Suspension lamp with a difference

Le Soleil is a special suspension lamp made out of polycarbonates that are available in different color schemes in the market. It can be found in red, white, and aquamarine color options. These special suspension lamps create a unique luminous effect because of the use of the polycarbonate material in the shade. The beams of the light in these lamps are projected upwards with the illumination, which is directed downwards. The Le Soleil is available for 1551$.

Suspension lamp with a difference1

The lamp has an irregular shape and that makes me crazy. I guess I have a problem. But still, I admit it’s a nice detail and it makes it look more modern. I particularly like the bright colors used to paint the lamps. There are three options for you to choose from: the classic white, the red and a very beautiful tone of green. The last one is my favorite. The light emanated by these lamps is a very soft one. So this makes them appropriate for the bedroom, where a diffuse light is everything you need to set up a romantic atmosphere or to simply relax while watching TV or reading a book before going to sleep.

It’s a really nice lamp design. And it’s simple too. The only detail that I can name is the irregular shape. Other than that it’s a very simple and quite common shape for a suspended lamp. But it’s small things like this one that make an item special.

Bookshelves inspired from nature

Truly innovative designs available in bookshelves are plenty with the scope for further designs yet to come. AL 28.98 have brought a truly innovative bookshelves which is really mind blowing as this bookshelf give your home a real sophisticated touch. This design is greatly inspired from nature itself and it has other function like using them as room dividers along with its normal function as bookshelves.

Bookshelves inspired from nature

So if you like nature and you regret not having the possibilities to include it in your home, at least you can imitate some of the shapes with the help of other materials. For example, this is a storage system for books and its shape resembles a tree. There are shelves placed on one side and on the other to create the illusion of branches.

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Comfortable armchairs

The idea behind the design of this good-looking armchair with chrome leather covering is actually very simple. Nevertheless, at the same time the chair has a great comfortable seating with the arm part of the chair that is also covered with the black chrome leather. The exact measurements of this armchair are not yet known apart from the height, which is around 35 inches.


This is a manly design for a chair. I say that because it has that robust look that only men seem to like. And it has those storage spaces on the sides, for magazines or for the remote control so that the user won’t have to get up for anything. It’s a lazy design if you ask me. And the color is not attractive at all.

It looks very comfortable but it also looks ugly. There’s nothing stylish about this chair. Not even the legs. Nevertheless, it has a common design. This means that something must be really good about this chair, otherwise people would stop buying them. So I guess it must be really comfortable and functional. And once you realize that, it start to look less ugly and it becomes more and more attractive. Now, that I’m looking at it again, it doesn’t look that bad. It would make a nice addition to a living room, regardless of the style. It’s a combination between old, traditional and modern.

Hill side three storied house

Located on the beautiful hillside in Marin Country, San Francisco the 3 storied house designed by Berkeley based McGlashan, the architecture look splendid. The landscape and the color of the house blend very well as it give a great view of the scenic beauty, which is breathtaking. The house has 3 floors with roof top garden which are native and draught resistant.


It’s a very beautiful house. The location is great and the views are also amazing. The design of this mansion is at the limit between traditional and modern. In terms of exterior design, it’s more modern than traditional but there’s than deck that makes it even. And as for the interior design, there are some very beautiful features that have a vintage touch like the bathroom mirror or the dining room.

But these pieces are complemented by other features like the glass shower cabin, the traditional fireplace built into the wall or other furniture pieces. So it’s a nice balance between these two styles that makes them both look good and complement each other.  It’s not easy to manage to do that.

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Use Gold To Decorate A House

Decorating using gold is the latest trend in 2010, and a modern approach and shining ideas make this metal more precious than ever. There are many ways for increasing the expressiveness of the walls and for making your home a place where you feel at ease.Decorating your home in a theme of gold is one of the toughest themes too chose, as a single mistake can spoil the whole show and get up of the place.


Gold is a precious color, but when used excessively it can look very kitschy. I personally don’t like this color at all. Most of the times it’s used excessively or in a bad way and the results are ugly. So even if this is the latest trend, don’t be fooled by the rest of the world. Stick with your own preferences, unless you want to make your house look cheep and to ruin the beautiful design that you already have, It takes a very artistic eye to be able to use this color in a good way. So I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

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Residence at the Sea Ranch by tgharchitects

To make the view to the ocean more splendid the sea ranch at California is so modified that the master bedroom in it was pulled apart from the main structure and placed on a narrow lot and it was linked to a deck. The main house is moved back making the ocean view centered at the master bedroom, which is behind a mature cypress grove.

Residence at the Sea Ranch1

This is a very beautiful and modern mansion. As you can see for yourself from the pictures, there is a great amount of wood used in this structure. It looks very natural and it also has a relaxing effect. This makes it especially great for a getaway place. People usually go there to relax, to escape from all the stress and to forget about all their problems. But they are mostly looking forward to relax and to enjoy their sleep. And the wooden walls and furniture pieces contribute to that.

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Nature Wooden furniture

It’s always interesting when we see little pieces of nature incorporated in the artificially created furniture pieces. Some designers are trying to imitate some of nature’s elements creating something like a bookcase shaped like a tree or a coffee table that looks just like e stone. But others go a little further and take that sensation of authenticity to another level.

solid wood dining tables hudson furniture inc

To make it so natural and raw Hudson Furniture Inc has come up with some splendid furniture that features unprocessed  planks of high quality wood from selected trees to give it a natural look. Some furniture products from this collection include Rosa Dining Table, Carlo Walnut Bed, etc. The founder of Hudson Furniture Inc, Barlas Baylar said he is utilizing those pieces of wood for this art instead of leaving it to decay.

solid wood beds

It’s a very beautiful collection, it has an authentic look and it’s something different. It would be a great element to have in a home that is entirely decorated in this theme. There are plenty of furniture pieces that share the same theme so it shouldn’t be hard for someone to create his or her own piece of nature inside their home. Of course, not all the pieces are executed so carefully like these ones, but you’ll just have to search carefully enough and you’ll eventually find something similar.

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