9 Beautiful Kids Wall Murals Ideas

Wall murals are a creative and fun way to liven cold, bare walls. And the best part: anyone can do them—you don’t have to be an artist. You can design your own wall mural using your imagination, artwork, greeting cards, or picture books. The decoration of the children’s room with wall murals is an excellent way of creating a warm environment. The murals give an opportunity to the children to be more imaginative and express their creative talent. Children are innovative, but sometimes they need stimulation. The murals really come handy for this purpose. The wall murals are from sigmufi.

Kids room wall murals ideas6

And since the project is for your kids’ room, it would be a good idea to include him too in the process. He or she can help you pick a theme and they can also help you choose the colors. You will probably not want to let them be involved in the painting because you might have surprises later on.

If the kid is too small to help you make a decision, you can just decide for him. For small children it’s indicated to choose bright colors to attract their attention. Take a look at these ideas presented here and maybe they will awake your imagination. Use your creativity and you’ll be fine.

Wall decals inspired by Mother Nature

The decals are usually the wall stick ons or the stickers. This is one of the most popular parts of room decoration. Previously this was used quite often but a few years back this style was left out. But now people have again started using the modern wall decals. If you want your room to have a contemporary look then you will surely need wall decal for it.

Wall decals inspired by Mother Nature10

It’s a great way of decorating your home without using a lot of materials. It’s a very simple process and the results are beautiful. It only takes a minute to complete the whole process. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. Just decide what picture you want to paint on your wall and the rest is a piece of cake.

The great thing about these wall decals is that they can be used anywhere in the house. You can decorate your bedroom with beautiful romantic images, you can paint start on the ceiling or tree branches like in the example. You can also include them in the living room or in the kitchen. Furthermore, they are also great for the kids’ room. Just find some colorful and fun patterns and you can also involve them in the process. If they are big enough they can even stick them themselves.

Modern Apartment in Sweden

This house placed on the second floor is extremely well planned. The contemporary house is absolutely awesome and a dream house for many of us. The society is good and friendly. The wooden floor of the house adds a charm of its own. The old features of the house combined with the modern ones add a beautiful and warm feeling. The hall of the house is very spacious and airy. The tiled bathroom also has a lot of space and is tiled. The bathtub ensures you have a relaxing bath. The living room is also very airy and bright. This contemporary house is truly amazing and a dream came true.

Modern Apartment in Sweden

Actually I think it’s technically an apartment, not a house. Nevertheless, it has a very homey design. It’s modern and elegant and the design makes great use of colors. Each room is decorated differently but they all share the same style so the overall image is uniform. I like the simplicity of all the elements and they way they all match. I’m not so sure about that extremely white couch. It’s very beautiful and not very practical. I would have chosen a different color. But other than that it looks good. I would like to live in there.

Vela bathroom collection by Rexa

Vela bathroom collection by Rexa, can be reviewed in a maximum of 2 words: modern and elegant. Rexa, an Italian company, created this contemporary collection from a material blend of acrylic resins and natural minerals – that gives it its smooth curves, minimalist palette and a modern raw or lacquered finish that screams good taste called Korakril. The color palette includes white, light blue, blue, aquamarine, grey, black or brown. Anyway the Vela bathroom collection is one of the best bathroom collections ever seen.


When it comes to bathroom designs I’m not very enthusiastic. But I have to say I really like this one. It’s so simple and beautiful, I would take it home right now. I especially like the curved lines of the bathtub and the sink. They create a very pleasant look. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to take a long bath in there. Beautiful, just beautiful.

The colors used are also very well chosen. Together with he beautiful design they create a modern and very stylish collection. So keep these pictures in mind the next time you’ll want to redecorate your bathroom. I really doubt that you’ll find something better until then. It’s not that easy to find an elegant design like this one, especially when it comes to bathrooms.{found on trendir}

Beds collection from Cattelan Italia

Italian designers are always one step ahead in the production of awesome beds. They manage to perfectly combine a beautiful design, a high quality and the practical aspect. This bed collection comes from Cattelan, an Italian designer specializing in the production of furniture. They are available in a lot of minimalist design that can fit any room. The presented beds are made of various materials, they have different finishes and everybody could find something attractive to themselves among them. For more information visit the Cattelan Italia.

Beds collection from Cattelan Italia11

Each bed is different and unique. But all of them are simple, elegant and stylish. You can also find among this pictures some suspended bed designs, which are the latest idea in this field. Everybody wants a suspended bed, just like a few years ago everybody wanted a mobile phone. So the designers decided to take advantage of that and to create some really beautiful suspended bed designs.

Also, if you’re interested in a more traditional design, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Some of the beds even have a secret storage space under the mattress. Another advantage.  Take a look at these pictures and decide what type of bed you like most. After that all you have to do is choose the right shape and color and you’re done.

Interior designs for exclusive and unique homes

We are all unique so, naturally our homes are unique as well. In one way or another we influence the interior design and décor of our home and we try to model it after our personality, preferences and standards. An innovative interior design can take many forms. Many companies and manufacturers are counting on such innovations to attract clients.

But how exactly can you adopt an innovative interior design or décor? Well, companies like The Brooklyn Home Company definitely make that easier. So opt for an exotic and unique interior design and change the way your home looks like. There are lots of things that can be changed or altered.

Experts can help you implement the suitable interior design and can help you choose whatever is best for you and your home. They base these decisions on many factors that include the space available, the shape and layout of your home and, of course, your personal preferences.

You can create a unique theme for your home and you can customize the interior in lots of different ways. If you want to see what this company can do, take a look at this place. This is the Four Story Townhouse 5th Street and it’s a wonderful home that beautifully reflects the standards of quality and style of The Brooklyn Home Company. The interior design is modern, chic and stylish and the choices of color and very beautiful as well. It’s a great example that shows us how you can change the look of your home when you pick the right experts.

iTables by Mirko Ginepro

If you are a big fan of iPod media players then you must have in the living room an iTable. Designed by and Italian artist Mirko Ginepro for Milan Design Week, these iTables are awesome.


They share the structure of the iPod and they turn it into a very functional and fun table. It’s a very versatile table as well. Because of it’s unusual design, there’s not a rule that says it has to be used as a certain type of table or only for certain activities. So you can use it as a very fun coffee table or even as a small dining table. The shape allows it to incorporate a very useful storage shelf where you can store some magazines, books, cigarette packs, a bag or anything else you might want to.


It’s definitely an unusual table and it will make a very fun piece of furniture in your living room. It’s obviously modern and this can be either good or bag. It’s good because now it’s something new. But there’s also a big disadvantage. The problem is that technology advances very fast and  there are permanently new concepts and designs that replace the old ones. So in just a few years there’s a real risk that you’ll end up having an outdated iPod table which represents a model that has disappeared long ago from the stores. Think about that before making a decision.

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