The unusual Cedar residence

Architect Tetsuya Nakazono is behind the construction of this strange and unusual yet beautiful cedar residence, which is located in Hiroshima, Japan. The total living surface available for the residence of this house is around 172, 55 Sq. Meters. There is an entrance hall, a master bedroom, a tatami room, and a bathroom in the first floor and after climbing the elegant spiral stairs the upper floor has some semi opened space, which gives a panoramic view of the surroundings, and the third floor has living room, dining room and a kitchen.

The unusual Cedar residence 1

The exterior design is very unusual because in the middle there’s an opening, a space made mostly of glass that seems to split the house into two parts. It looks strange but the space between the two house parts allows you to enjoy the views and the surroundings from inside the house, plus it makes it look strange and modern.

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Innovative tubes chairs

An innovative chair with tube like design from famous designer Oleksander Shestakovych has amazed many customers with its design. This type of chair is called tube chair and has a simple but strong design. The tube like material is very soft and comfortable for people sitting on them. The color of the chair is a darkish green and is very beautiful in its looks.

Innovative tubes chairs

I like new ideas and innovations in terms of furniture. But what I don’t like about some of them is the fact that the designers only seem to care about the looks and the comfort issue is often neglected. In this case it’s not so obvious and blamable. The tubes are relatively soft and comfortable but they sure don’t seem like that to me. I might be wrong, but how comfortable can a tube be? I would rather stick with the soft and comfy cushions.

But for those of you for whom looks are more important than comfort, this chair could be the one. It has an….original shape, although it’s not very revolutionary. But still, it’s something different. It’s modern and also functional. It can be used either as a dining chair or as a seat. It would have been nice if you could also disassemble it in order to save some space when you’re not using it.

Wabi sabi interior collection

There is a new variety of interior furniture collection, which is very innovative in their design and has great utility. This variety of the interior furniture collection is called the Wabi Sabi interior collection and is designed by famous interior designer Chiara Daniele. The collection has more of sleek furniture sets, and is made mostly out of wood.

Wabi sabi interior collection2

As for the aesthetic appeal, the pieces of this collection look a little unfinished and rough. But that’s all part of the design. The idea was to design a collection that can make the brute and rough pieces look beautiful and to be functional. And the result is more than acceptable.

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Comfortable Upholstered headboard

The best place for relaxing when a person is tired is definitely on an upholstered headboard. There is a pop-out design available in the market that helps to change the fabric of the headboard, which gives it a fresh look. This design has few features like expertly crafted with a solid hardwood beveled frame, customizable, pre –upholstered in natural linen, hand applied multi step finish.


There are a lot of situation when your bed just doesn’t seem complete without a headboard. It doesn’t seem such a big deal, but it’s frustrating when you don’t have it and it’s so rewarding to have one. So the best choice would be to opt for a comfy bed that also has a headboard, for your bedroom. Just think of all those times when you wanted to read a book or just watch the TV before going to sleep and it was so uncomfortable that you eventually gave up. It’s such a simple piece but it can be so useful. You never know when you might need it, so why risk when you can be prepared.

Take a look at this beautiful bed. It looks extremely comfortable and it really is. There are also some storage drawers incorporated in the design. It’s a very comfortable bed, especially because of the headboard. I say it’s worth a try.

Extraordinary lighting anywhere

A light that looks like a bird’s nest with many hexagon shaped lights, certainly a great concept. These are specially designed for the increasing the comfort level of the user. The frame of these lights acts as gopher holes and the light, which is hexagon, shaped act as gophers. These lights have many gaps and each space makes the bulb glow brighter.


It’s certainly an interesting concept that gives you the freedom of using your imagination and creativity to create your own unique design. This design was not only chosen for its looks but also for its functionality. The holes make the bulb glow brighter, enhancing the quality of your light. This way you don’t need to have those big chandeliers or to plug in extra lighting features in order to get the light you need for reading or other activities.


The shape is also interesting. It looks like a bird’s nest or, even better, like a honeycomb. The yellow is perfect. It’s interesting and functional. This is a innovation that I really like, because the designer didn’t just think of the aesthetic aspect but also at the functionality. This is how everyone should do. It’s the perfect combination between beauty and practicality. It’s a modern design, but it’s not exaggerated. It would make a great addition to a modern home, and the colors used allow it to be matched with anything else.{found on yankodesign}

A new Innovative chair

Designer Jie-Jyun Lyu has comes up with a new innovative chair design which looks like a single chair but is actually a combination of many. The designers says this chair is specially designed for people staying in  small apartments to save their space  as this chair can be used by a single person or can detach the individual shoot-off chairs in them to be used by more people.

A new Innovative chair 2

It’s a very clever idea. Even when the pieces are not used individually they can still be pt together to form a bigger chair, very comfortable. The design is absolutely amazing. There are 8 individual pieces that form the chair and they can all used separately as seats. You can save a lot of space with this piece and a lot of time as well. There’s no need to buy a lot of chairs, not even stools of chairs for the coffee table. It’s all included in this piece. And the best part is that each and every piece is very comfortable and the overall product is comfy as well. You just can’t go wrong with this chair.

A new Innovative chair 1

When I first saw this chair I though it’s interesting but not extremely practical. But once I realized the features incorporated and the advantages, it quickly became one of my favorite furniture pieces. It’s one of the most functional pieces ever designed.

Uniqueness in bathroom furniture

A new collection of unique Birex bathroom furniture has been introduced in the market by the Italian company, which has revolutionized the way people design their bathrooms. All customers will prefer such bathrooms as it has various themes for various kinds of people. The design ranges from a minimalist design of classic black and white combo to a highly luxurious and expensive set of bathroom furniture.


Style and elegance always comes with a price and this is no exception. But if you have the financial resources to afford this type of furniture in your bathroom it would foolish not to do it. It’s modern, beautiful and classy. The main idea of this collection was to design suspended pieces. Most of them have a natural wood color but there are also other pieces that have a nice shiny lacquered finish.

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