A seat that looks like bike chain

These are truly splendid and innovative sets of furniture inspired by bike’s chains. The designer of this highly smart seat got inspiration for making this one when he was at the popular “Tour de France.” That is how he decided make furniture, which is inspired by cycling. The seat cushions for this one is made of high-density molded foam and the structure is made of chromed stainless steel.

This is a very interesting and clever idea. It’s always interesting to see what the designers can come up with in terms of new designs. And as we can see here, the inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be attentive and to know how to materialize it. This chair is the perfect example. It has a shape that has been inspired by the bike’s chain. It actually reproduces this design on a larger scale and using different materials.

The stainless steel structure provides a solid and durable base that can support a lot of weight and the soft cushions are the perfect choice for this design. It’s a very interesting chair, with an innovative shape. But more than that, it’s also very comfortable, which is not something you can say about all the new creations that have such an interesting design. So if you’re searching for something new and different for your home, and if you like cycling, this chair could be the one for you.

Induction cooking at its best with a Cookin Table

Probably this is induction cooking at its best and this design which is called the  Cookin Table  has various utilities which includes their cooking functionality as well as a table top to serve. This table is equipped with a cooktop, which gets heated only when it is in contact with a metallic area. There are various shelves for additional service and there is a space for storage of utensils.

Cooking is either something you’re good at or not. And those who know how to cook and like spending time in the kitchen know how difficult and annoying it can be when you don’t have the proper space and utilities to dot hat. So here’s something that might help you. It’s an innovative cooking table that has a round shape that gives you easy access from everywhere and that has a cooktop incorporated in the design and placed in the middle. This allows you prepare the ingredients and cook them, all on the same table.

It’s a very practical and functional fixture for those who like t work efficient and not loose unnecessary time when cooking.  This table has it all: a space where you can place all the elements and get ready to serve the meal, a cooktop where you can prepare it or heat something really quick and even a storage space for all the utensils you might need in the kitchen while cooking.

Raven Ultra-Light Sofa

Everyone will be truly amazed on seeing this sofa collection called Raven as they are ultra light sofas that are characterized by its peculiar unique shape, and material used. These furniture sets are intended for both the contract furniture market as well as consumer market. Design of this sofa is amazing as the shape is molded on a thin tubular steel frame.

The living room is the most important room in the house because usually it’s the place where family members and friends gather to chat or simply to spend some time together. So it’s important to have a very comfortable sofa. As the bed is the most important furniture from the bedroom and it even contributed to its name, the sofa is the most important furniture piece from the living room, because that’s the place where you spend most of your time. So it’s not easy to choose the right design.

This sofa has a very interesting design and shape. The very thin steel structure seems so fragile, but it’s actually more solid and durable than it seems. And the actual sofa in molded on that structure and had a very fluid shape. It’s also very comfortable to sit on. This would be a great addition to a modern or contemporary living room. It will quickly become the central point of attention.

Nuvola Hanging Glass shelves

This wall hanging frame from Cattelan Italia will definitely catch your eye, as it is available in natural beech, walnut, cherry, wenge, matt black, matt white and in silver stained form. The glass shelf of this wall hanging frame is either made of clear glass and it is available in frosted glass, and both exuberate great individuality to any space or memory.

Glass shelves are always an elegant and stylish choice, regardless of the style and décor of the home. But glass shelves are usually screwed to the wall. But this collection features hanging glass shelves. There’s a structure mounted on the walls that sustains the whole glass structure. The shelves are linked together and cannot be separated. This is either very good or very bag.

I can see how the structure is safely mounted on the wall by that wooden structure, but this doesn’t make it safe. The shelves are free to move around and to balance. This means that the objects placed on them are not safe. I can see how this piece is good-looking and interesting, but I don’t find it very safe. The glass is probably heavy enough to keep the whole structure in place, but a small movement can easily change that. I would rather prefer separated glass shelves that look more stable.The wall glass is available for £1,620.

Rectangular coffee table with marble feet

The square or rectangular coffee table featured here is from the famous Cattelan Italia collection. The table is available in two heights and the top of the table is made up of either in clear glass or in frosted glass. There are various types of base supports coming for this model with chromed or black bars.

Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated. This coffee table is a combination of materials and the overall image is very elegant and stylish. It has a structure made of marble, actually it has 4 marble feet placed in the corners of the table. The base it made of transparent glass.

It’s a very beautiful coffee table. It’ actually very simple, but the materials and the design do all the work and so it looks interesting and stylish. It would be a nice addition to a modern home. It will definitely change the appearance of the living room. The whole house will look more elegant and glamorous thanks to this coffee table.Available for £830.

Nela King modern eclectic home

Nela King is showing not only her skills but also the height of fame acquired by guys like the Marilyn Manson, Gwen Stefani, Heike Makatsch or even 50 cent by taking them all in front of the lens. Even though Nela was born in Berlin- Dahlem she has spent most her time capturing images in all stages around the world.

If you like colors and patterns and you have a lot of ideas and you don’t know hoe exactly to put them together to form a design, take a look at these pictures. These are some examples of how you can decorate a modern home. As you can see for yourself from the pictures, some of the designs are far from being simple. Some of them look very busy and crowded, but still if you look closely you can see that they are actually not that messy. Everything seems to have its own place.

All the designs include beautiful decorations and details, like the artistic pieces or the small fixtures like the lamps. The designs are modern and colorful and they have an elaborate look. Not everything has to be simple. You can also create sophisticated designs if this is what works for you. Some people actually prefer crowded and busy designs because this is what matches their personality. So use your imagination and create your own little paradise.

Rustic wood furniture for Living Room

The contemporary look is highlighted by rustic furniture. Here are some unique wood furniture from David Stine or Carrie Lebber. You can start decorate your house with various interesting combinations of different interior styles. David Stine creates a truly unique furniture from natural solid wood. Combining two so different styles is very risky and you have to be very careful because the result might not be the one you were hopping for. In this case the combination was successful.

Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate some rustic elements, like this collection of tables and stools, into a modern or contemporary home. As you can see for yourself from the pictures, the shape in very important, and so is the location where you decide to place the elements. T has to be balance of styles so that none of them doesn’t look weird and out of place. This is a nice example of how you can create your own design by combining the elements you like, even if theoretically they don’t really match.

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