Beautiful Kids Bedroom With a Theme

There are many ways that you can make your child happy, but one of the best ways is allowing them to have a room that they can really enjoy being in. When you have a room that is highly decorated with a theme that the kids love, they are going to be able to really enjoy being in that room.Today I found on the funzug site some interesting pictures with bedrooms for kids decorated in many themes like:game of shah, football , cars race or simple children themes that your child you like .

Kids usually like the same things: colors, fun shapes and features, playful pieces and interesting and fun patterns. So their rooms are probably the most difficult to decorate. The parents need to be sure that the room is safe and child-friendly, with functional and easy to use pieces and with a beautiful theme. And the kids just want it to be pretty. So it’s not always easy to put all these characteristics together.

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Cozy and comfortable Bedding from DwellStudio

If there is one place you have to spend time in everyday, it is your bedroom. That is enough reason to pamper yourself with a luxurious bedding that is cozy and comfortable. High thread count sheets of linen are usually very soft to the touch and pleasing. You could also choose organic cotton or satin.

When it comes to the color of the bedding, it depends entirely on the mood you want to set in the room. Baby pink and blue are more soothing, rosier beddings create a romantic setting and brown or dark green create an ethnic ambience.

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Tips To Choose the Ideal Curtains

Next to the paints, curtains are the most important contributors to the ambiance created in a room. The right kind and style of curtains can make the room look larger, broader, warmer and cozier, depending on the way you want it. Most people hang bamboo blinds or roman shades a few inches below the ceiling to give the impression of a much bigger and hence more beautiful window. For glass walls or large windows, floor-to-ceiling curtains look very beautiful. When a little light is needed, you can tie the drapes in the middle to give an elegant look.

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Delightful Art on Tiles by Okhyo

Tiles play a significant role in giving a facelift to your room setup. You can also embellish your tiles by sticking photographs or other varieties of pictures to them. On the basis of your artistic imagination for this assignment, you can attach a solitary photo on a tile or you can go a step further to create a combination of several photo tiles.

Okhyo has an technology that can be customized according to your likings and be put anywhere in the house. The photo murals can be decorated with ease and therefore, are frequently presented with sensational designs and images.

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Awesome Wall Stickers from Harmonie Intérieure

Can a sticker actually be a piece of home décor? Yes, the wall stickers become very popular today because the materials are applicable for rooms of individual clients who want to have a creative and attractive background for their rooms.

There are so many design of wall stickers and themes, for example the Harmonie Intérieure create an aesthetically appealing wall stickers which can be used to define your personal space. Available for kids or adults as well in  limited edition collection has thought provoking phrases lots of you can relate to.

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UK Seed Cathedral for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo

The 2010 World Expo which is to be held in Shanghai, China on May 1, 2010 will be the largest World Expo in the history ever since it began in 1851. At the event, UK wants to make its presence felt and hence it hired the services of Heatherwick Studio to design the Seed Cathedral. With the Seed Cathedral, the studio wants to create an atmosphere of admiration, respect and worship about the collection of the world’s botanical resources.

There will be more than 200 pavilions from different countries and the show will see close to 70 million visitors until October 31. Therefore, UK wants to be noticed amongst the lot and hence the Seed Cathedral is being designed. With this Seed taking centre stage at the UK Pavilion, it intends to express British creativity and environmental engagement at the gala event. The Seed in itself is a huge structure as it is 20 meters tall and it is formed from 60,000 slender transparent fiber optic rods.

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Silenia high-end bedroom luxury furniture

We love filling our living spaces with the best of furniture items available but even the bedrooms are equally important. For our sleeping comfort, Silenia offers high-end bedroom furniture which is truly the epitome of innovation and quality. Both these product highlights are the courtesy of the selection and utilization of the materials used for manufacturing.

Designing is duly given a lot of importance and there is a conscious effort to add a contemporary flavor to the product lineage. Choice of materials for the Silenia product range includes Solid woods, gloss lacquers and Italian leather and these materials are finished intricately, making the interior look innovative and unique.

For some people the bedroom is the most important room of the house. People spend a lot of time in there, most if it sleeping.  So it’s important to choose the furniture carefully because first of all it has to be comfortable and cozy. But nowadays this is not enough. Some people choose to take the bedroom to another level by the use of technology. This collection is a good example of how you can do that. It’s important to feel good in there, no matter what you do, so the furniture has to do this for you. This collection is both elegant and comfortable, beautiful and cozy.Available for £2,613.

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