Two bedrooms apartment with private garden

Located in a great area the Fitzjohns Avenue is very close to shops, restaurants and bars. This two bedroom apartment compared to other modern apartments in London is very stunning and it gives vast living space having bathroom suites along with modern fittings and fixtures. The apartment has a private garden along with having wooden floor. It also has a reception room with an open plan kitchen.


So, overall, this apartment is surprisingly modern and stylish, with very beautiful furniture pieces along with other fixtures. Each room is slightly different in terms of style and décor but all of them have in common the simplicity and elegance of the interior design. The living room is probably the most colorful and busy from this point of view.

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Cute apartment for sale

Buy Apartments In London especially this two bedrooms apartment with split level located in a great location which has a grant rood terrace and an off-street parking .The apartment comprises of a reception room which has an opening towards roof terrace along with an ultra modern kitchen . The two bedrooms are very generous ones with the luxurious bathrooms and shower rooms.

london apartment

This apartment reunites two completely different styles. Overall, it seems like a modern apartment, with modern furniture and decorations. But at a closer look, you can see that there are some contrastive details that seem a little more vintage. It’s a combination that is very risky and not that easy to pull out without creating obvious discrepancies in style.
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Innovative design for this gorgeous house

This house has a very innovative shape with its unique shape when looked from the top. This luxurious 10650 sq. feet house which is located on a 17250 sq. feet area near the mountains of Sierra Madre has an exterior made of black and brown volcanic stone along with IPE wood, white stucco and steel and was designed by GLR Architects. There is a wonderful garden that is very good looking when viewed from the living room.


But the materials used are not the only ones that are uncommon. This house, if you want to call it like that, is huge. It would really be too much for just one family. It has a modern design, both in terms of exterior and interior style. From the outside it looks very imposing and serious. But once you get inside there a very warm and cozy feeling that seduces you immediately. And like most of the modern houses nowadays, it has a very simple, almost minimalist interior design. It’s modern and elegant. It’s a grandiose structure, decorated with style.


All the pieces are chic are carefully chosen for that particular room of the house. The attention to details is amazing. I imagine it must take a lot of time to furnish this whole house, so I don’t envy the ones who had to do it at all. But I do envy the ones who get to enjoy living in there. The house has everything you need, even a pool. The location is great and views are also amazing.

Beautifully built Irregular shaped house

Rockefeller Partners Architects has utilized a big plot of 10,000 sq. feet to build this gorgeous residence. Perfect utilization was impossible because of mainly the irregular shape of the house and the presence of a small grove containing eucalyptus and pine trees. The house is smartly split up into two wings, which enabled and maximized the view along with reduced massing.


It’s a great example of how nature and people can live together peacefully and of how you get to adapt to what nature has to offer. The location of this house was not very friendly when the building first started. There were some difficulties with the irregularities of the ground but it seems like everything was solved in time.

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Suspension lamp with a difference

Le Soleil is a special suspension lamp made out of polycarbonates that are available in different color schemes in the market. It can be found in red, white, and aquamarine color options. These special suspension lamps create a unique luminous effect because of the use of the polycarbonate material in the shade. The beams of the light in these lamps are projected upwards with the illumination, which is directed downwards. The Le Soleil is available for 1551$.

Suspension lamp with a difference1

The lamp has an irregular shape and that makes me crazy. I guess I have a problem. But still, I admit it’s a nice detail and it makes it look more modern. I particularly like the bright colors used to paint the lamps. There are three options for you to choose from: the classic white, the red and a very beautiful tone of green. The last one is my favorite. The light emanated by these lamps is a very soft one. So this makes them appropriate for the bedroom, where a diffuse light is everything you need to set up a romantic atmosphere or to simply relax while watching TV or reading a book before going to sleep.

It’s a really nice lamp design. And it’s simple too. The only detail that I can name is the irregular shape. Other than that it’s a very simple and quite common shape for a suspended lamp. But it’s small things like this one that make an item special.

Bookshelves inspired from nature

Truly innovative designs available in bookshelves are plenty with the scope for further designs yet to come. AL 28.98 have brought a truly innovative bookshelves which is really mind blowing as this bookshelf give your home a real sophisticated touch. This design is greatly inspired from nature itself and it has other function like using them as room dividers along with its normal function as bookshelves.

Bookshelves inspired from nature

So if you like nature and you regret not having the possibilities to include it in your home, at least you can imitate some of the shapes with the help of other materials. For example, this is a storage system for books and its shape resembles a tree. There are shelves placed on one side and on the other to create the illusion of branches.

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Comfortable armchairs

The idea behind the design of this good-looking armchair with chrome leather covering is actually very simple. Nevertheless, at the same time the chair has a great comfortable seating with the arm part of the chair that is also covered with the black chrome leather. The exact measurements of this armchair are not yet known apart from the height, which is around 35 inches.


This is a manly design for a chair. I say that because it has that robust look that only men seem to like. And it has those storage spaces on the sides, for magazines or for the remote control so that the user won’t have to get up for anything. It’s a lazy design if you ask me. And the color is not attractive at all.

It looks very comfortable but it also looks ugly. There’s nothing stylish about this chair. Not even the legs. Nevertheless, it has a common design. This means that something must be really good about this chair, otherwise people would stop buying them. So I guess it must be really comfortable and functional. And once you realize that, it start to look less ugly and it becomes more and more attractive. Now, that I’m looking at it again, it doesn’t look that bad. It would make a nice addition to a living room, regardless of the style. It’s a combination between old, traditional and modern.

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