FriendHouse Hotel by Ryntovt

The FriendHouse Hotel is located on the bank of the Orel river and is surrounded by wildlife. The best part band wood. Shell stone and wood was used to design the construction’s carcass. The house has an apple tree garden and the interiors are done in an extremely stylish manner and the furniture is designed by “RYNTOVT DESIGN”. This house is made in the best natural environment using materials and the house is extremely well designed and made giving it the most sophisticated look.

It’s a really interesting and intriguing hotel. It has a friendly shape, not very different or distinct from the usual traditional designs. But this is not the impressive part. The surprise is inside. The interior design of this place is very unique. The idea was to create a space that looks very simple and that remind people of the natural shapes and places that the nature has to offer. It’s like being in a very modern cave. Actually, it reminds me of an episode of Tom & Jerry where Jerry was living in a very big block of cheese and he had a similar structure with this one.

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An impressive New York penthouse with a luxurious interior

It’s not very often that we find apartments or houses that have such an interesting interior design. The style is unique and it’s very different from most spaces we’ve presented. This is a penthouse that can be found in New York, on the 20th floor of a building. It’s not what you expect to see most of the times you visit an apartment in New York and this definitely makes it stand out.

The penthouse is impressive and not just because of the interior décor. It’s also very spacious. It has four bedrooms and a large media room, along with an elegant living area, a home office, a dining room, kitchen and everything else a home needs. Then there are also the four terraces that make this place even more impressive. The living room is spacious and it has a beautiful fireplace that gives it an inviting look. The style chosen for this space and for all the rooms is very detailed and rich.

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Flux_US Bathroom Furniture from Lasaidea

Flux_US collection from Lasaidea is an innovative design for storage which can be used anywhere in side your home as a cabinet. This wonderful ultramodern structure comes in all possible colors and can serve multiple functions. They are used in bathrooms for storage purpose and can serve as great styling materials for enhancing the luxurious looks of the bathroom. They are used as cabinets or cupboards in a bedroom also.

This collection features multiple designs for bathrooms. They examples presented here are different one from the other but they all have in common the modernity of the design and the functionality. These are some very good ideas of bathroom designs, for small spaces. The sets include beautiful and modern fixtures and the main elements are the storage cabinets and shelves.

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Leaf Table by Joris Laarman

The famous Dutch designer Joris Laarman at Friedman Benda will unveil a number of most awaited designs including the innovative Leaf Table soon. This futuristic designer has unveiled many innovative designs, which include the bone furniture, which was launched way back in 2007. This furniture was designed still further back in 2006.The main reason for this furniture to get huge popularity is because it translated all the functionality of a human bone.

The table, which may very well act as a coffee table, has a very beautiful shape and an interesting base. The deign is interesting and intriguing, and this is always a plus when it comes to furniture pieces. People like intriguing designs because they have that mysterious look that makes the unique. This table does exactly that. It’s a very beautiful table. And if you really like to add some fun and interesting furniture pieces to your home, you’ll find the matching chair perfect. It has a very strange shape, that reminds of the human bones. It’s a little creepy when you think about it, but the design is really beautiful and it helps quickly forget that.

So in case you were looking for some interesting and unique furniture pieces for your living room, this collection could be the one. It has it all: it’s practical, functional, beautiful, stylish, elegant and intriguing.

Stylish Launch Chairs

Deconet presents stylish launch chairs, which are designed by Hans J. Wegner. Wegner is a popular Dutch designer and his art works are highly appreciated all round the world. These stylish yet sleek chairs are very good looking with white cushions on its top perfect for resting on a beach side. The chairs are foldable and therefore can be easily carried for small trips and outings.

When you first look at this chair, it doesn’t seem very special, except for the strange shape. It’s a simple chair indeed. It has a strange structure, because it’s a very low chair. But this only makes it more comfortable. The idea was to design a chair that would be very comfortable and versatile, and that has a design that allows it to be incorporated in any type of home, regardless of the style. So whether you have a traditional, vintage, modern or contemporary home, this chair doesn’t mind. It’s a friendly chair that would make a great addition to any home.

It’s also a versatile design because it has be used indoors, in the living room, or outdoors, on the terrace or in a protected area, so that it doesn’t get ruined. It has a wood structure and some very soft and comfortable cushions. It’s a great chair, perfect for relaxation outdoors, maybe on the beach side where the sun can touch your skin and where you can feel the breeze of the ocean.Available for 1125$.

An Italian collection named Flavia

Lasaidea brings a highly luxurious collection of washbasins which can attract any customers with its gorgeous looks. This wonderful Italian collection is named Flavia. These wash basins comes in attractive colors and have wonderful finish like their other collections. The tap is very stylish which adds beauty to the whole basin. This washbasin has a utility cabin in its lower portion.

If you’re looking for ideas of how you can decorate your bathroom with style, this collection is perfect for this purpose. It’s a collection that features a wash basin and a cabinet. They both have a modern and beautiful design. They feature very nice soft and curved lines that make them particularly appropriate for a modern and stylish bathroom.

This piece has a very beautiful color combination. The wash basin is colored in a very beautiful deep red tone and the cabinet has a very soft and light beige color, almost white. It would make a great addition to any modern or contemporary bathroom. It’s a very functional piece of furniture that will make your bathroom look stylish and elegant. The cabinet features quite a lot of storage space, for all the items you usually keep in the bathroom. The wash basin is the most interesting and beautiful part of this design. It has a very beautiful color and a nice curved shape with a glossy finish.

Seward Park Residence by Balance Associates

Your search for the perfect new house in Seattle neighborhood may end up with this house. Previously, there was a small house in place of this house. This new house has a good height so that the people living in it can enjoy beautiful view of Lake Washington. The exteriors of this house look perfect and decent. Modern interiors have been used to beautify this house from inside. Bright interiors of this house soothe the eyes. The floor of this house is made from wood. This house defines luxury and beauty.

It’s a very cute-looking house. It has tall and presentable shape, and a very cute roof that sits like a hat oh top of this structure. It’s an unusually beautiful and pleasant house, with a design that would make anyone happy. In terms of interior design, it’s as inviting on the inside as it is on the outside. It has very beautiful wood floors and other wood pieces and fixtures and create a very cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, the furniture has been selected to particularly match the color of the floors, so that the image would be uniform.

So, given the amount of wood used all over this place, the bathroom is the one that looks most interesting. It has a simple but elegant and rustic look. It’s also very spacious. This is available for the kitchen as well. It’s a simple and modern kitchen, with some very simple and elegant details, like the pendants for example. The living room is a little more colorful. But it still has the same cozy and very comfortable look.{designed by balanceassociates}

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