisticated expressions. The product featured by this design is a set of 3 shelves in curved glass which available in 3 variants of glass like blue, sandblasted and transparent.


Glass is always a classy option when it comes to furniture because it’s elegant and very versatile. It can be used for all sorts of things. For example to create a nice storage unit like this one. It is entirely made of glass, but don’t worry because it’s very durable and solid and it can support all the weight of the things you might want to store in there. You can even place a TV on top of it, just not a very large and heavy one.


It’s transparent so it shouldn’t be hard to match it with the rest of your furniture because it has no color. That might be a problem, because some people don’t usually see the drawers and storage places like something they should keep clean and organized and they just like to use to hide things and make the room look clean white the drawers and cabinets are messy. So this is no longer possible with this transparent piece. But the shelves are also available in the colored version to add some contrast and color to your home.

Decorating a girl’s bedroom

There are some symbols or colors associated with young ladies. They just love pink color and the sign of hearts. So designing bedrooms for girls the first theme should come to your mind should be hearts. Apart from pink, other colors to choose for a teen girl’s bedroom are light green, yellow, red or baby blue. The heart theme should be found in all the items featured in the bedroom like chairs, pillows, bedcovers, etc.


Little girls don’t have a problem only with the pink color, but also with all the details that should be incorporated in the design. The don’t like the simple things, at least not yet. So everything has to be sparkly and shiny and with lots of details like patterns and other decorations. It’s annoying if you ask me, but that’s how life is and you have to deal with it. Even if the parents don’t share the same ideas and style with the kids, they still have to respect their choices and preferences and to make them happy. That’s their job.

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Innovative multipurpose design

This innovative design is a comfortable sculpture having compact volume, which can be useful as nice seat, a compact table, magazine stand, or even as a bag stand. It is made out of polyethylene by the method of rotational molding. This multi functional furniture is suitable for outdoor use, as it is not affected by natural forces like rain or sunlight and will not tarnish.

Innovative multipurpose design

Versatile furniture pieces are very appreciated especially by those who own small apartments where space is a problem. So multi-purpose pieces like this one are a very good choice because they allows you to save a lot of space and still be able to enjoy everything you need.

So when you need an extra seat for your guests, just use this piece. And if later you’ll be having trouble finding a small coffee table, flip the chair and there it is. And when the guests are gone and you no longer need the chair or the table, it only takes you a minute to turn this piece into a storage space for your magazines or for the bags. It’s such a functional furniture piece and it has such a simple design. It’s colored in red to make it stand out and to add some fun and color to your interior design. But if don’t like the color and you want something more quiet, it’s also available in a nice tone of grey and in two different tones of red.

Modern with a side of Ranch

Hufft Projects have made a splendid renovation of this Ranch-style home, which looks absolutely gorgeous with its name given by the team as “Modern with a side of Ranch”. The house was a single storied ranch before the renovation and it looks very different after it is redesigned. There is a master suite on the first floor along with two children’s rooms as part addition to the old design. There is a small-vegetated roof which is located near to the stairs and can be viewed from the upper landing.

Modern with a side of Ranch1

It’s a really large house, perfect for a family. If you like nature and you like being a part of it, than a house like this might be just perfect for you. Some people like to live in the country, or on a ranch and even just to have a house somewhere, as long as it’s not an apartment. Other people, like me for example, prefer to live in a crowded apartment, along with all the other neighbors. There’s something about the apartment that makes them feel safe and so they have no intention or desire to change the way they live.
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Sporty ‘R15’chairs

Redo studios have introduced the new very sporty looking luxurious chairs which make a comfortable place for a user who wants to take rest in style. Sitting on this chair one gets a feeling of going on a luxurious flight. The chair has broad armrests with soft, wide, and deep seat like an inflatable sofa. The whole structure is made intact on the floor by trendy leg buckles made of chrome-plated metal, which can also be used as a foot rest.


This chair comes in three different color options: black, white and yellow. As the name suggests, it has a very sporty design that makes it hard for the owner to match it with the other furniture pieces already existent in the house. It’s not a common style among furniture designs so might be a difficult process. But every problem has a solution so if you really like this chair and you really want it in your house, you’ll figure out something.


The first things that comes in my mind when I’m looking at this chair, is that it must be a really comfortable armchair. You could even fall asleep on that chair and you would still be comfortable. I think it’s a beautiful chair. It’s modern and it has nice soft lines. But it’s also kind of big so make sure you have enough space in the room before purchasing it.

The 360° LAMP

Enhancing home decor along with illuminating the living room is what the all new innovative 360° LAMP does. The lamp is designed by Pavel Sidorenko and is finished in white plastic, which has a mirror body. The light given out by the lamp is soft and creates a good mood for people in the room. The lamp is very easy to assemble and it comes in 4 different laser patterns which gives it a feeling of a sculpture than that of a light.


It’s a very artistic piece and it has a shape and a design that allows you to place anywhere in the house. This way it would make a great addition to a living room because it has a nice modern shape and it would also integrate perfectly in a bedroom because it creates a very soft and romantic light, perfect for that room. Furthermore, you can even place it the kitchen if the interior design allows you to. It’s a very versatile piece. I like all the colors and the way the light makes the pattern visible.

It’s a very artistic item and the best part is that it’s very functional as well. I really like it when useful and basic feature like this one find a way of being beautiful as well. Actually that’s the designer’s job. And this designer has created a very nice lamp.

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