New M Modular Bathroom Design Ideas by Wetstyle

A minimalist approach to the bathroom ideas is nothing new but when its Wetstyle using its brains, even the usual becomes special. Joel Dupras designed the M modular bathrooms for Wetstyle which are very fashionable yet functional at the same time. There are ample means to store your bathroom accessories in the stylish storage spaces on offer while the rest of the space is left to enjoy a refreshing shower. All these bathroom designs are very spa-inspired and the best part is that they can be customized to suite any given space irrespective of the size.


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New York Based Axis Mundi Design Firm is All about Clean Lines

Contemporary is something you may hate after reading about Atelier AM but there are a few firms that adored contemporary designs but have a different approach to the same. For example, New York based design firm Axis Mundi creates spaces that are very up-to-date and clean lined. Their work is very modern and concise but at the same time it is very unique and chic.

John Beckmann from Axis Mundi loved playing with the scale as he just renders enough tension to capture an admirer’s attention.  His is a case of minimalism meeting glamour on a grand scale.
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HD Haus Located in the Village of Schwarzach

For me the rural settings are ideal to come up with a beautiful house as the landscapes on offer provide a lot of assistance to that beautification. Take for instance the Haus HD  by Bernardo Bader which is located in the village of Schwarzach, at the foot of Linzenberg.

This small house was built for a young female client who wanted a house tailor-made for the site far from the conventional boxy structures.  As per the client demand, the house is ideal for a small family and it has accordingly been divided into two floors. The upper facility house the cooking, dining and living spaces while the lower one has the bedrooms, the bathroom and a small basement. It is the upper level which also serves as the entrance to the house.

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Laneventure Offering Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Furniture manufacturing firms can get inspired by just about anything and even wicker where the wooden strips woven together take form isn’t spared. Laneventure has gone ahead and introduced the synthetic wicker outdoor furniture which resembles an original wicker and offers durability of man-made materials.

The furniture is good enough to withstand any sort of weather and hence is a great attraction outdoors. The furniture units include a backless dining bench, a rectangular coffee table, an island bed, a game table and even a swivel seating.

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Atelier AM Interior Designers Break the Monotony

The contemporary interior designers and architects have become pretty predictable and monotonous with heir design patterns. Most of the times, the attempt is to come up with a trendy surrounding that please the eye more than pleasing the soul. Their design patterns clearly aim to define the traditional from the modern. Atelier comprising Alexandra and Michael Misczynski is one brand looking to break that monotony.

This unit believes in the timelessness of design, which will neither be traditional nor be modern, yet it will appeal to the soul. They have an authenticity in creating their own patterns which aren’t really inspired by some previously seen designs. They aim to make a surrounding comfortable, a surrounding that should have a global vibe.

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Satiya House Refurbished to Accommodate a Larger Family

The Satiya House was originally a 100 sqm facility sitting good for 30 long years until now when the client demanded an extension of the house to over 350sqm. Transformation was obviously a part of the project as the house was to now gain a contemporary form.

From the outside, the house had to maintain continuity with the neighborhood and hence an inclined roof, black tiles and white painted bricks were a direct choice for materials. The entrance of the new structure was defined by the street front while the exterior and interior volume includes a set of diagonals that open up living spaces.

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Haus M is the house winding up the slope

Sometimes the very nature of the property is the factor that brings up uniquely shaped structures that are a real eye candy. The Haus M by Titus Bernhard Architekten is a prime example of a structure that is uniquely shaped just because of north-facing slope of the property.

The Architects had to negotiate the slope by raising two stories to reach the flat garden level and hence they call it the ‘house winding up the slope’. The complex geometry of the house was however not a hindrance in dividing the house into zones. Lighting was also given lot of importance as lateral light is allowed from the south and the east while overhead light creeps in from the north and east sections.

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