Central park west apartment

A smart renovation was done on a duplex residence, which is inside a very old 1939 building overlooking the central park. Different designers have already changed the apartment several times at different times. The apartment was redesigned according to the present needs of the inhabitants and has a very vast living space and room having a fireplace at its two ends a dining area at its center.

Smart renovation3

Renovation usually means it’s going to be a drastic change of style. I’m not sure how this apartment looked before the renovation but I’m sure I like it now. It’s very modern, actually contemporary, with a minimalist style and the furniture is gorgeous. My favorite piece is the modular sofa. I really like the simplicity and the elegance of this apartment. It’s beautiful how this elegant and sophisticated, yet simple style is preserved throughout the whole apartment, even though every room is different. I really like everything about this place. The materials, the designs, the furniture, the colors and the modern features, the all form a beautiful combination.

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A house to do yoga and meditation

Bonett-Kozerski has designed a beautiful house built by Stephen Wiess who is the late husband of Donna Karan. Their house is located at East Hampton and it overlooks the gorgeous Long Island seashore. The same style is maintained by the studio in the case of landscape and interior designing, which it had done earlier for Donna Karan’s residences and stores. This beautiful house that has sliding windows is mainly used for yoga and meditation as the view from these windows is excellent.


It seems a little exaggerated to have a house for yoga and meditation. But when you think about it it’s not such a bad idea. If I has the resources I think I would build myself a house like this, but not for yoga because I’m not a fan for this practice. But for simple relaxation.

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Cool Beach club

A very innovative and gorgeous casa en laya playa, which means a huge beach house in Mexican, is featured here. It has a unique and cool structure that is made totally out of wood. The house has an excellent view of the beach from it open balcony. The structure looks like made out of several large square blocks, which has no slanting part in its roof. The glass windows can be seen fixed very innovatively to enhance the view from outside.


As you can see for yourself from the pictures, this is really a huge house and it’s on the beach. I don’t know who would need such a big house. Maybe someone who has a lot of friends and likes to spend some time with them on the beach, or maybe someone who just likes to have a lot of space from himself.

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Loft Apartment in New York City

There are excellent loft apartments made exclusively for the comfort of a small family who wants to live luxuriously in a minimal space. Some of the lofts in New York City are really worth as they fulfill all needs of the possible occupants. There is one loft in Soho perfect for a young couple having two kids that has dark floorings and darkish perimeter walls that unify the ground space and creates a deep contrast from its rooftop.

Loft Apartments

It’s modern, simple and elegant. It’s an interesting combination between the classic columns that can be seen throughout the house and that help delimitate the space, and the modern features used in the interior design. Architecture and beauty, all in the same place.

Loft Apartments3

Loft Apartments1

It’s the perfect place for a small family. It’s a large loft, with plenty of space for everyone. There are some very beautiful elements in there, like the living room which is a very beautiful combination of colors or the bedroom, simple and relaxing. Again, I have to say I like the way the colors work together. The neutral tones of brown, black, beige and white are complemented by the tones of red, creating a beautiful image. Although I would like some more contrastive elements. Maybe some green would also look nice. But this is up to the persons living in there.

Exotic Suit In NYC

The apartment suite of the wonderful Mandarin Oriental Hotel located at the Time Warner Center in New York features an exotic pied-a-terre exclusively fitted there for European couples. Its main feature is that this apartment overlooks the Hudson River and the enormous harbor of New York City. The suit is exotic as it gives the occupant a complete roof to floor view of the outside. The whole suite is colored in dark paint with luxurious paneling and a black ceiling.


It has a sober and mysterious look, especially because of the dark color tones used in the interior design. But even like this it’s still beautiful and elegant. It’s not easy to be European and to try to feel like home in New York City. There are two different worlds. It’s hard to adapt to the time and the food, but it’s even harder to adapt to the atmosphere. So it’s nice that they thought to recreate a little piece of Europe in there, even if it’s just inside the apartment. At least it makes you feel like home, that is if your home was similar to this one.



The location is great and the view is beautiful. The furniture chosen for this apartment is very simple, with no specific style. It’s just comfortable and functional. It’s mostly made of wood, and it has a natural brown color, but there are also some accent pieces with some beige and black to alternate a little the colors and to balance the tones.

A Castle made from a Church

It requires great skills to convert a structure like that of a church into a wonderful castle. Priscilla Glover and Ivan Spaller working with Urban Nature Inc. did this smart work. The initial decision was to modernize the old style church from 1925 and for this the firm used rocks and rolls leaving some old style behind.


It’s not easy to turn a church into a castle. Actually, it’s not easy to turn a church into anything but a church because it has a very definite style and structure. But with a lot of effort and sufficient financial resources, plus a nice team of architects, all of that is possible. This structure was one a church, a very old one, from 1925. The architects and designers managed to work together and to completely transform this structure while still preserving some of the old features and pieces.

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Original bathtubs from Lineatre

An interior designing of a classic bathroom is just a simple arrangement is that the main products are placed in good manner. The original bathtubs design created by the people at Lineatre is fascinating. Another specialty of these classic interiors is diversity. Pendant lamps, rugs, wall lamps and wall hangers bring more stylish for classic bathrooms. A luxurious touch is added to this with the peculiar floral arrangement.


These pieces are not just simple bathtubs anymore. It’s like having a second bedroom, except that the bed is actually a bathtub, the chair is a toilet and the table is a sink. The light fabric and the flower arrangements all contribute to create a very relaxing atmosphere in there. You would have to be crazy not to want to take a bath in there.

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