Sinus House by CEBRA Architects Denmark

The Sinus House located in Denmark and designed by CEBRA architects is a great example of how pleated facades can be used to let maximum sunlight into the house despite the potion of the sun. There are concave cuttings in the long side of the wing house which function as large reflectors of light.

The large glass surface cuttings have white opposing surfaces which function as shielded terraces. The cuttings on both sides of the house lets a person choose between the sun and the shade. The Sinus House has rooms which are arranged as independent boxes which together from a central area for the kitchen, family room and sitting room.  The bedroom is altogether an independent unit with an attached bathroom.
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Lifeguard Tower Residence by Steve Lazar

It always helps to hire a designer who has lived by the ocean if you intend to make a beach side house. A good example is the way designer Steve Lazar has built the Lifeguard Tower residence in California. Steve has been an avid surfer and craftsman and his love for the waters is reflected is his design that brings an expansive view of the Hermosa Beach.

This residence has three stories and an attractive, 1,600-square-foot grass-covered entertainment and dining deck that directly faces the ocean. The accommodation also has an expansive living area and kitchen along with four bedrooms, three full baths and a powder room. The residence looks attractive at night when the tower glows like a beacon of light with beautifully illuminated windows that surround the structure.

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A Modern Kitchen that Adores Antique Décor Elements

Brilliant designers think differently!  Katrine Martensen-Larsen decided to experiment with the combination of a modern kitchen and antique décor elements including furniture and boy, the idea clicked.

There is always a different pleasure in viewing things that offer a balanced mix of the contemporary styling and retro ambience and this modern kitchen offers that delight. This kitchen has all the modern amenities which can make a life easy but it is the combination of the new and the antique which makes it look all the more special.

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Kaleido collection Round Beds by Euroform

There is no arguing the fact that the round beds enliven the bed room surroundings way better than the conventional rectangular ones. But, to be able to accommodate those round beds in a bed room, it is almost necessary that the bedroom is spacious enough. Beds like the Kaleido collection from Euroform better suite a surrounding when they are placed in the centre of a room and such a privilege is available only in the larger rooms.

These round beds look very attractive and give the bedroom a very luxurious feel, making it an ideal place to rest. The Kaleido collection round beds are carved out of pinewood and can be covered by eco-leather or fabrics depending on the buyers choice.
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Outdoor Fireplace from Restoration Hardware

With summers arriving soon, you might wonder why we are talking about a fireplace but it is important that you notice ‘outdoor’ prefixed in the title. Yes, an outdoor fireplace can be a great idea not just for lighting up some late night fire in your garden or patio, but also for general ornamentation purposes.

Restoration Hardware has designed what they call the River Rock Fire Bowl casted out of high performance concrete. This Fire Bowl serenely adds a lot of glamour to your exterior surroundings and it is very functional depending on the surrounding temperatures-as it can always warm up a gathering.

Fireplaces are a very beautiful piece. They seem to be very appreciated and they have something very appealing. It’s even more appreciated now, since all the modern designs began to appear. This allows you to choose from a lot of different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Some of them are more simple, other more sophisticated. Some have simple and quiet shapes and others have some really interesting features.

This fireplace design is created for outdoor use. It has a round and simple shape and it’s also very functional.  It can also be used indoors if you consider that it would look good in your home. It’s elegant and beautiful. A great addition to any modern, or even traditional home.

Modular Sofa by Stephane Perruchon

Sofas aren’t space occupants in your living area anymore and they do offer a lot of functionality compared to the old times. This modular sofa by Stephane Perruchon is a good example of how it can be more functional by offering spaces for eating and stacking books. This sofa can be a great grab for a house where a corner seating arrangement is required.

Also dubbed the Slim, the modular sofa is finished using leather of Alcantara and that gives this seating arrangement a very trendy look overall. Since the design is modular and it can eliminate the need of tables, Slim can fit into office receptions almost effortlessly.
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Railway Sleeper Inspired Light Beam Coffee Table

Worn down railway sleepers can be a strange thing to draw design information from but designer Egbert Pos from Netherlands thins otherwise. His design inspiration for a coffee table was worn out sleepers which were packed in resin to get back to their original shape. He then took help of LED lights to finish a highly illuminated coffee table that also has the capacity to change colors.

The table has been finished using reclaimed teak and measures 180 by 80 by 45cm. The coffee table can be a great idea for household parties especially the one that falls on Halloween where the rest of the surroundings are scarily dark.

Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more.  Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated. This coffee table is even more special because it’s made of sleepers. This is definitely something original and different.

If you can ignore that, it seems pretty…interesting. It could look interesting in a modern and non-conformist interior. But other than that, I’m not sure a lot of people would like to have it in their homes.

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