The BUAMA House in Istanbul

Inserting a whole new living space in the existing one can be a great idea and this BUAMA house owned by a young couple from Istanbul is a good example. This renovation project has been completed by GAD, a famous name with offices in New York and Bodrum other than Istanbul. Interestingly, the new project maintains the existing heights yet offers a more organic alternative. What is amazing to note is that there is no clear distinction between the floor and the walls or between the walls and ceiling. The organic surface disperses light so limitlessly which gives the renovated facility a very radiant outlook. The furniture has been precisely chosen to combine many different styles.

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Simplicity Bathrooms by Karol

A well though bath area is an important constituent of a modern contemporary house and these cool bathrooms designs by none other than Karol tell us exactly why. Karol defines them as the Simplicity Bathrooms that are blessed with sculptural basins and vibrant colors.

These designs intend to make the bath and ideal place for relaxation rest and rejuvenation, some elements that are necessary for the hardworking modern day individual. Simplicity bathrooms are just simple in the name and the design finesse makes them fashionable but not without utility, and therefore these designs deliver a complete bathroom experience.

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Alila Villas Hadahaa Island resort in the Maldives

Maldives is flocked with some great Island resorts and the latest addition to those numerous luxury resorts is the Alila Villas Hadahaa designed by SCDA Architects. Alila Villas Hadahaa is indeed the first luxury resort located in Southern frontier Gaafu Alifu, Atoll.  Alila Villas Hadahaa offers tranquility and untouched natural beauty of the famed surroundings of Maldives.

A lot of focus while bringing up the entire resort was on the choice of green design elements and hence high roofs with open ceilings, deep roof overhangs and window shading were given importance. The resort features a total of 16 Island Villas, 20 Island Villas with a private pool, and 14 Aqua Villas.
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Inno Sofa for a Summerhouse in Finland

Pierre Lescop is a France designed who came up with this great sofa idea for a Summerhouse in Finland. Pierre had to bear in mind the affinity of the Finnish towards the nature hence; he had to come up with a design that was good enough for both the indoor and the outdoor usage. The final product after many months of work obviously was light enough making it easily movable and useful.

Inno Sofa it looks like a perfect sofa, but in its original form the Inno sofa is more of a bench that can be easily shifted. An attraction is the secondary seats which are removable and can be taken anywhere as small benches. The removable seats make it easy to tidy up under the sofa.From pictures the sofa looks comfortable and resistant to rain and wind if you are going to use for outdoor.The couch  can be a good accessory for your porch house.

Contemporary countryside house with two pools and a luxurious interior

Located on a slope close to the hills of the Czech Republic, this countryside house is surrounded by green vegetation on all sides. The beautiful landscape is overwhelming and this becomes noticeable especially because the house wasn’t designed to blend in and to become part of the landscape. The house stands out with its white facade but this doesn’t make it any less charming.

The contemporary countryside house was designed by Orak architecture and the team managed to offer it the charm old and rustic houses usually have by burying it in the green environment. The house has three levels. A large gate situated on the ground floor directs the visitors towards the entrance. The interior is luxurious and modern. Besides the usual facilities, inside you can also find a spa and a snooker table designed to relax you and to get you in the mood for admiring the magnificent beauty surrounding you.

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Stability and innovation represented in an unusual manner in Montreal

When you envision a structure designed to represent stability you don’t picture something suspended or asymmetrical which is why this residential complex is so unusual. Dubbed Habitat 67, the complex is located on the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal. Initially, it served as pavilion housing for the Expo 67 and it was built in 1967.

Although it’s an old structure, the complex still manages to impress and even to compete with contemporary designs. The concept of this structure was based on the cube which is a symbol of stability. However, it wasn’t used as some would have expected it.

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The redesigned Adega Casa da Torre winery, now more charming than ever

I don’t know about you but I don’t know a lot about wineries. I imagine them as spaces surrounded by a lot of wood and with a rustic and charming feel. In fact, I pretty imagine a winery looking like this building. This is the Adega Casa da Torre winery. It’s located in Portugal and it recently went through a series of changes.

The changes were due to the legal regulations and were meant to make the place more hygienic and favorable for creating amazing wine. The winery went from shabby to upscale. Its design and structure had to be recreated and the designers had to rethink the whole thing. This is a case where new regulations and the need to follow new rules made the place better and created an enthusiasm for producing even better wine.

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